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Website: is a social network designed to connect members of the same neighborhood with the aim of allowing users to interact with neighbors, as well as local businesses and public services.

The company states they provide services in 11 countries and 280,000 neighborhoods globally.

How Does Work?

According to their website, the goal of this website is to give neighbors and communities a place to interact with each other to get to know each other better, and in the process, create a better and safer community.

To sign up as a member of, you must submit your residential address as well as go through a series of multiple verifications to ensure that you are actually a member of the neighborhood, and not an outsider. 

Members must always use their real names, and not chosen internet handles, and they have completely control over how much information is shared and where it is shared.

They also promise that their member information will never be available on public search engines like Google, and that no member information will ever be shared with third party advertisers. 

Once you are a member, NextDoor encourages you to use their site as a place to share information, for example to spread the word about break-ins, find trustworthy babysitters or pet sitters, ask for help in locating lost pets, or simply to network and organize neighborhood social functions.

Cost/Price Plans

NextDoor states that they are free for users to sign up and connect with their neighbors and other members of their community.

In order to ensure the most memberships and interaction, this website decided not to include membership costs. 

Refund Policy

Since no fees are paid at any time to, there is no Refund Policy being offered by this website.

Instead, if customers are ever invited by an ad or a link to go outside of this website and make a purchase, they will have to adhere to any Refund Policies offered by the website where they are actually making their purchase. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints they would like to direct to their Customer Service team can contact them by submitting them directly to their website through their Terms & Conditions page, which offers a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


Unfortunately there are some negative complaints about this website online.

However, none of these complaints appear to be about the security of this website or the lack of privacy measures, which is often what most people are concerned about when sharing details of their home life.

Most of the complaints by far were regarding the content of the information discussed on their neighborhood’s page, with most people saying that this is just a place for judgmental neighbors to sit around and gossip about the people in the neighborhood they don’t know or don’t like.

Others complained that there were too many neighbors using this site as a way to sell or promote things for sale.

However, it does genuinely seem as though these experiences are not in the majority, and that your experience will depend greatly on the neighborhood you live in, and the “lead” contact in your neighborhood, as the lead is the person who establishes your neighborhood page and sends out the initial invitations. 

In general it seems as though there is a lot of good that can be taken away from the proper and appropriate use of this site, and the more neighbors who get involved, the more likely it is that the site will be used for what it is intended for.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly the internet is home to a wide variety of different social networks, and many neighborhoods already offer pages on popular social media sites like Facebook, or they may offer a Twitter handle for sharing of informational as well. 

If you have any experience with NextDoor or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Awful moderators. Awful site. Called names shamed
September 26, 2023

Absolutely awful - I got called names for people disagreeing with a petition I shared for the ltns on my road - reported it..they stated it didn't break guidelines, meanwhile all my shared articles relating to politics, local councillors etc are being hidden as they break guidelines.

Absolutely shameful practice.

One sided , biased crap. Unfortunately myself and several neighbours have all had the same issues and have left it . I think it should be reported for supporting bullying and shaming of people whose opinions differ..I'm a full grown adult - I understand people have a difference of opinion. But as an adult I choose to ignore the post. Not comment on them constantly shaming the person. How this is being allowed I'll never know but I'm determined to share the word and try to ensure people steer clear of this app ! Shamed for being working class, driving, called a liar amongst other names I won't mention. All allowed. Me posting an article relating to Lambeth councils residents survey results etc is deemed inappropriate. Awful experience. Awful moderators. Awful people. Not all but most! Please steer clear !

Not Safe for Christians or Conservatives
September 21, 2023
They are blatantly biased in their removal of content and encourage one belief system to troll the other by deleting content from only one side, leads speaking on behalf of the troll. Eventually strangers (to me maybe friends of the activist and/or lead) joined the thread and started trolling as well. They tied a direct response to a post that was based on logic alone to my political beliefs and then extended it to my Christian beliefs. I have evidence of many very derogatory remarks attacking my religion (based on speculation or the fact that I wear a cross...broad stroke accusations that were wildly inaccurate about both my political beliefs and religious beliefs) comments that remained while reasonable rebuttals were removed. There were a lot of "you people" epithets etc. People started sending private messages that they shared the same experience. I started downloading the content of my interactions on and got blocked.

Me September 23, 2023

Correct and I agree

Unfair practices/assessments
September 12, 2023

I was a neighbor on Nextdoor in a large Texas city and it was great, it was being used for it’s intended purpose, to build a better community. Then I moved to a small town in Texas. Here Nextdoor is a dumpster fire. A great divide between political parties, 75% vs 25% where the majority harasses the minority on a daily basis. I’m a reviewer and there are so many reported comments that ND has to remove, yet there no punishment, other than removal of their comments. It happens over and over and because of that, it will remain a dumpster fire.

