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Gary's Handyman Service - FRAUD!!!
November 30, 2023


You contact Porch (office.angi.com) and they have a contractor contact you. The contractor, "Gary's Handyman Service" scheduled an appointment and we came to an agreement, gave him a deposit and the work was never done and he refuses to give back our deposit. BEWARE of "Gary's Handyman Service" and Angi.com for recommendations!

Contractors beware!
November 4, 2023

If you’re a contractor stay away from Porch. They are a scam and you will never get any legit leads from them.

What leads you’re sent are sent to dozens of other contractors so they can collect as many fees from each contractor as possible.

October 7, 2023

I made an appointment for gutter cleaning for 9/1/23 I took off a half day of work to come home and meet the worker, but they never showed. At about 3p (an hour after the appointment time) I called Porch and left a message.

They called me back to tell me the worker couldn't show up. He offered to reschedule and I gave some available times and I was told I would get a call back. Never got a call back but I got this message 2 days later:

"Hello, this is Yazmin with Porch. We're reaching out to see if the provider was able to make it to your appointment on September 1st. If not, would you like to reschedule the appointment? Please let us know what dates and time you're available by replying to this message. Thank you for considering Porch. yazmin (323) 615-2586"

I explained how I took off work and was inconvenienced. I then received this message:

"Hello, This is Bego project coordinator from Porch Handyman Services. I'm reaching out regarding your project. Unfortunately, we have a provider that did not show up. We do apologize for this inconvenience, and we will take action. We need to be on time and we do not tolerate this unprofessional action, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We would be available to get this done for you. Let us know the day that works for you, please provide 3 dates that you would be available after September 6, and let us know if you prefer the morning or afternoon. I would be happy to help you reschedule. Please call us at (800) 672-0365 or reply to this message. Thank you for choosing Porch."

I replied with some times and then on 9/6 got this confirmation of another appointment:

"Your gutter cleaning appointment has been rescheduled. Your appointment details Date:Friday, Sep. 8, 2023 Time:3:00pm PDT"

Then LATER THE SAME DAY I received this message:

"Your gutter cleaning service is canceled."

I replied asking for an explanation and never heard back.

What a complete waste of time and such a disregard for anything resembling a reliable business.

Dunrite Services Lincolnton NC
July 25, 2023
I recently had Carl owner of Dunrite Services and his staff remodeled a bedroom and bath in my 60 plus year old home. They did an excellent job and I would highly recomend their services for any home improvement need. Check and their website and give them a call. Very professional and will be the first I call with my future home improvement needs.

PORCH Service is terrible.
June 26, 2023
Porch, is the worst service I have ever tried to use. They offered a mowing of my yard under 1/4 acre for $15 for the first time several weeks ago. But they keep telling me they can't find someone to do it. Why offer a service that you cannot produce while my lawn gets high and I have to do it myself? Good thing I am still capable of doing it.

January 13, 2023

SCAMMERS! I signed up with porch through Ace Hardware. Once I signed up, I started reading the reviews and got scared. I immediately called porch to cancel my account and delete the information I gave them. The next day (today), I’m flooded with calls from people on Angie’s! I had nothing to do with Angie’s! The contractors are telling me that not only did I post my job, I also accepted them, which means they have to pay! I called Angie’s about the fraud/scam, and they said they would delete my account, but there’s still no guarantee porch won’t back on to Angie’s and firm another account, they have my phone, address and email. I’m 70 years old and having a breakdown! Why would anyone do this? Did porch sell my info to Angie’s? I’m lost and scared.

Hot water leak
September 4, 2022
Wheel House Home Improvements is the way to go! The service is wonderful, the clean up perfect. They came right away and fixed my leak..I will spread the word when someone needs a repair...They are kind, courteous and caring...it means a lot!

Gypsy scam web page for their teams use
August 16, 2022
Front for a Gypsy clan... Set up to put a face of validity. They send a traveler based on your web commo with them. Then same old scam (in a modern day way/twist). Cash up front for "supplies" and a worthless contract. Then when you contact their web/number its a dead end to delay your reaction to the scam. Porch is "todays" update to Gypsy groups roving scams. The number/web site is a boiler room setup probably in Ark at the community there.

Scammers, ignore their calls, emails
June 18, 2022

Beware, they get info from other websites and just call you. then they try to charge $90 for connecting with actual providers. I can do it via yelp...Predatory cookie hunters they are.

June 17, 2022

I am a contractor, and I was, or I still am with Porch.

This company is not good, I subscribed with Porch because they offered a good future for my company, I enrolled and pay for the subscription and the first day they sent referrals that I never responded because I was very busy.

Finally when I was ready to receive referrals, I start to send texts but never received a response, I was paying for every referral I contacted, when I talked with Porch and explained the situation they told me that in order to get those referrals as first call I needed to pay more with a monthly budget.

I accepted and the first direct call I received they charged me $160.00, and I did not get the job because I was busy, anyway they charged for the call.

When I said that I prefer the texts option they said ok. when I started receiving texts and I was accepting the referrals I sent texts and phone calls to the persons that requested the services, the few that answered told me that they no longer accepted anymore calls due to the fact that they received too many.

this company contacted the contractors that pay more to be the first to call and they keep sending texts to the ones that use to pay less for referrals. This company, Porch is a scam.

August 19, 2021

Stay far far away from this company!!!

They do not vet the people they "refer" or put you in contact with to do work. Then they will blow you off when you are out more than $23,0000 with the work still needing to be done. This is the biggest scam operation I have ever experienced in my life!!

