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Lomi Composter
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The Lomi Composter from Pela is a machine aiming to make it easier to turn food scraps into a usable compost which is rich in nutrients. 

The Lomi compost could be used for a home garden, houseplants, flowerbeds, and other household uses. 

Lomi creators state their product can help customers change the way they deal with waste, so less goes into the landfills.

How Does it Work?

Lomi is different from other types of kitchen composters because it works in three different ways.  It will break down the waste, create compost, and decompose bioplastics. 

It uses heat, moisture, and smart sensors to help improve the rate of biodegradation, allowing you to create usable compost relatively quickly.

The machine is easy to use, as it only requires a single button.  There are no complicated settings or programming to worry about with the compost machine. It is a user-friendly device.

It is possible to add waste to Lomi while it is running.  While this is convenient, it is important to keep in mind that it will start the cycle over again.

It’s better to wait to add new material until the current cycle is complete unless it is still early in the cycle.

In the United States and Canada, the product will be 110V. The Australian Plug will be 220V to 240V. The EU version will have a type C plug.

The EU version will run at 220 to 240V as well.  You can run a cycle whenever needed.

It’s recommended that you do not leave food scraps just sitting in the compost machine, though, as it could start to lead to odors.

Pela, the company that makes the product, looks to provide green solutions even with the construction of the compost machine.  It's made from recyclable plastic, while the interior pieces are made from durable metal.

Loma is also going to be part of the Pela 360 program. This means that instead of tossing the machine into the landfill, owners can send it back to the company, so it can be disposed of properly.

How Big is the Lomi Composter?

One of the benefits of the Lomi Compost compared with other compost bins is the size. 

The measurements for the product are only 16” wide,  13” deep, and 12” high.  It's small enough to easily fit into most kitchens without any issue.

The appearance of the compost bin is kitchen-friendly, as well. It should fit in well with other appliances thanks to the design and white color.

How Long Does Lomi Take to Turn Waste into Compost?

The length of time it takes will depend on a couple of factors.

First, it will depend on the cycle that you choose. Second, it depends on the types of items that are in the machine.  The Eco cycle will provide quality compost in about 20 hours.

The Express cycle is the shortest and will create neutral natural fertilizer in about six hours.  The Bioplastics cycle can also produce fertilizer. This will take about 24 hours.

The end product of all of the cycles will be usable compost. The Eco cycle will provide the most mature compost.

The number of times that you might have to use the product each week will vary, as well.  It will depend on the amount of food waste you have.

In some cases, a household with just two people might only need to run the machine two or three times a week.  For a larger household, it might need to be run daily.

What Food Scraps Can Be Used?

You can use a range of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and other items in the compost machine.

The IndieGogo site and the manual will have full instructions on what can and can’t be used with the machine.

How Much Will the Lomi Composter Cost?

There are several tiers on IndieGoGo for the compost machine.

  • IndieGoGo Special – $379 for a single machine.
  • Lomi – Early International - $399 for a single machine
  • 2 Lomi Special –  $699 for two machines
  • 4 Lomi Special – $1,299 for four machines
  • 10 Lomi Special – $3,199 for 10 machines

The estimated delivery is December of 2021 for all products except for the Early International offering, which is September of 2022.

Is There a Warranty?

Lomi will come with a 1-year warranty, which will be extended to a 3-year warranty when the buyer registers the product.

The warranty will cover manufacturer defects in the product material or workmanship.

Is the Lomi Composter Worth It?

Although there is a lot of excitement around the Lomi Compost and all of the new technology it is bringing to composting, it's not yet available, and there aren’t any customer reviews yet to determine whether it is legit.

However, all of the information that is being provided appears to be upfront and honest, and those who are interested in composting their food scraps will want to check the machine out to see if it might work well for their needs.

As mentioned, Pela says that making a preorder through IndieGoGo will be the cheapest price available for the machine, so it may be a good decision to order early.

If you have any experience with the Lomi Composter, please leave your reviews below.

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So far it doesn't do a thing and I can't find help
December 2, 2022

So far, not so good. I had a lot of trouble getting both charcoal filters open. looked all over the web for a video but found none.

I finally got it all set up and now it doesn't stay on. I can't find a number to call. The one number goes to an ATT service. I am very frustrated. still unable to compost anything. FRUSTRATED!!!

Too hard to clean
December 1, 2022
When I initially purchase the machie worked fine, but after a few months the bottom would get coated with a totally hard leather with whas very difficult to remove.. I tried several times afet the mechanism totally blocked and cleand but it continued to malfunction

Learn from my stupidity ‼️
November 22, 2022

Biggest scam and I’m the biggest moron. I try to live by certain “eco-friendly “ rules so Lomi stirred that part of me. What they don’t tell you is you can’t put a lot of materials into it -like thicker stems or certain bones or pits of any fruits etc. so many things. So you still have to have another bag of compost materials in addition to your Lomi, sitting in your kitchen. Which completely negates the point of the Lomi. They also don’t tell you that you get signed up for an AutoShip of their filter nuggets for some crazy amount of like $50 every three months. Trying to get a hold of the company is almost impossible and trying to stop that auto debit is also very difficult. And if you do cancel the auto ship of their filter pebbles, then they void your warranty!!

