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April 11, 2015
Paid for the report not the premium upgrade. The information was less information than I found doing my own searches on local public office sites. I found 11 arrest records they found 0. They couldn't even find his Facebook page which I did. This was a big waste of money. Save your cash a spend 10 to 15 mins doing your own leg work you will get better information

Not worth the time or money
February 26, 2015
If I could give this less than one star I would. The information on the site is inaccurate and incomplete. I did searches on people I knew well and much of their information was not included in the search results, then to top it off if you wanted to print out a report or gather more information you were charged an unreasonable rate. The customer service rep was easy to deal with and well mannered but after reading the comments on this review site I am concerned with the return of the subscription. I truly do not want to pay another 23.00/month for such useless information when I could get more information doing a basic web search for free! Very disappointing.

Nancie December 14, 2015

Did u get your $$

Con people
February 25, 2015

Con people!!! Do not use this site!

To check if I'm going to have real information I did research on name of the person I know. And got mix information of this person relative and lie. Never got my money back

Highly Suspect
February 8, 2015
From the searches that I have done the InstantCheckMate site is highly inaccurate. It presents many extraneous results and few good ones. Its initial fee barely produces a list of names. Any significant't data requires additional fees. It is a sucker site.

January 13, 2015
Had to pay to see my first test run on myself. Had my address wrong even though I've lived there 20 years. Had my phone number as a number I cancelled 10 years ago and now belongs to someone else. Showed my marriage to my first wife who died 22 years ago (which they didn't report) and did not show my marriage to my second wife who I have been married to 20 years. For this I paid almost 30 bucks????

Borderline fraud
December 27, 2014
I'm only giving it one star because you can't give it no stars. I feel I have been scammed. I asked for a report on someone I knew, who had moved. I did get their new address, but only after signing up for $22.83 a month. When I tried to download it to pdf, they wanted another "one-time" charge of $1.99. In addition, they said up front that the report would contain criminal information (my friend has NO criminal record), but THAT INFORMATION WAS NOT IN THE REPORT. They wanted extra to "upgrade" my "membership." I paid by Paypal, and I'm going to make darned sure Paypal doesn't pay them for another month.

Bait and Switch
December 23, 2014
Instant background is a bait and switch site. Their website is misleading. I signed up for 3 months for 59.0 and they wanted more money for anything other than basic information you can get free on Google. I called to cancel and was told I could not cancel. I was told later in the conversation that they would refund 50% and cancel the service. I was told even later in the conversation that they would contact Pay Pal and cancel with no charge. All of this happened within one hour. These people are not honest and will scam you if you allow it.

Never Signed Up
October 28, 2014
I saw an ad for it and decided to search myself and after it kept loading new pages to try and convince me it had a report, I got off. I never gave them any of my credit card information either. They are criminals to people.

Seemed legit at first.
August 25, 2014
Now, I didn't completely go through the motions, due to being cautious with my new bank account, and all of that stuff. But I did notice how you had to click a LOT of links in order to get to the report, and that made me uneasy. Don't try it. It reeks of failure.

Bait and switch for sure....
August 13, 2014
I signed up for the service as it was posted on AOL's main news feed. After going through the 5 minute upload and lightshow, the fee structure ( I thought) was presented for buying into the service. I selected a 6 month option. I then ran my own name on the service. The generic info was accurate but others I checked weren't! I was then asked to pay 19,99 for the "premium" option for detailed info (which I thought I was already paying for)...Total B.S.!!! This wasn't made known until you pay for the supposed standard service. I then called to cancel the service after one use. They cancelled the service only after signing me up for the 6 months I paid for ie. no refund and, in effect , I'm on the service I don't want for 6 months...Obviously this service is a short lived internet scam that will cash in on unsuspecting individuals, get closed down, and will count their millions in the Bahamas after closed. I can't believe AOL allowed this service to pop up on their daily news feed...

Myr Ochiltree August 25, 2014

AOL is full of scammers, though.

Beware if recurring charges and lack of information
July 15, 2014

I was curious to see what information was reported on this service. I selected the premium - believing it was $44 for 3 months.

I did checks on myself and family members. It did not list complete information (eg., marriage records) and included arrest information on other people with similar names, but with different middle initials and birthdates, and different states. Not the person I asked for.

I read their confirmation email after doing the searches and found out my Paypal account would be charged $44 every 3 months on a recurring basis. I called and immediately cancelled without a problem. I will be sure to follow up and make sure they did cancel the account.

Very Convincing.. Until You Refresh the Page.
July 14, 2014

I got curious about my neighbors who had been verbally harassing me and my home for the past year and a half.

After yielding no results, I got curious and searched mine for the fun of it!

The first search under my own name said I was arrested for car theft?

