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MiracleWatt: Legit or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 14, 2023


Miracle Watt is claimed by its seller to be an energy saving device designed to stabilize electrical current, a process that they say will help decrease electricity costs for users.

How is MiracleWatt Claimed to Work?

The seller states that once you plug the device into an outlet near your breaker box it will start working automatically, using special electricity stabilizing technology to increase the efficiency of your home’s power usage.

Experts agree that devices that are turned off can still draw power when plugged in, which can add to electricity expenses and shorten the lifespan of your electronics.

Miracle Watt is also intended to help avoid power surges that can damage electronic devices.

The device also purportedly offers benefits for human health as well as the health of your appliances.  Some people believe prolonged exposure to dirty electricity can be linked to health issues like cancer, fatigue, insomnia, and asthma.

The MiracleWatt is intended to function as a dirty-electricity filter, reducing human exposure to dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from popular electronics like computers and televisions.

These are hefty claims, but does Miracle Watt really work?  Online customer reviews of the device don't seem to back up these claims.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

Unsurprisingly, the only place to find positive customer reviews of Miracle Watt is on their own website. 

Unfortunately, since there no other review sources offer such glowing reviews, we are unconvinced that the rave reviews are genuine, or that the product is credible.

Other online customer reviews state that the MiracleWatt made no difference at all to their power bills.  Other claims made by company are more difficult to verify.

However, those who have working knowledge of household electricity and electrical engineers have pointed out the flaws in the product’s claims and have explained why it’s a likely hoax. 

In addition to the negative reviews that you will find below they also have a 1.67/5 rating with the BBB.

MiracleWatt Company Details

According to their website, the parent company for MiracleWatt is:

Comeback Commerce, Inc
1624 Market St STE 226
PMB 42970
Denver, CO 80202

Googling that address reveals that it belongs to Denver Office Suites, a company offering virtual office addresses to businesses.

In fact, Comeback Commerce Inc is not a Denver based business but is a registered Delaware company.

ImportGenius.com, a service that tracks the import histories of companies, shows a U.S. customs record of an order for 500 “Power Reflector Device” from China by Comeback Commerce Inc.

It appears that the MiracleWatt is a wholesale purchased and rebranded Chinese product which is then rebranded and resold by the company under as MiracleWatt.

You can find virtually identical products to the MiracleWatt sold on Amazon and Chinese based wholesaler websites, marketed under a number of different names.

Customer Service

You can contact customer service by e-mailing [email protected]. Their website states that support is available 24/7.

The company claim to offer a 90 day return period.  In order to initiate a refund you must first contact the company to receive a RMA# and then send the unit back to:

MiracleWatt Returns
Attn: Returns
PO BOX 447
Lakeland, FL 33802

Where to Buy?

You can only order MiracleWatt through their website.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Miracle Watt, or products very similar to it, have been marketed for some time under various names.

These include Eco Watt 365, StopWatt, Watt Rescue, Watt Pro Saver, Power Watt Pro, Voltex Energy Saver, PowerVolt, and others.

Is the MiracleWatt a Scam?

According to the EIA, the average American home uses about about 893 kWh of electricity per month, the cost of which adds up quickly.

It's not surprising that consumers would love to find an effective way to help cut down that monthly expense.

However, we do not believe that the MiracleWatt is a viable solution, and in fact would categorize Miracle Watt a scam based on our research.

The company makes almost no effort to attempt to explain how the MiracleWatt works, and we have concerns over whether the technology it claims to use is even effective in the first place.

Additionally, the lack of verified positive customer reviews, coupled with the red flags raised by company's use of a virtual address, leaves us unable to recommend this product.

If you have any experience with the Miracle Watt, please leave your reviews below.

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MiracleWatt Customer Reviews

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I was duped
March 6, 2024

I bought two of these about 1 year ago. I was hopeful but naïve. I have not seen any decrease in my electric bill. I should have been smarter. However, with the increase costs associated with power, I was duped.

Don't Waste Your Money on this Hoax
December 20, 2023

Don't waste your money, they don't work at all. My experience and rating would be 0 but I guess you need to put something there. They suggest giving it 3 months which I did and also passes the warranty period.

