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December 11, 2020
NextDoor has joined the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. with their censorship of conservative views. Some liberal face masker got offended when I disagreed with them and called them sheeple. As a result I got banned for 14 days.

CindyEdge March 02, 2021

Yep. Same experience. Nasty leftists allowed to vent. I defended the person they were attacking and got suspended. I'm done with them.

Leftist/Liberal Biased Site
October 20, 2020
Moderators can censor your comments and frequently do without explanation or recourse. Name calling, profanity, and double-standards are allowed but reporting news, facts, and using reason to argue are frowned upon. Can be and often is just as biased and capricious as Twitter or Facebook.

Next Door
September 20, 2020

I believe this is a good idea that can be useful to local and service businesses like mine. Dh financial health insurance services. Yet, in spite of it being a good concept, it will fail from the overall management of the business, areas of neglect and it not having available. "Live" customer support.

Next door is now charging for zip code area promotion of your business, and state, while drafting monthly payments from your checking account, that you must have customer recommendations before they promote your business; however, they have nowhere on their website for your clients to place their reviews, or recommendations.

My clients explored the website and could not place their reviews on it; therefore, my business is not being displayed nor promoted. Next door ,in the meanwhile, is consistently withdrawing $31 a month from me. Next door is unreachable to correct the problem!!

They do not answer your emails sent to the email : agency support ... Nor on their telephone line, when you leave a voice mail message: it says to write to agency support who never responds to calls nor write. Yet, they are alive to take the $31 draft each month. I will soon report -- this abuse of my consumer rights and consumer trust-- to the proper authorities. I am hoping, before I take that stringent action, I will hear from them.

RickSchaeffer February 14, 2021

They are a liberal political organization pretending to be something they are not. Heaven
September 19, 2020
These guys are a real piece of work !! They only want those who toe the Bidet / Come Holla mark and no Trump folks like myself. I started a group at their suggestion with the word "Patriot" in it and it was geared towards the Conservative viewpoint.The folks at Nextdoor didn't like my Conservative views and disabled my account.However they left the liberal poster who made all sorts of outrageous posts to the group on their site . Talk about bias. I should have been smarter they are based in San Fran and are part of the Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters ilk. Nice "honest" folks!!! Stay as far away from these liberal clowns as you can.

Paul October 20, 2020

My experience was very much the same.

RickSchaeffer February 14, 2021

They allowed a group of liberals in my area to use the site to organize a protest against President Trump, even though it is clearly against the rules. I reported it, but they chose to allow it anyway.

Very Biased Website
September 13, 2020
This website allows unkind and judgmental postings of the far left on controversial subjects, but if a conservative reacts with comments to that posting then they are admonished and forbidden back into the site until signing a pledge to "be kind, not judgmental, in your conversations." They will admonish and blacklist you by taking the word of troublemakers and criminals without trying to get to the truth of the matter by giving you a chance to respond to their accusations. I find this website to be very biased and poorly run. If I could rate it less than one, I would.

Bill September 19, 2020

Amen brother I agree 100%!

Paul October 20, 2020

My experience was similar.

CindyEdge March 02, 2021

Oh my goodness the exact same thing happened to me. I defended a perfectly good post that leftists were attacking. It was a positive post that these radicals were calling full of “dog whistles,” which was ridiculous. I said so and got suspended!

They will suspend you if you blink
August 6, 2020

Full of controversial topics, but god forbid if you are even slightly unfriendly.

I started a thread supportive of law enforcement and got reported for violation of terms. Later, I told an idiot that I tended to block idiots and they gave me a suspension.

1 star rated. Better options out there. Plus, you use your real name and neighborhood, which can potentially create problems.

Bill September 19, 2020

The fools at Nextdoor are plentiful and stupid. MAGA 2020!

Paul October 20, 2020

I just deactivated my account and could not be happier.

Censorship Alive and Well on Nextdoor
August 3, 2020
I was suspended for 3 days a while back and only got back on recently. Basically, liberals are allowed to spew hate, vulgarity, and call people racists, but as soon as a conservative engages in truth and facts, they're shut down. After purposefully NOT directing any comments at one individual, I finally called him out for mocking Secret Service agents in the Presidential motorcade as clowns. He's the same one who told me I was a racist. I'm suspended for 30 days...if I go back on, it will be strictly to report people's comments that I find offensive. I certainly advise people to stay away from Nextdoor!

Bill September 19, 2020

I am not wasting any more of my time dealing with these brainwashed idiots!!

Not what it seems!
July 24, 2020
I downloaded the Nextdoor app recently. It became abundantly clear that it was NOT what it advertised to be. It's just one more instrument of the Left Wing Liberal Fascists. Their motto is, "You're entitled to your own opinion so long as it's the same as mine!" Needless to say I deleted the app.

Bill September 19, 2020

Well put my friend and how true!!!!

this site allows vulgar attacks
July 23, 2020
when you try to protect yourself by altering the full legal name they require because someone used it to find you and harrass you outside of nextdoor you get kicked off but the vulgar spewing harrasser is all good and protected

Bill September 19, 2020

Have been there and experienced that!

