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Nucific Bio X4
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Nucific Bio X4 is a probiotic dietary supplement intended to promote weight loss by helping boost metabolism, support the digestive system, and reduce cravings.

The company behind Bio X4 is Nucific.  Run by Dr. Amy Lee, the company’s head of nutrition, they currently offer eight different health-related products for issues such as digestion, weight management, mobility, heart health, and brain health.

Who is Dr. Amy Lee?

Many will recognize Dr. Lee for the Facebook video ad where she outlines the “3 harmful foods.”

Dr. Lee is a board-certified physician through the American Board of Internal Medicine. She is also a member of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Amy Lee attended the University of Washington, where she obtained her undergrad degree. She then followed that with four years in Champaign-Urbana/Peoria, IL, for her medical degree.

Her internal medicine residency took place at USC in Los Angeles, where she worked alongside endocrinologist David Heber and internist Zhaoping Li.

The mission behind Nucific is to offer cutting-edge products backed by science that can help your body operate at its prime level, the way it was designed to do.

What Is Bio X4?

Bio X4 is one of the most popular product offerings that Nucific offers. It is a 4-in-1 dietary supplement that acts as a probiotic and works to increase your health internally.

The 4-in-1 capsule includes the following components:

  • Balance for your digestive system
  • Ability to supercharge your metabolism
  • Support for curbing your cravings
  • Assistance for healthy weight loss.

How Does Bio X4 Work?

The ingredients contained in Bio X4 help to combat negative behaviors and boost internal health. It does this in capsule form and targets the digestion process.
When you ingest the capsule, the components that comprise it help break down the molecules within your food. This manner makes the digestion process more straightforward and helps you absorb more of the nutrients in your meals.
Additionally, Bio X4 incorporates Caralluma Fimbriata and Green tea extract to curb cravings and boost your metabolism. This addition helps to decrease snacking and to process your food at a faster rate.

Lastly, Bio X4 contains a premium probiotic that helps you balance your gut bacteria and calm existing digestion issues.

How To Take Bio X4

It is recommended to take a dosage of one capsule of Bio X4 three times per day with meals to get optimal results.

To speed up the weight loss process, you can take two capsules up to three times per day, also with meals.  However, you do not want to exceed this amount.

What Ingredients Are In Bio X4?

A variety of supplements comprise the makeup of Bio X4. All ingredients are gluten and allergen-free and are professionally sourced. The following elements make up Bio X4:

  • L. acidophilus
  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. Plantarum
  • B. lactis
  • B. animalis
  • Amylase (from Aspergilus Oryzae)
  • Bromelain
  • Lipase (from Rhizopus Oryzae)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • SimalumaTM (Caralluma Fimbriata extract)
  • Vegetable Cellulose
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Stearic Acid
  • Silica

These ingredients make up the specific probiotic, digestive enzyme, weight management, and craving control blends that set Bio X4 apart from other options on the market.

Cost and Price Plans

To purchase a three capsule per day, one month supply bottle of Bio X4 is $99.00. This supply contains the amount recommended to get the total amount of benefits. The rate per bottle goes down with bulk purchases.

  • One Bottle - $99
  • Three Bottles - $261.36
  • Six Bottles - $487.08

This price does not include charges for shipping and handling. Your first purchase of Bio X4 does come with a 90 Day Guarantee.

Nucific Customer Service

Nucific has several bad reviews against them online for the lack of support in returning products, canceling orders, and utilizing the money-back guarantee. Customers find it very difficult to get the assistance they need with their orders and products.

Nucific provides several different contact methods, including email address ([email protected]) and phone number (888-679-5520), for their customer service department on their website.

Additionally, they offer online chat options, an email form, and direct links to their social media domains.

Online Reviews & Complaints

Nucific has a high rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, with a 4.2 star average with their customer reviews.

The third-party rating website Trustpilot has a similar rating of 4.5 stars with their buyer feedback. Google Reviews shares the same sentiment with a 4.5-star rating.

Due to limited sale outlets, there are no reviews on top retail sites like GNC, Walmart, or Amazon. Additionally, there is no information regarding the company or product on Consumer Reports.

Customers report minor side effects such as headaches, indigestion, nausea, joint pain, and bloating.

Where To Buy?

You can only buy Bio X4 on the Nucific official company website. Unlike many of their competitors, their products are not available for purchase in retail stores or websites.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are alternatives on the market to consider in place of Bio X4. These options are similar in their projected outcomes and are used in similar ways.

