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Manward Press, founded by Andy Snyder in 2016, is an independent publisher of financial newsletters and trading research which states they offer an “insanity-free” approach to wealth building.

The company's most popular publications include the Manward Financial Digest, Manward Letter, and the Death of Cash Survival Kit.  

How Does Manward Press Work?

Manward Press offers several different publications, their most popular being the Manward Letter, a monthly investment letter which Snyder states offers in-depth research on stocks, options, and cryptocurrency.  

With the Manward Letter comes a 'bonus kit' named the Death of Cash Survival Kit (now renamed the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit), which is a includes several reports and claims to teach prospective investors how to weather the coming financial downturn and criminalization of physical cash. 


These bonus reports include 'Owning Gold in the Digital Age: Use New Technology to Keep What’s Yours' which claims to explain how much gold you should own, 'How to Get a 24% Yield in a Zero Interest Rate World', which states it reveals how to get a better yield on private savings, and ‘Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future', which claims to explain the best method to store physical assets, such as gold, silver and platinum, among others.

The Manward Financial Digest is a daily daily email newsletter and website which states it offers unorthodox ideas about money and other tricks of the trade when it comes to investing.

Cost and Price Plans

The Manward Letter is currently marketed at a subscription cost of $249 per year, and includes the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit as a signup bonus.  The sales page at states that this subscription comes with a 365 day full refund policy.

The Manward Financial Digest is free to subscribe to and the company's website states that this letter is funded through advertisements included in the newsletter.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are no shortage of financial newsletters and other service providers on the internet who offer trading tips, alerts, investment ideas and other types of information.  Some of these include the Oxford Club, Stansberry Research, and Weiss Ratings.

Investors who are not knowledgeable about investing or the risks of investing should consider consulting with a certified financial planner or investment banker to find out the best options for their financial needs and goals.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

It is difficult to find real customer reviews of Manward Press or their publications online.  This is partly due to the company's affiliate program, which offers online marketers sales commission for promoting their products.  This makes it difficult to discern actual customer reviews from 'promotional' reviews found on affiliate websites.

Manward Press, LLC is part of The Agora Companies, a company with a number of different brands under it, that publish newsletters on finance, health, and lifestyle topics.  Agora currently holds largely negative reviews on Reviewopedia.

Customer Service

Manward Press customer service can be contacted using the contact for at  They list their phone number as 1 800 682 5210 in the US (open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET) and +1 443 353 4263 internationally.

Manward Press, LLC lists their mailing address as:

Manward Press
Attn: Support Team
14 West Mount Vernon Place
Baltimore, MD 21201 USA

Where to Buy?

Manward Press has a number of different websites for their various publications.  The Manward Letter is available through a sales page at, though it is difficult to find directly, and the Manward Financial Digest is located at, though it is not clear how to subscribe to the newsletter.

It is not obvious how to sign up for this company's publications on their own websites, presumably because you have to go through an affiliate to reach the company's sales pages.

Is Manward Press Worth It?

It is difficult to judge the value of Manward Press publications.  Some of their promotional material use similar scare tactics (predicting a coming economic collapse etc.) to other financial publications that are less than reputable.  It's difficult to find credible information about this company or their publications due to the large number of affiliate websites promoting their products.

It's also difficult to find credible information about Andy Snyder outside of the bio page on the company's website or other promotional material on affiliate websites.  Snyder's bio contains vague information such as that he worked at an "esteemed financial firm with nearly $100 billion in assets under management" and hints at previous winning stock picks, but doesn't offer much detail.

Investing comes with inherent risk, and companies that provide investment information have disclaimers which protect them from liability in case of loss of funds.  Prospective customers should take this information into account when deciding who to listen to when learning about investing, and know that investing comes with inherent risks that are not always clear.

If you have any experience with Manward Press or their publications, please leave your reviews below.

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