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This service is a scam
May 25, 2021
This was the biggest waste of my time and money I can remember. I'm starting my social security and needed some information on previous marriages. I've been married 5 times (unfortunately) and needed marriage dates for each. There software found no marriages listed for me. The addresses for me were in states in which I've never lived and it listed relatives I don't have. I called and emailed them with no reply. This service is a scam.

peterspero September 15, 2022

scam and bait and switch. it states a price of $13 and change, then it nickels and dimes you for another $3.99, and then you get a bill for $34. and change. dishonest; and DoNotPay, which recommends the services is probably owned by, because it said it wasn't a scam. I'm beginning to think that 80-90% of the internet is b.s. run by scam artists.

January 5, 2020
Those progress bars filling up are 100% BS. The tactic is to make you wait so that you're more likely to make an account (required) and pay once the report is "ready". Don't be fooled and don't give them anything.

WayneBurgess May 25, 2021

This was the biggest waste of my time and money I can remember. I'm starting my social security and needed some information on previous marriages. I've been married 5 times (unfortunately) and needed marriage dates for each. Their software found no marriages listed for me. The addresses for me were in states in which I've never lived and it listed relatives I don't have. I called and emailed them with no reply. This service is a scam.

It works fantastic if it's a service you want and know what you're getting.
March 15, 2019

I read through all of the negative reviews here and I'm left thinking that people have unreasonable expectations. One review said... "I signed up for what I thought was one month to check what they show on me. Then they automatically charge me the next month when I wasn't using it. "

did this guy not read the terms before he put his cc number on it?? Kinda your fault dude.

Other complaints about endless progress bars, so what?? it's a little unnecessary but what does it really hurt??

And for people that say it's gives false info... Read their TOS read the disclaimers. It doesn't look like deceptive practice on their part as much on lack of thinking, researching and using your brain to sift through the info on yours.

If you KNOW (because they tell you very clearly) that some info may be incorrect but you have more than one piece of information you can pretty much put the pieces together and decipher the truth for yourself.

I have used the service now for 6 months or more and have been 4 out of 5 stars satisfied with the reports. I know they aren't going to know everything and I know that some info will get mixed in with other info and therefore some will be erroneous but all in all I find most of what I'm looking for most of the time.

peterspero September 15, 2022


March 11, 2018
I signed up for what I thought was one month to check what they show on me. Then they automatically charge me the next month when I wasn't using it. Trying to get my money back stay away they do not ask permission to renew and charge again. BAD company!

Scammer with many names
April 30, 2017

I was told of a new "Free" website that I could use to get names and address's from of old family friends. The site was called It started to smell like a scam but was not sure. So I decided to look up my info and it was able to show my fathers name (though, when I searched for him, it could not find his name), and my twin brothers name but not my other siblings. I decided to click continue and somehow, it linked to All kinds of red-flag warnings popped up so I clicked on another option and up popped with almost the same graphics and pointless progress bar.

Sites to stay away from as I'm sure the same person owns them:

No idea who these people are!!
January 29, 2017
They charged my debit card over $150 and I have no idea who they are. I didn't visit thier site. They just started charging me 29$ and change a month back in November. These people are criminals!!!!

Ripofffffff - Bait and switch
November 7, 2016
Membership touts access to info in 30 different data points. However, what is accessed is mostly available in white pages, except for criminal info. Once you pay and get your report, you are then inundated with numerous options to access deeper information previously not available, of course for more money. Its a bait and switch. What misleading BS. Also, the criminal background info is so inaccurate its ridiculous. Be careful on what you receive and believe. Double check court case numbers the best you can. Most of the info is incomplete which makes it very hard to verify if the match to the search name is true. I did a self background check and the report had 9 different crimes associated with other people, not me, and I don't have a common name. You are better off just doing a Freedom of Information request to the state or local government. The company states that they cross check all info. BS. There’s a big difference between crosschecking information with a second database, and verifying the accuracy of said information. Don't waste your time or money. Oh and when you cancel, they immediately offer to extend your membership for $9 instead of $34 a month. The info received in the reports is not worth a monthly bill.

They sell your email, of course
October 9, 2016

So google put their website as the first result when I searched for a place I can check my driving record.

Put my name in, selected where I live, gave them my DISPOSABLE EMAIL.

Then there's endless progress bars.

They are soooooooo fake.

If you need that much time to get information from various sources and compile them for real, dude you should fire your programmer; I can code better and I'm not even a programmer.

And then after about eternity, they said they've done it and I should pay them.

Nope, you are so bad and I can smell it from over the internet.

But then the spam folder of my email EXPLODED.

Checked the headers of them.

Yep all of the spams use the DISPOSABLE EMAIL I told them.

Thank goodness I dodged a bullet.

If you still love your life, stay clear of this horrible website.

July 20, 2016

If only 0/5 stars was an option;

They got a hold of my credit card info somehow and charged me for months before I noticed it. I had to call my bank and had to have them sort it out, I was on a 3 way call with bank and "company". The person on the other line was scared and talking very fast and tried to hang up the phone ASAP.

Unless you want to file fraud claims, have to get a new credit card, redo all your reoccurring billing then do not even visit their site.

Their representative said I used it to search myself, when I've never even gotten a speeding ticket in my life. When I questioned him why I would even use the site and why for months on end he essentially hung up the phone.


