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Konscious Keto Review: Need to Know

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 16, 2023


Konscious Keto is a company marketing a variety of dietary supplements, shakes, meal plans, and information guides about the Keto Diet.

While the core concept of a keto diet is fairly straightforward, making it work long term can be tricky due to the strict dietary requirements.

Companies like Konscious Keto aim to take the guesswork out of the diet by providing convenient alternatives for when you can’t cook.

Below we take a closer look at the Konscious Keto line of products and customer reviews to see if they're legit or just another diet company trying to cash in on a popular health trend.

How Does Konscious Keto Work?

The Keto Diet has a history of being used to treat certain medical conditions such as Epilepsy and Diabetes. [1

In recent years it has become a popular weight loss option and healing diet for some gut related issues.

The diet calls for a drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake, to the point of switching your metabolism to process ketones produced from fat for fuel instead of glucose.  This process is known as ketosis. [2]

The idea is that your body can use its existing fat stores for fuel leading to weight reduction.  This is different from other low carb diets that call for higher protein intake.

On a Keto diet your macronutrient intake typically looks something like this:

  • 70-80% calories from fat
  • 10-20% calories from protein
  • 5-10% calories from carbohydrates

Part of the reason that people subscribe to services like Konscious Keto is that it can be daunting having to keep track of everything that you eat in order to maintain ketosis, especially if you are new to this way of eating.

Konscious Keto Products

If you’re interested in the Simple Keto System meal plan, you’ll start by taking a personally-tailored meal plan quiz at SimpleKetoSystem.com.

This will give you an idea of which 28-day meal plan is right for you.  

Your customized plan will also come with access to an app and a calculator so you can easily figure out the recommended macros for your diet.

When you take the quiz, you'll be able to specify your weight, age, height, activity level, and dietary preferences.  

You can list foods (particularly meats) that you would like to include and those that you would like to omit from your diet.

After taking this body type quiz, you’ll get a detailed list of recipes you can try and products you can use to jumpstart your weight loss.

Supplements and Shakes

Konscious Keto offers several different products, including supplements and shakes.  

One of the most popular is the Keto Activate Dark Chocolate Truffle.

This supplement is formulated to provide key minerals and nutrients for those on the keto diet, with one serving containing almost a full daily requirement of Magnesium.

It also includes BHB Exogenous Ketones.  This is one type of ketone that is also produced in your body.  

It's thought that taking these types of supplements can help reach ketosis and also mitigate some of the negative side effects of transitioning to this diet. [3]

However, much more research is needed to see if these types of supplements actually promote weight loss.  

Some users may experience side effects such as stomach discomfort, nausea, and possibly diarrhea. [4]



Konscious Keto sells several flavors of a high fat low carb shake powder.  These were created to act as a keto friendly snack and to help dieters reach their daily fat intake levels. 

Available in creamy chocolate, banana creme brulee, and strawberry cheesecake flavors.

Another Popular product is Supreme Greens, the company's version of a standard green shake that also includes probiotics and an enzyme complex.

Most recently the company has also released a gut health supplement specifically designed for women.

Konscious Emma

An alternative to probiotics, it is meant to promote a healthy gut biome and eliminate bad bacteria.  

We have a comprehensive review of the Emma Relief Digestive Supplement.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

On the Konscious Keto website you can find many positive testimonials from seemingly satisfied users.

However, on Reviewopedia and other independent review websites, we find some customer complaints for the company’s products and business practices.

Some common customer complaints include:

  • Issues with obtaining refunds
  • Too many upsells
  • Not seeing the promised results
  • Products priced too high

Konscious Keto LLC has an F rating with the BBB, though their representatives do reply to complaints on that forum and attempt to resolve customer issues.

Customer Service

If you nee help you can contact customer service via their phone number at 833-333-KETO, submit an online inquiry, or email a representative at [email protected].

The company address is:

100 Matawan Road #1022
Matawan, NJ 07747

The company has active social media pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you want to change or cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time by emailing the customer service email account.  

All products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can receive a refund if you are not satisfied with your order.


Cost & Price Plans

The cost of Konscious Keto Meal Plan is $39 (after an automatic 50% discount is applied). 

For the supplements, you’ll usually pay around $69 per bottle (15 servings).  Discounts are available for ordering in bulk.


