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Website: is a social network designed to connect members of the same neighborhood with the aim of allowing users to interact with neighbors, as well as local businesses and public services.

The company states they provide services in 11 countries and 280,000 neighborhoods globally.

How Does Work?

According to their website, the goal of this website is to give neighbors and communities a place to interact with each other to get to know each other better, and in the process, create a better and safer community.

To sign up as a member of, you must submit your residential address as well as go through a series of multiple verifications to ensure that you are actually a member of the neighborhood, and not an outsider. 

Members must always use their real names, and not chosen internet handles, and they have completely control over how much information is shared and where it is shared.

They also promise that their member information will never be available on public search engines like Google, and that no member information will ever be shared with third party advertisers. 

Once you are a member, NextDoor encourages you to use their site as a place to share information, for example to spread the word about break-ins, find trustworthy babysitters or pet sitters, ask for help in locating lost pets, or simply to network and organize neighborhood social functions.

Cost/Price Plans

NextDoor states that they are free for users to sign up and connect with their neighbors and other members of their community.

In order to ensure the most memberships and interaction, this website decided not to include membership costs. 

Refund Policy

Since no fees are paid at any time to, there is no Refund Policy being offered by this website.

Instead, if customers are ever invited by an ad or a link to go outside of this website and make a purchase, they will have to adhere to any Refund Policies offered by the website where they are actually making their purchase. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints they would like to direct to their Customer Service team can contact them by submitting them directly to their website through their Terms & Conditions page, which offers a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


Unfortunately there are some negative complaints about this website online.

However, none of these complaints appear to be about the security of this website or the lack of privacy measures, which is often what most people are concerned about when sharing details of their home life.

Most of the complaints by far were regarding the content of the information discussed on their neighborhood’s page, with most people saying that this is just a place for judgmental neighbors to sit around and gossip about the people in the neighborhood they don’t know or don’t like.

Others complained that there were too many neighbors using this site as a way to sell or promote things for sale.

However, it does genuinely seem as though these experiences are not in the majority, and that your experience will depend greatly on the neighborhood you live in, and the “lead” contact in your neighborhood, as the lead is the person who establishes your neighborhood page and sends out the initial invitations. 

In general it seems as though there is a lot of good that can be taken away from the proper and appropriate use of this site, and the more neighbors who get involved, the more likely it is that the site will be used for what it is intended for.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly the internet is home to a wide variety of different social networks, and many neighborhoods already offer pages on popular social media sites like Facebook, or they may offer a Twitter handle for sharing of informational as well. 

If you have any experience with NextDoor or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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July 26, 2022
We moved here 6yrs. ago and used nextdoor for one yr. and LOVED it, learning, buying, etc. then one day we were BANNED and have been for the past 5yrs. with NO EXPLANATION, NO REASON, and told by HOW Pres. we're banned for LIFE at this area. We never once talked of politics, race, religion, anything controversal. We used primarily for referrals to fix house, gardening & buying from neighbors. We've asked EVERYONE in this area for help, but they tell us "it's a mess" and they won't help. HOW can someone do this to us and for life??? Now we're selling home and could use nextdoor for info. on home issues, power washing, etc. CAN ANYONE PLEEEAAASSSEEE HELP US??

Nextdoor a liberal fascist speech monitor
July 13, 2022

If I could give Nextdoor a 0 I would I was suspended at least 3 times from these commies People would lie curse at me and I would report them next thing I knew I was suspended The last suspension they claimed I was not using my real name but then went on to tell me I abused their guidelines.

Not only did the person who reported me for not using my real name call me a racist twice for posting about people using our community amenities and not living there. After I called the person out she lied and said she never called me a racist but I took screenshots and in two different posts she called me a racist I called Nextdoor and left a message after I was suspended. They started w the wrong person Not only did I send them the screenshot posts but found a post on Twitter that they suspended someone for posting God Bless AMERICA. NEXTDOOR are nothing but Marxists and need to be sued for what they are doing. I not only called an attorney to discuss this but feel we all need to start fighting back These platforms were meant to shut us up and were created for just this many years ago.

