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Snowflake site
March 13, 2019

Recently I wrote a post on the about Narcan the overdose drug. The post merely asked how many times should you revive an overdosed habitual drug user. I never used a curse word and merely asked the question, “How many times should you revive a habitual drug user? Nobody answered the question and was trolled by every Persistent Debate Trollers on that site, and there’s plenty there. After 2 days removed the post and me from the site. I’m thinking if you can’t ask provocative questions on sites like this on matters that plague Pasco County; what good are they?

Ed lewis

Hudson. Fl


Cherie M May 09, 2019

We are in Chesapeake, VA and I was also bumped for asking questions, no vile behavior from me. My husband and adult son are not allowed to join and they've NEVER used it so there are certainly no violations from them. WHAT power to discriminate!!!!!

Snowflake city
March 11, 2019
Site is loaded with Snowflakes.....ever time a controversial post comes up they delete it…..They hate free speech on this app….Don’t waste your time….Snowflake city.

Not Good
March 4, 2019

This is written from the perspective of a Lead at ND - a former Lead. I was asked to be a Lead for ND last December 12th and I accepted. I'd been on the job for two and a half-months when I was unduluy attacked and cyber-bulied for having mentioned in a comment on a post I didn't create that Agenda 21 was responsible for bike installations suddenly appearing in San Francisco in many different neighborhoods, unasked for and unannounced. Commenters outside my neighborhood attacked me for "conspiracy theory," for being a "racist," for being stupid and ruining for my single comment. Eight people from different neighborhoods joined in on repeated attacks.

My role as Lead allowed me to delete those comments that went against community guidelines but NextDoor would not allow me to report the individuals responsible for going against the community guidellines because these members were outside my neighborhood, thus giiving ND members outside my neighborhood the license to "bomb" me over and over again, trying to incite conflict, create public shaming and harassment -- with no protecttion offered by ND on this.

In fact, in order to obtain assistance from a specialist at ND, you have to email a specialist who takes up to 48 hours to respond. Based on my experience, the advice these specialists offer amounts to nil. One specialist named Chester actually wrote that all you can do as a Lead is to remind people of the guidelines, but "they usually resent you for reminding them." That's it? No help? Right -- no help!

I deleted my account yesterday when I discovered ND uses Leads as slaves to assist them with the management of the platform, offering, of course, no pay, but no protection as well. Roman slaves had no protection. Early Colonial Period slaves also had no protection. Nothing has changed in the age of technology concerning

As for being a regular member and commenter, unless you want to chat mindlessly about your love of dogs and cats, brag about your endless volunteerism for the community, or want to behave like a common thug and attack and bully for your own pleasure, there's very little for the normal human being at It should shut itself down, but it's too stupid to know this.

I gave names of the cyber-bullies to ND specialists. No one at ND acknowledged the names nor any intention of doing anything about the members who are deliberately non-compliant with ND's community guidelines.

NextDoor. com is only for a nest of vipers.

Tim G September 30, 2019

Nice work exposing the site for what they are.

Member September 22, 2019

Charles, I would like to talk to you more,is that possible, more in private?

Cherie M May 09, 2019

Thank You for writing that! YES, I totally agree " is only for a nest of vipers." They have the power to close you down if you open topics to discuss and expand your brain cells, other than discussing how perfect they think they are. My husband and adult son wanted and tried many times to join ND and were rejected for NO reason as they've both NEVER used ND before, EVER. When someone has that kind of power to pick and choose who can and can not use the site, it's time to shut it down.

Nextdoor asks for access to my contacts? Why?
January 1, 2019
I was all for trying this out, but during registration it wanted access to all my contacts? Why? All I can think of is for selling or spamming me or my friends. Not going forward with it.

Terri S February 11, 2019

I was wondering about that as well. I stopped going forward with this because of that.

They appear to give all personal information to spammers
December 11, 2018
Signed up for the 'safe and trustworthy' site. It is anything but that actually now I get a lot of cold callers, spam emails and even occasional door knockers declaring they are 'affiliates' of the site, and attempt to constantly sell and market products and services. All of the services and products they attempt to sell I never asked for and don't want. What I'm most concerned about is my personal information including name, address, phone number and email are now known to countless spammers and marketers. The site promotes itself as a neighbourhood local site - it is not. I assume it is free to sign up because you are actually selling all your personal details to cold callers and marketers. I have had to change my email. Changing my phone number is soon going to be necessary. The thing is I can't change my address. This site has doomed me to a deep habit hole of endless spamming and marketing. I feel less safe because of if, and absolutely feel violated.