Not worth your time
February 23, 2016
Instant Checkmate is a terrible company to try to do business with. If you have used it once, then try to use it again they will not allow this UNLESS you use a new email address. I needed a one time background check, and because I used the service over a year ago I was told I needed a different email address to use it again. When I tried to get a explanation for this the idiot on the customer service line kept repeating the canned sentence over and over. When I asked for a manager I was put on hold for 20 min and was again told the same canned explanation. When I said I only wanted a single background check I was asked why I needed it . I said to check on a employee and was told the checks are not reliable and should not be used under any circumstances for this purpose. What purpose does one need to get a background check ?? I will go elsewhere.

too good to be true
December 5, 2015
If you look at what is going on behind their light show, its just a bunch of slick animations, those loading bars aren't showing the progress of a through search, its all for show. any website that promises similar results can pull up that info in a second flat. like Richard Lubitz, I found the service on Aol and was immediately suspicious. the final give away that this site was up to no good was when I came upon a news article on their page clearly written by them. Feeding off the public's trust of the press is the lowest trick in the books and the easiest one to spot. If this was a litigate business, there would be no need for tricks of visual effects. The product will at least to an extent sell itself. It doesn't happen here though.

Gigantic Ripoff
November 30, 2015

I was at first excited about signing up for Instant Checkmate. That excitement was quickly dampened, however, after searching 4-5 names - including my own. Every single report was grossly incorrect. I signed up between 1AM-2AM on November 30, 2015, and cancelled my subscription around 6:15AM and very same day.

The e-mail address (that's difficult to find) to cancel is:

[email protected]

If you paid by Paypal, you can go into your Paypal account and cancel the monthly payment there. After taking that step, be sure to contact them by telephone or e-mail. Simply cancelling the payment does NOT cancel your contract with them.

I'm now hoping that they'll give me a prorated refund - especially since I'm cancelling the same day.

November 25, 2015
This online service is not what it seems. It charges you to see a report but not all of the report only some. Then it charges you to download the report (which you have yet to see) and then proceeds to charge for "premium" information. When I asked for a refund due to not being able to open the report and also because they are scamming for more money before you even see anything. "Fred" my customer service person continued to talk over me to emphasize that they had provided the "service". I'm not sure anymore what the service is because I could see nothing and print nothing. After persistently requesting a refund finally Fred gave me 50% of my $22 back and said it could take 5 - 6 weeks for me to receive it. This site is a scam all around!!

They Love your email address
October 11, 2015
I used a masked email when I signed up for ONE report. A masked email is an email like [email protected] that points to your real email like [email protected] for example. This allows you to track any and all spam that comes to that box just by looking at the opayq email. I get no less than 160 SPAMs from services and companies I DIDN'T sign up for every week. Fortunately, I just delete the opayq email and all SPAM is gone. Don't use your real email with this or any company that "sells" you reports or offers it free.

raven parsons November 13, 2015

absolutely useless. the info they have on me is more than 15yrs old. same thing for my ex husband. i originally wanted to get some details on my boyfriend who was just arrested and hes not even on here. if nothing else you would think they would use info from his fb but nothing. his family members are in here but he isnt even listed as a possible relative and i know he has a prior arrest record.

No big surprise
August 21, 2015
When I fist heard of InstantCheckmate from what I thought was a reputable site, I approached with caution as I do with any unknown entity. Entered my own name and gave them a brand new email address which I had never given to anyone. The info about myself was skimpy and incorrect. A few days later, the email address I gave them started being bombarded with all kinds of junkmail and phishing scams.

June 26, 2015

They say that they can give you traffic ticket information. Ran mine and nothing came up. Called them and was told the DMV's do not provide them with this information HUH?? Website says they could give it to me.

Primary address is an address I lived at 5 years ago.

I canceled on the spot. They did not offer to refund the money, but when I said I was going to call my credit card company - then they offered to give me a refund.

Stay away from!!

what a joke!
May 16, 2015

Wish I could give it 0 stars. Total scam/ripoff. Paid my money on CC, and they charge extra for PDF and any additional info, which based on my experience with looing at my own search, it total cow dung.

I'm an internet luddite, but I found five times more info on myself with a simple google search than they provided me. Searches from friends and relatives turned up a first and last name. They wanted more of my cc before supplying any additional info

I made the purchase based on a Phoenix, AZ BBB rating of B+. Guess they bought them off.

I will be going to my bank tomorrow to cancel any additional charges they may try to tack on, and reporting them to the AZ Republic, the three local news channels, and the State AGs office on Monday.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BS. Do a google search for who you are looking for. It will give you at least five time more info than these scammers will.

Yolonda M Sturm May 23, 2015

his is a total scam.... It tells you to sign up for a report for $1 to get a full report and bam you get basic info and it is not even correct, BUT to get a real full report you have to pay another $19.99. So yea it is a money scheme so don't waste your time. When I called to cancel I told them right out This is nothing but a scam to get more money to really know anything.... What a joke scamming jerks.

Most of the Information is Incorrect
May 7, 2015
I did a background check on myself and 99.9% of information contained in the report was wrong. This is the biggest scam I have ever paid for, I will definitely not pay for it any more. If a site is going to publish public information, I suggest they verify it first. I am appalled at the information that was contained in my search on myself. I plan to file a report to have my information removed.

April 21, 2015
waste of money-tells you no information at all-what a joke!

It's a BIG SCAM, Do not go there.
April 13, 2015
This a BIG SCAM do not use the service, do not search for anyone, and definitely do not give them your email address.