Then of course there’s the whole idea of how much energy you use to dry out this stuff and then most likely just put it in your compost bin outside anyway which you would’ve done without spending electricity, time and filters. And then you still have your other bag of compost items that you can’t put in your Lomi,so you have to put that out also on garbage day. In addition to the energy used, it didn’t dawn on me that I am buying a machine that’s made from plastic and that in and of itself is completely the opposite of eco-friendly.

I feel like a fool for having been scammed into buying this very expensive item that takes up so much room in your kitchen and make so much noise and creates a smell, unless you are on top of changing the very expensive filters. There’s actually no positive reason to buy this, it costs a lot, it smells a lot, it’s noisy, it uses a lot of energy and your composted material probably just goes into the same place it would have if you hadn’t composted it. Useless. And the customer service rivals some of the worst companies in the world. Don’t buy it!

Rose November 22, 2022

I will say it only smells a lot when you don’t change the filter “on time”. The other thing I forgot to say is I’m pretty positive that the dried out product that comes from the Lomi on the normal cycles is not actually compost in that state. Only dirt from “grow mode” can go straight into your garden and that takes 16-20 hours of running time ! Hardly eco-friendly!!!

Poor service
November 22, 2022
And this is why Chinese companies like Deebot and umi (transformers) will get the market in the long run. When our Deebot broke down, there was an instant response, they sent me a postage paid sticker, repaired it and returned it. We bought another. Our Lomi broke down, the auto reply facility is not helpful. The product worked for several months, and we thought it great. Now, not so much.

Taken for a ride by our good intentions
October 19, 2022

While the idea is laudable, the economics don’t add up. We use 3 to 4 hours of electricity to make a couple of cups of dirt.

Secondly, the customer service is terrible. From enrollment into an unrequested program for $39.00 every 3 months for filters we did not yet need, to threatening a loss of warranty if we unsubscribe from the program.

We finally decided that we were taken for a ride by our good intentions and this was part of the tuition in the school of life.

Customer service is not great
October 15, 2022

3 stars for the unit and 1 star for customer service.

I originally signed up for the subscription, but when I was charged for the first charcoal refill kit, I realized I didn't use the unit enough to need the refills sent that often...so I canceled the subscription.

However, the refill never arrived. I contacted customer service and they advised that it was lost in transit and they would send again. Great. Only I am still waiting and the replacement never arrived either. They confirmed they have the right address. I asked what they were going to do... They basically said...Oh well...

Still no refill that I paid for.

Still works great after 7 months of weekly use
October 4, 2022

Got my Lomi in March 2022 and it still works great. I use it at least once a week. No difference in my electricity bill, though it is *far* louder than advertised. I've composted food scraps, egg shells, a Pela phone case, biodegradable packaging, egg cartons, paper, cat hair, and all kinds of other things. No smell inside the house and the product is sleek and looks nice.

The company itself is problematic when it comes to clarity and communication (hence the 4 stars instead of 5). It's impossible to get ahold of anyone or to get a response. It took me forever to figure out how to cancel the automatic shipment of tablets and charcoal as they've made it nearly impossible. I also hate that there's no option to enroll in the subscription -- Pela automatically signs you up. I've had issues with the company as a customer purchasing their phone cases but haven't needed to contact them about the Lomi yet.

You do have to take care to break/tear/cut the materials down to smaller sizes, to make sure you stick to the recommendations for what to put in and in what amounts, and to mix a small portion of the resulting compost with your soil. But, mixed with soil, worm castings, and compost from our bin and tumbler, our plants it created a great environment for our plants and we got really strong, healthy growth.

Some learning curves, and dealing with Pela is no picnic, but as for the Lomi itself, I'm very happy with the product 7 months in

Don't bother
September 29, 2022

This unit is very expensive. I find it very fussy to use as you need to ensure the right mix of ingredients. When I used the finished product with my houseplants it became moldy. Mine broke after only 3weeks. I am now waiting for a replacement. I do not recommend.

Worst customer service
September 17, 2022

I purchased this Lomi direct from the company and after a few days of using it a red light came on. I reached out to Lomi customer service and it took a week for them to reply. Their customer service is horrible. They think it’s a fan issue and promised me a new fan but it never came.

I fought the case with my credit card company and I won. . Don’t ever waste your money on this overpriced compost invention. You’ll be stuck buying an overpriced activated charcoal every few months. Not worth it!!!

Beware of their subscription scam!
September 6, 2022

Reprehensible - they store your credit card information and try forcing you into a $50/month subscription.

Scam product from a scam company
September 5, 2022
Worked for under two months then the company refused to stand behind their warranty. We took it apart to try to fix it and it turns out it's made from a breadmaker. This company is a sad joke and frankly a scam.

overpriced garbage
September 4, 2022
sucks. don't buy. what a waste of money.

Only worked for 3 months
August 10, 2022

Stopped working after 3 months

I have to jump through hoops to get it fixed

I asked for a refund but was denied.

