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The Lomi Composter from Pela is a machine designed to make household food waste into usable compost.

The small appliance is claimed to produce nutrient rich soil in record time and with none of the fuss of traditional composting methods.

The seller, Pela Earth, is a certified B Corp that focuses on producing climate neutral alternatives to everyday products.

Prior to the Lomi Composter their most popular product was the Pela Case, a line of plant based compostable phone protection accessories.

Pela Earth claim that the use of their products has kept “the equivalent of 48,433,866 plastic bags from entering our oceans.”

With the Lomi Composter, Pela has turned their attention to food waste, a leading contributor to human greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Should You Compost?

The EPA’s research has revealed a lot of startling statistics about human trash and waste management.

The food waste cycle starts with the average American generating around 4.5 lbs of waste per day, of which around half ends up in a landfill.

Of that waste, organic materials account for the largest non-recycled portion. [1]

Furthermore, according to the EPA, “Municipal landfills are the 3rd largest source of human related methane emissions.” [2]

The point of composting food scraps is to let them break down in a natural way (aerobic decomposition) which requires oxygen and will not release methane. [3]

Finally, compost itself has many benefits when added back into soil, such as:

  • Improving soil quality
  • Reducing runoff
  • Reducing soil erosion
  • Introducing healthy bacteria that can eliminate need for pesticides
  • Adding diversity to soil
  • Reducing need for fertilizers
  • Creating healthier ecosystems

This two part cycle benefits the planet by keeping unnecessary items out of landfills and creating a useful byproduct.

In this manner the compost created by the Lomi Composter could be used for a home garden, houseplants, flowerbeds, and other gardening.

Ultimately, Lomi creators state their product can help customers change the way they deal with food waste.

How Does it Work?

Lomi is different from other types of kitchen composters because it works in three different ways.  It can break down organic waste, create compost, and decompose bioplastics.

The Lomi uses heat, moisture, and smart sensors to help improve the rate of biodegradation, allowing you to create usable compost relatively quickly.

The machine is easy to use and a user-friendly device, as it only requires a single button.  There are no complicated settings or programming to worry about with the compost machine.

One of the features of the Lomi is that it's possible to add waste to the Lomi while it is running which, while convenient, does restart and extend the composting cycle.

It’s arguably better to wait to add new material until the current cycle is complete, unless it is still early in the cycle.

It’s recommended that you do not leave food scraps just sitting in the compost machine, as it could start to lead to odors.

In the US and Canada the Lomi operates on 110V.  The Australian Plug will be 220V to 240V, and the EU version will have a type C plug and  will run at 220 to 240V as well.

The Lomi composter is made from recyclable plastic, while the interior pieces are made from durable metal.  

Lomi is also going to be part of the Pela 360 program.

This means that when your Lomi's lifecycle has ended, instead of tossing the machine into the landfill, you can send it back to the company so it can be disposed of properly.

How Big is the Lomi Composter?

One of the benefits of the Lomi Compost compared with other compost bins is the size.

The measurements for the product are only 16” wide,  13” deep, and 12” high.  It's small enough to easily fit into most kitchens without any issue.

The appearance of the compost bin is kitchen-friendly as well.  It's sleek and modern design should fit in well with other kitchen appliances.

How Long Does Lomi Take to Turn Waste into Compost?

The length of time it takes will depend on a couple of factors.  

First, it will depend on the cycle that you choose.  The Eco Cycle will provide quality compost in about 20 hours, while the Express Cycle is the shortest and will create compost in about six hours.  

Second, it depends on the types of items that are in the machine.  For example, the Bioplastics Cycle can also produce fertilizer and will take about 24 hours to complete.

The end product of all of the cycles will be usable compost.  The Eco cycle will provide the most mature compost.

The number of times that you might have to use the product each week will vary and will depend on the amount of food waste you have.

In some cases, a household with just two people may only need to run the machine two or three times a week.  For a larger household it might need to be run daily.

What Food Scraps Can Be Used?

You can use a range of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and other items in the Lomi compost machine.

The instruction manual is available at lomi.com and has the full list on what can and can’t be used with the machine.

How Much Does the Lomi Composter Cost?

The product launched with several tiers during their IndieGoGo campaign.