I was completely skeptical of course, then refreshed the page.

Then I realized,

the information FAKES the information.

I refreshed the page 5 times. Each time, yielding different things I have never done in my life. Worst of all, my dad's name got caught under false information as well! Are you f*cking serious?

This is messed up, and even had me convinced this was direct from the government.

Andre Thirkill November 30, 2014

November 27, 2014 Andre, Dugway, Utah

Please save your money it's a scam, I sign-up last night for $22.68 waited for the information on my daughter after receiving the information on my daughter that can be located on Google or Yahoo, they wanted another $19.00 for a premium account and $1.99 to download a PDF file on them.

What a shame they get away scamming Americans out of their hard earning money.

Please do not sign-up this service you are wasting your time. Go through google if you need basics information on someone. Checkmate is not the place.

Bait and Switch
July 11, 2014
First off the site is really just snazzy eye candy. All the pretty graphs are doing nothing. To date, no site has access to all of this information. While you can use several free tools like Maltego to search for online information, public records require a public records request. That should be a dead give away. There are ways to obtain most of this data at a cost, but those costs are one time charges and require a bit of work. This site is taking advantage of people using flashy graphics and flawed data. As for some of the data they "Claim" to have access to, only LEO have access to that. DCI and NCIC are not something you can run. Federal law prohibits you from obtaining license information IE Plate data. This came after several famous stalking cases that ended up including murder. As for their billing practices that is really what takes the cake here. If they were just honest and said you get what you get and charged a flat rate I think it would just be buyer beware, but its not. There are too many complaints about entering into contract of repeating charges. The site will not last long as the complaints mount. The trickery with the graphics and all the check boxes saying you agree not to use the data for the wrong purpose, along with graphic warnings are Psychological marketing at its best I will give them that LOL. Don't fall for it. If you need this information do your home work and yes it will cost you money and time , and probably travel. That your can hire someone to do it who has a license. Also consider all the parameters they are claiming to give you for 22 bucks. A request , regardless of content for each of those items would be well over $100 in most states. So yes It is a scam avoid the site. Don't sign up and don't give out your email address. BTW most sites block posting of the link to their site. That tells you what you need to know.................

i bought this service
July 7, 2014
I knew more info then the web site about everyone I looked up it is a scam for sure

Totally bogus, SCAM
June 27, 2014

According to my personal data, I was divorced from 5 women whom I do not know, and was married to another -- also a stranger. I have many addresses, only one of which is correct, and an equal list of phone numbers, all of which were never mine.

Totally freaking useless.

Complete SCAM!!
June 16, 2014
You pay for nothing. You get no information. All the 5 star ratings are obviously associated with this company, because anyone that would be happy with their report are dumb as ****!! Don't give this company any of your money. You will regret it!!!!!!

Angry Customer of Instant
June 12, 2014

My opinion of Instant is that they are scamming the

Public and you should never be involved with this any


I thought I was buying a months membership to get reports about individuals that I had dealings

, but They announced to me that I not only owed $ 22..95 but I also owed $19.95 for each of the four Premier Record checks I had ran on

myself and my wife just for curiosity $1.95 charge and another charge for something else I can't remember, but the whole amount

came to over $100.00 . The lady I spoke with said that the best

they could do was refund two of the $19.95 charges totaling $39.90 . They did not do anything I see where the hit my checking account for about $110.00 but no refunds were entered.

All I can say is don't respond to any Popups that you didn't

request., more than likely it's someone going fishing for a succer

Yours Truly

One of Suckers more like you lose
April 21, 2014
This site is a complete joke, I feel as I was just scammed. I accessed my report it showed a bunch of people I do not know and the information is extremely limited. I upgraded with the hope that I would find what I was looking for and they failed again, not only did I not find anything there was absolutely no further information whatsoever. The site is a complete scam do not get suckered in as I did. If you call customer service you will have to argue with your rep for 5 minutes to speak with a manager regarding a refund but they did issue me one, I haven't seen it on my bank records yet but I will give it a couple days. The manager even said "If the courts do not update their records we can't access them" and we can only get the information that is "public" meaning readily available to anyone on the freaking planet! These are things I already knew, and as far as the courts go I am quite sure they have updated their records from 2000 - at the minimum 2013 so come on lady! I will be writing a review one most of the review site I can find!

Should not exist
January 8, 2014
It is an invasion of everyone's right to feel safety. Everyone is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As a registered juvenile sex offender, my records are supposed to be sealed from the public. My records have gotten out to the public because of this website. It MUST be taken down.

Scam and fake info
November 12, 2013
I checked on my self had to pay 2.99 for a trial I got fake info like that I hAve a DEA licince I do not have one and that I sold drugs I did not