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Nextdoor has been great!
April 10, 2020
In my area this is a great site. We have been able to get reviews and help in finding local businesses with personal reviews. We have found our plumber, HVAC company, restaurants, and other services. Today during COVID 19 a neighbor fixed my lawn mower...for free. Another neighbor made masks for us. As with anything, fraud can happen. Do your due diligence.

Tom April 24, 2020

I recently have tuned into Nextdoor in my neighborhood and it sure seems to have a slant towards one side of the political spectrum. It is NOT a place for open discussion with viewpoints allowed from both sides of an issue (covid-19)....very disappointing....:(

I am so angry
April 3, 2020
While the app itself is great, after 8 loyal years, these people deactivated my account because they said I wasn’t using my real name! I am so pissed off! How rude! They said some of my neighbors said they didn’t know an Audrey A****Yeah right!! They could have written me, called me, anything

Left wing Communist Chinese social credit type org.
March 24, 2020
Absolutely the worst social media site ever. Owned and run by lefty, San Francisco Socialists. They pit neighbor against neighbor and use the same type tactics the Nazi's used in Germany during WW2 and more recently by the Stazi in East Germany. Using neighbors as "leads"(informants.. that's right Chris Colleran, the lead Next Door rat in Bristow, Va.) to report neighbors, all the while stealing your personal info for resale and use by 3rd parties. Screw you Next Door , never again will we use your garbage site. Take it to the Communist Chinese Party in China, you both have much in common.This site sucks out loud, avoid it at all costs. You've been warned!

Why do they provide it free?
February 29, 2020

We live in a small rural village. We have someone who organises a community email group which everyone has joined and enables us to post messages about lost dogs, church services works well. If we need anything changed we contact him.

I tried out next door and without asking was connected to 6 other nextdoor communities.

And ND wanted access to my contacts and wanted my neighbours email addresses which would be a breach of privacy to provide without their permission.

I was struck by the amount of nebulous spam and comment on the network. Our private data and posts would then be shared with people we don't know which could include the local burglar.

But there has to be a reason why Next Door provides this expensive service at no cost. They want to build a database of everyone's address, contact details, next of kin, likes etc and ship it off to California for commercial purposes. Next thing is they will sell to Amazon or another huge company.

Save the risk and set up a proper community group by email which everyone can easily manage

Populist garbage
February 19, 2020
Its fine for ppl to subtly insult shame or even slander but when you do it with a pair of testicle be prepared for a ban.

February 13, 2020

There are suppose to be "Leads" for each neighborhood that oversees the posts.

In my last Nextdoor community there were a number of conscientious Leads that did a great job.

In my current Nextdoor community there are literally no Leads attending to the posts. There are people who have obviously false names denigrating and trolling others. When I sent a message to the "Lead" a month ago about my concern, no response.

I no longer feel safe using Nextdoor. If you use it, be careful what you disclose about yourself as some people on it are not identifying who they are and are up to no good.

February 7, 2020
you can never talk to a person and you get scams to login to different websites that are not next door i feel its not safe

Hagerstown MD
January 19, 2020

I am in Hagerstown MD on next door. Not only is the mayor show signs of bullying and aggression on next door and other platforms, but so do other residents when you point out facts in contrary to what they want to shove down your throat.

They are a giant bunch of entitled, white privileged individuals. If you point out facts when they are wrong, they have you blocked, effectively silencing you and revoking your first amendment right to free speech.

I am white myself, and don’t believe in, nor condone the actions of a fair amount of my current neighbors. I am blown away by the treatment you get by a lot of the residents here, as it is not neighborly, or American at all. Next door in other areas may be ok, but I wouldn’t get it here, nor would I want to live here. Stay away from Nextdoor in this area, as well as stay away from Hagerstown MD,

Invades privacy. I did not finish signing up but it set up an acct anyway!
January 9, 2020

I tried to sign my parents up for this, but it wanted to have my list of email contacts. That's ridiculous so I threw away the application. Now a year later they send me an email as if my parents, who don't even live there anymore, have an account!


Huge disappointment
January 3, 2020

So many complaints not sure where to begin. First, this site is not monitored by anyone. It was originally meant as a neighborhood site to welcome new neighbors, give recommendations on restaurants, businesses, etc. Now it is nothing more than a battle zone where everyone is busy putting down others opinions and battling it out publicly.