  • IndieGoGo Special  –  $379 for a single machine
  • Lomi  –  Early International - $399 for a single machine
  • 2 Lomi Special  –  $699 for two machines
  • 4 Lomi Special  –  $1,299 for four machines
  • 10 Lomi Special  –  $3,199 for 10 machines

2023 Update:  You can now purchase a Lomi Composting Machine through the company’s website or on Amazon for $499.

There are also different options for bundled packages that will include refills of the Lomi Pods and Filters with additional savings options if you subscribe to auto refills.

Is There a Warranty?

Lomi comes with a 1-year warranty/happiness Guarantee.  

This guarantee applies to manufacturing defects in the product material or workmanship not caused by mishandling or improper use of the device.  The full terms are listed on their website in the support section.

Customers can also purchase LomiCare, a 3yr Extended Warranty for $59.95.

Note:  One of the terms of the warranty is that you must register your Lomi on their website.

Returns and Refunds

When you buy directly from Lomi.com you are eligible for a refund if you return your unopened or unused machine within 30 days.

On Amazon the Lomi qualifies for the prime return policy which lets you return the machine for any reason within 30 days of receipt.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

The Lomi has had a lot of fanfare since its launch with many bloggers and influencers recommending the machine.

Given the company’s commendable commitment to fighting climate change it has also received a number of positive write ups from popular tech/gadget websites.

When it comes to actual customer reviews there are some mixed responses.  On Reviewopedia the Lomi has a rating of 2/5 from 50+ customer reviews, many of which stem from ordering issues when the product was first launching.

This is evidenced by the fact that the Lomi has an impressive 4.6 out of 5 rating from 600+ reviews on Amazon.

Lomi Pros and Cons

Below are some of the highlights mentioned from both happy and unhappy users.


  • Works great on veggie and fruit scraps
  • No smells inside the house
  • The Lomi looks modern
  • Customer are generally happy with the results
  • No noticeable increase in power bills with regular use
  • Improvement in plant growth from added Lomi compost
  • Works very well, as advertised


  • Some users had difficulty closing the lid
  • Trouble during initial setup and positioning of filters
  • Felt limited by items that could not be composted
  • Some users not aware they signed up for the autoship filter/pod program
  • Slow customer service replies to issues with the unit
  • Question the economics of energy in vs output
  • Louder than advertised
  • Reliability issues

It’s worth noting that many of the negative reviews stem back to the early days of the product launch when users were experiencing more issues as the company was still launching the product.

Also, there are more resources available now for customers experiencing startup/usability issues.  

For example, Lomi.com provides many troubleshooting guides and also offers a VIP concierge to assist with setup (if purchased from their site).

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to countertop composting appliances there are several popular options, with the Vitamix FoodCycler being most similar to the Lomi.

Vitamix is same brand that sells what’s probably the highest rated blender.

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 Vs. Lomi Composter

The FoodCycler also has a 4.6/5 customer rating on Amazon, albeit the FoodCycler has many more customer reviews.  The FoodCycler is also rated as an "Amazon’s Choice" product.

The Lomi has the advantage of composting bioplastics, while the FoodCycler may have a faster processing time to reach usable dirt.

One of the key differences between the two items is the price.  The FoodCycler sells for $349.99 on Amazon, considerably less than the Lomi.

If you do not wish to go the automated electric route there are a variety of DIY options for crafting your own compost bin.

Is the Lomi Composter Worth It?

Overall there is a lot to like about the Lomi Composter, with just a few caveats.  Much of the negative feedback stems around customer service and ordering issues.

Make sure you are clear in what you are signing up for with regards to the auto-ship option for LomiPod and Lomi Filter delivery.

Some customers mentioned that they do not use the pods or filters as quickly the company ships them, so the amount of waste composting you require is another thing to keep in mind when ordering.

You may also decide to forego some of the perks available when ordering directly from Lomi.com and place your order on Amazon to ensure easier returns, should there be an issue with your unit.

Ultimately, Pela is trying to make a viable business out of providing products promoting sustainability, which is commendable.

They refute many of the naysayer’s claims, assuring customers that the electricity used in the composting process is marginal when compared to how many lbs of methane are prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Those who are interested in starting a composting routine for their food scraps will want to check out the machine to see if it will work well for their needs.  

