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Easier to burn your scraps
April 21, 2022

It sort of does what it says, but not as well or as quietly as they claim. The results I have had are not dirt, as they claim; it's just ground up whatever you put in it. It is much louder than my dishwasher. The bucket does not hold much.

They say to put the compostable packaging into it with your food scraps, but it is going to take months to compost all of it. You also have to tear/cut everything into small pieces; easier to burn it.

The site does not have a place for you to write a review either.

Pre-Order SCAM! Avoid do not pre-order with this company. Super skeezy business practices.
April 20, 2022

The website does not accurately show that the $49 order deposit is non-refundable but the customer service rep is telling me that they are unable to refund it. I have looked everywhere for this disclaimer but it is nowhere to be found. Not in the order terms, not in the web page/order page, and not even in the terms of service section at the bottom of the website.

This website also says a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, money back no questions. BUT I CAN'T GET A REFUND ON AN ORDER CANCELATION? They say they care about the environment, but the fact that in order to get the $49 back I would need to have them ship me a product to then have me send it back to them. What about the carbon emissions it would take to send a product only for it to have to be sent back? Clearly they don't care that much, either that or their "money back guarantee" is just as scammy as this pre-order is.

This company is incredibly questionable in how they are running things. I am waiting on a response from customer service after fighting back about the order cancellation and deposit refund. If they do not handle this soon, I am going to have to go to my bank regarding this matter.

Pleased with my Lomi
April 19, 2022

The company was clear about requiring a deposit to secure the order. The payment was charged to my credit card a month prior to receiving the product. Which would account for the shipping time. (from Canada I believe).

I have used x5 and have been very pleased with the results. I don't want the hassle of an outdoor compost.

The product does all it says it will, so far.

I have not had to deal with customer service yet so cant speak to customer issues with that.

I cant imagine that little machine requiring that much power to run for 6-24 hours. At least its not reflected on my power bill. So I vindicate myself by saying I feed better putting my waste in here than in the trash can. Doing my little bit I guess you could say.

It works!
April 16, 2022
We plan to run our Lomi only on the grow cycle - the longest one. We did one patch and it worked - we ended up with soil that we mixed with the dirt for our plants and they perked up. We will be adding it to our outdoor gardens as well. We did build a shelf for it to run in the garage as it's a little loud at night.

It Deserves No Stars! It Is All Hype. Tell You Only What You Want To Hear
April 11, 2022

Bad. Don't buy it. They tell you only the good stuff!!! Not the other!!! I warned you! Price is outrageous! Then they keep your credit card number to send refills so you can’t get it anywhere else. Then they don’t tell you what it cost. Just the down payment of $49. Then bill you for $499.

Xxx April 11, 2022

And they tell you to try Lomi for free 30 days but when you get it you can only get your money back if it’s not used and in original box!!!

Poor communication - not sure yet about the product
April 6, 2022

It is difficult to write this. Stated simply, my experience of their business practices relative to communication is one of extreme dismay. The advertising campaign is skilled and impressive, with a plethora of videos online. The advertising campaign creates a strong favorable first impression and I am sure that this is what engendered great excitement and initial orders.

However, calling and emailing these people with specific questions is a practice of futility. The replies I received were extremely evasive, distracted and inattentive. Some were quite rude. The use of cut and paste corporate speak is the sole method employed there, even when I asked to speak to a supervisor. They did not ever actually answer my questions. I attempted to write about the poor communications in the review section of their website but was blocked, and not because I used rude or foul language.

I placed my deposit in September of 2021, being told on the day that I ordered it that I would have delivery of unit in February of 2022. I was required to send in the balance January 12, 2022. I received the Lomi on March 17, 2022. No apologies for being late whatsoever. They are very casual about missed deadlines. The corporate attitude they employ puts a real damper on any alignment with the values of environmental idealism.

I have used the Lomi only three times. It is indeed quiet. There is no smell coming from the unit. It does break kitchen waste down into something like small woody chips. I am a serious gardener, with ample opportunity to distribute the "compost" that is created. I am not yet sure there is any environmental advantage to using a Lomi because you need to use the electricity for many hours to get the resulting "compost."

