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Nextdoor is the biggest bully on Nextdoor
January 4, 2018
Leads are bullies. Trolls have a fertile playground with no accountability. No matter how much good you can do or have done for your community, one ambiguous comment can get you deleted in this totalitarian landscape. Leads protect their friends and they unite together with their friends to "mob" other users. Reporting them to Nextdoor is a waste of time. They do nothing. Leads are the most powerful clique and THEY decide whether you can eat at their lunch table or not. Nextdoor is no longer news, goings-on, curb alerts or neighbors helping neighbors. Sooooo many people have stopped using it that Nextdoor practically begs it's users to recruit, send out postcards, get the word out to recover some of their user losses. BEWARE: hypocrisy IS the name of the Nextdoor. 1) you can't post commercial or promotion....but Nextdoor can to get you to buy things from their sponsors and monetize user traffic. 2) Report stuff that Nextdoor will never handle and get reported and booted off for things you never did. 3) Include yourself with your neighbors, but only if they allow you into their clique. 4) Free speech does NOT apply on Nextdoor. 5) Don't bully because bullying is Nextdoor and its' leads' privilege. ETC...ETC...ETC. Let me tell you how bad it's gotten....the police depts, schools, cities, local clubs and organizations, etc won't even use it anymore. It's become a snake pit....where bullies and trolls quickly run off the good people....leaving a sh*t pile of bullies and trolls left in the Nextdoor trenches and then they start turning on each other and it becomes a horrible disaster worthy of morbid curiosity.

RobertBaxter February 02, 2018

Nextdoor is very DODGY - BEWARE!!!!

ToddPhillips September 25, 2018

Nextdoor is invaluable !

It taught me that the reason I don't know my neighbors is because they are mostly insane cat ladies and psychotic ammosexuals. I've never wanted less to do with any of my neighbors since using Nextdoor

transferred from StreeLife.Com
December 14, 2017

I was very disappointed that Streelife closed but at least most of my contacts have moved to so I am happy to keep connected.

When my garden bench was stolen I posted a picture and the bench was spotted at local auction which enabled me to get it recovered.

I have been very pleased with recommendations particularly my cleaning lady.

I use social media a lot to stay to connected especially FB but this local connection is invaluable..

I have read about the negative views but I don't get involved in discussion unless it is important to me,. is a waste of time
November 16, 2017

There were a number of nice people on this social media neighborhood group however it quickly became apparent that the leaders showed favoritism to certain members. I was repremaded for responding to people and my conversations were removed.

I am not a fan of social media but this turned out to be an annoying waste of time because of obviuos double standards regarding their guidelines. I deactivated my account within 24 hours of activation and choose not to be a part of this ridiculous group.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

You are lucky. There are many others around the country who have had much worse. Now they are becoming international and just as bad. The company is making advertising income as the database grows. Phony invitations from non-existent people either online or by post card. How they are getting away with it is beyond me but also scary.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

You are fortunate. It is much worse around the country where individuals and communities have been harmed. Now that they are making profit from advertising, they have moved abroad too, e.g. UK where in a few months people are quitting after their previous provider was taken over and things went down hill rapidly.

NextDoor Promotes Cyber Bullying and Hate Crimes
November 7, 2017

NextDoor Promotes Cyber Bullying and Hate Crimes

Next-door allowed my neighbors to cyber bully me online and use the site for public shaming. They allowed them to post my personal information leading to the endangerment of me and my children.

A neighbor posted false complaints on the site to publically shame a person they think they saw in a car on the road doing something they did not approve of and then posted the description with license plate number of the car.

Within a few days of hateful messages and public shaming. An original post was made by Mona Smothers, Christian Valley Park on Nov 2 in Crime & Safety to Christian Valley Park She listed a description of my car and listed my license plate to make false allegations of a dangerous hateful nature online.

This is considered public shaming and against the rules. After she posted my license plate number online and started false accusations creating a hateful conversations and public shaming about activities in a car.

I had people following my car and yelling at me and my kids in public for something I had NO IDEA about because this neighbor created such a hateful post it created a situation where people would see my car and stalk me or yell at me for things she accused someone in my car of doing online. These people have made me and my kids a target in the neighborhood with their claims and false accusations by posting my person information online. I did not know about the post until some stranger approached me and my children because he saw the post made with the false accusations and my license plate listed in her post. They identified me by the license plate number posted. They approached me and my kids about it inappropriately because they saw my license plate number posted online and now know where we live.

Creating now a dangerous situation for me and my family. I am now a target because my license plate is out there with someone’s angry post making false accusations and my kids are subjected hate or opinions.

