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November 10, 2013
instant checkmate has everything clearly stated upon enrollment. their billing information does say in black and white you will be billed immediately and every month there for after, unless you call and CANCEL !! its also in the terms of use which you don't have to click on to see. its right where you check the box for your electronic signature. all you know would have avoid this problem is you READ EVERYTHING YOU PUT YOU CARD NUMBER INTO !! simple as that. yes they do have some further upon enrollment which is optional to you! idiots !!

kat May 08, 2014


Misty Slade July 07, 2014

they had useless info I was giving feedback to them on arrests ect useless its a scam!!!!

September 16, 2013

It's a scam and needs to be avoided - do not use your credit card!

Wrong information. If you sign up for 1 month they will bill you every month. Addition charges once you get inside. Pitiful.

Don't do it
August 19, 2013
Don't even sign up for the free trial. At the very least you will waste your time because they don't have ANY valuable info- tried searching several people/ friends/family to test it out and nothing useful comes up. Worst case scenerio you end up scammed out of a lot of money like I did. I tried calling and somehow there are no records- convenient for them. They also wont refund your money. You're better off googling someone- youll get a LOT more info that way and its free.

Tim January 31, 2014

This is to the IDIOTIC FOOL that wrote that WE are all idiots. This person obviously works for the company ( Instant Checkmate ) or has some type of association with them. She is trying to save face for a MASSIVE SCAMMING MACHINE. I signed up for the 1 month unlimited search. it was something like 22 bucks. I intentionally searched for a person that was with me who had been arrested in multiple states, married and divorced twice and some other things. What we got back was his name which we gave them in the actual search, his birthday and his Zodiac sign. OH, I almost forgot, it showed a bunch of child molester's around his address. I called them within 15 minutes of signing up and told them I wanted my money back. The rep says ok I'll cancel your account so you won't get charged next month, I said hold on buddy, does that mean I'm getting charged for the 15 minutes I used it. After trying to dance around the question I had to rephrase the question as if I was speaking with a toddler. Still he could not understand I wanted a full refund. Finally I demanded someone with a brain and got a supervisor. I got 11 of the 22 bucks I spent back. What a SCAM, you can find out 20 times more on Google or Bing for free. I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau as I'm sure many others have already. If you don't like my friend because he has a record, tough sh*t. As for Melissa who made the comment I spoke of at the beginning, grow a brain young lady, seems yours is lacking. I hope you respond so I can give you my info. OOP"S I forgot again, you can put my name into Instant Checkmate and get my address and find out I'm a Scorpio.. AH HA,YOU IDIOT

July 27, 2013

Do not give this company your credit card number. You will be sorry!! They do not provide any information (even the 'PREMIUM' package) that is not available FREE on many other sights.

I want my $35 back!!!

Scam, scum, fibbers :(
July 27, 2013

Incorrect information.

Billed card and used deny and delay tactics to string along the


Did attempt to sound professional and Matt

seemed like his was trying but all in all


If they got their act together might turn into a reputable source

of information.

It's a scam
July 10, 2013
It's a scam and needs to be avoided - do not use your credit card!

Scam artists
July 5, 2013

Watch out for these criminals! They are scam artists who will rob you for as much money as they can.

I signed up for a 5 day trial period for $1.00 + $2.99 additional for pdf files. They started charging my card every month for 29.63 even after receiving a confirmation e-mail stating my account has been cancelled and no further charges will be made.

I had to dispute the charges with my bank who advised me to cancel my card and have a new one issued because they said they thought it was a scam.

If you give them your credit card number I would advise you to do the same thing otherwise they will continue billing as long as they can. Everything they tell you will be a lie; don't listen to what they say. They are only out to bill you as long as can get away with it.


Chevy July 06, 2013

Sounds like you didn't read anything on the site BEFORE handing them sensitive information. I swear you people are dumb. First of all if they have a disclaimer stating the info may not be accurate, that would be red flag number one. Don't complain because you're stupid and just decided you were too lazy to thoroughly read through anything. I'm not siding with instant checkmate, but again I'm not dumb enough to allow myself to be screwed like that. So congratulations and good for you!! You're a fool with a lack of education.

Wow? July 11, 2013

And that makes it alright for them to perpetrate financial fraud against you? Bad information is one thing. Outright theft is another.

Bruce h July 23, 2013

Thanks for the advice Sam. I had not been keeping track of that account. Never any phone answered when you call, and I've had 3 payments come out of 29.63. My wife caught it since I travel a lot. I've tried to call but it never gets through. I'm calling my bank tomorrow and having my card cancelled. Thieves

July 1, 2013
They billed my credit card after offering to give a 5 day trail for one dollar then claim that you have to call cancel the service, as it was on their website, but you have to pay again to see it. It's a scam avoid it at all costs.