Wish I had never bought it

Lomi scam
August 5, 2022

Do not buy a lomi. I got an autoship of 140 USD of products which I did not order. I said cancel it for I can order it as I need it

They said my 3 yr warranty is now canceled. What a scam!!!!!!!

Cant Return It You are Stuck With It
July 19, 2022

This company sure does protect itself. In order for me to return the machine I would lose my deposit. Then I was told that because I took the plastic off I would not get a full refund as it has to be completely as it was when it was shipped. Next came the subscription. I am beyond disappointed and this company needs to refund all of our money!

HannahM September 13, 2022

After 1 month of it working it quit. I loved it too when operational! Went through a painful process through their email as there is no phone number. This took almost 2 months. They finally sent me a new fan which did not solve the problem. Still shuts off after 15 seconds. Wish I never bought it. I'm now out $550. Next: Better Business Bureau. What a shame. Worst customer service I've EVER experienced! Hannah M

Over-priced ez bake oven with poor CS
July 13, 2022

We got it in March 2022. We used it perhaps 2x a week until mid-May 2022 when it stopped working. It never did compost the full range of items they advertise; it works fine on regular compostable materials. It's noisy. The finished product can be smelly, but not obnoxiously so.

I emailed them when it stopped working in mid-May. It took 6 days for them to respond to my email and only after I sent a second, not so nice, follow up. They wanted a video of what it was doing. I sent that.

Then they wanted to know "what address" to ship the replacement parts to so I could repair it myself. In the meantime, they had no trouble auto shipping a "subscription" package to me for the dandy price of $49.95.

It is now mid-July and the Lomi sits on my counter top, taking up a lot of space, completely useless, and Lomi still has not shipped the part they want me to replace in it to make it work again.

Their latest excuse is that when I told them I didn't want the "auto-shipment" that they understood that to mean I didn't want the replacement part. B/c that makes perfect sense. They don't like me; I don't like them; I think they're a bunch of scam artists and this is an overpriced easy bake oven. Don't bother.

Does not work as advertised. A rip off. Save your money.
July 2, 2022

It is a rip off I ordered a Lomi and have used it 7 times It does not work as advertised and the compost to be used in the garden comes out like a cow patty.

No customer service nor does their website give information on how to contact them.

Don’t waste your money or kitchen counter space. $500 thrown away.

CaroleThomas August 26, 2022

In order for your waste materials to look like “dirt “you have to use the Lomi activator tablet. That needs to be added at the beginning of the cycle along with the prescribed amount of water. Then your waste materials will then be reduced to low me “dirt.“ you can purchase the tablets at the Lomi website or at other companies that sell the same tablets.

CaroleThomas August 26, 2022

Spelling correction Lomi “dirt “

After you buy their product, they "automatically" enroll you in a service you do NOT want!
July 2, 2022

I hate this company. I have been trying since June 24, 2022, to cancel their subscription service for quarterly receipts of charcoal to use in the machine. They have made it as hard as possible. I cannot find the cancel subscription button, although I scrolled to the bottom of my account (as instructed) and although their is a place that says "Manage Membership."

First of all, I never enrolled in their "subscription service" for charcoal. They "automatically" put me in it. Second, there website makes it appear that you "must request" this service. They do NOT clearly indicate that enrollment is "automatic." What a SCAM!!! They are SCAMMERS!

KimRosekrans September 12, 2022

You have to sign up for an account. In your account you hit manage subscription, scroll to bottom and hit cancel. Once you do that, I'd make a copy for your records. I did this today. You could change cancel your debit/credit card. More work for you, but then they can bill your account.

Good machine but beware
June 30, 2022

I purchased this to be more efficient. I must say the machine works well and make fertile soil out of food waste quickly. However, they don’t tell or warn you not to leave the compost in the bucket!

I made a batch of compost and forgot it for about a week or so…when I opened the unit and tried to remove the basket it wouldn’t move. The compost was almost rock hard!!!! I had to get a screw driver and hammer and gently break up the compost.

After removing as much as I could, the basket was still stuck and the paddle was not moving. I tried soaking it in vinegar & baking soda overnight. A little of the compost came off but it was still stuck.

I looked and saw that several people had written and said they encountered a problem with the paddle getting stuck. And made several suggestions. I wrote to customer service and finally got a reply. They suggested putting boiling water in the bucket and letting it soak for about 1/2 hr. I did that…still nothing.

Eventually we used a steamer and more boiling water and I was finally able to get the bucket out. With a lot of elbow grease, thin wire and several hours of time spent….the paddle was freed and bucket removed!

I responded to the email from customer service about how difficult it was to get the machine operational again and that they need to include a warning about leaving compost in the bucket….no response.

Bottom line: don’t ever leave compost sitting in the bucket and make sure you clean it thoroughly.

Inferior product - poorly made
June 30, 2022
The first time I used it, it worked. The second time I tried, I could not get the lid to go back on to securely close the unit. If I take the bucket out, the lid completely shuts, but with the bucket securely placed back in, the lid does not close no matter how many times you try to jiggle or turn the lid to go on. I contacted customer service for assistance, but they will not return my calls or emails. This product is worthless if you can't get the lid on!