I would have said it worked if it would lower my bill by $25 or $50. You will be plugging in a very expensive green night light if you should buy this. Hopefully this gets posted.

isn't it ironic?
November 2, 2023
We purchased two and plugged one in closest to the breaker panel and second one plugged in as far away as possible from panel. There was no dramatic drop in the utility bills. Three years later, we still keep them plugged in and our electric Co has been granted two major increases isn't it ironic? So I guess we will never know if they really work even a little bit.

Miracle Scam
August 23, 2023

Bought two of these devices for $99.00. Then checked reviews. Found out it was a scam and people were not getting their refunds when returning. So within thirty minutes of purchase I cancelled the order. Next day they email me my order has shipped. I called their customer support number told them when I get the devices I’m sending them back. I received a RMA/ return merchandise authorization number. I used PayPal for my payment method. Because of bad reviews of these devices and people not getting refunds I went ahead as a precaution and filed a claim dispute through PayPal. After they got involved I received my refund quickly. So Miracle Watt didn’t get to take advantage of me. PayPal is awesome.

Waste of money
August 15, 2023
I have had this for five months and it has done nothing. my electric bills are the same as always. What a waste of money !!

Appears to work
August 3, 2023
I have two devices that I have had plugged in for several months. I do have what the energy company calls a new smart meter. I have one plugged into one phase and one plugged into the second phase of my service coming into the house. I do have them plugged in at the closest place to my box. I get a report on my usage monthly from Honeywell and my usage in June for my AC this year was 19 hrs less than in June last year. Also, the average temperature was 1% warmer this year.

Every electrical engineer knows this is a scam
July 6, 2023
Here is the theory: It adds some capacitive reactance counter inductive reactance thus reducing total electrical load. Here is the reality: Adding capacitive reactance supposes that there is inductive reactance present in the power line. If not, adding capacitive reactance will INCREASE the amount of current making your electrical bill higher. Either way, the amounts are near negligible, with savings or increased costs being only a few cents a month at the most.

Phone Number for Service
May 1, 2023

Have I ever messed up...Sure wish I would have found these reviews before I purchased this. Maybe good news for all of us... my order has a phone number in it. 855.458.0128. Info said hours are 10:00am-6:00pm, EST, Mon-Sat. Called @ 4:45pm CST and they answered in about 5 minutes. My instructions for returning were in an email. But was also told on the phone to take it to the post office, get & keep the tracking number. Call back to the above number & give them the tracking number, continue to track it, once I see it has been delivered and I have not received my refund within 5 business days after that, call the number again and they will expedite it. Going to jump thru all their hoops and see what happens.

keep your money .. this is not legit
April 12, 2023

Waste of money

returned never recvd the refund company does NOT respond to any questions

A scam
March 29, 2023
This is a scam. They will not return my money.

Reduce power...Save money
March 12, 2023

Found a brand new one at a garage sale for a buck. Didn't do squat. The best way to reduce electrical bill is to shut off lights in unused rooms, turn off appliances (like TV's) not being watched, use efficient LED light bulbs. Set AC thermostat at a slightly warmer setting,...ELECTRICITY...USE LESS - PAY LESS. That's what really works.

Straight scam, false advertising at its best!
March 3, 2023
Straight scam, false advertising at its best! Literally NO reduction in electricity costs whatsoever!

Refund? Ha ha ha
February 22, 2023
I sent mine back in July 2022 and as of February 2023 still no refund. A bunch of crooks.

KristyN March 01, 2023

I found this review EXTREMELY helpful. The BBB scores for MiracleWatt has gone up since this review and is now at 2.7, I believe. I also see more positive comments on the BBB now.

I still don't trust it and do not want to spend the money, so I used the information in your review and searched on Amazon for "power reflector device" the first product that came up looks EXACTLY like MiracleWatt, is from China and you get 2 units for $11.99!

I don't mind trying it out for $11.99 so I'm buying the ones on Amazon. It's probably the same one MiracleWatt purchases and rebrands.Thank you!

Does Not Work!! I Am Out $59!!!
February 13, 2023

I bought one of these for my 1500 s.f. condo and did not see any savings in my electric bill!

Does. Not. Work. At. All.
February 9, 2023
My house is approx. 1350 square feet. I bought one MiracleWatt, plugged it in--as instructed--right near my breaker-box. My usual electric bill is around $145/month. During the three months since plugging in MiracleWatt, my bills have been: $145, $149, $152. No reduction, and I'm out the $59 I spent on the device. My neighbor bought two of them (his house is 1700 sq ft). His bills have had zero reduction for three months. DO NOT BUY this piece of plastic baloney.

