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Scam business.
November 26, 2023
Unscrupulous merchant sells digital invoices with undisclosed exorbitant shipping charges. Do not TRUST this merchant!

Buyer Beware
February 16, 2023

If you want to contact customer service there is no phone number. I am waiting for chat response and doubt it will occur. I spent $60 for a so called COSTCO membership with a gift card included. I doubt I will ever receive this. My $60 will be lost forever. Caution if you want to order.

No delivery of purchases
April 8, 2022

Do not recommend this company. Order never received. try and find a contact number to talk with someone. Placed and payed for order that never showed. emailed back and forth never resolved, stick with Amazon they back up their products. This is a rip off. Not even 1 star.

A scam
March 10, 2022
Ordered wine through Joyus. Instead of delivery got an email with a link to another site where I needed to pay additional shipping and tax to have the wine delivered. Joyus refused to refund. Disputed with my credit card and got the money back. A clear scam!

Negative ZERO
November 8, 2021

This company gets a negative ZERO!!

They have the worst customer service!! After months of fighting for a credit, finally got it and then try to use it to find out that I have to pay for shipping! This company is a scam DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!

Bait and Switch
December 15, 2020

Their products are a bait and switch. I ordered a chornowatch in pink and they sent an orange color. When I complained they said I ordered a rose gold color. I sent them the original order receipt showing Pink!

Dont order as this company is not truthful! Beware!

Rip off!!!
December 5, 2020
This is a big rip off, can't believe Kelly Clarkson would promote this BS. I want my money back.

Sent me a wrong Product
April 8, 2020
Do not order from this website complete rip off. I ordered a singer heavy duty sewing machine, got a very cheap singer sewing machine. still can’t get a hold of customer service, been trying for days $119 down the drain.

Rip Off
February 10, 2020

Bought TWO purchases for Babbel product, one for phone and one for computer. The purchase for computer never loaded. Disputed charge and Joyus only talked about phone purchase, not computer purchase. I cant't get refund. I want a refund or download of the purchase I made for computer.

Of course, now they are incognito unlike when they took my money

Faulty products the won’t refund
February 5, 2020
You’re better off throwing your money in the fire, that way you don’t waste time, landfill space

Absolute WORST place to buy Swarovski
January 20, 2020


I have never been so disappointed or frustrated buying off the Internet before.

They advertise Swarovski but, but NOTHING delivered said, Swarovski.

Their so called Swarovski $19.99 jewelry has NO Swarovski identification or logo as legitimate Swarovski does.

When you want to return it, it will coast you $7.49 which, is probably more than they paid for it in the first place. So, realistically, there is NO real refund available here.

And, the so called $49.95 Swarovski watch that actually says "Burgi" they won't take back at all.

I so wish I would have looked for Reviews, first :(

* BTW...If you really want to buy inexpensive Swarovski jewelry, just visit a legitimate Outlet store and see what you can really buy for only $15 - $29 dollars on sale...In a REAL Swarovski box!

Defective product
January 4, 2020
Was emailed that my refund was processed on 12/24/19. Still no refund or response to e=mail.

sonyastrait April 08, 2020

This company is a rip off do not order from them. I ordered a sewing machine and what they sent me was a cheap knock off of what I ordered still can’t get a hold of the companies have several emails to them and still not we will not respond. Go elsewhere to shop do you research first I should’ve on this

No Help
November 21, 2019
Trying to get help with a purchase all the help I received is an email telling me to go to the help section. If the help section worked I would have sent in a request for help. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER .. What is that all about?????????

nicolejattan January 03, 2020

They are the WORST. trying to return an item over 2 weeks now. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER, emailed them 4 times NO RESPONSE. WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THEM AGAIN !!!!!


LoretaNaples January 04, 2020

This is what they show for contact, [email protected], by telephone at 866-856-9878 and finally by traditional mail at 375 Alabama St., Suite 325, San Francisco, CA 94110. No response from e=mail support and phone number not in service. They dragged out my return process as well. Even though they claimed they refunded me on the 24th, still no refund.

AudreyOlive February 10, 2020

Bulls#@t phone number

Do Not Trust Them
September 25, 2019


Ordered but cnaceled within hours and sent email. They responded and said no problem; spoke with Vendor, items had not been shipped and I will receive a full refund. A week later I find they mailed all but one item which they say they credited (?) and I have no recourse as I am not at the address where I had it mailed until 1st of November. Have been in touch via email and after almost two weeks since they keep saying they are working on it. Right! I will be stuck with the items and am sure I will have no recourse whether or not I send it back. So I do not trust the company at all and believe that the company that they work with (stackcommerce) doesn't either sync with Joyus or one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. Will never order anything from them every again!!!!

nicolejattan January 03, 2020

They are the worst trying to return an items over 2 weeks now. No customer service number, emailed them 4 times NO RESPOND. WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THEM AGAIN. THE WORST

Have not received wifi cam from
May 18, 2019
Iordered a wificam from on April 24,2019 andvtoday is May 18,2019 and have not received it.I will be calling my credit card company to cancel what appears to be fraud. If it aint fraud then I will post a review. I'm also calling the BBB to justify this website. Also going to contact the FTC for a full review.

rip off
April 29, 2019

I am getting very frustrated with this. there is no VALID phone # for Joyus to speak to a live person. This is not acceptable. I am not happy with any of your products offered for any price.

I wanted the 4 bottles of wine for $26 which you gladly debited from my account and then sent me to a different website for "Winc"?. I was then only given a choice of 4 bottles for $13 ea (= $52) less a $26 promo (was applied when I entered your code). and they want me to enter my card again to charge another $26

This is a complete rip off!

JUNK headphones
April 22, 2019
Headphone quit working after 1 hour. Left side is completely dead and won't respond at all

February 12, 2019
While it does say check the terms before you purchase to see if item is returnable. Mine was returnable but will not let me return or refund my money. Customer service is a sham!

Total Ripoff
February 9, 2019
I bought a $70 electric toothbrush from them. It broke in about 2 months and they wouldn't replace it. Total scam. Stay away!!!

Scam—- stay away!!!!!!!
January 18, 2019
Ordered the wireless earbuds. Charged my account, never received product!contaced them numerous times. They create a shipping label... than nothing. Product never makes it to shipping!!!DO NOT ORDER from Joyus!!!!!!