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The step by step process is very simple and practical.
August 10, 2022
This process of getting land owner history was very simple and practical. The site was very direct and on point, No squirrelly, weird directions to follow. Just easy 1,2,3 steps to follow. The cost for use of site was very reasonable and acceptable. This site is helpful, easy to follow, and cost friendly.

Property Records
August 9, 2022
I found the service and materials to be top notch. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for property information

What is real?
August 7, 2022
I wanted to find out about my home. I bought it years ago and changed the title so I wondered what had happened to the information. I'm glad I checked.

Resale value
August 7, 2022

Had everything I wanted to known plus mainly the current value.

August 7, 2022
I was just curious about the info out there. This was very accurate.

Date bought and 2021 taxes
August 6, 2022

User friendly and quick to get your tax data, after the approval. 3 minute search. Presentation and information is pertinent and complete.

Loan balance and current lein holder
August 6, 2022

Property Record gave me the most important piece of information I needed. I was hoping for a little more detail. It did not list the most recent lien holder but I am I pleased with the information I received.

Was Informative and Good
August 5, 2022

The site about property records was very informative, gave feedback and the info that I needed.

Need Deed
August 5, 2022
Easy to get the information, but did not get my deed to the property

Deed history and images
August 4, 2022
This was the first time I had used this Hocking County property record database. I guess I forgot to click the deed history as that was of interest to me but at least I was able to verify the current owner of record. The Franklin County Recorder's Office has images of deeds online.

Easy email for the report.
August 4, 2022
Nice report. Thanks

Finding my homes value
August 4, 2022
Very complete report and I am very satisfied with the cost and how easy everything in the process was.

how many acres
August 3, 2022
fairly accurate, but could have more details.

Looking for info
August 3, 2022
Did not give all of the information we needed.

Have not been able to access as of yet.
August 3, 2022
The site was quick and easy to navigate, and get the information I needed.

Easy to do.
August 2, 2022
The process of getting all the information was extremely easy and the information supplied is especially useful.

Information available on Zillow
August 2, 2022

The best part of this site is the Checklist. Everything else the sq footage, taxes, assessed value etc can be found on Zillow.

Great Experience
August 2, 2022
Was very easy to use results were awesome. Will be using in the future. I highly recommend them.

Market value
August 1, 2022

Needed to get market value for loan

Mine was to locate the owner
August 1, 2022
The report was clean and accurate and well worth the price. Information was complete