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Hopper is an app whose creators state aims to help travelers know the best times buy airfare tickets so that they're able to get the lowest fares.

How Does Hopper Work?

According to their website, Hopper uses a four pronged approach to flight buying: predict, watch, buy, and fly.

Their data science has collected a huge archive of trillions of flight prices and they have analyzed that data to provide their customers with insightful predictions that consistently predict flight prices with 95% accuracy. 

To use Hopper, all you have to do is search for your trip by clicking the dates on their color coded calendar.

Hopper will then predict when they believe your flight will be the cheapest, and they will recommend to you that you either wait or go ahead and book. 

Customers who are instructed to Wait can simply tap on the binoculars icon to begin watching their chosen flight.

Hopper will send notifications to your phone as soon as the prices on your flight drop. When Hopper says Buy, customers can choose their flight and buy in just a few taps.   

Hopper says that they are one of the fastest growing travel apps, with more than 10 million installs since they were launched in 2015, and they are proud to be reinventing the way people plan their travel. 

Mobile Options

Currently this company provides mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. 

Cost/Price Plans

Hopper is proud to be an accredited travel agency that provides real human beings who can help their customers arrange and book their flights, and they promise that they never charge their customers any hidden fees – the prices that are displayed are the prices that you will pay. 

Refund Policy

Generally speaking, any customer who has issues with the flights they have booked are directed to speak with the airline that is providing your travel, as this gives you the quickest and most effective way of managing your travel arrangements. 

However, the staff at Hopper is able to help their customers if you choose to reach out to them.

In addition, if you are having trouble with the Hopper app itself and the information it is supposed to be providing you with, you are welcome to contact their Customer Service team for assistance. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] 

Hopper Reputation

Hopper.com states they have been named one of the best apps by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Vogue, Tech Insider, TIME, and other publications.

They have also received awards including Apple's App Store Best of 2015, the Webby Award for Best Travel App, and Google Play's Best Apps of 2016.

Customers also appear to love this app and its services, as this mobile application gets positive ratings throughout the internet.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites, mobile applications, and services which try to help travelers arrange more affordable airfare and travel arrangements so that they can save money, including Skyscanner, Skiplagged.com, and many others. 

If you have any experience with the Hopper App or their products, please leave your reviews below.

Hopper Customer Reviews

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Hopper: It should be illegal to be this shady
March 29, 2023

March 29th, 2023

I have never used this Hopper app before and never will again! They publish fake favorable reviews of trashy hotels and once you see what you have paid for there's no way to contact a human being to complain!

They hide their link for "help" and make it just about impossible to contact them. Even when you do things correctly like asking for another room or for your money back they drag their feet while they "investigate".

Even if the hotel manager apologizes and takes responsibility for the bad experience. The site will ultimately deny your request and tell you there is nothing they can do!

If it was possible to have a negative star rating this site would be a -5.

Don't make the same mistake I did!

Tip for consumers:

Don’t do it!

Intentionally misleading company who relies on terms and conditions to back them
March 7, 2023

I have purchased many flights and hotel stays off of hopper many times. In past purchases of price freezes I have received the price I paid for the price freeze back on the purchase of my hotel.

The service I purchased this time was a price freeze on a flight. I paid $180 for this company to freeze the price ($500) of my flights for 21 days. The very next day I got an email stating that my flights have dropped in price, and I went into the app to check out the price drop.

It was there that I noticed the return flight that I had purchased was not available as an option for return through delta when taking the price drop. I would have to choose a different flight.

I feel I didn't get the service I paid for in that regard. However, my main complaint comes to Hopper's app and website. It seems to intentionally mislead consumers.

Once I realized my return flight was not available, I checked to see what the cost would be if I did take their other return flight and this is where I found that the $180, I paid was in fact some sort of service fee and not applicable to be put onto the purchase price of my tickets.

I then attempted to contact hopper via email and conversed through email with a hopper representative, telling him about my misunderstanding of their "terms and conditions" based off my experience with them from other price freeze purchases, along with examples of their terminology of their site layout, multiple other sources where other consumers have misunderstood or feel they have been intentionally misled by them.

They use their "terms and conditions" as a way to slide by while they can continue to swindle consumers with these fees. They would not come to any sort of resolution, so I contacted my credit card company. Mastercard cannot help because of the "terms and conditions".