October 13, 2018
After several months of antagonistic posts about our (wife and I) desire to drive to the far-right of ugly speed humps, they finally stepped over the line and posted images and our address, suggesting retaliation. We called the cops, got a law firm involved, and conceal carry more often. Eventually, keyboard warriors get brave and make horrible mistakes leaving them at the mercy of someone like me. Horrible site.

Joseph L June 19, 2020

Wow, I shouldn't be surprised but I am. I've seen a couple of Nextdoor leads make very inappropriate posts about me and my differing opinion (and why people don't like me, if you can imagine). But it never occurred to me they might inadvertently post my address.

Name discrimination.
October 4, 2018

I printed a quick post about a ballot issue correcting a false statement made by the supporter of the ballot issue. I was notified the next day that I had been suspended because I was using a false name. Although my name is unusual and very unique, it is my legal name that is printed on my birth certificate. claimed that neighbors had reported me as a fictitious person using a fictional name. I challenged them to research my name and address as the legal homeowner of my property. I also offered them to merely "google" my name to see my professional background and to see that I am a published author with the same name. They responded back with a demand of a copy of a government issued identification. I don't have time to deal with this forum and the people that run it.

Governor C. Joy

Unfair Treatment from nextdoor
July 26, 2018
I find that, depending on nextdoor censors idea of what's fair (I'm not even certain that they read what they decide to delete), you could have your text removed and your association with nextdoor shut down. I had someone post a response to me and she stated that she had posted some pictures of the sunset, and simply remarked how beautiful it was, and for that, someone turned in a complaint, and her post was deleted. I have been "shunned" by nextdoor since about May of this year. They refuse to reinstate me. I believe that I am being discriminated against for my beliefs.

Set yourself up to be robbed and begged for money.
May 23, 2018
After joining I suddenly started having people snooping around my property. If you share any info about your activities you will be leaving yourself open to be robbed. You will also have to listen to people who live in areas that may be close within miles but light years away in class. I've also found that many people connected to running the site have criminal backgrounds. Many were upset when I was against their boyfriends being in the neighborhood on work release programs. I was deemed intolerant for not wanting men in jail uniforms wandering the roadsides outside of my neighborhood. If you want to set yourself up for dealing with criminals, join

Avoid Nextdoor!
March 16, 2018

Truly awful. Advertisements, bullying, political soapboxing, incessant complaining and gossiping, and the unfair "leads" who play favorites when randomly deciding which comments to censor and which to allow. Our family tried Nextdoor for 3 months and couldn't stand it any longer. Many friends and neighbors have quit Nextdoor for the same reasons. If you value fair and open communication, as well as privacy in regards to your personal information, don't waste your time - you will regret it!

Cheri James, Virginia Village, Denver, CO

Just plain awful!
March 2, 2018

Terrible site. Nothing but political zealots, whiners, bullies, and tattletales. Not to mention the "leads" who pick and choose what posts to block and which allow to be seen. A couple close neighbors and myself in Virginia Village, Denver, CO tried NextDoor for a few weeks and couldn't stand it any longer. Don't waste your time; you will regret it!

Jeff and Cheri James

Censorship: Nextdoor allows local school districts control over content
February 26, 2018

Our neighborhood school is the Cherry Creek school district of Colorado. This district has been in the news repeatedly over the past year or so for all kinds of scandals, teacher arrests, sex assaults, cover ups etc. It seems that if anybody tries to have a conversation about what's going on in the schools, the posts get shut down. Censored. I've even seen people I recognized as school administrators jump into conversations, admonishing people to be quiet, and the next thing you know, the thread will disappear.

The posts I've seen deleted weren't rude or offensive, and didn't name names or call names - just neighbors expressing concerns about the schools. There was no reason these posts should be deleted and it appears to me that Nextdoor is allowing local school districts to gain control over content (and, who knows, perhaps other corporate interests are allowed access for censoring comments they don't like).

Overall, I'd have to give it a 2 or 3 because there is good stuff also, people sharing info about break ins, coyote attacks, and other useful information. But the censorship thing is really horrible - people should be allowed to talk.

