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Beware the word Miracle
September 3, 2022

I've never tried this product. But the website set off a bunch of red flags. Suspicions arose and that's why I'm here.

My electric bill is mild in the summer about $42.00 and that includes using two AC units by the way uses little electric, when it's hot and in winter about $200.00 using baseboard heaters along with a portable 110 ceramic heater to keep my feet warm.

In all my life, I've never heard of a device that would save on the electric bill. How could it? It doesn't add electricity for free. And since when did the electric become dirty and need to be cleaned?

I use Alexa and have wall plug adapters that unplug my devices when I request it such as a fan. This also includes my Singled LED lights that use so little.

I did buy an air fryer and that is a huge time saver along with less electric use. No more oven for me. Still use the stove top when needed.

Hot water heater is efficient, though the dishwasher did increase my cost by $2.00 for the heat drying process. But not used that often as washing by hand and using a drying rack is sufficient. I don't own a dryer but the small washing machine and a drying rack works well for a single person like me.

Turn off lights when not needed, use LED bulbs, upgrade to more efficient small cooking devices, Turn off everything not needed when you leave the home. Unplug unused devices such as a rice cooker.

Wear thicker clothing in winter and reduce the heat. Close doors to rooms that are not used during the day along with the heat source in winter.

Close drapes in summer to any direct sunlight as this will heat a room very quickly and reduce efficiency to the AC.

If you have to replace an old worn out device such as a window AC or oscillating fan for your home before it fails, buy in off season for better prices.

You are the one in control of your own budget, spending, paying bills, etc. Pay bills right away when you can and see what's left over. If you don't have enough for other things such as food or gas, you better rethink your spending and cut out the luxuries and skipping bills to make ends meet. That kind of budgeting doesn't work. It never does and don't spend more than you have by using credit cards. You will end up in more debt before the sun comes up.

I don't make much, but what I do make, I've been able to live comfortably and don't buy things that I can't afford.

If you don't have a savings that you can spend when the occasion arises or is needed, then you don't have extra money to spend. Period.


DavidJohnson October 29, 2022

This commenter has some wise things to say. As an electrician of over 30 years and a computer and electronics expert, I do want to add a correction. “Dirty power” or “Electricity pollution” is definitely real. It is an umbrella term used for many abnormalities in electricity. Dirty power which could result in disruptions are things like transient voltage, harmonics, frequency variations, and/or power sags.

It’s important to note that most of these issues are originated on the user side, not the utility side.

I worked for a very prestigious childrens hospital for over a decade. In the operating room, there is very sensitive equipment that doesn’t play well with “dirty power”. We would install small plug in devices in the room that cleaned the sine wave up for these nifty gadgets. These were NOT something like the MiracleWatt, just to be clear.

Look to your electrical contractor for legitimate solutions to dirty power. They might install, active filters, compensators or capacitor banks. As I said, the term is an umbrella for many problems and the solutions may be specific to what is actually happening in your home.

And, listen to the advice the commenter to whom I’m replying has to offer….it’s pretty wise stuff.

MiracleWatt? More like “What Miracle?”

Do your research before making a purchase online.
August 12, 2022

I worked in the Electronics business both in Military and Civilian jobs. We used equipment to regulate and filter the electricity in large computer rooms. This type of equipment uses electricity to clean the EMF, what they call "Dirty" electricity, to protect the computer equipment.

This miniature device they are selling does little of what they are proclaiming to do and does absolutely nothing to reduce the amount of current (electricity) the equipment in your house uses.

The only way you can save on the amount of current you use is to use your equipment and or appliances less or unplug them when they are not in use.

Here are some suggestions on saving money on your electric bill:

Purchase an Air Fryer and quit using your big stove oven. It takes less time to cook in the Air Fryer than it does in the Oven and uses about 1/3 of the electricity.