Secondly, certain topics such as politics, marijuana or any other controversial subjects should be banned. There are always conflicts when those topics are discussed that create a lot of hostility.

When Nextdoor decides to kick a member off the site, they should give a warning rather than just kick someone off with no notice or even an email after the fact explaining why or for how long. The whole site, in my opinion, is a huge joke filled with nothing but childish adults who feel the need to be right or better than the next guy.

Ring neighborhood alert
January 3, 2020

There are way to many "neighbors" that seem to use this venue to insult, humiliate, and embarrass anyone for posting something they deem a waste of time, stupid, etc. I posted once and never again.These neighbors are not in the least bit interested in alerting anyone except to let the neighbourhood know what tasteless bores they are.I thought this app was going to really help fight crime, suspicious activity, lost pets etc. But these bores can't handle that at all. No it must be their way so they insult and intimidate everyone. Of course there is no way to block them or report their nasty comments.

ilene January 03, 2020

You can report their nasty comments and hell will freeze before the site does anything unless they are a repeat offender. The site has become a complete joke filled with hostile people who just want to belittle others

ElizabethMiller January 04, 2020

Yes unfortunately.

Beware of these information thieves
December 29, 2019
They will refuse to delete your personal information when requested. This country desperately needs federal internet privacy and data protection laws.

CaryOpteris January 09, 2020

Even if you realize they want to steal all your contacts and you abort instead of completing the application, it's too late!

I'm a lead
December 29, 2019

Actually the leads are crapped on quite a bit. Nextdoor does not take action in quite a few instances that would make logic sense. They've had a bug out for over 3 weeks now and its not fixed. There are some bad leads. Getting Nextdoor to fix the problem and perm ban those who abuse volunteer leads is a problem. The rules haven't been modified for the new "interest" groups, that they have been promising for ?2 years? at least, I think. Businesses are allowed to do anything they want because ND wants the money. There are ways to fix the issues, but Nextdoor doesn't want to do anything about it.

Bottom line: when leadership is bad then you get the leads problems discussed about here. You'll see good leads back off and not bother. Then it turns into the lost dog/cat, needing recommendations vs. reading what is already out there but you're too lazy to look for it or ask how to look for it forums that people don't involve themselves in.

ilene January 03, 2020

At least you acts as a lead. The lead in my community is absentee and has no interest in doing a thing.

Vic N January 04, 2020

I did a ton for them, and not only got no common sense/logic help (new Support people haven't followed guidelines and I finally said something about how bad it was they didn't know the rules) but quit bothering doing a lot of checking. Now the forum is not what it used to be. Their own fault. Don't listen, because all they care about is the data mining from the millions of dollars they got.

Vic N January 04, 2020

I did, quite a bit. Then after the lack of support from Nextdoor, the back biting from neighbors, they now get more petty fights breaking out, more lost dog/cat that many don't look at. I've been told the business postings and the lost dog/cat are big ones for chasing people away. People refuse to look and see if there is a recommendation before they ask for one. The feed is then useless for many. Sort of feeds on where people don't want to bother unless they ask for something and then go. Sad.

Biased Censorship
December 28, 2019
Mostly a bunch of people who probably have gotten blocked from Twitter or Facebook. They complain about much and bash others or post snide belittling answers but then report anyone who defends themselves. There are too many social platforms that censor people with differing views. The last thing we need is another one.

Nextdoor Follows Facebook's Censorship Policy
October 18, 2019

New to Nextdoor, found out they are a progressive site that caters to progressive theology of Politically Correct BS..

There is room for competition for any Fair Neighborhood site that will not Discriminate and Censor...

Nextdoor is just another liberal mouthpiece

Diane Mullen December 17, 2019

I'm a member of a NextDoor in Florida. You are absolutely correct. They are Leftists.... Run by Leftists...and we Conservatives are treated the same way the Left ALWAYS treats us. They are allowed to say whatever they want, no matter how offensive, and we get locked out of our accounts.This is my second time being locked out...this time for a MONTH. When I go back I am disabling my account. We already have Jack and Zuckerberg....we dont need this. If the site didnt cater, so blatantly, to Leftists it would've been an excellent site. Unfortunately, like all things Leftists touch, it's a hostile environment.