I then started googling and that is where I found thousands of complaints about them on multiple sites along the same lines of my complaint. I even found a class action lawsuit on the price freeze option. I found others who understood the price freeze as I did, travel sites have the same understanding so that shows that consumers are responding to their app/site as I did. But I felt as a consumer that this may be something that needs to be looked into by the FTC.

So I just sent in a request for that. It is very unfortunate that Hopper doesn't want to work to rectify this situation on their site making the terminology and site user friendly, and easier to understand so consumers can stop being misled. I am so confused why this company won't unless they are intentionally misleading consumers.

Hopper should make sure their how flight freeze work app page terminology is not misleading, that consumers see up front that it is a service fee that doesn't go toward their flights. Especially because their hotels/car rental freeze terms and conditions are the same as each other but differ from the flight freeze terms and conditions. many consumers who read the terms and conditions of the hotels/car rentals wouldn't give it a second thought that their flight terms of service were the same.

It seems hopper is intentionally depending on that, and it seems like this is the loophole in their "terms and conditions" to cover themselves. It is unfortunate that hopper doesn't want to work to rectify these situations, $180 that will cost my future business, referrals by word of mouth, and has brought forth multiple complaints to multiple places now.

No customer service
February 17, 2023

I'm still trying to get a hold of them. They promised a return phone call....nothing. I needed to change the dates...on my stay or refund them.

This company needs to be taken to court due to no customer service.

Will not refund!
February 15, 2023

Very dissatisfied about the booking of my stay at our hotel. The dates was wrong an when I an the hotel tried to change the dates of our stay to the right days, we was told I couldn't be done! But, the hotel said they can change dates as long as Hopper does it on their end.

Well it was never done by Hopper only by the hotel! So I had to pay for 2 extra stays when it was already payed for an taken out of my account! So I'm out of money for 2 days an they will not give me a refund for having to repay! They're a joke an scammer!

The only way they will help is giving me a voucher credit on the booking of my next stay. Well I will never use them again I want the money put back in my account but they won't or say they can't do that!

DO NOT USE HOPPER even if they're a couple dollars cheaper it's not worth it you can't call anyone only through the app an to do that you have to Pay $9.00 to be a VIP membership plus charged a $5.00 tip!

You don't get a immediate response it could take up till the next day before they respond back or they say they're going to call you and they never call! Very DISSATISFIED!!!

Confusing customer service
February 3, 2023

I bought a flight ticket and got canceled by them. I also purchased the “Refund for no reason” addons, while talking to the customer service person, David says I can get refund for my ticket as I’ve purchased the addons, but the next day David goes missing and it’s Kenneth who talks to me and he say I couldn’t get the refund.

Throughout the entire conversation, there’s no continuation and no follow up on the case. Every email I’m talking to different people, they just keep pushing here and there…worst experience ever :(

For a flight ticket refund case, I’ve meet Aakash, ShiangSai, Ankur, David, Aya, Princess ,Leah, Kenneth, Ivy, Agnes (and till now they haven’t settle my refund case)

Prices Not As Advertised!
January 20, 2023

Looked to book a hotel in Mexico city through Hopper

The advertised price was unavailable (Oh Shoot- the $ xxx price you saw is no longer available.). tried to book again from a different IP address the original quote showed up, but upon continuation of the booking the Oh - shoot message appeared again.

I've learned through experience, when the b/s starts at the beginning it continues through out.

It would be a travesty to recommend this site.

Worst mistake ever
December 28, 2022

This company has no sympathy or empathy for anyone. They are only worried about getting money. I booked. Trip for a work event and then the next day I was laid off. I immediately called Hopper and updated them on the situation and they were not concerned at all.

I didn’t even ask for a refund. I asked them if I could get a flight voucher for the amount of my flight to use for a future flight THROUGH THEM. basically they told me they would review my case and speak to a supervisor, but I never heard back from them and now when I call all I get is automated messages.

I will never use this company again, and after telling others about my experience with them and their lack to help at all, neither will they. Do not recommend. I will also be copying and pasting this review to every site I can find to try and warn as many people as possible before booking anything through them.

Total rip off
December 24, 2022
Total rip off website. Stole my money and refused to return it on a flight that was cancelled. So sorry I ever contacted them. Thieves from Canada.

