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Horrible company with nonexistent customer service
September 3, 2020
I have to agree with many of the other posts. The customer service is nonexistent. It is only through a messenger system that you never actually get a non-staged response back. My flight was cancelled in early April and I haven’t heard anything from them. I filled out all necessary forms and was very patient. I got confirmation of the forms I filled out and an email saying they had 90 days to resolve it. It has now been 150 days with no response. I have attempted through their messenger system to reach out numerous times with no resolve. The cost of the total flights purchased was around $2000. This is unacceptable. I have had to contact my credit card company to help dispute this, which they too are having issues getting contact. I am a avid traveler and would caution anyone to book through Hopper.

If I could give 0 Stars I would.
March 25, 2020
I cannot believe the horrible customer service provided by Hopper. I could not travel with these travel bans and the airlines were offering free rescheduling, but yet Hopper will not answer my multiple attempts at contact for the past 2 weeks. All that answers is the stupid bot and its some generic canned response about how they are overwhelmed with people contacting them. Well No Duh! My flight has left without me on it because of your unprofessionalism in running of a business. So basically Hopper has stolen my money.

Price Freeze Scam
March 4, 2020

I purchased a ticket and used the "price freeze" option with my ticket freezing at $395.00. At the time that I purchased my ticket (which was in the window of time specified, actually 3 days earlier than the expiration) I purchased the ticket at that time at $657.30 with (according to their policy) the thought that I would receive the difference of my price freeze price and the higher price. ( policy stated below) I NEVER got the difference for my ticket. The 24 immediate support number that they advertise doesn't work, it says technical difficulties, lol. (802-231-1806) then it redirects you to a site that says that they will provide immediate assistance with a 24 hour support number and the representative says he's from HOPPER support but could not hear me and hung up on me after multiple calls then he said he wasn't from HOPPER. (1-855-789-02530) Then I get a message in the app that says "We gave you the best price offered" with no option for me to reply. What a scam, I'm so disappointed, I thought this was a legit company.

4. Exercise. In order to purchase a specified airline ticket or tickets subject to a Price Freeze option during the applicable Exercise Window, you may select the "Price Freeze entry" on the "Watch" screen within the Hopper mobile app. You will be required to pay in full the specified airline ticket price at the time of purchase at the then quoted price. If that price is higher than the price indicated in your Price Freeze option,

Hopper support will automatically be notified and the difference will be refunded to you within seven (7) business days. Following purchase of the specified ticket, any refunds, cancellations or exchanges of the purchased ticket will be subject to the fare rules set by the issuing airline. Hopper bookings must contain one passenger over 18 years of age in order to be considered valid.

Cancel for Any Reason Policy... No Response for over a week
December 29, 2019

I bought tickets to Indonesia from USA. Over $1000 for my single ticket. My other friends didn't have a date nailed down but I wanted to buy the ticket at Black Friday Prices, and since they have a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) policy I figured it wouldn't hurt to buy them early.

Turns out my friends can't join me that week. Trip has to be moved out into February. I was about to use my CFAR policy until I noticed in the fine print that Hopper says it only gives out a "Partial" refund. What does that mean? I tried contacting Hopper. No response. Every day for 8 days now I have reached out to them. No response! I can't afford to buy two sets of tickets to Indonesia. I might be going there by my lonely self now, and my friends are on the verge of canceling the trip entirely since we can't get tickets lined up, let alone other reservations that need to happen.

I will never be using this company ever again. Hopefully by writing this review they will take notice and help me out. Then maybe I'll change my rating.

cricket April 27, 2022

THIEVES!!! I want to bring this company D O W N !

DarrenGray June 08, 2022

I'm in the same boat, had a ticket to Italy for a military assignment. That got changed so cancelled my ticket, they responded within an hour saying to contact the airline so I did. Airline of course said contact my booking agency, so I responded back to hopper. Now it's been a week with no response. $1055... in limbo. Small claims court seems like the only option.