It is all part of the plan to **** conservative minds up I am done w these leftist platforms that talk about being kind and non discriminatory but don’t practice what they preach if anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit let me know

Discrimination on next door by mods....
July 6, 2022
Next door has too many left wingers who flag your post and get them disabled because you simply disagree with them....You are not allowed to say you are a Christian...It is okay for a person who is far left to use hate speech against the conservatives.... Also they support a terrorist group...These people attack conservatives free speech...I keep it clean and tactful but truthful and this is the 3rd time I have had my acct disabled.....Next door is nothing more than a left wing platform who targets conservatives and Christians.... Will not be going back...Stay away from next door it does not support free speech unless you are a left winger....

Censorship Galore!
June 11, 2022
This website is nothing more than a liberal think tank. Censorship galore abounds here in spades! God forbid if one should say in your 'conversation' with someone whom you do not agree with the actual truth! NOPE! NADA! NOT ALLOWED! You end up getting suspended like I did. So I just uninstalled their app off of my phone, told them about this and I'm completely done with these folks.

Mob mentality rules/Encourages public shaming
June 9, 2022

As others have observed, this app really is a breeding ground for unpleasant people too toxic to be invited into an offline social group. I live on the UES and my app feed is nothing but cranky seniors, bitter divorcees, and bored housewives trying to get people evicted, fired or arrested for minor infractions or just plain old mistakes that anybody could make on any given day.

Most concerning is how a lot of these attacks and smear campaigns are directed at people of color and service industry types, demonstrating the racism and classism so prevalent on that app.

What really gets me is what absolute cowards some of these online vigilantes are. The most outspoken use fake names or don't post photos, which I thought was required on that app.

Some of them are obscenely stupid and upload people's photos and embellish stories only to have the target of their attack see the post and call them on their blatant dishonesty. One woman swore a man "threw her dog across the street." An eyewitness to the altercation commented and said the man simply pulled the dog's leash in a panic because, as he was running and wasn't looking up, he almost tripped over the dog.

Another crazy person stalked two dog walkers a few blocks, snapped their photos, and badgered them with questions about the dogs because she was sure - absolutely sure - they were kidnapping dogs because the dogs didn't react to the walkers a certain way. The owners of the dogs had to step in to assure everyone the two people were excellent care providers.

God forbid you be homeless or mentally ill due to a global pandemic and behave erratically. Especially if you're a black man. All the White Women will run to post about the mean man that pulled his pants down on the Q train or shouted obscenities at them while they walked their store/breeder-bought Bison Frise or daschund.

Imagine being so miserable that you have to hunt down service industry people and front line workers and take their photos so you can hop on that app and virtue signal in exchange for praise for your bravery and concern for your community.

I've warned my dog walker to be very careful should he take my pup into Carl Schurz park in our neighborhood specifically for this reason.

The app fosters an environment that encourages mob mentality. "Ooooh! Post their photo on this Mommy Facebook group!!" Know why they do that? So they can have ANOTHER forum where they can squat for hours and harass/slander people they don't even know and try to get them fired. They live on these boards and forums.

The more prolific commenters rely on that app for their sole source of social interaction. Probably because their personalities are so rancid nobody wants to interact with them IRL.

No stars
June 4, 2022

No stars.

They ban without cause. They do not investigate and takes the word of the person that’s just as bad or worse on comments.

Please do not send me any invites to reopen my account.

CherieMoore July 26, 2022

Oh THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting. We've gone half crazy trying to figure out just what in the world happened for us to not only be rejected, but banned FOR LIFE, or as long as we live at this address, we're told and we were given NO reason. We had NO arguments, no bad language, never talked about stuff like politics, religion, anything controversial, just banned. Guess someone has that kind of power.

FAguilera July 31, 2022

I am banned for one month while perps who send me vile and degrading private messages have open accounts.

Angelseven August 08, 2022

I just kicked off for a month for talking about our border crisis ! I was responding to someone talking about their car getting broken into… stated we had 200,000 coming in our border a month. We live in texas…. Never had all these break ins before… You know, i bet they have bots handling these suspensions or maybe a i employees (they have them at google). It is a scary world we live in!!!!

No propaganda
May 29, 2022

Conservative propaganda promoting guns and religion (pretty sure Jesus did not carry and loved his enemies) right after the latest gun debacle in a supposed Memorial Day message.

NextDoor should maintain it is not a message board for anything; only local news and services, not religion and politics.