If You can book somewhere PLEASE do. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE.
December 20, 2022
Very hard to get in contact with someone to help. Quickly charge card so PLEASE be sure you've read EVERYTHING you need to know, because you will go through hell to speak to someone and you darn sure won't get a refund.

Scam Artists
December 12, 2022

I was charged two price freezes for a hotel I never booked. I also don’t appreciate the “small print” scam this app utilized. When someone is making a hotel price freeze it does not say anywhere during the purchase that it is non refundable.

It says the price freeze will be applied to the balance once you book the hotel, but if the booking doesn’t go through then the charge will fall off. It doesn’t specify that if you choose not to purchase you lose your money.

You don’t see that until after it’s too late and you have to dig in the resources to see what’s going on. The app is not user friendly and I really believe its intentional to make a profit.

There should be a clear statement letting you know you’re making a non refundable charge and even though they charged me twice for the same freeze, they won’t refund my second charge. There is also little to no help from customer service unless you buy VIP customer service (another scam) then good luck getting your issue resolved.

Took my $$$ .. provided no hotel room... please use booking.com
December 4, 2022

What a scam! I used hopper about 3 xs after that they kept my $! When I booked a hotel via the app Iit immediately said my credit card was declined. Confused I took a look at my card and saw I was charged and it was pending ( for no reason).. I actually called the hotel to make sure rooms were available and they said yes.

Then there is no way to pay the extra for vip support (so I could talk to someone) because my room wasn't booked. Not booked just paid for. So I had to use booking. Com to pay for another room. Clearly the site is set up to rip people off. Just use booking.com, it was cheaper anyway.

Do not trust
November 13, 2022

I would put zero stars but not allowed. Price is never what they advertise and be assured that the charge to your card is more than you agree to pay!!

Beware, beware!!!

Don't do it!
November 1, 2022
I do not recommend this company. Frederic Lalonde is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hopper and they SCAM ON ANOTHER LEVEL!

This is a scam!!!!
October 19, 2022
Do not use this app!!! I booked for a hotel in Connecticut and they put me in New Jersey 3 hours away so I cannot use that motel and they're not going to refund me my money and there's no way to get a hold of customer service I've left several emails they don't answer you back it's a scam and I'm going to report it!!!

Worse travel app
October 17, 2022

I am a single mother who travels for work with my child due to not having any family to help. I have gave this site multiple chances now because of the deals, but 3 x now my reservation was completely messed up. 1ST TIME: hopper glitched and booked my reservation and then cancelled it without any cancelation email. At least I received my money back within an hour.

2nd time they scammed me out of $307.40. I sent them everything they asked for including my bank statements where they clearly took out the money and they could not help me or refund my money due to not able to find my transaction in their system. The bank was not able to refund my money as well due to Hopper not being a fraudulent charge. SO ridiculous. Literally gave them all the proof and information they asked for with no resolution.

3rd time: I'm currently sitting in front of the hotel. They are not allowing me to check in so I contacted Hopper multiple times, through the app and phone and have no response for over 2 hours. No one has called, emailed, or texted me.


Hoppers reimbursement policy is misleading.
October 11, 2022

Company is a scam company that will immediately charge your credit or debit card there extra fees that they refuse to reimburse you account, even if you decide to cancel everything during the initial session. There are no humans to talk with, to ask questions directly. I had to dispute the funds taken from my account, even after Hopper told me that they canceled everything for me. They are a SCAM company.

I was able to book directly with another hotel on my own and save money.

Charges higher than booking agreement
September 8, 2022

Really bad. The mention one amount and later hotels charge an additional amounts that they have no control off.

Really terrible experience.

August 29, 2022

I was charged a $5.00 TIP and $25.00 for vip support. Don't book through this site, it states the flight was going to be $230 & I got charged 260$. I canceled it because I was going to dispute with my bank because I was lied to but you will never ever get a human so you cant dispute with anyone...Never again. Expedia is the best. Should have never changed.

Do not use Hopper!!!
August 6, 2022

This is a fraudulent and scam company!

We look like idiots when we got to the hotel and our rooms was not available, never been booked with Quality Inn. Do not use this Hopper app. You will get scammed and never get your money back! There is no customer service! Fraud Alert!!!

Lipstick on a pig
June 22, 2022

I have done a fair bit of business with Hopper over the last year, and I will never use them again.

The customer service is nonexistent.