Elizabeth L July 26, 2018

I have to concur with you. I have been exiled for merely agreeing with someone who posted a very non-threatening, well researched opinion that was immediately removed due to a complaint. Further my response to this unfairness was also deleted. I was removed from "nextdoor" and when I attempted to be reinstated, after trying to explain what had happened, I was deleted forever. I requested reinstatement on June 22, 2018 and am still unable to access the site. I did, unfortunately, let the individual who grants forgiveness know of my political leanings -- something that I believe sealed the deal.

Nextdoor is the biggest bully on Nextdoor
January 4, 2018
Leads are bullies. Trolls have a fertile playground with no accountability. No matter how much good you can do or have done for your community, one ambiguous comment can get you deleted in this totalitarian landscape. Leads protect their friends and they unite together with their friends to "mob" other users. Reporting them to Nextdoor is a waste of time. They do nothing. Leads are the most powerful clique and THEY decide whether you can eat at their lunch table or not. Nextdoor is no longer news, goings-on, curb alerts or neighbors helping neighbors. Sooooo many people have stopped using it that Nextdoor practically begs it's users to recruit, send out postcards, get the word out to recover some of their user losses. BEWARE: hypocrisy IS the name of the Nextdoor. 1) you can't post commercial or promotion....but Nextdoor can to get you to buy things from their sponsors and monetize user traffic. 2) Report stuff that Nextdoor will never handle and get reported and booted off for things you never did. 3) Include yourself with your neighbors, but only if they allow you into their clique. 4) Free speech does NOT apply on Nextdoor. 5) Don't bully because bullying is Nextdoor and its' leads' privilege. ETC...ETC...ETC. Let me tell you how bad it's gotten....the police depts, schools, cities, local clubs and organizations, etc won't even use it anymore. It's become a snake pit....where bullies and trolls quickly run off the good people....leaving a sh*t pile of bullies and trolls left in the Nextdoor trenches and then they start turning on each other and it becomes a horrible disaster worthy of morbid curiosity.

Todd P September 25, 2018

Nextdoor is invaluable !

It taught me that the reason I don't know my neighbors is because they are mostly insane cat ladies and psychotic ammosexuals. I've never wanted less to do with any of my neighbors since using Nextdoor

Robert B February 02, 2018

Nextdoor is very DODGY - BEWARE!!!!

transferred from StreeLife.Com
December 14, 2017

I was very disappointed that Streelife closed but at least most of my contacts have moved to so I am happy to keep connected.

When my garden bench was stolen I posted a picture and the bench was spotted at local auction which enabled me to get it recovered.

I have been very pleased with recommendations particularly my cleaning lady.

I use social media a lot to stay to connected especially FB but this local connection is invaluable..

I have read about the negative views but I don't get involved in discussion unless it is important to me,. is a waste of time
November 16, 2017

There were a number of nice people on this social media neighborhood group however it quickly became apparent that the leaders showed favoritism to certain members. I was repremaded for responding to people and my conversations were removed.

I am not a fan of social media but this turned out to be an annoying waste of time because of obviuos double standards regarding their guidelines. I deactivated my account within 24 hours of activation and choose not to be a part of this ridiculous group.

Old T November 24, 2017

You are fortunate. It is much worse around the country where individuals and communities have been harmed. Now that they are making profit from advertising, they have moved abroad too, e.g. UK where in a few months people are quitting after their previous provider was taken over and things went down hill rapidly.

Old T November 24, 2017

You are lucky. There are many others around the country who have had much worse. Now they are becoming international and just as bad. The company is making advertising income as the database grows. Phony invitations from non-existent people either online or by post card. How they are getting away with it is beyond me but also scary.

NextDoor Promotes Cyber Bullying and Hate Crimes
November 7, 2017

NextDoor Promotes Cyber Bullying and Hate Crimes

Next-door allowed my neighbors to cyber bully me online and use the site for public shaming. They allowed them to post my personal information leading to the endangerment of me and my children.

A neighbor posted false complaints on the site to publically shame a person they think they saw in a car on the road doing something they did not approve of and then posted the description with license plate number of the car.

Within a few days of hateful messages and public shaming. An original post was made by Mona Smothers, Christian Valley Park on Nov 2 in Crime & Safety to Christian Valley Park She listed a description of my car and listed my license plate to make false allegations of a dangerous hateful nature online.