February 3, 2023

While I'm not an electrical engineer, I worked with many in the energy efficiency business for over 40 years.

This product is pure BS, one of many products over decades purporting to reduce electrical consumption while maintaining device output. These people should be prosecuted. Absolute nonsense.

Scams 101
January 31, 2023
If it saved electricity the power company would provide it. They subsidize led bulbs because they save electricity. I can buy 4 led bulbs at walmart for $1.97. They put remote cut outs on my AC units so they can be cycled off during a brown out and they knock $25 of my bill for doing so. These watt savers are scam that a 10 year old could see through.

It's a SCAM!!! Period.
January 23, 2023

Been in the Comm business for over 40 Years. This comment directly from their website had me blowing Coffee out of my nose and rolling on the floor. "Reduces Dirty EMF Electricity

The patent-pending magnetic filter removes carbon from the electrical circuit helping to significantly reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) generated by your electronics, appliances, and dirty electrical system.."

DonWilliams April 26, 2023

"Removes carbon" Wow, whomover wrote that is really stupid. I keep looking for a post that says exactly what is in these "WONDERFUL" devices.

At most there might be a simple tuned circuit consisting of a capacitor and inductor. More likely there is just a single capacitor that could cut down electrical noise on the line, just a bit.

The diagram in one ad shows a shift in the voltage-current phase. That would improve the power factor for energy used by motors (maybe) but would have absolutely no effect on lighting systems.

January 2, 2023
i love miracle watt. I unplugged my 24 hour grow lights (was on a timer). I plugged in the miracle watt and within one month my electric bill was reduced by 250 dollars.

Michael January 06, 2023


Boomer January 31, 2023

Lying. If it works why only 2 stars?

KageG. March 03, 2023

Exactly, clown! We all know it doesn’t work dummy, delete your fake review

Donaldo March 24, 2023

Can’t you see he saved money cause he unplugged his grow lights they use alot of electricity jokes on you

Richie March 28, 2023

Those GROW lights must be growing some REALLY GOOD STUFF !!

Audrey April 26, 2023


Philip July 30, 2023

Those bulbs must really be smokin'!

JuliaHill March 08, 2024


Miracle watt has worked for me and reduced my electric bill significantly. I hope to pass the savings on to my friends!

I'm an Electrical Engineer
December 29, 2022

After reading about this device on my local news (unfortunately). I have found many flaws with their selling points. 1, they tell you to buy two of these units and plug it into an outlet closet to your panel and farthest from your panel.

This does not mention phase. Every household has two phases of 120 volts, 180 degrees out of phase. This is how you get 240 volts for certain appliances such as stoves and dryers. If the outlet by your panel is on phase A and the farthest outlet is still on phase A. Then phase B circuity would be unaffected. They don't even state this on their website.

2, they show a graph showing the leading and lagging of current vs voltage. However, this is only for capacitive loads and inductive loads. Were capacitive loads, current leads voltage and inductive loads, current lags voltage.

Most households only have resistive loads. for example, a 60-watt incandescent lightbulb connected to a 120-volt power supply will use 0.5 amps. The resistance of that light bulb is 240 ohms. This is known as ohms law (resistance x current = voltage) (current x voltage = wattage).

In capacitive and inductive loads, the power factor is always lower than 1. In a resistive load the power factor is equal to 1. Think about it like beer, in capacitive and inductive loads "foam" will be created when pouring the beer. How much foam being produced is how close the power factor is to 1. The closer to 1 the less foam (0.97), the farther from 1 the more foam (0.45).

Meaning no power on a resistive load is wasted due to current and voltage being in phase (1). This item is clearly a scam. No purchase needed to reach my conclusion.

DonWilliams April 26, 2023

Well written I just posted a similar comment where I say that the power factor for lamps is 1 but indeed is different for motors and can be corrected by a capacitor in many cases. I would guess that if there is just a capacitor in the device it most likely wouldn't be large enough to be effective.

Finally, a capacitor by itself with no other loads would draw current with no power (no heat) but an electric meter could recognize and bill for the current, depending on the meter design. Who knows what is in one of these devices?