This is not allowed according to the rules of Next-door but they did nothing to help my family and instead continue to allow the cyber bullying and hate crimes to continue online.

I am now a target of hate because of the posted license plate online with self-righteous opinions identifying me, my car and can be followed home or anywhere I go now. T

This is a dangerous world and a license plate or identifying factors in false accusations can be harmful to the safety of our families in our neighborhood. Public shaming on any social network is NOT allowed and the world outside of Next-door is a dangerous place.

Next door did nothing to correct this issue, and then froze my account for complaining about the abuse, public shaming and illegal posts made by the neighbor posting my personal information online. They allowed me and my children to be harmed and stalked and cyber bullied. They are bad people and should be shut down so nobody else gets hurt or is victimized by them. I take cyber bullying very seriously and NEXT DOOR did nothing to help my family.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

There are so many stories like this! Nothing is done about it and Nextdoor, like a cancer, just keeps growing and is now in the international market. Paid advertising revenue was their long term goal, not doing right by users. But, that is just my opinion and perhaps hundreds more.

They do not reply to questions
November 3, 2017

I had an issue this social media giant yesterday and e-mailed [email protected] and [email protected] and specifically asked them to reply to acknowledge receipt of my e-mail or call me.

Never heard from eother one of them.

Don't waste your time on this site.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

I would have to agree. They do respond to those who are not threatening or if a group from the same area speaks up with facts about mis-use of the site. I never get a reply while others do (but we are on the same side). I am not talking about minor matters but extreme 'doxxing,' untoward things such as 'sales' of restricted items, etc.

Useless, Pointless, Waste of Time
November 2, 2017
If you want to get emails from busy-body neighbors worried about things like 'security video of the kid who took all the Halloween candy' or 'suspicious car drove through neighborhood' or 'trash cans left out on purpose' or 'inconsiderate parking' then sign up for Nextdoor and you can scroll through endless posts from people with nothing better to do than post complaints about things that annoy them. If you lay awake at night wondering why the neighbor down the street doesn't water their will love Nextdoor.

Painful mistake
October 15, 2017

Some of the greatest emotional pain I have ever suffered occurred as a result of my membership in Nextdoor. I'm 90 years old, caregiver for my 92 year old husband....a nuclear physicist with Alzheimer's Disease. My window to the outside world is on a miniature Facebook forum in Desert Shores and environs in Las Vegas, called Nextdoor. My aim was to get to know neighbors, learn new things, and find ways to help animals. Inadvertently, I got trapped into a feud with a younger member. I have become her punching bag and have tried everything to stop her. she has called me a senile old crone, accused me of using my age to get sympathy. Her attacks are making me

so I'll we had to call 912 to help me breathe, last week Nobody can stand her hHow do I get out?

Susan October 18, 2017

Dear, Audrey

I do believe you meant to leave one star and not five stars.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

I agree with you, Susan. I hope someone helps Audrey!

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

More importantly, has anyone tried to help this woman? I tend to believe her as I have seen too many untoward things on Nextdoor to include elder abuse.

No permission given
September 16, 2017
I received an invitation to join, purportedly sent btmy elderly neighbour. He is not the 'lead contact' for this area, he's not signed up to the app and knows absolutely nothing about it. He certainly had not given his permission for them to use his name in this way. After posting on a social media local group I've found that at least one other person in my area has also had his name used in this way. Very deceitful & unacceptable way for a company to do business. I shan't be taking up their 'invitation'.

Bullying and shaming on Next Door
August 8, 2017
Individuals have used next door to bully, shame and organize against a neighbor. The area is a dense apartment area in Los Gatos. The individual works with a feral cat rescue organization which feeds, traps, and spays cats that apartment owners often leave behind when they move. Her "neighbors" have decided to gang up against her. Next Door irresponsibly allowed the publishing of her picture and address. The "neighbors" have used ND to organize and meet to plan their strategy against this woman. She is widowed, elderly living alone and is now feeling very threatened. The "lead" for the neighborhood has received complaints regarding these posts, but they have failed to take the post down. They did finally remove her picture and personal information regarding her personal situation. Have refused to remove her address.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

Removal of address in a persons profile is up to the individual. People put too much info up to include their numerical address (house number). Nextdoor then creates a virtual map to your front door. Removing the house number, removes the map to your door. That said, she and you can send a report, the form is online, to Nextdoor 'HQ.' With more than one report, they tend to react.