Lead invading people's privacy.
October 3, 2019
I have always like the NextDoor group but In NextDoor Seneca , from Buffalo New York The lead, Ken Stuczynski is telling new members he has to go to their house to prove their address. In the past you always had invite postcards sent out or facebook or email invites. I find this request quite odd and dangerous to have strangers come to your house to verify your address. I'm already a member so it doesn't effect me. But I am worried about others. Especially the elderly. He says if people are that paranoid it says more about them than him.

MikeMacDonald October 31, 2019

It is for utopians afraid to discuss anything controversial, even when negative comments have merit.

They will jerk your post and their is no recourse. They say you can take a complaint up the "chain of command" but it does not work that way. It is un-American. Posts must be warm and fuzzy otherwise forget it.

Richard November 23, 2019

Easy to spoof a fake name and address on Nextdoor. Consequently, as on any social media site, you should post as if assorted 'bad people' who aren't even your neighbors could be watching. Don't discuss vacation plans, etc. Kudos to your lead for making sure your 'neighbors' are actually your neighbors. Promotes illegal Contractors
September 30, 2019
I am a California State Contractor. Licensed, Bonded, and insured. I have been banned by for exposing the many individuals people recommend to their neighbors as not having a Contractors License. Not just a few but 95% of the dozens of people I was exposed to on their site. Be extremely careful who you expose yourself and your family to when hiring unlicensed people to perform work on your house. Unlicensed people use your own HomeOwners Insurance to cover themselves and their employees because they are not self insured. they can't be because they aren't legitimate companies. If anyone is hurt including your family members YOU are held responsible.

CharlesSteiner October 01, 2019

Thanks for this review. It is informative, helping the consumer understand the need and benefits of hiring someone with a contractor's license. especially at

Selective censorship run amuck
September 12, 2019
Three of four of our neighborhood "Leads" have direct ties to the HOA (one as manager and two hold committee positions). I posted a photograph of a sidewalk, pointing out the poor edging job done by an unnamed landscape maintenance company. Sidewalk could have been in Anytown USA as there were no "landmarks", houses/buildings, street numbers, etc. appearing in the photo and I asked for opinions about the shoddy job. (I was extra careful to keep the sidewalk from being identified.) My post was removed within 20 minutes. I learned from the "Lead" with no ties to the HOA, my post was reported and removed by just one "Lead" and there was "no vote" to remove. Same thing has happened to others in the neighborhood. So Nextdoor is useless as a tool for allowing neighbors to freely communicate "general topics of local interest" as stated on their website. So, I tried to change my address to a different neighborhood where I own a rental home. That was 3 weeks ago and I still cannot access my Nextdoor account. Three contacts to Nextdoor via their "Help" site and one phone call later and still nothing.

CharlesSteiner October 01, 2019

Nextdoor does not really vet its Leads. So, a Lead can be really irresponsible or completely overweening in his or her "will to power." It's also the participants and neighbors who can be the same. A majority can sink a Lead with negative feedback, even if the Lead is doing everything right. Or a majority of participants can let a corrupt Lead continue leading so long as the majority doesn't care.

Nextdoor is not a "Private Social Network"
July 26, 2019

Nextdoor should NOT be described as a "Private Social Network" as this is not only misleading, but also factually incorrect.

Nextdoor automatically connects you with everyone in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods (by default) which is a massive invasion of your privacy. Your profile (image, name, street address), posts, interests and reviews are essentially exposed to thousands of people when you use the platform. I think this and this is why so few people post and comment.

True social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn have a mutual connection model that allows you to create your own network, and control who sees your information and content.

LOL nextdoor LOL
June 30, 2019
nextdoor you mean hate your neighbor club they don't care about anything and if you contact you are wasting your time cause they don't ever run or monitor it its your neighbor that has been there the longest called the lead and if they want can and will do what ever to please them. if someone complains about your ad its up to them what happens. nextdoor has nothing to do with it. some can do no wrong others have to suffer.this site is governed by idiots. so if you have a problem you either kiss there A hole or throw your figure up and move on. I give the figure and do on to them before they do on to you remember when your figure brakes though the toilet paper thats nextdoor

MarcyArnaud November 08, 2019

Sounds about right...thanks for your sense of humor