One of these persons (in the 75%) sent a made up/fake comment on a private message between the two of us to Nextdoor support and because of that fake comment that was never a part of our conversation (where she she claimed she’d told me to stop messaging her) which she never wrote in the course of our conversation, I was suspended for 14 days. So I appealed, fortunately I take screenshots and I sent ND an email, providing these screenshots as proof of the conversation as it was when I left the private messaging conversation. Undeniable proof.

Where this person’s “fake” comment she sent to ND came from, I don’t know but it never appeared during the conversation as of when I left it. Screenshots prove it. Again, Nextdoor somehow sided with this woman and denied my appeal. So I appealed that decision. I pointed out step by step who said what in chronological order supported again by the screenshots up until the time I permanently left that private messaging conversation. I’m awaiting a response. How anyone can deny what was actually said vs a comment (lie) that came out of nowhere to be sent to ND I just don’t understand. It was made up and that was never in the conversation.

Meanwhile this woman is allowed to continue with all the comments that get her in trouble time after time. So much so she created a proven number of FOUR accounts, which she stated herself on the main feed, they were in the very same neighborhood using DIFFERENT NAMES and I’m the one that got suspended. I’m a dedicated reviewer trying to improve the Nextdoor experience in this town and Nextdoor support knows that.

Yet despite my record of being honest, fair and unbiased, backed up with actual screenshots I received the punishment, for this woman’s lie. This is egregious and an obvious unfair assessment of the situation and consequent punishment.

NEXTDOOR is heavily socialist/liberal controlled
August 7, 2023

Clearly, there are many more that see what Nextdoor really is because of all the one star comments... here is my review (from experiences)...

I completely agree that Nextdoor is silencing those with Conservative opinions. They are in fact the worst "social site" on the internet... even worse than Fbook!

I recently made a comment regarding a person selling flowers on the streets, while their babies sat in the shade... in the HOT blistering heat in TEXAS... I posted this comment... "Naturally gotta wonder, is she American or someone here illegally?" It is well known FACT that people (non American) are here illegally, and needy. My comment was removed, as "disrespectful". Nothing disrespectful about questioning this behavior.

On another note, the same day, I made a comment regarding Governor Abbott of Texas as being the better choice for Texas than ANY Democrat, because people are moving here in droves from Democrat led cities and states... to escape crime ridden (primarily) Democrat cities, and states. My comment was removed.

CLEARLY, it appears that Nextdoor is stifling opposing views, and opinions. I have documented each and every time I have been silenced... and also this REVIEW. It appears that Nextdoor is not for Conservative, rational thinkers. Nor is it about "community" and "neighbors". It appears to be a very divisive platform, where the socialists and liberals have a voice over Conservative ideas and opinions

Next door
August 3, 2023

My intention is people need to lock vehicles and stop letting animals get free and removing fees.. it's every other post. It's not disrespectful. It's disrespectful to get a animal and then dump it and or to remove it cause you choose to get it and now it's a big inconvenience somehow.

What is disrespectful is the people that keep wanting to flag and afraid of the truth.

What's disrespectful is my freedom to express the truth. How would you feel if you were that pet stuck in 100 plus degrees and outside dumped or scared and not know where you were?

What's disrespectful is the people that don't lock vehicles up and complain like it is the community fault. What do you think happens when you lock a vehicle and hide items? Less likely to get broken into or rummage through.

Sad for our country that things have come this far...
July 20, 2023

Absolutely disgusting gang stalking app that assists Karens and other busy bodies spy on, stalk, harass, slander, ridicule, bully, shame, and ultimately destroy neighbors they don’t even know.

Secretly of course – just like the Stasi of East Germany, the Gestapo of Nazi Germany, the KKK, etc... reading over these reviews it seems many of you have allowed yourselves to become distracted by the Right vs. Left narrative.

Yes, this company was founded by some San Francisco leftists, but they really don’t care. If you move a lot , you will find that both the fascists on the right and the commies on the left are using this app to try and take over neighborhoods and drive the people they don’t like out (or better yet, have them secretly ‘disappeared’).

Have things really gotten to this point in the good ol’ US of A? Sadly yes, and the argument could be made that things have always been this way , if you take into account the great American tradition of extra-legal judiciary measures (that word that you’re not allowed to mention if you want your review posted.

Its not even a question IF its happening, just a question of HOW MANY victims there have been at this point, and how many of those were innocent.

But this app is just a tool, a weapon if you will, and weapons don’t have agency of their own. Whatever prevailing doctrine in whatever particular town, rest assured this app will be weaponized against anyone who not only dare opposes, but also anyone even suspected of not being completely on-board with the programming.