Scam, never try it
June 27, 2013
Scam, all data is empty or wrong, i called to canel 15 minutes after my membership, what a scam

Misleading info,
June 3, 2013

I was just looking up info about myself on the web to see if there was anything misleading. I saw my name on their site, and it said I was a criminal. That is so untrue, I have NEVER done anything wrong, my FBI report that was run a few months back will prove it.

This is most upsetting and scary, I have no way to get them to remove it. It is good, at least, that they are a scam for the most part and are known for their inaccuracies. Still, it is very upsetting.

Avoid them at all costs. They are dangerous.

Casie J October 25, 2013

I just checked my background and before payment there are all kinds of warnings about it being "graphic" and having "graphic content" so "prepare to be shocked"...WHAT??? I am a 23 year old female, in college with a baby working part time. I have NEVER been in trouble with the law or even had a speeding ticket! You are right. This is very scary and defamation of my character. How can they do this and get away with it?

Melissa November 10, 2013

it says that to everyone. its the way the website warns everyone not just about you. duh

unhelpful and unethical
May 29, 2013
The information is inaccurate and not that valuable. Worse, they make it very difficult for you to cancel the monthly charge. This company is not recommended.

Melissa November 10, 2013

whats so hard about calling the number and canceling lol ? its simple ive done it

May 17, 2013
Please do not use this service. I agreed to a ONE MONTH use....they kept billing my credit card every month...stating I agreed to that where in no way I did. VERY deceiving and info found on a person I wanted to do a background check on where we found the info we needed on a free government site. I had to change my credit card to stop this....DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! Pass it on to everyone..

May 8, 2013
Her is my opinion. Instant CheckMate has a real scam going on here..their initial report showed nothing that was not on their screen prior to purchasing service. An additiona $1.99 for a PDF that will not open...then they have the audacity to attempt to suck you in for yet another ten bucks for. So called priemum report. A little diligent Internet search work on your own will yield far more information than this scam site. I want my money back!

Carl R May 10, 2013

Your spot on. I checked my info and most of it was incorrect and what was correct was outdated. Don't waste a penny on this scam!!!

Completely Worthless
April 13, 2013
I could never get their system to return any credible information whatsoever. After several attempts with no luck I input my own name. The information showed me as having 13 'criminal arrests' which turned out to be the same speeding ticket over and over again. It also had me married to 7 different women none of whom I've heard of and I'd never been divorced. It couldn't find any of my relatives even though they have lived at the same addresses in excess of 10 years. Oh yeah, I have a pilots license too! Not. Customer service is nonexistent, although they did say my money would be refunded in a few days. The agent kept telling me she couldn't hear me very well, but I think that was because of the party they were having in the office.

March 30, 2013
I visited the website to look up information on an individuals criminal background & was deceived by the website. The website lead me to believe I was going to find information but once I paid my money it was suggested that I should get the premium data package because that have the information I'm looking for. It also placed old information & never showed me information on what I was searching for. This website is a fraud & should be shut down because of all the misrepresentation. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge. Very unhappy customer!!!

What a awful service
March 24, 2013
I checked myself and my brother. Both of our birthdays are wrong. The marriage and divorce information are way mixed up. When you click one person the next screen pop out a different person. What an experience. Never use this website again, everyone.

March 14, 2013
Complete waste of time and money! I searched myself and it didn't even bring up that i have been married for 8 years. Do not use this site!!

March 12, 2013

I signed up for this service prior to ck'g reviews on it, bad idea. It provided no new information, but plenty of incorrect information.

Wrong current address - person has lived at current addr for 10+ yrs

No marriage or divorce info, when there have been several

Incorrect relatives

Missing bankruptcy info

Only thing they had right was the name, which I gave them, and the DoB! Everything else was wrong, missing or incomplete.

March 9, 2013

I tried to cancel my membership 20 minutes after joining.

The info in the report was 1) not available &

2) untrue

I was told that I could get a full refund but a person,named Matthew,refused to do that.

He also refused to give his last name & the last name of his supervisor, Shana.

I have reported them to the BBB as well as the MD attorney general's office, department of consumer fraud.

Dan April 06, 2013

Thanks for reporting them. Feeling rather foolish that I shelled out money for this scam.

March 7, 2013
I paid for a ONE MONTH use and then it decided to be a recurrent charge and stole an extra 22 dollars from me. The records are inaccurate and when I called customer service they were extremely rude. Disgusting waste of money