They keep calling!
November 11, 2020
I never signed up for their service or to receive advertisements. My home inspection company gave my info to these people without my permission. Now porch continues to harass me even after I requested (twice) to be removed from their call list. What a pathetic way to try to drum up business! Really makes me trust them a lot, you think??? Why would anyone use these unethical middle-men who pocket the hard earned money of their subcontractors? Hire a handyman directly, don’t use these rip-off services who make their money by overcharging you and underpaying their subcontractors

Porch.com does not mind law suits being filed against them, as they do not pay judgments:
July 31, 2020

Any, and all smart people, must stay away from this corrupt company.

They do not pay, any attention to suits being filed against them, and if any judgments should be handed down by the court system.

They make no effort to pay off any judgments filed against them by, any legal court.

This, company is a complete fraud from any stand point.

This corrupt company takes contractors money for performing services for the company in order to get them new business. However afterwards,this company makes no efforts towards performing their contractual duties.

This company is truly a bunch of crooks.

The Better Business is no better than these crooks, as they take money from these crooks, and provide them with an, A- rating. All of them are simply, a bunch of crooks working hand, and hand to defraud you of your honest earned money.

Pouch or the big scam I having see.
July 30, 2020
I have a landscape company, I started work with Porch to send me a leads, the results was horrible. Porch, I believe work with the fake leads to robe your money. The first lead the property was two block from my house and it was a condominium with no garden, the second the lead say she change her mind and want to star the project after the coronavirus end. The third one after I pay $26 for the lead, she change her mind less than 2 after her requer and don’t want to do the project anymore. The forth the residence is a ghost, abandoned house. After I requested for credit, Porch didn’t credit me for any lead, Porch is a scam.

Porch is a rip off!!! Totally crooked company.
June 25, 2020

Porch steals, and rogues their customers. They charge for services, which they do no have, any intentions of providing, and this is after they get your money. They did this to my company.

They advertise companies, which do not even exists.

The company, Porch did this by using my companies address, and phone number, in order to advertise another company.

The phony company did not even exist.

I filed a law suit against Porch, and received a default judgment, against them however, they will not even speak with me, or, any of my companies representatives in reference to this subject.

They, have not made any attempt, to pay off this judgment.

Stay Away from this company!
April 21, 2020
I had Porch do a twice monthly mowing service at a rental I own for a couple of years with little problem. In Feb, 2020, when I restarted my service after winter however, I was charged twice in 3 months for a mowing that was not done. My renter had to tell my property management company and send photos. The second time, I had to call 3 times a day and bug them about it with them telling me over and over someone would contact me. I wanted them to go out and mow because by then I figured the grass was over 6 inches and another company would charge extra. finally, they did go out and mow. I hired a new company and when I called Porch to cancel, they told me my service was already cancelled - by them, I guess. Maybe it was too much trouble to be reminded they were basically stealing my money by not providing the service. I hope my new company does better!

Henry C. Rollins July 31, 2020

Porch is a complete rip off. They do not even show up in court after they have been suited.

They do not pay any judgments filed against them by any legal court system.

You are crazy if yuou do any business with Porch.com.

They are truly a group of crooks.

Henry C. Rollins July 31, 2020

Truly Porch.com is a bunch of crooks, as they take money from contractors, and afterwards do not make any attempt to provide them with true leads.

Very poor service. Rip off.
April 7, 2020
I used Porch as a contractor to get leads for new business. They consistently gave incorrect information on leads, and very rarely gave credit for those bad leads. When canceling this service, they would not refund the $200 I had unused in my account. Avoid at all costs, they are a scam.

Henry C. Rollins July 31, 2020

I wish to say, just file a law suit against them. This one can do through their local district court. They do not need a lawyer, as this process is simple to perform, and court fees are small as well.

However, once one receives their judgment handed down by the court system, this crooked company will not pay off the judgment, and this creates even additional problems for the plaintiff.

Be fairly warned::: Just stay away from these crooks, and their crooked friends The BBB, as they are all crooks.

Worst Company Ever
August 16, 2019

We recently called Porch to replace and install 4 new fans in our home. When the Porch employee came to our home to do this job, he was completely clueless and it took him over 2 hours to work on fan which he did not even finish because he did not have the appropriate tools, asked us to go to the hardware store for him, and did damage to our ceiling. He repeatedly stated that he didn't care whether or not he was doing his job right or well because he was going to get paid any way. At that point, we had to kick him out. He was VERY disrespectful, disorganized, very messy, not knowledgable, and extremely inexperienced. We would NEVER recommend Porch to anyone. They are one of the worst companies we have ever dealt with. DON'T ever contact Porch.

We have pictures to prove it.

Henry C. Rollins July 31, 2020

You can file a law suit against Porch, and they do not care. Even afterwards when a judgment is handled down, they make no effort to pay off the judgment.

They are truly crooks,a long with their misleading friends the Better Business Bureau. All crooks working hand, in hand, in an effort to rip you off from your money.

Contractor Owner Paint Co.
April 17, 2019

The worst. If you are a contractor then stay as far away from Porch as possible. They are running a scam. there is no oversight of the leads they send and 95% of them aren't legitimate.

Out of about 20 leads I accepted over a 6 month period, I got one job.I only ever talked to two customers.One is the job I got.The rest were bad telephone numbers, disconnected numbers and people that never requested any work.

MikeHilton May 13, 2019

I’m a contractor also and everything that is said in this statement is True!

Henry C. Rollins July 31, 2020

Porch employees lie day, by day. You can never trust this group of lying cheaters.

This company only represents fraud, and more fraud.

Crooks on steroids.

February 13, 2019
Bad place. Save your money. and don't let them tell you they are affiliated with Lowes they are not anymore, Lowes dropped them because of there bad business practices.