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Nucific Bio X4
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Nucific Bio X4 is a probiotic dietary supplement intended to promote weight loss by helping boost metabolism, support the digestive system, and reduce cravings.

The company behind Bio X4 is Nucific, run by the company’s head of nutrition Dr. Amy Lee.

Nucific market a line health-related products for issues such as digestion, weight management, mobility, heart health, and brain health.

Who is Dr. Amy Lee?

Many will recognize Dr. Lee for the Facebook video ad where she outlines the “3 harmful foods.”

Dr. Lee is a board-certified physician through the American Board of Internal Medicine.

She is also a member of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Amy Lee attended the University of Washington, where she obtained her undergrad degree.  She then followed that with a medical degree from the University of Illinois.

Her internal medicine residency took place at USC in Los Angeles, where she worked alongside endocrinologist David Heber and internist Zhaoping Li.

Lee states that the mission behind Nucific is to offer cutting-edge products backed by science that can help your body operate at its prime level, the way it was designed to do.

What Is Bio X4?

Bio X4 is a 4-in-1 dietary supplement that acts as a probiotic, with the aim of improving your health internally.

The 4-in-1 capsule includes the following components:

  • Balance for your digestive system
  • Ability to supercharge your metabolism
  • Support for curbing your cravings
  • Assistance for healthy weight loss

How Does Bio X4 Work?

The ingredients contained in Bio X4 are designed to target the digestion process.
When you ingest the capsule, the components that comprise it help break down the molecules within your food.

This manner makes the digestion process more straightforward and helps you absorb more of the nutrients in your meals.
Additionally, Bio X4 incorporates Caralluma Fimbriata and Green tea extract to curb cravings and boost your metabolism. This addition helps to decrease snacking and to process your food at a faster rate.

Lastly, Bio X4 contains a premium probiotic that helps you balance your gut bacteria and calm existing digestion issues.

It is recommended to take a dosage of one capsule of Bio X4 three times per day with meals to get optimal results.

To speed up the weight loss process, you can take two capsules up to three times per day, also with meals.  However, you do not want to exceed this amount.

What Ingredients Are In Bio X4?

A variety of supplements comprise the makeup of Bio X4. All ingredients are gluten and allergen-free and are professionally sourced. The following elements make up Bio X4:

  • L. acidophilus
  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. Plantarum
  • B. lactis
  • B. animalis
  • Amylase (from Aspergilus Oryzae)
  • Bromelain
  • Lipase (from Rhizopus Oryzae)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • SimalumaTM (Caralluma Fimbriata extract)
  • Vegetable Cellulose
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Stearic Acid
  • Silica

These ingredients make up the specific probiotic, digestive enzyme, weight management, and craving control blends that set Bio X4 apart from other options on the market.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Nucific has a high rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, with a 4 / 5  star rating from over 100 customer reviews.

The third-party rating website Trustpilot has a similar rating of 4.5 stars with their buyer feedback.  Google Reviews shares the same sentiment with a 4.5-star rating.

However, on Amazon the customer reviews are much more mixed, with a rating of 3.8 / 5 from over 9,000 ratings.

Customers report minor side effects such as headaches, indigestion, nausea, joint pain, and bloating.

Customer Service

Nucific has several bad reviews against them online for the lack of support in returning products, canceling orders, and utilizing the money-back guarantee.

Customers find it very difficult to get the assistance they need with their orders and products.

Nucific provides several different contact methods, including email address ([email protected]) and phone number (888-679-5520), for their customer service department on their website.

Additionally, they offer online chat options, an email form, and direct links to their social media domains.


Cost & Price Plans

To purchase a three capsule per day, one month supply bottle of Bio X4 is $99.00. This supply contains the amount recommended to get the total amount of benefits. The rate per bottle goes down with bulk purchases.

  • One Bottle - $99
  • Three Bottles - $261.36
  • Six Bottles - $487.08

This price does not include charges for shipping and handling. Your first purchase of Bio X4 does come with a 90 Day Guarantee.


Where To Buy?

You can only buy Bio X4 on the Nucific official company website.

Unlike many of their competitors, their products are not available for purchase in retail stores or websites.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are alternatives on the market to consider in place of Bio X4. These options are similar in their projected outcomes and are used in similar ways.

Bio X4 vs. Plexus - Plexus offers a wide variety of products for purchase and also has a unique skincare line, as well as one for children. Plexus is available in subscription packs and has a start-up fee associated with it.

Bio X4 Vs. Total Restore - Total Restore operates similar to Bio X4 with their purchase options. However, the ratings associated with Total Restore and not as high as what Bio X4 has.

