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About Lomi Compost Bin

The Lomi Compost Machine from Pela is a simple machine that is meant to make it easier to turn food scraps into usable compost that is rich in nutrients. It is a compact machine that can help people to change the way they deal with waste, so less goes into the landfills.

The compost created could be used for a home garden, houseplants, flowerbeds, and more. This is a relatively new product that is still on IndieGoGo and earning money. It is expected to ship in December of 2021, but it is possible to preorder now.

How Does It Work?

Lomi is different from other types of kitchen composters because it works in three different ways. It will break down the waste, create compost, and decompose bioplastics. It uses heat, moisture, and smart sensors to help improve the rate of biodegradation, allowing you to create usable compost relatively quickly.

The machine is easy to use, as it only requires a single button. There are no complicated settings or programming to worry about with the compost machine. It is a user-friendly device. 


It is possible to add waste to Lomi while it is running. While this is convenient, it is important to keep in mind that it will start the cycle over again. It’s better to wait to add new material until the current cycle is complete unless it is still early in the cycle.

In the United States and Canada, the product will be 110V. The Australian Plug will be 220V to 240V. The EU version will have a type C plug. The EU version will run at 220 to 240V as well. You can run a cycle whenever needed. It’s recommended that you do not leave food scraps just sitting in the compost machine, though, as it could start to lead to odors.

Pela, the company that makes the product, looks to provide green solutions even with the construction of the compost machine. It is made from recyclable plastic, while the interior pieces are made from durable metal.

Loma is also going to be part of the Pela 360 program. This means that instead of tossing the machine into the landfill, owners can send it back to the company, so it can be disposed of properly.

How Big is the Lomi Compost Machine?

One of the benefits of the Lomi Compost Machine compared with other compost bins is the size. The measurements for the product are only 16” wide,  13” deep, and 12” high. It is small enough to easily fit into most kitchens without any issue. The appearance of the compost bin is kitchen-friendly, as well. It should fit in well with other appliances thanks to the design and white color.

How Long Does the Machine Take to Turn Waste into Compost?

The length of time it takes will depend on a couple of factors. First, it will depend on the cycle that you choose. Second, it depends on the types of items that are in the machine. The Eco cycle will provide quality compost in about 20 hours. The Express cycle is the shortest and will create neutral natural fertilizer in about six hours. The Bioplastics cycle can also produce fertilizer. This will take about 24 hours. The end product of all of the cycles will be usable compost. The Eco cycle will provide the most mature compost.

The number of times that you might have to use the product each week will vary, as well. It will depend on the amount of food waste you have. In some cases, a household with just two people might only need to run the machine two or three times a week. For a larger household, it might need to be run daily.

What Food Scraps Can Be Used?

You can use a range of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and other items in the compost machine. The IndieGogo site and the manual will have full instructions on what can and can’t be used with the machine.

How Much Will the Lomi Compost Machine Cost?

There are several tiers on IndieGoGo for the compost machine.

  • IndieGoGo Special – $379 for a single machine.
  • Lomi – Early International - $399 for a single machine
  • 2 Lomi Special –  $699 for two machines
  • 4 Lomi Special – $1,299 for four machines
  • 10 Lomi Special – $3,199 for 10 machines

The estimated delivery is December of 2021 for all products except for the Early International offering, which is September of 2022.

Is There a Warranty?

Lomi will come with a 1-year warranty, which will be extended to a 3-year warranty when the buyer registers the product. The warranty will cover manufacturer defects in the product material or workmanship.

Is Lomi Worth It?

Although there is a lot of excitement around the Lomi Compost Machine and all of the new technology it is bringing to composting, it is not yet available, and there aren’t any customer reviews yet to determine whether it is legit. However, all of the information that is being provided appears to be upfront and honest, and those who are interested in composting their food scraps will want to check the machine out to see if it might work well for their needs.

As mentioned, Pela says that making a preorder through IndieGoGo will be the cheapest price available for the machine, so it may be a good decision to order early.

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