May 29, 2022
This place is a joke. I signed on to keep up on things that might be going on around me. the only thing I saw was a bunch of people whining about things they were butt hurt about. If I wanted something this pathetic I would just watch the view. Avoid like it is a plague.

Nextdoor actively promotes censorship
May 26, 2022

Nextdoor actively promotes censorship.

Nextdoor has malcontents “report” anything and everyone that has pro-American values.

I was “banned” for 30 days for simple factual innocuous statement:

“when your side has no plausible idea or merit. Call names and rig the vote. I’ve seen it happen may times throughout the world. The CIA are masters at destabilizing”

There is nothing in this statement that is Harmful, mean or name calling per their Code of Conduct.

Nextdoor is a toxic environment

Account temporary disabled for 30 days
May 1, 2022

Calling someone or the HOA a Karen who should mind their business is not disrespectful. Lots of people are called Karen's on Facebook and no one gets their account disabled on Facebook.

Telling someone who doesn't provide proof I'm wrong to provide proof isn't wrong either. 

Oh, and last and not least calling out Trump's mental health (or being anti Trump) isn't wrong considering that there's people that call out Biden's mental health and anti Biden on Nextdoor all the time. 

Suspended from using your platform
April 30, 2022

Obviously Jack Dorsey of Square (Block) has rubbed off in a significant way on ND CEO Sarah Friar, who used to be an executive at Square, before leaving to become CEO of ND. Censorship, freedom of expression is not on your guys plate. Drawing in many for a decent clean discussion is not obviously on your plate.

Recently I posted about a hot button issue in Scottsdale, and there were easily well over 60 folks who joined the discussion., one of whom who was highly inflammatory in his comments about a Council person. I called him out on that in no uncertain terms, and I was then suspended following his complaint, from using ND. I

f this is the way you run your business, which clearly it is, it is now understandable why the price of your stock is now down 60% from its its initial public offering/SPAC. price. I suggest you all will not be able to monetize your asst with the attitude that now clearly runs the company.

What a shame, as I have enjoyed using your sight, but now see that it is following the policy of censorship, freedom of expression not allowed, much like Jack Dorsey's Twitter, your CEO's mentor. I am hopeful someone of some stature at your company reads this. [email protected]

Not a good place to meet your neighbors
April 27, 2022 states that they "do not allow: Attacking, berating, bullying, belittling, insulting, harassing, threatening, trolling, or swearing at others or their views". This statement is unequivocally not true but a cover up on how they really run their posts.

If you report someone for doing any of the above they will target every word you say then block you for an undetermined amount of time without acknowledging what offense you committed while at the same time allowing racist, misogynic, and anti-LGBTQA+ slurs to continue.

I have addressed this with 2 different "agents" that feel the need to respond with irrelevant scripts and quoting incorrect posts.

Assaulters of freedom of speech
April 25, 2022
It’s trash. Completely biased. Let’s work together to get rid of this app and put our phones down and actually talk with our neighbors. We the ppl have the’s time to stand up to our tyrannical system. Let’s go! We got this!

harassment, bullying, stalking, etc.
April 24, 2022

At first this was an okay site. But the last 2 years it has been taken over by left wing psychopaths. Now it is just another Facebook.

I was banned for reporting a dishonest contractor, an electrician practicing without a license. ND didn't like this to they disabled my account.

My post was up for 2 days and during that time the verbal abuse, insults, name calling, belittling, stalking directed at me was unbelievable. Others that stood up for me got the exact same treatment.

Goodbye and good riddance ND. You are the worst.

Angelseven August 08, 2022

Another communist site

ND inconsistent and biased
April 21, 2022

I have nothing good to say about the ND site. I keep a record of all my Posts and whom/subject it was Posted to. Nextdoor will let a feed go and go as long as it's one of their "Like" darlings. But if you challenge their "darling" then you get flagged or "Put In ND jail."

There is no way to see or challenge which Post got flagged. I never flag or block a Post I would rather debate them and put them to task. But that gets you into trouble because you're not one of the "darlings." I see it over and over again a non-political Post will go political and I'll follow it to see how long it last until it gets turned off.

ND is inconsistent and biased. Not surprised, San Fran..... based.

If you are not in the clique you are not liked!
April 21, 2022

Next door use to be a Great Service, but as of lately other groups have seem to taken over and it is no longer a group to be respected. They are a local Twitter or Facebook and is getting worse... Just by asking the question "WHY" when it comes asking why someone is not happy about something, I get banned. I said and did nothing wrong.