Reset the thermostat on your Electric Water Heater to a lower temperature. Set your AC at 78 degrees from 7am to 10pm and at 68 from 10pm to 7am. This will save a lot of electrical energy.

Either unplug anything when it is not in use or install local on/off switches so the equipment can be disconnected from the electrical grid when not in use. If you do all of these things, you will reduce your electric bill quite a bit.

Also, see if your electric provider can help you with a means to reduce your electrical usage. There are a lot of so-called companies selling junk in America that are made in foreign countries that have nothing more than a Virtual office here in the US. "Let the buyer Beware"!

DarrylSiemer November 28, 2022

Good writing & great thinking!

Difficult To Return
August 4, 2022

Their return policy is difficult to follow . They do NOT send you a return label I am an elderly person and I must go to the UPS store stand on line in 100 degree weather and get a tracking number. They won’t permit the UPS driver who comes to my building daily to pick it up.. Very hard company to deal with. They make it difficult to return their unwanted overpriced product.

August 4, 2022

This product does not save you any money. IN FACT: it costs you money because it uses electricity.

Working proof
August 3, 2022

I'm here because my dad sent me the following info so I'm checking out the product. I believe my dad, so I'm not sure what to think about some of these reviews.

I took a chance and bought this plug in.



January $480.24

February 458.09

March 336.09

April 324.36

May 60.38

June 125.74

July 133.96

Arvin August 04, 2022

The differences are because you were on vacation during the lower rate times.

LisaDoublet August 21, 2022

Dearie, compare to previous two years. Sigh.

JoelKilgore September 06, 2022

Winter and summer months are always higher depending on the type of heat in your house, gas or electric. April/May is milder weather as well as late September and October. This device cannot regulate your electricity from any outlet. Electricity does not work like that. It is simply a circuit going back to your main circuit panel which uses electricity. Google "How does electricity work?"

PA Codamo October 14, 2022

agree big time with this review, purchased this sweet little thing and in less then 2 weeks it has reduced my bill to almost half . took a chance as at 78 living on small income saving money is a grand thing ...do not purchase a knock off product get the "miraclewatt "

TerryHenning Sr. December 22, 2022

I see a person, selling one of these online for $1.50, that's right, one dollar, fifty cents! And I read online about people spending one hundred dollars, or more for one! Either way, it doesn't work, it's a SCAM! So trust me, if it worked even slightly, I'd be buying it for a buck!

Snake Oil
July 29, 2022
You cannot click on their 4.7 out of 5 reviews. The 5 stars on their website are hard coded and NOT clickable. How do people like this sleep at night!!

BudShoe September 04, 2022

On a bed made of $100 dollar bills

July 23, 2022
I have had mine for a few months now and my electric bill has doubled. It's a scam do not buy this product.

BruceCohen July 24, 2022

I have a friend who is a retired electrical engineer. I asked him about miracleWatt and he said it is a total scam.

Many devices we plug in to the wall, do use electricity even when they are not in use. Electronics, toasters, some coffee makers, and other appliances have a small amount of power going in so users don’t have to wait for it to “warm up” every time they use it.

Computers are a good example of this. I found a plug in device for your electric outlet that has its own on/off switch. Plug any household device into it and the switch turns it on or off. Can be purchased in big box stores, hardwares, online, lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Bill September 07, 2022

September 7, 2022Your friend is exactly right -- MiracleWatt is a total scam. I am also a retired EE, with 40 years experience designing avionics equipment. Their website description of how the product is supposed to reduce your electrical power consumption is completely bogus. Filtering "dirty, unusable electricity" will not reduce your electricity bill.

Yes, some devices do draw power even when they are turned "off", or if a power supply/charger brick is left plugged in but the device is disconnected. But this "vampire" power is a typically just a trickle. To save any real money you'd need to actually disconnect it, or switch the wall outlet off whenever the device is not in use. MiracleWatt does nothing to change this situation.

June 29, 2022
It is a SCAM. makes no difference. And, no phone number to call!!!