Bio X4 vs. Plexus - Plexus offers a wide variety of products for purchase and also has a unique skincare line, as well as one for children. Plexus is available in subscription packs and has a start-up fee associated with it.

Bio X4 Vs. Total Restore - Total Restore operates similar to Bio X4 with their purchase options. However, the ratings associated with Total Restore and not as high as what Bio X4 has.

Bio X4 Vs. Align - Align is a probiotic widely sold in many retail stores, including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Align is a probiotic and digestive supplement but is not considered a dietary or weight-loss option.

The Bottom Line

Dietary aids are hard to navigate. Because of their status as a supplement, they are not FDA approved.

Additionally, it is hard to know how their use will pan out long-term for the customers that utilize them.

However, we are enlightened by the resume and career experience that Dr. Amy Lee possesses. The boards and committees that she sits on are promising as well.

Many doctors and physicians behind dietary aids and supplements do not have as impressive backgrounds as Dr. Lee.

Additionally, the positive reviews through many different third-party sources are comforting to those considering the purchase of Bio X4. Having a consistently high rating through several various sources tells a lot about the efficacy of the product.

Due to all of this, we believe that Bio X4 may be worth it.  The positive feedback, coupled with the impressive professional background of Dr. Lee, makes the product appear to be a beneficial addition to a weight loss regimen. 

As always check with a professional before embarking on any new supplement program.

If you have any experience with Nucific Bio X4, please leave your reviews below.

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Nucific Bio X4 Customer Reviews

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It works
June 1, 2022
There has been a notable difference since I started with the Bio X4. I have more energy and feel no bliating.

Bio-X4 works!!
May 31, 2022

Bio-X4 has worked extremely well with my system. I had constant bloating and gas after every meal, and I needed to try to alleviate this situation. Since I have hypothyroidism and am on medication, I am never hungry and always tired. My metabolism was extremely sluggish.

When I read about Bio-X4, I felt like I needed to give this supplement a try to see if this could jump-start my body - AND it did!!

After being on Bio-X4 for one month, my bloating and gas have subsided, my metabolism is working faster, and I don't have the cravings I used to. YEAH!!

Feeling better
May 31, 2022
As of now I am having less cravings and I have more energy. Also my digestive system seems to be less iratable and less acid reflux. I am also losing about 1 to 2 pounds a week since beginning Bio-X4.

Helps with digestion, helps to eat less, lost 10 lbs in 30 days
May 30, 2022

Been using Bio-X4 for a month, just finished off my first bottle. I have lost about 10 lbs, I'm eating less food, cravings are reduced and I do not need to eat the same size portion as before to feel full and satisfied. I have not changed the composition of my diet, just simply eating smaller portions of the same foods.

My digestion has been better as well. I frequently had soft or liquidity stool with BMs 4-5 times a day. Sometimes BM 2-3 times after a meal. Since using Bio-X4, BMs are normal consistently and less frequent. Reduced stomach aches and indigestion feeling.

Stick with it and give it a chance.
May 26, 2022
Great product suppresses my appetite and energy level has increased. Down 40lbs !

Exceeds expectation!
May 25, 2022
I was a bit skeptical about this at first, but decided to give it a go and it has been amazing! I used to crave for sweets and fatty foods all the time, but ever since I started taking Bio X4, my cravings have disappeared and I’m only eating when I’m actually hungry. My weight hasn’t gone up since and I feel amazing! Highly recommended!

Helps Digestion!!!!
May 24, 2022

Since I have been using Bio X4 I have alot less gas--significantly less. And my digestion is better--not as much bloating after I eat.

I have never got that result from any other product i have ever tried! thank you!

Makes me feel more positive.
May 23, 2022
I believe I am feeling better and feeling more positive since starting this product over a month ago. More regular and less hungry for junk food.

This product really works!
May 23, 2022
I've been taking BioX4 for about a month now and I've seen great results! My digestive system has improved dramatically! I've noticed my clothes are starting to fit looser! I have more overall energy! My cravings and overall appetite has improved as well! I highly recommend this product for anyone trying to improve any of these aspects of their life!

Best Probiotic on the Market
May 22, 2022
This is the best probiotic I have ever used. With a long history of intestinal problems, I have tried other probiotics only to set off a chain of unpleasant problems that forced me to stop. I have tolerated this product very well and have seen a remarkable improvement in my digestive problems. I do not expect to ever stop using it.