Where to Buy?

You can buy products from Konscious Keto by visiting the company’s website directly at KonsciousKeto.com.  

The Simple Keto System meal plan quiz and sale can be found at SimpleKetoSystem.com.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for solid alternatives to Konscious Keto, you’ll have plenty of choices.  

The best product for you really depends on what exactly you are looking for - and what you want to achieve.

However, be aware that since Keto has entered the mainstream there are a large number of unscrupulous companies simply looking to cash in on the trend.

It's a good idea to research any company thoroughly and look for reviews beyond what’s posted on their websites.

Also, carefully look through the ingredients.  Many low quality products out there use the "Keto" label to cover up for artificial and inferior ingredients.

You can also look through the plethora of free resources available online that can help you get started on Keto Diet.

Obviously having meal plans or apps that instantly tell you the macronutrients of foods is convenient, but at the end of the day, you shouldn't need to buy something to start the Keto Diet.

The Bottom Line

The keto diet isn’t the perfect fit for everyone.  In fact, it routinely gets ranked at the bottom of diet lists and isn’t usually recommended by doctors. [5]

The main reasons are that overly restrictive diets can be difficult to adhere to over the long term and, even if they result in weight loss, can lead to negative side effects like disordered eating or nutrient deficiencies.

One of the main benefits of the Keto diet is that it eliminates most processed foods and sugars.  

If you’re looking for a more intuitive low carb diet the Mediterranean or Paleo diets may be worth exploring as they eliminate processed carbs in favor of healthy proteins and plenty of vegetables.

If you do proceed with a Keto Diet you should consult with your doctor, particularly if you have any existing health conditions and especially if you have diabetes as it may require alterations to your medications.

If you have any experience with Konscious Keto or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Konscious Keto Customer Reviews

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Doesn't work
January 15, 2024
Tried only one bottle for my chronic constipation to see if it would work for me. Absolutely NO change in bowl function. Cannot recommend this product. Will not be ordering again, Total waste of money.

November 4, 2023
I have an upcoming procedure where post procedure I need to avoid constipation. Went to buy product with card and they said my purchase didn’t go through but they charged my bank twice

Guarantee No Good
October 20, 2023

They sell you 3 bottles but their money back guarantee is only for 1 bottle . So you don't get proper refund. Terrible business practice.

September 17, 2023

Stay away from this company they are rip offs!! Ordered Emma three pack. They send me a six pack. Then they charge me when I send them back for a restocking fee. What a rip off company. They also lied about availability said you cannot get it on Amazon and you can!

I had issues with getting the plan after payment
March 11, 2023
I paid for a 28 day menu plan, but never received it.

Run, don't walk away
December 12, 2022
Totally fake. Beware! I bought in to it and then it became a sales scheme. I tried to call and was on hold for an hour. Then I emailed for a refund and they refused my email! BEWARE! RUN!

December 7, 2022

My friend was contacted by a high-pressured salesman from this company on the phone. After telling him SEVERAL times she did not want the program (I was sitting right next to her & he was on speaker) he finally hung up.

Now, 2 days later she has 3 charges on her charge card for over $300! She has filed fraud against the company with her bank and also called the company to try to get the charges reversed. BEWARE!!!!

Not good
November 15, 2022
I paid for a year plan and got zero content. I’m trying to get a refund, but just keep being passed around in emails. Please avoid this company. I found out after the fact that I cannot do this diet for my own health reasons, however when you login there is literal gibberish and no company logo or email, etc. just shows the supplements I bought. I want to return those too. What a terrible experience.

Valadler August 23, 2023

I am taking Emma and am worse than ever . Bloated , gassy and uncomfortable . I tried to contact the office . All the phone numbers were false . Neither could I return the product .

No customer service
October 1, 2022
Do NOT sign up for this. Terrible support. Receive message that onboarding is mandatbut can’t get in for over a week.

Thank you Konscious!
August 17, 2022
Best Company! They have helped me reach my weight loss goals and are always available when I have questions.

DarshlabarshkaLauren November 15, 2022

Wow. You must be lucky. I can’t access recipes nor a meal plan

Very Happy with this program
August 2, 2022

I started working with the recipes on this plan about 2 months ago. We absolutely LOVE most of them. The flavors are superb.