The biggest clown world punchline of this all is that the Nextdoor Corporation likes to promote itself as a great way to foster neighborliness and build ‘nice’ communities, when we all know that in the real world its being used to engender hatred, discord, and negativity. Those who use this app to try and gain 100% control over their environment are the ones who should be ashamed, and maybe should try reading the US Constitution (for once).

All few remaining sensible and freedom loving Americans be aware, and maybe we should band together to try and have this company taken down. Class action lawsuits are being organized, but it may already be too late for America.

Me September 23, 2023

I am with you completely

Nextdoor leads and moderators are derisive
July 9, 2023

I am writing this letter to express my deep dissatisfaction and frustration with the recent series of suspensions I have received on your political discussion board. This marks the third time that I have been suspended for a month, and what concerns me the most is that this time, I was not even given an opportunity to have my post reviewed. Such actions demonstrate a clear disregard for fairness and due process.

As a participant in your political discussion board, I have always strived to engage in civil and respectful discourse while expressing my opinions and engaging with other members. I understand that differing viewpoints are to be expected in any political forum, but it is disheartening to see that the board appears to be run by individuals who have a particular agenda. It seems that anyone who disagrees with their opinions or points of view is at risk of being banned.

To mitigate the potential for conflict, I have taken the initiative to advise people to either mute or block me on the board, or remove me from their respective feeds. I believe this is a fair and reasonable solution for those who may find my viewpoints challenging or uncomfortable. However, it has come to my attention that the moderators have been using unblocked users to make derisive comments, which goes against the principles of a healthy and respectful discussion environment.

I firmly believe that if a discussion board, particularly one centered around politics, cannot act in compliance with its own guidelines and foster an atmosphere of unbiased debate, it should be reconsidered and possibly shut down. The current state of affairs raises serious concerns about the integrity and fairness of the board, as well as the intentions and motivations of those who oversee it.

Moreover, I cannot help but feel targeted as an older person with a strong moral compass. Discrimination based on age or personal values is not only unjust but also detrimental to creating a diverse and inclusive space for intellectual exchange. This unfair treatment undermines the very essence of democracy, where differing opinions should be encouraged and respected.

I hereby request a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding my suspensions, as well as the moderation practices of your political discussion board. I kindly ask that you address my concerns promptly and transparently, providing me with a fair opportunity to present my case and engage in a constructive dialogue to reach a resolution.

Mike August 07, 2023

I second that

Me September 23, 2023

I also second that Mickey, exactly the same kind of experience

Sensoring people when there's no cause.
May 24, 2023

I like the app because I've been able to reach out to my neighbors and slowly let them get to know me and get a feel for who I am. What I don't like is being taken down off the app for my opinions. Wanting to give my neighbors the truth about details of bad things happening in my neighborhood county etc. You get suspended for for next to nothing and it's to keep you from trying to bring people together while it's about keeping it apart.

I mean what's wrong with all of us meeting in the park and having kegs and BBQ. we come together as a community we can all walk and it's a chance for us all to slap each other with a good game and shake hands. Then you know who's in the trenches with you if war ever comes to our nation. Right now we're all so divided with the drug addiction and police brutality and especially internet and censoring us telling the truth. Crazy.

This app is no good. To be a neighborhood app that's for the community they sure sensor things that matter. I'm not racist but they say I'm violating guidelines when I talk about people being biostatistics toward my people. My pets were stolen plain and simple and they kick me off before I could tell the story. Same with my animal being euthanized. Kicked me off for 30 days next afternoon I get the call after some lady talks crap tome about the subject. Ya there's funny stuff going on.

It's a great source to reach out to your community though. So I use it don't agree with the way they run it because when you sensor it's a clear violation on the constitutional rights we have been set forth

Mike August 07, 2023


Me September 23, 2023

Yep I agree

Avoid the commie cult!
May 7, 2023

When I joined my neighborhood consists of some city and the exurbs. From what I experienced it was mostly Democrats from the city and a few that drizzled into the exurbs.

People expressing anti-cop rhetoric yet posting videos of their fellow urbanites breaking into their Toyota Prius or Subaru. Expressing anti-white racism yet if you respond your comment is flagged as "discriminatory" or "disrespectful" and is hidden.

They whine about the culture differential living in the exurbs. All they do is whine. Local politics are only allowed on Nextdoor and moderation ignores this. As long as it's anti-Republican or promotion Democrat leaders or organizations it's okay.

Charging me for no reason never have it one customer
April 20, 2023

I have experience with Nextdoor offer me a week free trial after three days they’re charging me $93 every 10 days to navigate a customer. I delegate with them so they can pay me back but the act stupid because they want to keep my money I don’t recommend this app.