When nextdoor started, they were great, they were the best... Now they are the worst. They have been taken over by people who want to state their views as fact and dismiss everyone elses view, and nextdoor allows that. You ask someone why and you get suspended.

Good Bye Next Door.

Great Place To Get Drama and Bullying
April 13, 2022

Very whiney, bullying, hateful app. I removed it and unsubscribed. It’s overloaded with venom. There is already too much of that in this world. It’s frightening to see how much of it is going on in your own neighborhood.

No thank you!

FAguilera July 31, 2022

People I do not know private message me with obscenities and name-calling. Who needs it.

Delusional people use it.
April 11, 2022

If I could give it a 0 I would. waste of time on this app. I was on this app twice and no more. Can't recall when I was on the app. It's for delusional people...

Liberals are out of their minds.
March 28, 2022

NextDoor is a liberal run neighborhood news long as you support the liberal narrative of insanity and no idea why Joe Biden was elected through the cloud manipulation of the vote--you are good.

If you say anything about the liberal stupidity, if you have no idea of how liberals think reality are banned.

KellyR April 01, 2022

I agree Dave! I would add if you aren’t a staunch PC, liberal Caucasian, who is prepared to nod yes against your beliefs and never speak up or out against anyone no matter what they are allowed to say because of their race and follow along with the rest of the terrified sheep, than get ready to be tattled on by high school aged adults for not walking in a straight line and being sent to time out for two weeks like a child!

Sure, sometimes people are looking for pets but more often than not it’s political bs and shaming that the leaders are allowing to happen. One time a neighbor recorded her neighbor and shared it in a post just to shame her neighbor. She didn’t need anything from anyone, she only wanted to embarrass him. The post received over 400 responses from “so called caring neighbors” saying things like they were going to commit violence on the guy! Myself and other neighbors began feeling seriously scared for the guy and started asking where were the leads, this is getting serious!

The week went on and more and more people chimed in, more people began calling for the leads and yet they never responded. We started reporting the post itself and still nothing was done. I even contacted the main office and they never responded back and the post was still going. It was really sad. But they say how much they care about their neighbors, only if they are PC and they approve of them.

If you feel this app is this important to you, then it’s all yours. But you have been warned. It’s not even close to how this author makes it out to be or they wouldn’t have been sued as many times as they have been and counting! After all, they truly believe they are invincible. They don’t feel they owe neighbors an explanation of why they remove them, they do what they want. Life is definitely too short for this much hassle over an app!

KristaSlack April 30, 2022

Dave and Kelly you both are a 100% correct. I have had a pack of hyenas attack me over

CherieMoore July 26, 2022

I just can't believe the POWER someone out there holds to bump you at any time, for any reason, never need to tell you why and for as long as you live in that area??? What??? Even criminals get released of crap, but we don't even know what happened. And when we ask someone to look into this, it's like we're starting trouble and are treated like crap. What is this? We live in CHESAPEAKE, VA. Today is 7-26-22.

Useful, but ruined by political activists, bigots and racists
March 23, 2022

I gave it 1 because there is no '0'. The site is useful but manipulated by 'effusive' leads own political views and opinions. Invariably those above them also.

Such leads will protect the 'like minded' while penalizing & shutting down facts, the truth of those trying to prove the false claims, twisted context and in my case their bald-faced lies, (of which I have copied & pasted as admissible evidence), they even shut down humour.

There is no appeal. Such protected political advocates then troll, harass and suggest to posters if they do not like it. leave the site. I will stay on;y to report them under their own Rules.

KellyR April 01, 2022


You are so right! It was just done to me. Outright lies time and time again. I asked three times for the exact wording I supposedly used to violate their so called racist, discrimination policy (aka PC policy) and instead of responding back to me with what I asked for, they sent the policy verbiage each time.

If I had actually done what I was being accused of, it should have been easy to just copy and paste the offensive wording and send it to me. Just show me what I said but they can’t, because I didn’t do anything wrong. I know how you feel and what you’re going through. It’s so frustrating! It’s not worth all this stress and time we’re allowing it to consume us.

When I asked again, I was promptly sent to the big boss to be put in my place. I sent her back an email book of my thoughts lol. I’m done with the drama!