The best ever stir fry chicken, we make the classic stuffed pepper with fake meat and real cheese, the spinach mushroom soup is Devine, the leek and cauliflower soup is amazing, the choc chip cookies are great, the eggs with hash (no, not potato but squash!) are a winner, I could on and on.

I’ve written to the help desk twice and gotten reply’s. It is not a scam. I am getting what I paid for, 28 recipes each week. We mix and math from all the weeks. What I like best is that they give recipes with single serving portions. So I am not eating more than I should and I can depend on them for the correct macro balance.

The diary includes a look at your macros and progress. I just don’t know how they could possibly keep sending more and more new delicious recipes. We are really happy! Oh, I’m never hungry, feel the feeling of full for the first time and have lost 10 lbs

DarshlabarshkaLauren November 15, 2022

Wow. I’m so shocked. My experience is absolutely zero content. Wonder what gives there.

Total waste of money!!!
July 7, 2022

I am extremely disappointed I signed up with Konscious Keto. Not only do the moderators completely disregard your posts for approval to post to the board, they simply ignore your questions.

I purchased their Protein powder for $177 (3 flavors) and realized it’s made from whey which doesn’t sit well with me. I have yet to hear from anyone (I sent the moderators 3 different emails/posts).

The help desk/live help option doesn’t even work, so you don’t have the ability to ask a representative for help!

The group is a disorganized mess and members take the liberty to make recommendations on their own experiences which could guide you down the wrong path. Total waste of money!!!

ZaCloudStriFair November 14, 2022

That sucks. Did you ever get your money back? Did you try a stop-payment/dispute charges action with your financial institution?

DarshlabarshkaLauren November 15, 2022

I have had a similar experience. Very upsetting.

Great food choices
March 6, 2022
I love the fact I can tailor this to my preferences and am able to print the recipes. My partner is enjoying them too he might add a few carbs as in rice .

Sneaky charges
July 25, 2021

I thought this "compromise d" Keto diet was intriguing. Figured I'd give it a try. I paid for it via PayPal, thank goodness, and looked at my PayPal account only to find it been enrolled in an automatic monthly payment plan that I NEVER authorized!

I admit I didn't read the fine print but contacted the company inky to have them call me a liar! They said to "rest assured only one payment had been requested". WHATTTT? No thanks. After a few emails they finally honored my request for a refund. Now, what else have they lied about?

My results - very positive
June 9, 2021
I have completed the 28 days and lost most of the weight I wanted to lose. I continue to follow the recipes and go off a little, but feel good and continue to lose about a pound a week. The recipes were very easy to make and we loved almost all of them. I like the way they offer substitutes as well. I have been on a non-strict Keto diet before, but this one really helped with the grocery lists, recipes for breakfast-lunch-dinner. I highly recommend this change in the way we eat. I am not calling it a diet, it is a change in what we eat and the amount of food we eat.

Thieves and liars
May 14, 2021
This is a joke. I asked for a refund two days after I paid 69 dollars. I realized it was money for this and money for that. My concern is they have my bank Info and will take it out again. I have contacted Consumer Complaints.

The recipes are great
March 20, 2021
While I have not purchased any of the supplements from this company, I love the recipes and I've lost 12lbs. My husband has 14. We've been doing this since the first of January 2021

"half full" Container company
February 15, 2021

Bought a 3 pack for $177.00 and when I got the containers they were half full or less than half full. When I approached the company about it, thinking it was a production malfunction. I was told to weigh it out and that each container had 15 serving sizes. Well if each container had 15 serving sizes then they should all have the same amount of product in them and they clearly didn't.

I bought a a container from them before and it was almost full. So I am confused on how they are now marketing their product.

Be Ware of This Very Big SCAM
January 19, 2021
This is a very large scam they only print some good reviews. However there's more negative reviews. Paid money for this before I found out it was a scam. Then if you try to get a refund they claim they never heard of you. Contact the AG's office and send a text to the BBB.

Macs Latot
October 19, 2020

I joined Sept 15 2020, and couldn't get past the first few days as no one would answer my emails as I had several questions. Then calling their advertised number said to email them. Vicious Circle! I have tried over and over to cancel, by email.

Since I can't get anyone to answer me, I cannot get my refund and it has now gone passed the 30 days. And, looks like their address is from an apartment. What a total scam! B E W A R E ! ! !