If you are looking for a cheaper option then you may want to check out the FoodCycler as well.

If you have any experience with the Lomi Composter, please leave your reviews below.

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Lomi Composter Customer Reviews

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Lomi guaranteed to breakdown
March 10, 2024

I have owned my Lomi for 3 years and it has broken down twice. The first time I was able to repair it by replacing the fan the second time the Lomi was not repairable. I contacted Lomi who advised me to purchase a new Lomi - or purchase a warranty for $240 per year for which I would get a new Lomi every 3 years - that math works out to $720 every three years for a new Lomi - really? This seems like the classic definition of planned obsolescence - it seems highly suspicious that their add-on warranty would coincide with life span of their product. I will now look for a more affordable way to compost . As an aside my Lomi will probably make its way to a landfill - great job Lomi - create space in landfills for your poorly engineered product.

Scammers and hidden fees.
February 28, 2024

Scam company!

They hide the true cost of the Lomi bloom by selling the machine with a mandatory subscription that cost $240 for 4 little bags of activated charcoal. Stay far away. Scammers!

Beware broke about 4 months after warranty expired!
January 30, 2024
I was very happy with the Lomi. About 4 months after the warranty expired the Lomi bucket grinder sheared off from the shaft making it unusable. I contacted Lomi and was informed that I would need to purchase a new bucket for $100. I looked online and found that this seems to have happened with other users. This appears to be a design flaw. Be warned before you purchase!!!!

Lomi no longer works.
December 16, 2023
What a waste of money! After a 15 months, Lomi does not work, no longer composting after 2 cycle of grow soil. Contacted customer service and was instructed to do different things to the LOMI, but it still did not work. Finally was told my warranty expired in August of this year, so time to buy a new one or subscribe to a costly warranty. No thanks. Will opt to get the old fashion composter.

Needs to have larger capacity and lower subscription price
November 25, 2023

Wish I had seen this first instead of all the handyman type reviews.

Cons: The Lomi volume is small. There are 2 of us and I was running it 2 times a day. We are home for all meals and I cook from scratch using a lot of fresh vegetables. It also has an odor that I don't like. Plus it is expensive with quarterly subscription of $60. They replaced the first one because of the smell. The second one has the same smell. And it got extremely warm on the outside. It also uses a lot more energy than advertised. Since I stopped using it we have shaved 5% off our electric usage. I am done with Lomi.

Plusses: It reduced our household trash to one 11 gallon bag a week. It does cook and grind the scraps to a nice consistency. Makes you fell like you are helping your carbon foot print.

Trick You Into Paying For Filters And Other Things You Will Not Need!
June 22, 2023

The composter itself works pretty well, but the company absolutely tricks its customers into buying things not needed. I tried to get the repeat payments stopped, explaining that I did not require the ABUNDANCE of extra filters and they refused to stop sending/billing. It sucks because they seemed like a very cool progressive company, but actions speak louder than promotion.

I use it once a week, replaced charcoal, but still smells
June 8, 2023
It works really great, but smells like sour food, that consumes inside my house. What is the problem.????

Lawns? I doubt that Pela/lomi is about the earth - more about making money
May 9, 2023

I do love the idea. After having some problems with my lomi and a filter replacement it works, somewhat. Never sure which cycle to use as there are no intuitive instructions on the machine.

I keep my scraps and coffee grinds in a closed container in the fridge and use lomi perhaps once a week. But the smell is just awful (and the charcoal pellets are very expensive) not good for kitchen use (noise and smell - I was warned about the noise though).

I am however very disappointed that lomi's first advertising strategy is to talk about lush lawns. What is good for the environment is not monoculture turfgrass lawns ( ecological desserts) but diversity - plant several native species!

If you use advertising slogans like sustainability , food waste and carbon footprint please don't pick and choose what you think will sell your product. Pela, do the right thing! Lawns are terrible for the environment!

Perfect lawns require water (in dry months), herbicides (bad for your health and the environment), maintenance labour, and machines (producing air, particle, and noise pollution) in addition to releasing an insane amount of greenhouse gasses (those that are fossil-fueled).