Johnathon Rose July 09, 2022

You are absolutely correct, MiracleWatts only miracle is how quickly the money goes from your pocket to theirs! It’s a scam, and not even a very good one. It actually uses money and instead of saving, it costs, even if it’s only a small amount, just to power the light that “proves” it’s working! They should be ashamed for targeting the poorest people.

Bigdave44 July 11, 2022

If it sound to good to be true...you know the rest of the story

Miracle watt crap
June 23, 2022

These are crap and it’s a total scam. Not a bit of difference but a page of various factors (one being kids at home) as to why they don’t work. Save your money and put towards your electric bill.

Could Not Believe It!!!!!!!
May 29, 2022

We have. solar….and thought we can send back if it doesn't work…It took 4months for it to work for us…but definitely cut our solar bill for the month like over 200 dollars….the next month the same?????? We were shocked…have had our solar for 10yrs…and nothing like this has ever happened…

VerizonYouTubeTC June 26, 2022


ROMzombi July 02, 2022

Solar bill for the month? Who has a solar bill?

JayW July 10, 2022

He's being sarcastic. That's like saying it's the greatest invention since the ' perpetual motion machine '. Lol

RickyLynn July 14, 2022

I hate to break it to you buddy but you've drunk the government FUD(fear, uncertainly, doubt Kool-Aid. I own an invention company and we have a few prototypes that work just fine using the earth's natural source(magnetic) to produce effective free energy. There's a reason government does not allow to patent free energy or as you call it perpetual motion devices. They were bribed very handsomely by the oil and gas companies to keep such devices off the market as best as they can. But in time they will lose. They didn't count on Tesla throwing a monkey wrench in their plans to keep all cars running on gas forever. We will be putting out some generators that will also throw another monkey wrench in their plans to keep everyone paying high fees for simple utility services.

ribkolle July 17, 2022

Cut him some slack, He lives in the far north and the Sun came up for the summer.

JoelCabala August 25, 2022

Let me know when you get the Tesla type generator available

Skeptical November 03, 2022

Bull. And what is your job title at Miracle Watt?

Bogus information, after doing exactly as directed.
May 20, 2022

Don't bother, I've had this unit for 5 months and have seen nothing as described in the units description. It's just a $100 dollars pissed away. when will I learn. the actual wattage went up as per the same month last year, don't think this is what's suppose to happen. I still have to contact the seller and try to recover funds associated with this purchase.

Miraclewatt Is a Scam
May 12, 2022

Miracle Watt does not work at all. Actually my bill is higher by a few dollars after installing miracle watt. So I am returning them and the public should know it is a SCAM!

JohnW July 09, 2022

Thanks for the warning !!

it works
May 10, 2022
this works ive saved my bill went from 88.00 to 18.00 a month I'm telling everyone I know this is great

VerizonYouTubeTC June 26, 2022

More nonsense!

RickRangel July 05, 2022

Hi Yvonne.

How much did MiracleWatt pay you to type up this bogus review? MiracleWatt is a scam!!! Don't buy this product. Yvonne, you need to call them and ask for your 100% refund on this illegitimate units that are worth. Maybe you recover your $100 bucks.... BUT HURRY, before they say no.

ribkolle July 17, 2022

She also lives in the far north and the Sun came up for the summer.

ribkolle July 17, 2022

She also lives in the far north and the Sun came up for the summer.

Arvin August 04, 2022

ANY devise you plug in the wall USES electricity. It is impossible to save you money because there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine.

Engineer August 06, 2022

That's actually not totally true. Large factories often connect capacitors to correct for the (general) inductive loads and therefore correct the power factor, and this does save money - But this is definitely a scam.

LisaDoublet August 21, 2022

Engineer, wish I could upvote Your replies!

