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The true price and deposit
December 14, 2021

Based on the treatment I received within the first 2 minutes of my payment deposit, I will never do business with this company.

First of all, they don't reveal the true amount of the item. It's all very secretive, nothing is upfront. I sent in my $49 and they quickly replied, "thanks for the deposit". I was not aware that was just a deposit. I told them immediately that I didn't want a $500 item and they refused to give me my deposit back.

Shame on them. What a way to make money. On Peoples Mistakes!

Shirley February 03, 2022

Nothing secretive about it. Didn't you read before entering your credit card information and clicking "Submit"? Everything you're complaining about was there in plain English, including the part that says, "Deposit is non-refundable, even if you cancel your order."

Consider it a $50 Tax and be smarter next time.

Is there 0 star option ???
August 20, 2021

OH MY GOSH !!!! I just lived a terrible experience with them and got scammed of $50.

DO NOT fall for their scam.

First of all, BE AWARE when you buy their product, they FORCE on you a subscription without you even realizing it !!!! How Illegal should that be!!! Super sketchy tactics! The customer service is a part of that scam as well, very very bad poor and inefficient.

I just really really wanted to be composting myself very soon and I got so excited I ordered one. That sucks right off the gate because they take 50 bucks to reserve it and if you cancel 1 minute after, you will lose your deposit.

This subscription thing is absolutely the worst !!! You can't even tell from the website and the communication is terrible. Their website is just purposefully misleading and you cant find any relevant information.

There's a text without a check box thats says : "By confirming your payment, you allow Pela to charge your card for this payment and future payments in accordance with their terms."


Frenchi August 29, 2021

What do you mean? The subscription for just the $37 for filters monthly? I have just paid the deposit and the money won’t be taken until next year when it ships. I don’t see the issue, is there another subscription I’ve missed? I thought it’s a large payment when it ships and then just $37 a month

Cyn January 27, 2022

The total price of the product is $500, initial deposit is $49 while the item is pending to be shipped out for how everything long it will take. Based on your comment you also agreed for $37 monthly fee for a filter replacement?

MikeHunt February 21, 2022

It clearly says everything about the subscription on the first page where it says "Reserve Now." It is no ones fault but your own you didn't read everything before clicking "take my money!"

LuciaBartoli April 04, 2022

Mike your post “name” is an old old joke. I would imagine you work for this outfit and from what I am seeing it is a sketchy outfit. Or, failing that, you’re just trolling

Not a trustworthy company.
August 16, 2021
Terrible customer service who stand behind their false advertising. After being a customer for over 8 years I will never purchase from Pela or Lomi again...

CarlWhitefield August 19, 2021

Thanks, Ashley. It is great to see the actual truth coming out! Moreover, why would I want to pay such an exorbitant price to compost when nature does it extremely good! Naw, I will pass!

ChantelFarquharson September 30, 2021

I have dealt with Pela, and I am happy with their communications. I think they are heading in the right direction and need all the patience and support from the community. I think it is a brilliant idea and helps the city slicker that has not got space for a compost heap in his 'back room', hahahaha, to recycle. It takes the 'mess' out of recycling. I am happy to support the product idea and give it room for improvements. It has more of a practical use than a chip fryer. As for Pela, what type of phone case do you have? Is it compostable? How many have you had in your lifetime?

Jack December 04, 2021

I don't pay money to companies so I can be patient with them! I pay money to companies so they can provide products and services. I'm not here to baby a company that doesn't have their crap together. You just lost a first time customer!

RuthannJohnson February 13, 2022

I was interested, but this company sounds horrible. I won't even look at their product after hearing these terrible reviews.

SigneFriedrichs February 13, 2022

I hope for more review of the actual product. I understand the problem with the bait and switch advertising, but does it work? I am willing to spend money on a good product to break down these wastes, but only if it is a good product. I saw the $49 price and for interested, but long before I made a payment it was obvious the low price was a deceptive come-on. So although I sympathize with the people who didn't read carefully, I still want to know, DOES IT WORK well?

JenniferParker February 27, 2022

Same here! I don't care about someone not being able to read before they buy... I want to know if it works!