It does indeed break down things like banana peels, onion scraps, asparagus ends, lemon rinds into this woody chippy stuff. If you use the long 16-hour cycle, you get something like paper thin woody chips, if you use the brief 4-hour cycle, you let lumps that are similar to dime sized bits of hard dried plastic.

Who knows when these will decompose when mixed with the soil. I just don't know about having to use a 16 hour cycle all the time to get a genuine breakdown. The machine is attractive. You do have to place it far from any wall or cupboard or anything when using it, as it releases steam for a good while.

Sorry folks: Not so sure yet that the this product isn't greatly over-rated. If I go on to find it more helpful in the future, I will return and write again.

Love the Lomi!!!
April 4, 2022

Not sure why all the negative reviews. So, far I love the Lomi. I have used it for several weeks now and most weeks several consecutive days in a row.

It has produced exactly what it says it will and the composted material is easily added to the soil mixtures that I utilize.

This year's growing season will be the test of the results of it being added to my gardening. However, so far I have zero complaints and no regrets purchasing the unit. The whole experience including the funding and purchasing experience has been 5 star.

Don't judge the product by the shady business practices of the company
March 26, 2022

The negative reviews contained here are all about the early charges to credit cards and the misguided language on the reservation page.

I cannot defend Pela's business practice of saying 'Pay 49 to hold your unit, the rest is payable on shipment' ... then charging the full balance the next week, and finally shipping the product 6-8 weeks later. I don't. I think it is super deceptive. But I can defend the product itself.

I have been a long-time composter - I used Nature Mill (twice before the company went out of business), the a barrel roller (still), and now this, I can attest that the hype is completely true. I have been working through a 25 gallon bin of partially composted material (we live in the Northeast and basically compost stays frozen outdoors for 5 months of the year).

In three days of mostly constant use, I am chugging through the old lumpy wet compost from 3-4 months ago and turning it into beautiful, dry, usable material. It works, it works well, it meets the hype.

SandraDraibye May 16, 2022

I had the same experience with the shady business practices. I would have been fine paying the full amount when I purchased it - but I really object to being told a balance will be charged on "shipment" - and then the next week having them charge me because they are starting 'assembly'.

In my case when I objected and asked for a refund - they said oh they just had a unit unexpectedly come up and they were shipping it to me. Six weeks later I still hadn't received the unit and the FedEx number had 'pending' as the delivery date. I live on Vancouver Island and it was coming from Kelowna - I could walk here in that length of time.

They did refund me the entire amount - and I have happily ordered a vitamix composter - I have had a vitamix blender for 20 years - they are well made and vitamix is great to deal with and stands behind their product. Good to hear that Lomi has a great product - I frankly worried what else they had been lying about - but I want to deal with companies that have integrity - there are too many other hassles in life to deal with a company that lies to you.

Our Lomi Composter works Great!
March 26, 2022

We have received our Lomi composter and it is working great. We have composted our veggie and fruit scraps, and the unit has worked fine each time.

The soil looks great, will start planting flowers in pots with the soil next week. I had good responses with customer service when I had questions.

I receive texts and emails from Lomi about the operation of the unit, and tips on how to use the composter. We are happy!

Is Lomi a Fraud
March 12, 2022

I had ordered a Lomi and paid the $49 deposit.

I was informed that is would charged the balance once the Lomi shipped.

Lomi decided to charge me $449 a few days later and had no idea when the Lomi would ship.

Clearly the company is using customer payments to fund their operations.

When I raised my concern with the Lomi Rep she got very defensive,. I further shared the fact that the Lomi was a fraud . I cancelled the order and have reported Lomi to the authorities.

Mable April 19, 2022

I was charged on my credit card and received my Lomi within the week. When purchased they gave an estimate of when it would be available. Just as expected.

Rude Customer Responses
February 25, 2022

I am appalled by how rude and defensive the responses to customers have been. If you have a good product, why not just simply improve your web page with transparent language and satisfy customers rather than charge them an extra $50 just for ordering. Good companies do not take money until products are shipped. I am now dubious of your product!!!