GregMELLOTT September 08, 2022

As per Engineer: If there is actually that much phase shift on the power line feeding your house, then it is likely the power company's responsibility to correct that problem. And if you use the device to correct for such a problem, then it is not also impossible that if the phase shift is caused by those loading the system beyond your power meter, then you may actually have the meter adding the readings from the current flows generated by this device working to correct their problem that was introduced by them beyond your power meter to your bill.

Wait for results
May 3, 2022

Amazing results! After break-in period our usage went down an average of almost 40 percent from same months a year before. I suspect that the negative reviews are from folks who never really laid out the money to get a pair.

David Ramsour

Video byMitty May 10, 2022

That is what Hunter said also, but 10% goes to the Big Guy!

ROMzombi July 02, 2022

This does not work. Its a scam.

Arvin August 04, 2022

These people saying how great it is are not actual users - they are paid actors !!

SonyaBurke August 14, 2022

Arvin, you got EVIDENCE to back that up?

David Lang September 08, 2022

I'd love to see it too! What a bunch of hocky, and not the [email protected]

bobbymcgee October 06, 2022

Consumer Protection Agency? Millions of dollars in taxes paid for govt employees who do nothing to protect Americans from scam perpetrators. Shut down this mock company? Arrest the scam entities? Stop grand larceny? Only guarantee in America is our taxes will go up.

And that larceny is alive and well earning under the noses of our elected officials more interested in protecting the rights of child molesters working out children in grade schools across the nation.

I'll pray for change. Undoubtedly, Congress is looking for a way to tax prayer too. Or eliminate that right all together. Have a nice day!

Maybe works
April 29, 2022

I didn't think it would work, but my bill last month was 281.30 and it went down this month to 193.80. Nothing was changed except actually left an outside light on night and day cause our street light went out and I would forget it of the morning to turn it off.

We had cold weather and then hot and had to use the AC some for a few days. Then back to cold. My bill hasn't been under 200.00 for years, so did it work or not??

ribkolle July 17, 2022

Streetlight hooked up to you electric.

April 13, 2022

these guys change the name and re-market every 6 months with the same product. It does not work and can not work in any situation.

Why do we have a Federal Trade Commission if this scam can continue for year after year?

This is what we have a government for.....to control illegal, scams, fleecing of Americans. Scam, Scam, Scam

TheTalshiar August 07, 2022

Bwahahahaha. You still think the corporate owned government gives a d**n about you?

April 7, 2022
I am an Electronic Engineer, who formerly designed, products that went into packages similar to the Miracle Watt. Trust me: There just ain't nothin' that could fit into a box of that size and do what Miracle Watt claims.

ROMzombi July 02, 2022

Name a product that is similar and actually works.

davidmasters August 12, 2022

I have been in the industrial maintenance and HVAC industry most of my life working with control systems and monitors. This review is the most helpfull ive read. The size of filter it would take to co.pletely reduce noise much less filter dirty wattage would be the size of an end table.And would only clean up the sine not save money.

March 31, 2022

This is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. If you return your product it is like pulling teeth from a angry bear! You have to email to get a # to return it and the first 3 or 4 times they try to reduce it so you will keep it.

When you finally get the # to send it back make sure to keep your tracking # because even when they receive it back you have to call them and ask again to get your refund.

If you don't call them they just keep it I guess because they kept mine till I called and told them the tracking # . HORRIBLE COMPANY

JUNKMAIL July 24, 2022

They probably put it in a new box and resold it to the next sucker.

MiracleWatt's own website proves it's a scam!
March 22, 2022

From MiracleWatt's website:

"MiracleWatt EMF Filters take time to completely filter the Dirty Electricity from your home (approximately 4-6 weeks for the average home)."

Electricity travels at almost the speed of light: 186,000 miles per second. If the device actually did anything, the "Dirty Electricity" would be gone in much less than a second.

KevinCovington August 30, 2022

Obviously it's a scam!!

Doesn't Work
March 16, 2022

An expensive night light!