Feeling Good While Losing Unwanted Lbs.
May 22, 2022
I have lost weight slowly and it has been easy on my body. I am 70. I needed to lose 15 lbs. It has taken me a year to lose 10 lbs and keep it off. I no longer suffer from heartburn, my blood sugar has gone down and overall I have energy on the food I enjoy without feelings of hunger or tiredness. I recommend Dr. Amy’s Nucific Products.

Weight loss
May 21, 2022

With a combination of diet & exercise while taking the nucific I ordered,I’m losing weight about average of 1 lb./ of 8-9 pounds, not much but I guess steady.

I hope & intend to lose more weight as the weeks go by. I mentioned to my sister & she did ordered it online.

Almost gave up
May 20, 2022

Dear Dr, Amy, I'm an older Gentleman that use to be athletic, and trim, but years, and poor food choices gradually caught up with me after about 50 years, and now at 67 i find it's getting much harder to lose even an ounce. I tried a lot of things, spent a lot of money, gained more, and did less, and less about it, as it seemed all the fad diet pills were all snake oil, or required that you starve yourself.

When i watched your first video you sounded so very passionate, sincere, and honest as well as all your credentials being legit, and extremely impressive. I figured i'll try yet another pill, and follow your advice to a fault. Here's my story for my first month.

I took all of your initial advice, and stuck with it by eating everything you recommended. The first 3 days i tried all of your recipes you sent along with my BIO X4, and loved all of them. My goal was to get down to 199 for the first time in over 15 years. i was endlessly yo-yoing from 212 to 222.

I have a closet full of new, to almost new cloths i can't fit into anymore, and cloths in general are always ill fitting, and uncomfortable. I eventually got to the point where i just didn't want to be seen in public any longer, as i just felt badly about my appearance. I never really had any hope that this time another attempt would be any different, BUT after just 5 days i actually lost 3 lbs. That got me a bit excited, so i started documenting my journey daily by taking a pic. of the scale as my lbs. came off. Some days i gained a little, but by day 17 i had shed 9 lbs. That really had me even more excited, as i never though i would ever get that far, based on all my countless previous failures.

Half way through my first month i decided to go 1 step further, and ordered your Advanced slimming formula. My thinking was i'm actually winning this battle with BIO X4, but want to make darn sure i have a better shot at reaching my ultimate NEW goal of getting down to 185 lbs. My first month i dropped a total of 17 lbs, reached 199, wore a pair of jeans i hadn't worn in 8 years, had to buy a new belt , and actually tucked my shirt in for the first time in over 15 years, AND went out in public with it still tucked in. lol.

Thanks Dr. Amy for helping me find a new lease on life. By the way, i have more energy, don't need to eat any where near as much, don't seem to want all the junk i had grown accustomed to eating for decades. You got me interested in exploring recipes with different cultural foods that you recommended. Where were you 20 years ago? Sincerely, Warren

Bio -X4 results
May 20, 2022
I have been taking Bio-x4 for a little over a month..I sleep more sound at night & it helps me during the day curb my appetite & helps with my digestion issues..I LIKE THE PRODUCT SO FAR.

Bio X4 Probiotic Benefits are real
May 17, 2022

I decided to try Bio X4 because of the probiotic benefits, and it definitely works. My gut health has been horrendous since my first bout with Covid in January 2021, and a second bout in January 2022.

Everything I ate caused horrible bloating. Bio X4 has pretty much solved the bloating problem, and I am very grateful. It's so nice to eat a meal without suffering with painful and embarrassing gas.

Excelente product
May 17, 2022
It helped my with cravings and my digestion

It works
May 15, 2022
I’ve been using bio X4 for about a month now. And after modifying my diet and increasing my physical activity along with using the product I’ve dropped about 11 pounds and feel much better sleep better digestion is better. Love the product

Freedom from heartburn
May 14, 2022
My 29 year old son and I have both dealt with serious acid reflux. We tried many probiotics before and had no help. Since taking the BioX4, we both have had almost total freedom from horrible heartburn and expect complete healing.. It is a godsend, Amy!

Supercharged metabolism!!!
May 14, 2022
I have used about half a bottle so far and the biggest thing I have noticed is how light I feel even after eating a meal.

It does work
May 10, 2022
A great way to help lose weight and cleanse your system. I have a thyroid problem and I eat right but I just can’t seem to get rid of some excess weight. This helps me a lot. Teaches you how to eat right new ways of cooking meals. Very easy to keep track of your progress. Amy does care.