GaryDavis March 06, 2022

This thing is unnecessary. Get a pot with a lid an leave on your counter. Instructions: 1. Put food scraps in pot. 2. Put lid on pot. 3. Empty in flowerbeds when full. 4. Return pot to counter.

Craig March 12, 2022

The phone numbers are dead ends with no opportunity to speak with anyone. Email complaints only receive circular arguments. The website clearly states the final payment is made when the lomi ships. Which is a complete lie they collected our $450 feb3 now March 12 we still don’t have a lomi. Customer dis-service only says it will ship 6-10 weeks after payment. This can only mean Chinese orders are placed at some point AFTER final payment then shipped after they are built. They are already telling us our next pods will be billed on may 1st! The pods are supposed to last 3 months. Now we will likely be getting replacement pods or billed for them before the lomi even is delivered. Don’t buy from pela/lomi. Very dishonest company!

Customer Service is very poor.
February 22, 2022

I was excited to receive the Lomi and felt good about supporting their initiative. It worked perfectly for two days turning food waste into usable dry odorless earth. Then the fan broke down. I contacted Pela and they referred me to the manual which I had read thoroughly before contacting them.

Contacted them a second time and told them it was the fan. They said in 3 to 5 days the fan would ship and I'd be notified. After 5 days still no word. I prompted them again and now it's 8 days, no word from them. Customer Service feels robotic--like nobody gives a damn. I regret this $400 purchase.

Roy February 27, 2022

Me too!! I just got my Lomi about a week ago. Worked great the first two times. Then after that the cooling light turned red with the first minute of starting a new cycle. Fan overheated. I read everything completely then retested and reset several times. I am in the process of contacting Pela since it’s Saturday and they are not available. Hopefully they can address this fan issue.

Lomi/Pela violate FTC 30-day shipping rule
February 17, 2022
This company charged me a $49 deposit in Jan 2022, then told me the remaining balance would hit my card once the device shipped. The remaining balance of $493.67 hit my card Feb 02, 2022. The device has not shipped, and a company rep told me it would arrive within 6-10 weeks. When I asked for a tracking number or the name of the delivery company, the rep told me the device was shipping from one location to another for continued assembly and packaging, and once complete, I would receive a tracking number. This is a violation of the FTC 30-day rule and it's illegal. If this happened to you, you can file a fraud report at ReportFraud.ftc.gov

KevinBuckley February 23, 2022

Any update? Did you get your Lomi?

They don't adhere to their own terms
February 17, 2022

Their website clearly states you pay $49 as a deposit and "Pay the remaining $450 when the product ships".

However, they just TOOK the remaining $450 and are telling me it'll ship in six more weeks!!!! WTF?

I'm angry and I don't even have the product yet.

Lomi *is* the Garbage
January 23, 2022

This product concept is absolute crap. Who needs this plastic, electronic device to do the work that bacteria do naturally?

No matter where you live, if you know how to compost properly, your food scraps will break down quickly and completely. The main thing is *air*: The bacteria that do the work are aerobic and need oxygen.

Apartment-dwellers- Do not cover your compost bin! Closed bins breed anaerobic bacteria, which stink. Open bins do the opposite.

Just learn proper composting, and find an outdoor site for your food scraps. Do not buy yet another piece of electronic junk.

Ken January 28, 2022

Do you have one?

DebS February 07, 2022

I live in an area that bears frequent and compost piles attract bears so this would be useful.

HollyE March 28, 2022

Conventional compost heaps do not get hot enough to process biodegradable plastics.

A company run by crooks not "engineers"
January 19, 2022

In my opinion this company is run by crooks. I missed the part that the initial fee of $49.99 was a deposit and the full price is $499.99. I feel like they are deliberately misleading about this. I immediately contacted customer support and tried to get the deposit back.

They will not do so. I asked for the order to be canceled. The girl said she would, but in the end she did not cancel my order.

So I am now tying to get $500 USD back not $50! I will try to return the product right away once I receive it, but I have a bad feeling that they will find a way to not take the product back in the end.

My advice... Never give them your credit card number. This is not a reputable company.