Bio X4 Vs. Align - Align is a probiotic widely sold in many retail stores, including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Align is a probiotic and digestive supplement but is not considered a dietary or weight-loss option.

The Bottom Line

Dietary aids are hard to navigate. Because of their status as a supplement, they are not FDA approved.

Additionally, it is hard to know how their use will pan out long-term for the customers that utilize them.

However, we are enlightened by the resume and career experience that Dr. Amy Lee possesses. The boards and committees that she sits on are promising as well.

Many doctors and physicians behind dietary aids and supplements do not have as impressive backgrounds as Dr. Lee.

Additionally, the positive reviews through many different third-party sources are comforting to those considering the purchase of Bio X4.

Having a consistently high rating through several various sources tells a lot about the efficacy of the product.

Due to all of this, we believe that Bio X4 may be worth it. 

The positive feedback, coupled with the impressive professional background of Dr. Lee, makes the product appear to be a beneficial addition to a weight loss regimen. 

As always check with a professional before embarking on any new supplement program.

If you have any experience with Nucific Bio X4, please leave your reviews below.

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Nucific Bio X4 Customer Reviews

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Candida Gone
March 1, 2024
I’ve suffered with candida issues for years. Since starting Bio X4, my symptoms have greatly decreased. I take 2 capsules of Bio X4 3x daily, and I feel great. Thanks Nucific!

Excellent product.
February 29, 2024
Love this supplement. Less acid reflux, more energy and less cravings.

Just try it for a few months!
February 29, 2024

Nucific Bio X4 has helped me do much, most especially cut down on my dependency on - well, let's just say, pills and powders that help me in the bathroom since I had gastric bypass surgery over 20 years ago. And I have had constipation issues ever since. Now I feel like I've never had that problem at all. I also feel so much better in other ways I can't begin to explain it and it's only been several weeks in due there's more to come!

I'm impressed, I'm so glad I've found an answer!

Feelings of Success
February 20, 2024

This is the only product I have found that allows me the freedom to eat what I want. And now It takes very little food for me to feel satisfied.

Most importantly to me is the fact that my cravings are completely gone! I do not remember a time throughout my adulthood that I haven't had cravings, and I never knew why. I now know that my digestive system has been a mess all of those years.

I am released from the constant feelings that I "shouldn't" eat something because of my weight. I am experiencing a slow reduction in my body size, and that is without being on a diet. I eat Paleo and I'm sure that if I incorporated an even healthier diet, I would see a higher level of body mass. For now however, I feel so good and knowing myself very well at the age of 73, if I make too much of a massive change abruptly I run the risk of becoming lazy. So slow and steady is the journey for me.

Thank you so very much for this product. I look forward to a continued feeling that I am becoming successful in what has been a life long struggle.

BarbaraNichols February 20, 2024

I meant to say ..I would see a higher level of loss of my body mass.

Didnt expect much
February 18, 2024

I really love this product. I had a lap band put on my stomach over 13 years ago. I developed GERD from the band. Before starting your product I had the worst acid reflux and ingestion. Now I have these symptoms maybe once a day. I hope my body continues to respond to your product with the same results. Also I am losing weight ☺️

They worked a treat for me!
February 18, 2024
Have to say these are brilliant! Started to take them straight away and within a day the awful bloating I was having disapated and I could bend to put my shoes on! After about a week, I also noticed that I wasn't craving sweet things, now that's amazing! I would definitely recommend trying these as the benefits are real! Downside for UK is they take a while to get here, so wish I'd ordered more, just saying!

February 17, 2024

The product was easy to swallow, caused no stomach discomfort and BEST OF ALL (Drum Roll) my constant constipation side effect from a prescription drug had ENDED!

I now have easily passed, daily bowel movements and no pain or discomfort either before or after using the bathroom.

Thank you. I just wish it was easier to afford on a limited income.

Great product
February 16, 2024
Cuts down on overeating, and you feel full longer, it's been a great experience.

The simplest and most effective improvement I have made in my health in decades.
January 30, 2024
I had been doing research into digestive health and metabolization of food. I was planning on purchasing individual supplements to help me get into more healthy eating and exercising routine. Finding Nucific Bio X4 made it simple to get all I needed and more. I hadn't given any thought to appetite suppressant. that feature of this product has made it easier to stick to my new eating plan. I was surprised at how quickly the cravings diminished to nearly nothing. Now that I feel better, I do better for myself. And my wife has noticed the change.