Addendum to my earlier post
July 11, 2017

Look who controls this company. Someone is making big bucks off of this inspite of the terrible reviews they get on the Better Business Bureau Site. 38 out or 44 reviews were "Negative" from verified users:

Check it out for yourself.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

You will find the untoward history on Wikipedia too. Another review site has more than 90% 1 start reviews. The small number of positive reviews read as 'scripted' (as in paid writer).

Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
July 11, 2017
There is a registered sex offender in my friends neighborhood. It was a victimless crime 20 years ago. The guy keeps to himself and never bothered anybody. comes into the neighborhood and all of sudden this guy's name is all they talk about. He asked them many times very nicely to stop. It got worse. So now, every time someone lists their property for sale this guy sends a registered letter to the Realtor putting them on notice he lives there. The Realtor is required by law to disclose that to potential buyers. Now people can't sell their property. Ironically, there is a woman who served a lot of time in prison who lives there but no one knows it because there is no "Murder Registery" anywhere. So..... "Don't shoot yourself in the foot"..

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

Similar incident near me. The 'Community Hero' posted about one person ... not all the others in the area. Then they made vague assertions about the person. Some of us complained and the 'Hero' claimed 'public record.' True, it is public record but when you use the site you are required to agree not to harass people, etc. and if you do so that you become subject to criminal penalty. The 'Hero' quickly removed the post and comments and disappeared from membership. Nextdoor is a cancer that is growing and now in other countries too.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

A similar situation happened by me. A new "Neighborhood Hero' posted about a registered sex offender. Now for context. They ignored the two dozen or more in our area; most within the last 10 years or less. The one reported was several decades old; one time offense. The 'Hero' then went on to make vague untoward statements about the individual, e.g. too friendly. When several of us complained ('Leads' not monitoring), the 'Hero' went the 'public record' route and that they were doing a community service. It was pointed out to the 'Hero' that the sex offender registry, state or other, requires that you agree not to use it to harass people, etc. before you even use the site. One can be subject to criminal penalties for so doing. The 'Hero' suddenly removed the post with comments and left the site all together within 24 hours. We suspect that the 'Hero' was trying to make themselves look good rather than perform a community service.

Neighborly Defamation, Rascism & Hatred
June 10, 2017

After receiving a postcard invitation, which was unsolicited, I signed up. A few weeks later, their micromanager sent me a letter that another (anonymous) member said my name was not real so I needed to send my drivers license, passport, or utility bills, to prove my identity, and then they immediately blocked my account.

So anyone can say whatever they want and it's accepted as truthful. And Nextdoor will demand proof and ID of the singled out party but not of all of its members. It's not anywhere in its MemberPolicy that it's a requirement. The postcard suffices.

I have discussed this with my attorneys and am looking into filing suit preliminarily based on defamation.

Old Trooper November 24, 2017

This company, Nextdoor (see history on Wikipedia), has many valid complaints all across the country. One review site has greater than 90% negative reviews. True, a few are not valid but the vast majority are. I have seen a West Coast BBB site where 3/4 of the reviews are negative (Nextdoor does not belong to BBB). They are now buying overseas sites, e.g. UK, and the new 'Nextdoor' sites are now complaining about what was good is now bad; people dropping out. The long term goal for Nextdoor was to grow a base to use for paid advertising which it now does. In the U.S., state AG's should be investigating Nextdoor for some of the untoward things that go on. Some areas have conned police to be on their sites which makes them look good. Almost forgot to mention, you will see a few wonderfully written positive reviews but they are a fraction of all reviews and one must question if they are real.

Tony Montana March 28, 2019

It is a fake web site designed to show the fluff and not the negativity of the people posting.

Great way to find out who is racist
May 16, 2017
I love Nextdoor. Thanks to Nextdoor, I know who the racists are in my neighborhood. I also know who has enough time on their hands to report all the "suspicious" people that happen to walk past their house during the course of the day. I never knew there were that many paranoid people living in such close proximity. If you report posts for racial profiling, which is strictly prohibited according to Nextdoor guidelines, the poster is notified. This does nothing but rally the racists who then like to gang up on the minority of nonracists. Thanks to Nextdoor, I also know which households "have a gun and aren't afraid to use it". I can't thank Nextdoor enough for empowering paranoid, gun toting racist with nothing better to do then stare out the window all day. If you are afraid of any person that happens to be in your neighborhood that does not have the same skin tone as you, this is the app for you.

