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March 5, 2013

Unfortunately, I didn't read the reviews until it's late.

Signed up for the 1 month membership and the data received was absolutely inaccurate - how is it possible for a man born in 1971 to have married over 30 women starting from 1973 at the age of 2!!!???

Hopefully, I will be able to cancel my membership without too much hassle,

February 24, 2013
They take your name and email and make you think you can see the search you were looking for. But then you have to pay and they sell your email and name. i have so much junk mail. Scam
October 31, 2012 Scam people to check their records stating they have a criminal record, they just take information from public records and force people to pay to see what info they have along with indecating they have a criminal record when they do not. This is missleading and they should be closed down for fraud

Don D December 31, 2012

This service is a scam. It advertises details. If you want to trial it, they offer a 5-day unlimited use for $1.00.

The arrest records have no details. Many have arrest codes which you have to do further research (on other sites) to determine what they mean.

Unfortunately, to even try the service requires you give them billing info. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. The terms are that you must notify them before end of the trial period that you don't want the service. They make it look like you are just paying for a trial period, but in fact you are signing up for monthly service if you don't contact them to terminate. Part of signing up is providing an email, but they do not send email notifications.

Reputable companies will contact the customer to make sure they are happy with the service and want to continue. In most cases, they use the feedback to improve their service.


Roger B January 03, 2013

This is a scam. DO NOT USE!

They offer a 5 day trial for $1.00, but they will charge you about $25.00 / month unless you cancel. HOWEVER, you can't cancel. the only way to cancel is by phone, and they don't answer the phone. There is no way to talk to anyone to cancel your membership or get any kind of help.

I was not able to get any useful information or get any help.

Don't wast your time or money.

LeRoy February 04, 2013

If people will go to the trouble to read these reviews then maybe these scammy businesses will fold their tent and disappear. Thanks for your review Roger,

Silvia H February 28, 2013

thanks for the warning, i nearly got taken in. Sil

Frank March 11, 2013

As Silvia stated above, thanks for all the warnings! I had a bad feeling at check out time. When I tried to just go to another website, a big "announcement" came back inviting me to join for just "one dollar" for the first month. Hmm, the price went from around $23 to just $1 when I changed my mind. I really felt uncomfortable and didn't "take the bait". As the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.

Bill G May 12, 2013

Had many of the same feelings about this service before i signed on #1 I do not like giving my Credit card number on line knowing of all the scams that present themselves on the internet who knows what they are able to do , or what they will do with the information you give them and they require from you in order to access their service! of which you know nothing about that is why I looked these reviews up first. Maybe if our law enforcement community would take the time to investigate these scams and shut them down or bust them we would not have so many of them. but their to busy running their own scams on the public due to budget restraints. Ya right! Bill G.

Bill G May 12, 2013

By the way thanks for the help and setting thing straight!

Sandy J July 01, 2013

They billed my credit card after offering to give a 5 day trail for one dollar then claim that you have to call cancel the service, as it was on their website, but you have to pay again to see it. It's a scam avoid it at all costs.

Blanca July 27, 2013

Do not give this company your credit card number. You will be sorry!! They do not provide any information (even the 'PREMIUM' package) that is not available FREE on many other sights.

I want my $35 back!!!