Paul October 20, 2020

Sounds familiar.

jillCAMPE May 13, 2021

Agreed!!! Nextdoor sucks!

Straight Up Criminal Website. Complete Liability and Rip-off. Consumer and Good Samaritan Warning.
July 21, 2020

Nextdoor is not what it claims to be. If it isn't in writing, don't believe it. Look at the results.

In other words consider all of this:

An incident occured in a local neighborhood where a "lead" had a false phone number that lead to a dead-end trail for a roofing company that was not even in the area. This sketchy "lead" showed up taking pictures of other people's cars without the consent of the property owners. They initially showed up knocking on doors but later reverted to taking pictures of their vehicles including license plate numbers. This conduct exposes unsuspecting property owners to identity theft and fraud. A second incident occured where rocks were thrown at houses by delinquent kids out at night. A third incident occured where a delinquent kid wearing a hoodie was eavesdropping a conversation near somebody's bedroom while trespassing on property at midnight. Caught on camera. These incidents are all linked to sockpuppet accounts found with false names and fictitious contact details. A political bias is shown in the "moderators" of the website that additionally favor libel related postings against veterans of the United States Military. Another incident occured where local neighbors were setting off particularly noisy fireworks for two consecutive days straight prior to the 4th of July. All of this was precipitated under the current direction of the "leads" and "moderators" on a local nextdoor listing. Another incident occured where one of the "leads" in the local area libeled a military veteran for alleged mail theft. The lead never provided material evidence of these allegations and because he was buddy-buddy with the admins and moderators, he was actually allowed to libel a United States Military Veteran who served his country honorably and was good enough to retire after 20 years. The veteran defended himself as he was jogging and told that "lead" to mind his own business warning him of potential civil court action if he continued. This "lead" made an explicit violent threat against this veteran just after the veteran was kicked off the Nextdoor website by one of the admins so that the veteran could not actually be able to prove an explicit violent threat was made during the libel thread that this "lead" instigated. Additionally, the content is not accessible under a traditional search engine. Other reviews have shown that the "moderators" and "admins" have Carte Blanche to delete anything that goes against their own left-leaning liberal biases. Posts proven and shown as libel are not taken down while those defending themselves against the libel postings are simultaneously kicked. This is a sneaky way of ducking out of a pending lawsuit for defamation. Finally, Nextdoor demonstrates a source of divide and conquer as shown by repeated racist postings falsely accusing people of being inferior because of the way they look. Neighbors have been making written threats of "knowing where you are" pending any kind of tactful disagreement about what they say vs. what they are actually doing. Selective Enforcement and Double Standards are the norm.

Bill September 19, 2020

110% CORRECT!!!

CharlineHill January 13, 2021

I think we can complain all we want. I'm sure our complaints fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. I've tried every way possible to contact them with no response - even on the "pissed consumer" topic!!

CindyEdge March 02, 2021

Yes you can’t get a hold of anybody to find out which one of your completely benign comments got you suspended. The fact that I am a conservative and expressed a conservative opinion I’m sure it had something to do with it. But there’s no recourse.

Another left leaning SJW site
July 14, 2020
Been suspended twice. First for calling looters and rioters 'thugs' and second for calling out that lecturing strangers in public for not wearing masks, even if they have a medical condition that prevents them, is mask shaming. Nextdoor admins are pushing their SJW leftest agenda. If you disagree with them, you get suspended. Looking forward to my next suspension.

Bill September 19, 2020

I removed myself was tired of their crap and nonsense!! They have no love for anyone but themselves. Kind of queer if you ask me!

Paul October 20, 2020

Deactivated my account today. Happy day!

Temporarily Banned
June 22, 2020 is one-sided. I was temporarily banned and I was not informed of the reason. Probably because I stated something negative about a BLM protest, consisting of all white teens, crowding both sides of a small road, and seriously impeding cars, suv's, and me on a bicycle. I think all that I said was that 'they should move back because there was no shoulder, no curb, nothing but a narrow two lane road with about 30 large white teens waving signs above the road and chanting. Two more days and then I can get back on the "neighborhood" website.

Bill September 19, 2020

Don't go back !! Repeating the same behavior over and over with the same results is the definition of insanity.

Their stated purpose is not served..
June 18, 2020
A website for neighbors has gotta have room for negativity and members just want fluff. That's what facebook is for. There are a lot of legal, safety, and ethics issues right now trickling down to the little towns, and we need help, discussion, and answers. This website is not the place.

Tried to open a private folder.
June 14, 2020
I was on Nextdoor for a number of years but never used it much, however, about two months ago I logged in just to see what was going on and got a warning from AVG that “This site is trying to read your file “Tax Returns” do you wish to let it? To say the least I said no and got off of my local Nextdoor never to go back!

Joseph Lee June 19, 2020

I had no idea this might be a problem with Nextdoor. Thank you.

NextDoor should not censor informational conversation
May 26, 2020

NextDoor censors - they don't allow conversations to happen - they delete them. That is a terrible way to treat people. Everyone should have the right to say what's on their mind.