Tony Montana March 28, 2019

The website is a joke designed for a bunch of cry babies

Nextdoor is a great asset to our community
March 25, 2017
I live in Bakersfield California and my wife and I became members about 6 months ago. I have found Nextdoor to be a wealth of community and big and small business information. You can buy /sell or give away almost anything a person could have.It has helped us find our animals and its another unique resource in the neighborhoods search for help in crime.I look at Nextdoor far more than I look at any other site.Of course there are people and information that is not helpful but I just scroll past what I am not interested in.There are always going to be morons that say things,period. I love that people use real names and live in our community. Thank you Nextdoor!

Mbradford April 29, 2017


You're living in a dream world. Just wait until you find out what manipulation is done via Nextdoor. I wish you well. Since you mentioned crime, you should begin research on who is the criminal and the fact it could be you, according to Nextdoor. The small things you listed sound very nice, just look out. That organization is a billion dollar plus one that really likes people like you who are willing to do exactly as you are told. Again, I wish you very well

ken April 30, 2017

Mbradford, I have no idea who you are and I dont care. I use the Nextdoor app as I do every tool on the internet,including Yahoo and WebMD. I am well aware of manipulation by virtue of being an LVN/RN for 34 years. Try working with a bunch of stick up their butt males and females and you can take pictures of manipulation. Nextdoor is a TOOL to be used in conjunction with other information-period. I find out whats going on and what I dont wish to read,I dont. I am sorry for what happened to you on the site but not everyone has those type of experiences.I stand by my comment. If I am a criminal I am far more stupid than they are. Good day.

Tony Montana March 28, 2019

The web site was designed for people just like Ken....our point 1-800-CRY-BABY Ken...

Gestapo Investigation!
February 6, 2017
This all started with a woman who posted about being harassed by a neighbor. He called the cops because she parked her car at her kid's bus stop. I couldn't help but get emotional because of what happened to me years ago. When I was in grade school, 3 mornings in a row, a strange guy was standing near our bus stop. I remember coming home from school and telling my Mom about it. Little did I know about how much danger we were in. It was clear this guy was up to no good. Thank God nothing happened to any of us. Maybe it was because were quiet and stuck together. Or maybe a neighbor was watching. I realized how important this is, so I knew in my heart what I had to do! I posted it on the Nextdoor site. I applauded this woman for being at her kid's bus stop. It made them all safe! People responded to me with overwhelming support! Including a police officer! In fact, one woman even felt bad about what I went through. I thanked everyone and all was good. Weeks went buy. And then out of the blue, I get Nextdoor's Gestapo letter. The said they were investigating me about the "bus stop" post. They claimed it may be offensive! What? You got to be kidding me! I DID NOTHING WRONG! I BLEW UP! I got on their site and wrote a scathing lettter back. I bleep out all swear words so there was no actual cussing. Then I told them they can put their bogus site right where the sun doesn't shine! They wrote back whining about my hurtful statement and that this too will be investigated. Well they got a lot of nerve when they were the ones who attacked me first! I had to endure Gestapo invesigations from a prior job and I'll be d(bleep) if I'm going to put up with it from these people! They're NOT my employer! They are also nothing but a lost cause! So I deleted my membership! These clowns can investigate me all they want. But it will do NO good because I'm no longer a member. And I will NEVER BE AGAIN!

Robert April 14, 2017

Wow, what a rant! Emo much?

Mbradford April 29, 2017


That was no rant. "Robert" sounds more like the police to me. I also have a dim view of Nextdoor. I appreciated your post even if "Robert" did not.

ken April 30, 2017

Michelle, I cant follow your post. I have tried to read it but you really do not give any information on what you reported and what happened to you. I understand that a complaint from someone at Nextdoor caused an "investigation" I do not think this site would pay for resources that constitute an investigation into your post. Its good that you and Mbradford decided to not use the site anymore. I have been contacted several times for my posts because someone flagged them. People will censor very quickly when they dont like what you are writing. No big deal.

MITCH May 15, 2017

I had a similar experience. Evidently, it's not what's listed on their guidelines page, it's whatever they want to label as "offensive'...even when it's not. These people, (running the site) are screaming liberals!

Michelle Schmitt May 19, 2017

Well said!

Tony Montana March 28, 2019

The website will not allow you to post negative comment about the police department, or other long tern members....they will disable and ban your account . They do not want hr truth, they want fluff so they can get more advertising dollars....It is a corporate information and money grab.,...waste of time

Billy Moore
November 14, 2016

It has been my pleasure to have Billy Moore as my handyman for the last eight plus years.

Billy Moore is a polite, genial gentlemen who cares about the quality of his workmanship.

He's built fence sections, installed light fixtures, and a dishwasher. He's trimmed trees. Billy Moore has helped me keep my home in good repair. He leaves the work area as clean (or cleaner) as when the project began.