This company is foolish and don’t know the customer but she’ll give me my money back the boat that you want to because they charge you $93 every 10 days without you agree for six months I do not recommend this company please break any contract you got with them

Stay far away
March 11, 2023

This company is nothing more than another Silicon Valley Cabal censoring Americans whose comments they don’t like. They lock you out with no explanation for whatever period of time they chose.

Usually it’s just one word or an opinion. Maybe it’s a word like “CHY-NAH” or saying you dislike your (Democratic) Governor. Not allowed! Stay away from this evil little App owned by people not even born in the USA.

February 25, 2023
Just a royal pain. Democrats use it to spew their hate agenda. Stay away from this app.

February 1, 2023

If you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood or community there’s a way to do it - get outside your home. Talk to your neighbors. Be involved. You don’t need this app to do that. They complain about every little thing. Negative people.

The Worst Social Media Experience I've Had Thus Far
January 31, 2023
I would give a 0 star rating if I could. I just had the worst possible experience on there that I've had in a while. I had asked a question about alcohol recommendations. It was just one person, but she was a nasty woman. She was calling me an immature child just because I wanted to drink some alcohol. I plan on drinking in moderation so it would mainly be on special occasions. It hurt and I reported her so I can only hope that her account gets terminated. If you decide to use NextDoor, please be careful what you choose to talk about in posts on there. If it's anything like alcohol, then you're better off using Reddit.

Remember….your personal info is power to someone.
January 17, 2023

Beware!! This is nothing but a difficult social media site that is NOT in business for your benefit. So what’s in it for them? All kinds of personal and local info and scuttlebutt. Who are you, where do you travel, where do you shop, where do you dine, what do you eat, who is your doctor and on it goes. I wonder who’s paying them for your info. They make it as difficult as possible to cancel and/or sign out. I wasn’t even signed in when I started receiving unsolicited emails. That’s why I know how hard it is to get myself off their website.

Do not open an account!
January 13, 2023
You can't delete your account and remove personal information. Only Nextdoor can do that. However, they continue to send me e-mails to confirm that my account and personal information has to be deleted, but they don't do it.

December 9, 2022
Nothing but CENSORSHIP if you have a Conservative or differing viewpoint of theirs…

JuneRibbing December 23, 2022

Yes you are correct. I suspected this was a liberal run site and sure enough I was edited when I mentioned the democrat party but another person said stop the chaos and leave the republican party for good. And no editing there.

Sue March 11, 2023

Same experience here. Cleverly they give no reason why you are being censored, in my case locked out for a week. They just accuse you of general “hate speech” I was able to remember I used the word “CHY-NAH” (I spelled it that way too) in a response to a discussion post. I’m going to take a wild guess and know that’s what got their Silicon Valley Cabal pantyhose in an uproar. One word.

Me September 23, 2023

I agree

next door is worse than facebook
December 6, 2022
i would give next door negative 100 if i could. its worse than facebook. claims to insist on real names however if the real name isnt a cacuasian name that they recognise - they kick you off.

JuneRibbing December 23, 2022

If you make a comment that is conservative they edit it no matter what your name is. I'm deleting my account for the second time. Liberals reside there.

This site is a left-wing driven media site. Not really a neighborly site at all.
November 19, 2022
If zero is a number that’s what I would’ve given it. This is a left-wing information. Pushing big media company. Worse than Twitter or Facebook. I concur that they do not advise you why you are banned. I believe it’s because of my views and not because of what I said, because I always phrase things as to not seem politically biased.

NextDoor reflects how sick Amerikkka truly is
November 15, 2022
Nextdoor is just another platform that censors it users. You aren’t allowed to have a conversation about current events unless it’s PRO christo-fascist/Republican/Democratic-corporate-militarist-fascist. Any questioning of the anti-COVID vax mythology or racist-reactionary-Republican-based election fraud will be deleted and your account suspended for however long they decide without any warning. They don’t even tell you what they have banned you for. NextDoor is a sterling metaphor for Amerikkka -- full of pridefully ignorant, racist, entitled, alcohol- and drug-addled mindless, gun-loving, human-hating, faux-patriotic little Eichmanns who want the whole world to ascribe to their deep-seated desires for fascism.

PriscillaZink December 24, 2022

Until I read the many reviews complaining of censorship posted here, I was in the process of applying for membership. I am a staunch liberal who believes deeply in the values that liberalism espouses, but these do not include bullying or censorship – from either side. I would like to hear, uncensored, what conservatives think. It's called a "conversation". I have not heard the other side but, if your moderators are truly guilty of suppressing views with which they do not concur then, as a liberal I am ashamed and apologetic. These are not my people.