Suggestions for planting groundcovers replacing turfgrass that tolerate light to medium foot traffic are Wild strawberry (Fragaria Virginiana), Blue violet (Viola sororia), Barren strawberry (Waldesteinia fragarioides), Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens), Field pussytoes (Antenaria neglecta), and Yellow Wood sorrel (Oxcalis grandis).

Do your research on composters before buying
March 10, 2023

I purchased my Lomi January 7, 2023 and it has malfunctioned already by showing a red light on at first around the full panel and then the second attempt on the cooling section of the panel.

I contacted customer service several times through several emails they are trying to show I possibly on one event did not have the lid on correct, Which is not possible because I have been very careful making sure that it was in place and tight.

The final solution for my red light on the cooling section is that the fan is bad and they are going to send my a new one once I email my serial number. Now they expect me to replace the fan in this Lomi that has already failed on me in 2 months.

So make your minds up based on that. Also remember you cannot use your soil direct on anything without mixing the lomi dirt at a ratio of 1 part to your garden soil or indoor plant soil of 10 parts. You have to be very careful what you put into your lomi so that the blades do not get stuck. Also I recommend if you do buy a lomi make sure to wash it every time you use it. This will help alleviate any thing from getting under your blades and making a gummy mess that sticks.

Great idea. Product itself sucks
February 12, 2023

We are waiting for our 2nd Lomi replacement (once customer service gets back to us) as our 2nd lomi composter has suffered the same fate as our first. The composter cracks from the repeated heat cycles that occurs in the composting cycle. Aside from the cracks, the unit itself often lets out a vinegary smell (despite it being advertised as “smell free.” Yes, we routinely change the overpriced charcoal filters that you then inadvertently become a subscriber to.

The idea is good, but the product itself is a disappointment, that I curse at every time I see it on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, the thing was a gift for my spouse, so I can’t throw it out the window, but that is how I feel about this thing.

Great Product!
January 16, 2023

We’ve had our Lomi since May 2022 and it’s now January 2023. We run it at least once per week and have never had any issues. My wife and I are empty nesters and vegetarian, so we don’t have bones, meat scraps, etc., and there’s not a huge volume of food waste since it’s just the two of us.

My one concern is that we don’t need the filters and enzyme tablets as frequently as they want to send them due to lower usage; however, I did find that we can pause a shipment. This will be a helpful option and looks like that could help some of the other commenters on here.

Problem with lid on lomi
December 4, 2022

I HATE IT! It worked fine for about 6 times, although I had difficulty closing the lid.

Now, after a frustrating 20 minutes of trying to close the lid, I gave up and managed to get the machine working with the lid ajar... Do not buy!

Suni August 11, 2023

I found the lid was only difficult because sometimes the bucket doesn't seat properly. If you make sure it is all the way down--sometimes having to move the gear underneath it a bit--the lid will always close in my experience.

So far it doesn't do a thing and I can't find help
December 2, 2022

So far, not so good. I had a lot of trouble getting both charcoal filters open. looked all over the web for a video but found none.

I finally got it all set up and now it doesn't stay on. I can't find a number to call. The one number goes to an ATT service. I am very frustrated. still unable to compost anything. FRUSTRATED!!!

Too hard to clean
December 1, 2022
When I initially purchase the machie worked fine, but after a few months the bottom would get coated with a totally hard leather with whas very difficult to remove.. I tried several times afet the mechanism totally blocked and cleand but it continued to malfunction

Learn from my stupidity ‼️
November 22, 2022

Biggest scam and I’m the biggest moron. I try to live by certain “eco-friendly “ rules so Lomi stirred that part of me. What they don’t tell you is you can’t put a lot of materials into it -like thicker stems or certain bones or pits of any fruits etc. so many things. So you still have to have another bag of compost materials in addition to your Lomi, sitting in your kitchen. Which completely negates the point of the Lomi.

They also don’t tell you that you get signed up for an AutoShip of their filter nuggets for some crazy amount of like $50 every three months. Trying to get a hold of the company is almost impossible and trying to stop that auto debit is also very difficult. And if you do cancel the auto ship of their filter pebbles, then they void your warranty!!