I highly recommend Billy Moore if you're looking for someone to do quality home repairs.

A Satisfied Customer

Michelle Schmitt April 17, 2017

Your lovely sales pitch will work to a certain degree, that is until the Gestapo decides to shut you down. Just wait and see!

Leads have all the Power? It's Rigged!
October 27, 2016
They give so much power to a neighborhood "Lead" who is nothing more than the 1st person to join! I've recruited many more people than her. My neighborhood has a Homeowners Association (HOA) but the Lead started the Nextdoor "neighborhood" with multiple areas & HOAs. I could understand if we had a small community but we have 140 parcels which is more than the Nextdoor minimum! But our lead has "Blackballed" our request for our own neighborhood like an '80s fraternity! To make matters worse the "Lead" named our geographical neighborhood after the nearby cemetery. Try getting your neighbors to join an app & tell them they belong to a neighborhood of those who passed.

Robert April 14, 2017

Leads don't have any power to speak of. About all a lead can do is delete an abusive post. Leads cannot ban people and cannot actually prevent anyone from posting. If your lead is not doing his job then you can contact nextdoor, there are ways to deal with bad leads.

Mbradford April 29, 2017

Oh "Robert," you sound so perfectly "Nextdoor" to me; that is, more like the "police." You should consider using the name of Roscoe White. It fits so much better for you. So, how do you deal with a bad "Robert," aka,, Roscoe White? I'd really like to know, okay? And please, take no offence to me at all. I'm just a bad old guy who never bothers anyone.

JimPurswell September 26, 2017

Robert, you're wrong. Leads can, and do, stop replies to your post. As more people advertise their used clothes, your post, however important and helpful, fades and becomes completely unread. Leads also delete posts that are against their personal beliefs. We had a pit bull kill an infant. The pro-pit bull owners went on a rampage, and the Lead did nothing but block members posting facts about dangerous dogs. We had a post of a Death Threat posted against a member, and that post was deleted because it made the neighborhood appear unsafe. It's censorship.

Our lead is mentally imbalanced, paranoid, a busy-body.
August 16, 2016
I know our lead personally -- she is semi-insane. She will instigate controversial issues (and even lie about other people) on the site, just so she can later become the central figure resolving it. If you contradict her in any way, she vindictively will delete your account.

Robert April 14, 2017

Leads cannot delete accounts nor can they block anyone from posting. If your lead is a psycho then contact nextdoor tech support with a well-written argument and provide supporting evidence. Problems leads can be dealt with.

Mbradford April 29, 2017

Say "Robert" you sound very suspicious to me? And your role? You are the police or what? Leads can do anything including kill an account without reason. Nextdoor is very manipulative and self serving with tons of money coming in.

JimPurswell September 26, 2017

Without wasting time, Robert, you are wrong.

Mbradford is correct. I suspect Robert may not actually participate other than selling things.

August 3, 2016
We are so thankful for Our two large black dogs accidentally got out of our gate. We looked for them until 3am on a Saturday night and then all day long on Sunday. One woman walking her dog recommended and we created an account. The first thing we saw was a post about our dogs being spotted. We got an idea about where to look for them from the last place they were spotted and we drove to that area with a favorite squeaky toy. within 10 minutes a good neighbor heard the toy and chased us down and told us where we could find them. Another neighbor had taken them into their home for their protection. We feel so blessed to have been reunited with our boys and thankful for the wonderful neighbors who worked together to rescue our boys. Thanks so much to we may have never seen our boys again as their chip was not found by a vet they were taken to.

Keven Rice August 07, 2017

Leads Are disusting trolls who control the invorment they want to see.Leads where I live have chased off the christian community for sharing church activities in the neighborhood. There is no feedom of speech unless one has found a dog,then the rest of the hood chimes in saying "kill it" or "dump it in the country.The leads have created a hostile environment and have torn the neighbors apart.Most disusting environment I'd had the pleasure to be a part of.

Very useful although "neighbors will be neighbors!"
November 13, 2015 is a great way to connect with your neighbors -- find out where the car break-ins are happening, who's having a garage sale, what that construction on Terasita is about.

However, like any unmoderated group, there's a strong "crotchety" vibe (like that review up above! wow!). Best to use the site for the good things, mute and report the meanies, and try to elevate the conversation a bit.

JimPurswell September 26, 2017

Graham, it sounds like you live in one of the few out of 80,000 neighborhoods nationwide that enjoy a homogeneous group of neighbors.

We have bullies, disrespectful leftists, hate mongers promoted by our Leads and the moderators in SF, and most of the intelligent discussions have been deleted.