Specifically, I said I was missing a whole conversation about how to boost our immune system during this covid-19 time. I know that China and S Korea have successfully treated patients with high-dose IV Vit C. I know my doctor has stopped covid-19 symptoms in people with Viraclear. I know a doctor in NYC has treated people with glutathione. I know of many ways to boost the immune system. That post was pulled.

Then I posted info about the 9-part Vaccine series currently running that was explaining that vaccines are not effective or safe. That post was attacked. Then I was told that I would be banned if I wrote anymore about it.

Well - that info is life-saving. People cannot blindly trust vaccines. They have too much foreign stuff in them that sickens, injures and kills. Bill Gates' vaccines do not have a good history anywhere in the world. They're a ticket to extermination, basically, and we need to be able to say this.

Joseph Lee June 19, 2020

Far-left website. If your idea differs in the slightest, you get kicked out of the discussion.

Not for good neighborhoods
May 19, 2020
Just a lot of bullying and childish behavior. just like a mini fakebook site. nothing obviously is being monitored.

Joseph Lee June 19, 2020

Well stated. That has been my experience also.

LauraFester January 01, 2021

Selective censorship in full display!

CindyEdge March 02, 2021

Ours is being heavily moderated, with conservatives being suspended and liberals being allowed to be as hateful as they want.

Leftist organization
May 10, 2020
They use their platform to regulate content which does not agree with their leftist agenda. Speak out against it you are censored. Terrible company.

Jack June 15, 2020

Totally agree this is a solidly leftist organization with an agenda. User beware.

Joseph Lee June 19, 2020

If you're not a radical lefty, expect to be bullied, slandered, and then kicked out of discussions for politely stating opposing ideas.

CindyEdge March 02, 2021

Yep. Same experience. I don't know if it depends on the neighborhood you live in, or just the website itself. If your local moderators tend to be leftists you are going to find a lot of censorship and bias going on. It's kind of what their specialty is right now.

May 1, 2020
This site is biased and they want biased "leads"...people in my neighborhood regularly use the site as another means to bash Trump and no-one complains...why??...because it is NOT Republicans that attack free is the Demonocrats...this site is based in beautiful syringe and human feces infested SAN FRANCISCO!!...well, what a surprise!!...and...the CEO of Nextdoor, a Niriv Tolia, was convicted of HIT AND RUN in 2014...what a guy!!...I don't curse, degrade anyone, mock anyone, etc...but as soon as I DEFEND THE POTUS, THAT WE, THE PEOPLE ELECTED...I am purged from the site for 30 days!!...the lefties piss and moan to the "site police" and I AM THROWN OFF...this is the third (and last) time...on May 14th when I will be allowed back on, (if I keep my mouth shut and let the others disparage my President)...on May 15 I have a letter written to all my neighbors to copy and paste to the website that I am certain WILL GET ME BANNED FOR LIFE!! be it...jerks...

Lee Teague May 10, 2020

I agree same experience with Nextdoor. They seem to apply their policies one sidedly. If you do not follow their leftist agenda then you are banned. If you are attacked and reply back - you are banned not the attackers.

Jack June 15, 2020

Extremely one sidedly. It's kind of creepy that they are creating a spy network in all communities.

Joseph Lee June 19, 2020

Wow, it is amazing reading other people's posts and comments. Lee Teague described my exact repeated experience, "They seem to apply their policies one sidedly. If you do not follow their leftist agenda then you are banned. If you are attacked and reply back - you are banned not the attackers."

CindyEdge March 02, 2021

It's because leftists view any speech they hate as hate speech. They have no tolerance for differing opinions. I find the website useful for practical purposes, like learning about break-ins or Internet outages. But it's completely intolerable because of the political bias that's allowed.

Once again conservatives need to start their own platform.

100% One Sided...These ND groups are exactly that...groups and if u don't fit in or agree then u r out
April 27, 2020

had a personal and a business acct......posted in general sec my companies willingness to help and a member who is a ND lead responded she didn't like my approach and for about 8 hrs trolled me slandered my company, my name and then reposted post I'd removed and would not stop no matter how many times i asked her to. she then email me the next day via our company with accusations and worst,,,,,,I changed my profile name after she posted photos of myself and my wife who is not on ND and her place of employment....Then ND disabled my account for name change policy. We then removed the business from the site and asked for a refund of ad cost we had paid in advance and so far nothing..........One sided is a nice way to put it..........So at the top of this page where it says REPUTATION......All TOTAL BS


Unfortunately there are some negative complaints about this website online. However, none of these complaints appear to be about the security of this website or the lack of privacy measures, which is often what most people are concerned about when sharing details of their home life...................Total BS

One sided
April 27, 2020
had a personal and a business acct......posted in general sec my companies willingness to help and a member who is a ND lead responded she didn't like my approach and for about 8 hrs trolled me slandered my company, my name and then reposted post I'd removed and would not stop no matter how many times i asked her to. she then email me the next day via our company with accusations and worst,,,,,,I changed my profile name after she posted photos of myself and my wife who is not on ND and her place of employment....Then ND disabled my account for name change policy. We then removed the business from the site and asked for a refund of ad cost we had paid in advance and so far nothing..........One sided is a nice way to put it