Then of course there’s the whole idea of how much energy you use to dry out this stuff and then most likely just put it in your compost bin outside anyway which you would’ve done without spending electricity, time and filters.

And then you still have your other bag of compost items that you can’t put in your Lomi, so you have to put that out also on garbage day. In addition to the energy used, it didn’t dawn on me that I am buying a machine that’s made from plastic and that in and of itself is completely the opposite of eco-friendly.

I feel like a fool for having been scammed into buying this very expensive item that takes up so much room in your kitchen and make so much noise and creates a smell, unless you are on top of changing the very expensive filters.

There’s actually no positive reason to buy this, it costs a lot, it smells a lot, it’s noisy, it uses a lot of energy and your composted material probably just goes into the same place it would have if you hadn’t composted it. Useless. And the customer service rivals some of the worst companies in the world. Don’t buy it!

Rose November 22, 2022

I will say it only smells a lot when you don’t change the filter “on time”. The other thing I forgot to say is I’m pretty positive that the dried out product that comes from the Lomi on the normal cycles is not actually compost in that state. Only dirt from “grow mode” can go straight into your garden and that takes 16-20 hours of running time ! Hardly eco-friendly!!!

LauraValdes January 22, 2023

You make a lot of sense. I received one for Christmas because my husband knows I am into using things that will help contribute to have a greener world. I will try to make the best out of it just because it was given to me with the greatest intention. Thank you for your feedback.

Poor service
November 22, 2022

And this is why Chinese companies like Deebot and umi (transformers) will get the market in the long run. When our Deebot broke down, there was an instant response, they sent me a postage paid sticker, repaired it and returned it. We bought another.

Our Lomi broke down, the auto reply facility is not helpful. The product worked for several months, and we thought it great. Now, not so much.

Taken for a ride by our good intentions
October 19, 2022

While the idea is laudable, the economics don’t add up. We use 3 to 4 hours of electricity to make a couple of cups of dirt.

Secondly, the customer service is terrible. From enrollment into an unrequested program for $39.00 every 3 months for filters we did not yet need, to threatening a loss of warranty if we unsubscribe from the program.

We finally decided that we were taken for a ride by our good intentions and this was part of the tuition in the school of life.

Customer service is not great
October 15, 2022

3 stars for the unit and 1 star for customer service.

I originally signed up for the subscription, but when I was charged for the first charcoal refill kit, I realized I didn't use the unit enough to need the refills sent that often...so I canceled the subscription.

However, the refill never arrived. I contacted customer service and they advised that it was lost in transit and they would send again. Great. Only I am still waiting and the replacement never arrived either. They confirmed they have the right address. I asked what they were going to do... They basically said...Oh well...

Still no refill that I paid for.

Still works great after 7 months of weekly use
October 4, 2022

Got my Lomi in March 2022 and it still works great. I use it at least once a week. No difference in my electricity bill, though it is *far* louder than advertised. I've composted food scraps, egg shells, a Pela phone case, biodegradable packaging, egg cartons, paper, cat hair, and all kinds of other things. No smell inside the house and the product is sleek and looks nice.

The company itself is problematic when it comes to clarity and communication (hence the 4 stars instead of 5). It's impossible to get ahold of anyone or to get a response. It took me forever to figure out how to cancel the automatic shipment of tablets and charcoal as they've made it nearly impossible. I also hate that there's no option to enroll in the subscription -- Pela automatically signs you up. I've had issues with the company as a customer purchasing their phone cases but haven't needed to contact them about the Lomi yet.

You do have to take care to break/tear/cut the materials down to smaller sizes, to make sure you stick to the recommendations for what to put in and in what amounts, and to mix a small portion of the resulting compost with your soil. But, mixed with soil, worm castings, and compost from our bin and tumbler, our plants it created a great environment for our plants and we got really strong, healthy growth.

Some learning curves, and dealing with Pela is no picnic, but as for the Lomi itself, I'm very happy with the product 7 months in

Don't bother
September 29, 2022

This unit is very expensive. I find it very fussy to use as you need to ensure the right mix of ingredients. When I used the finished product with my houseplants it became moldy. Mine broke after only 3weeks. I am now waiting for a replacement. I do not recommend.