The information in advertising for Bio X-4 sounded like magic. Turns out that it really is the real deal. Glad I believe in magic.
January 30, 2024
My energy levels have climbed. My digestion has become complete. Somewhere around 3 months, my chronic indigestion disappeared. I can now drink water again without fear of acid reflux. Life = changed. I recommend Nucific to anyone who will listen. My wife now uses it. Thank you for this product. I am 63 years old in excellent health and working all the available overtime at work with the younger generations and I'm still going strong at the end of 12 hour shifts. Enough said.

January 29, 2024
Before taking this product I had all of the symptoms of excessive bad bacteria in my gut, within a few days I noticed a dramatic change, I lost a significant amount of weight and not to mention my morning business was back to normal and regular, not to mention my stomach area is not protruding excessively anymore, it’s still there but I consider this a first step in managing my weight gain in my midsection, like anything I understand things take time, but I’ve had many people tell me that they notice a difference in my size and shape, I also feel like my digestive system is functioning more efficiently as well and with no side effects, upon noticing the results over one month I actually purchased three more bottles, I would actually recommend this to anybody who is experiencing digestive issues or midsection weight gain, but I know that not everyone is the same and what works for me may not work for someone else, but I have noticed a difference and so has other people,

Happy tummy!
January 23, 2024
Although I haven't noticed a difference in my weight I have definitely noticed a difference in my digestion. I used to have indigestion after dinner most nights but haven't since I have been taking this.

IBS Gone
January 23, 2024
I used to have awful IBS After a few days, my IBS is gone. I honestly shocked it stopped just after a few days.

Regular again and its awesome.
January 22, 2024
Since my colonoscopy 5 years ago i have had a constipation issue and tried a bunch of different products but nothing really worked. A couple weeks in and I am having a regular bowel movement every day.

Big L
January 21, 2024

So far so good. Only finishing up 1st bottle so not very long enough to give good or bad review

Poops seem to be better. More energy not sure. Ordered another bottle on Amazon so will have more to say after that!

Give it some time, it WILL make a difference
January 20, 2024

Before taking nucifix bio x4, I was feeling really sluggish and tired often. I wasn’t motivated to do anything and thought I had depression.

I’ve been taking this about 1-2x a day with meals, and it took some time… but gradually with each day, I have felt better and better. I still have some sugar cravings, but not nearly as bad as I used too. I’m thinking clearer, I feel more optimistic, I’m going for daily walks with out dreading them, and I have energy with out any jitters or anxiety. Overall, I’m loving this product so far.

The Product Works as Advertised
January 15, 2024
It's pretty simple. I feel 100% better now than I did before using the product. I had stopped using a probiotic for a while when I came across the ad for this one. I watched the informational video and it intrigued me. I am pleased with the results from the digestive standpoint. I am also pleasantly surprised at the weight-loss. That was not my reason for trying the product, but it has shown to be effective there as well. In a little over a month I have lost 5 pounds, along with my regular diet and exercise. I would like to lose five more since it seems to be working. I will continue using Nucific Bio X4 and see how I am feeling in a few months. I am happy I chose to try something new.

It will help with #2
January 12, 2024
The Bio-X4 is helping me to deal with the side effects that Mounjaro gives you, e.g. constipation and stomach pain. Is working for me and I feel more at peace with #2. I stop using the stool softener I normally take before I started using Bio-X4. I am intended to continue using it even if I stop using Mounjaro. Thanks for providing this useful supplement.

Calm stomach with no side effects
January 2, 2024
I had been using 1MD Gut. After about a year and a half my intestines started hurting after taking it. With Bio X4 I've enjoyed the benefits of having a calm stomach without any side effects. No more leaky gut!

Dramatic change in bowels and energy.
January 1, 2024

I do not know if it is the BioX 4 or all of the pills together, but I am feeling much better. I take one Bio-X-4, one digestive enzyme, one probiotic complex, and one carb C6 every morning. I have struggled with my bowels for several years (big hard balls & diffucult to pass only every 5-6 days.

It took only about 3 days for my bowels to start changing. I am doing much better now; instead of having hard balls that were hard to pass once every five days I started having smooth easy to pass normal bowel movements often more than once a day!

Also, my energy level has picked up!

Though I have leukemia and I’m technically in remission, my energy level has been very low. Since about 3 to 4 weeks of taking one of each of the four every morning, my energy has perked up more than since (June, 2022)! I was diagnosed end of sept 2022., a year and one half. My main symptom was & has continued to be extreme fatigue. it’s hard to believe how much better I feel with this, but I honestly cannot tell you Which of the four bottles of pills is making me feel so much better. I’m very grateful for this!

I don’t think my weight has changed and that’s OK it’s just wonderful to have a little bit of energy and to be able to get up and do stuff and not want to just sit in my chair all day Thank you so much. Sincerely, Margaret Quin.