This is considered public shaming and against the rules. After she posted my license plate number online and started false accusations creating a hateful conversations and public shaming about activities in a car.

I had people following my car and yelling at me and my kids in public for something I had NO IDEA about because this neighbor created such a hateful post it created a situation where people would see my car and stalk me or yell at me for things she accused someone in my car of doing online. These people have made me and my kids a target in the neighborhood with their claims and false accusations by posting my person information online. I did not know about the post until some stranger approached me and my children because he saw the post made with the false accusations and my license plate listed in her post. They identified me by the license plate number posted. They approached me and my kids about it inappropriately because they saw my license plate number posted online and now know where we live.

Creating now a dangerous situation for me and my family. I am now a target because my license plate is out there with someone’s angry post making false accusations and my kids are subjected hate or opinions.

This is not allowed according to the rules of Next-door but they did nothing to help my family and instead continue to allow the cyber bullying and hate crimes to continue online.

I am now a target of hate because of the posted license plate online with self-righteous opinions identifying me, my car and can be followed home or anywhere I go now. T

This is a dangerous world and a license plate or identifying factors in false accusations can be harmful to the safety of our families in our neighborhood. Public shaming on any social network is NOT allowed and the world outside of Next-door is a dangerous place.

Next door did nothing to correct this issue, and then froze my account for complaining about the abuse, public shaming and illegal posts made by the neighbor posting my personal information online. They allowed me and my children to be harmed and stalked and cyber bullied. They are bad people and should be shut down so nobody else gets hurt or is victimized by them. I take cyber bullying very seriously and NEXT DOOR did nothing to help my family.

Old T November 24, 2017

There are so many stories like this! Nothing is done about it and Nextdoor, like a cancer, just keeps growing and is now in the international market. Paid advertising revenue was their long term goal, not doing right by users. But, that is just my opinion and perhaps hundreds more.

They do not reply to questions
November 3, 2017

I had an issue this social media giant yesterday and e-mailed [email protected] and [email protected] and specifically asked them to reply to acknowledge receipt of my e-mail or call me.

Never heard from eother one of them.

Don't waste your time on this site.

Old T November 24, 2017

I would have to agree. They do respond to those who are not threatening or if a group from the same area speaks up with facts about mis-use of the site. I never get a reply while others do (but we are on the same side). I am not talking about minor matters but extreme 'doxxing,' untoward things such as 'sales' of restricted items, etc.

Useless, Pointless, Waste of Time
November 2, 2017
If you want to get emails from busy-body neighbors worried about things like 'security video of the kid who took all the Halloween candy' or 'suspicious car drove through neighborhood' or 'trash cans left out on purpose' or 'inconsiderate parking' then sign up for Nextdoor and you can scroll through endless posts from people with nothing better to do than post complaints about things that annoy them. If you lay awake at night wondering why the neighbor down the street doesn't water their will love Nextdoor.

Painful mistake
October 15, 2017

Some of the greatest emotional pain I have ever suffered occurred as a result of my membership in Nextdoor. I'm 90 years old, caregiver for my 92 year old husband....a nuclear physicist with Alzheimer's Disease. My window to the outside world is on a miniature Facebook forum in Desert Shores and environs in Las Vegas, called Nextdoor. My aim was to get to know neighbors, learn new things, and find ways to help animals. Inadvertently, I got trapped into a feud with a younger member. I have become her punching bag and have tried everything to stop her. she has called me a senile old crone, accused me of using my age to get sympathy. Her attacks are making me

so I'll we had to call 912 to help me breathe, last week Nobody can stand her hHow do I get out?

Old T November 24, 2017

More importantly, has anyone tried to help this woman? I tend to believe her as I have seen too many untoward things on Nextdoor to include elder abuse.

Old T November 24, 2017

I agree with you, Susan. I hope someone helps Audrey!

Susan October 18, 2017

Dear, Audrey

I do believe you meant to leave one star and not five stars.

No permission given
September 16, 2017
I received an invitation to join, purportedly sent btmy elderly neighbour. He is not the 'lead contact' for this area, he's not signed up to the app and knows absolutely nothing about it. He certainly had not given his permission for them to use his name in this way. After posting on a social media local group I've found that at least one other person in my area has also had his name used in this way. Very deceitful & unacceptable way for a company to do business. I shan't be taking up their 'invitation'.