The true price and deposit
December 14, 2021

Based on the treatment I received within the first 2 minutes of my payment deposit, I will never do business with this company.

First of all, they don't reveal the true amount of the item. It's all very secretive, nothing is upfront. I sent in my $49 and they quickly replied, "thanks for the deposit". I was not aware that was just a deposit. I told them immediately that I didn't want a $500 item and they refused to give me my deposit back.

Shame on them. What a way to make money. On Peoples Mistakes!

Shirley February 03, 2022

Nothing secretive about it. Didn't you read before entering your credit card information and clicking "Submit"? Everything you're complaining about was there in plain English, including the part that says, "Deposit is non-refundable, even if you cancel your order."

Consider it a $50 Tax and be smarter next time.

Is there 0 star option ???
August 20, 2021

OH MY GOSH !!!! I just lived a terrible experience with them and got scammed of $50.

DO NOT fall for their scam.

First of all, BE AWARE when you buy their product, they FORCE on you a subscription without you even realizing it !!!! How Illegal should that be!!! Super sketchy tactics! The customer service is a part of that scam as well, very very bad poor and inefficient.

I just really really wanted to be composting myself very soon and I got so excited I ordered one. That sucks right off the gate because they take 50 bucks to reserve it and if you cancel 1 minute after, you will lose your deposit.

This subscription thing is absolutely the worst !!! You can't even tell from the website and the communication is terrible. Their website is just purposefully misleading and you cant find any relevant information.

There's a text without a check box thats says : "By confirming your payment, you allow Pela to charge your card for this payment and future payments in accordance with their terms."


Frenchi August 29, 2021

What do you mean? The subscription for just the $37 for filters monthly? I have just paid the deposit and the money won’t be taken until next year when it ships. I don’t see the issue, is there another subscription I’ve missed? I thought it’s a large payment when it ships and then just $37 a month

Cyn January 27, 2022

The total price of the product is $500, initial deposit is $49 while the item is pending to be shipped out for how everything long it will take. Based on your comment you also agreed for $37 monthly fee for a filter replacement?

MikeHunt February 21, 2022

It clearly says everything about the subscription on the first page where it says "Reserve Now." It is no ones fault but your own you didn't read everything before clicking "take my money!"

LuciaBartoli April 04, 2022

Mike your post “name” is an old old joke. I would imagine you work for this outfit and from what I am seeing it is a sketchy outfit. Or, failing that, you’re just trolling

Not a trustworthy company.
August 16, 2021
Terrible customer service who stand behind their false advertising. After being a customer for over 8 years I will never purchase from Pela or Lomi again...

CarlWhitefield August 19, 2021

Thanks, Ashley. It is great to see the actual truth coming out! Moreover, why would I want to pay such an exorbitant price to compost when nature does it extremely good! Naw, I will pass!

ChantelFarquharson September 30, 2021

I have dealt with Pela, and I am happy with their communications. I think they are heading in the right direction and need all the patience and support from the community. I think it is a brilliant idea and helps the city slicker that has not got space for a compost heap in his 'back room', hahahaha, to recycle. It takes the 'mess' out of recycling. I am happy to support the product idea and give it room for improvements. It has more of a practical use than a chip fryer. As for Pela, what type of phone case do you have? Is it compostable? How many have you had in your lifetime?

Jack December 04, 2021

I don't pay money to companies so I can be patient with them! I pay money to companies so they can provide products and services. I'm not here to baby a company that doesn't have their crap together. You just lost a first time customer!

RuthannJohnson February 13, 2022

I was interested, but this company sounds horrible. I won't even look at their product after hearing these terrible reviews.

SigneFriedrichs February 13, 2022

I hope for more review of the actual product. I understand the problem with the bait and switch advertising, but does it work? I am willing to spend money on a good product to break down these wastes, but only if it is a good product. I saw the $49 price and for interested, but long before I made a payment it was obvious the low price was a deceptive come-on. So although I sympathize with the people who didn't read carefully, I still want to know, DOES IT WORK well?

JenniferParker February 27, 2022

Same here! I don't care about someone not being able to read before they buy... I want to know if it works!