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August 29, 2022

I was charged a $5.00 TIP and $25.00 for vip support. Don't book through this site, it states the flight was going to be $230 & I got charged 260$. I canceled it because I was going to dispute with my bank because I was lied to but you will never ever get a human so you cant dispute with anyone...Never again. Expedia is the best. Should have never changed.

Do not use Hopper!!!
August 6, 2022

This is a fraudulent and scam company!

We look like idiots when we got to the hotel and our rooms was not available, never been booked with Quality Inn. Do not use this Hopper app. You will get scammed and never get your money back! There is no customer service! Fraud Alert!!!

Lipstick on a pig
June 22, 2022

I have done a fair bit of business with Hopper over the last year, and I will never use them again.

The customer service is nonexistent.

Dishonest Company - Beware of Scams
June 9, 2022

Firstly, let me preface my review by stating that if I could give Hopper zero stars, I would.

I used Hopper to research direct flights from LA to Portland and then returning. I have Delta air miles and so specifically looked at Delta flights and only Delta flights. I did find flights that suited my schedule and ‘watched’ them until Hopper informed me they had reached a price I was happy to purchase them for.

When I saved my flights (in order to watch them), I double checked the details so as to be sure I was watching the correct journey. All seemingly fine. Then I go to price freeze… I paid $90 to freeze the advertised price for a week so I could complete the transaction when I had more time. Hopper sent me a confirmation but when I opened the confirmation, not only was the price more expensive than what they’d advertised, they froze a completely different and random return leg - A Spirit flight that left at 6am with a three hour stop over in Vegas. Why?

Firstly, I would never take a 6am flight. Secondly, I would never choose a stop over on such a short flight. Thirdly, I would never fly with Spirit. My point being, I would never, NEVER have even researched that flight so it’s impossible for it to be the option I chose to price freeze!

This leads me to my second point… Customer service is nonexistent. You literally can’t get through to a human. Miraculously though, a few minutes after I Tweeted about my experience, I got an email. Curious… Anyway, a long story short: Hopper’s condescending customer support agent simply told me it was my mistake and there was nothing they could do about it, I should have checked the details of the price freeze before agreeing to it.

Yes, In hindsight this would have been the right thing to do. But in my defense, because I was only ever following one specific route, I naively assumed that that would be the route I was paying for. BEWARE: I suspect this is a scam. Hopper is a company lacking integrity and seems to be making money from unsuspecting customers. My guess is that the money comes from the un refundable fee you pay for flights you’re never going to purchase because the details are wrong.

False advertising at best
June 7, 2022

Do not deal with a company that participates in false advertising! Paid $25 fee to freeze my flight at $512. When I went to book it the site tried to charge me $1,700.

After numerous emails requesting more than a standard computerized response and reporting them to kayak I finally received an email from an employee.

Took several emails to finally have someone call me. Their first excuse was the flight was full which was false as I was able to book it for $636. Next they said they didn’t have my flight in contract with them at the time - then don’t sell me an insurance policy you can’t stand by!

After several hours of back and forth they only gave me my $25 fee back so I’m out an extra $124 False advertising at its best! I would not use this company since they don’t have fine print so to speak in their website yet pull it out of the woodwork when you finally reach them!

Hopper Freeze isn’t applied to your Flight
June 1, 2022

Hopper changed the policy of the "Freeze" so instead of the amount you spent to freeze the flight going towards your flight, it's just an additional fee for them to keep! So you'll pay the freeze amount on top of the flight price.

They didn't notify customers of this policy change. This isn't convenient for people at all. Literally no point of using this app. You're better off with Kayak or booking directly with the airline.

My flight was $227 each so I paid $452.96 and an additional $176 smh. NEVER AGAIN!

Never again
May 28, 2022

So I make a hotel “freeze” w Hopper & pay their fees. A few days before their pay deadline, I go to pay their discounted price. Room not available.

Refunded my fees as credits (no money back) and told (3-day email exchange) it was their error and to re-make the reservation and pay. I do.

Their site changed my dates, and I only get 1 of 2 needed nights. So I repeat process for 2nd nite and call hotel and confirm the 2-nite reservation.

We arrive and have to pay full price for 1st night because only 2nd night is paid-and Hopper used Expedia for 1 night and Hotels.com for other…so why the hell did I stress with Hopper, install their App, emails & calls?!? Never again!

Cannot get credit back on a cancelled flight
April 14, 2022

I cancelled a trip to Florida and trying to get my credit back. The airline was Allegiant, so I called them and they sent the credit to Hopper. Hopper is stalling and claims they have a team on this to issue credit. They asked for my Pay Pal information but nothing has been credited thus far.

Allegiant said their prices are the same as Hoppers so never go through a 3rd party. Especially if you have issues, You can not call anyone direct at Hopper and they stop communicating with you via email. You can't even escalate your issue with a manager. I will never use this site again.

Consumers, we are power in numbers and I have a lot of followers, Reach out via FACEBOOK, Instagram, Twitter and share your experience on these social media platforms. Eventually there will not be a Hopper any longer!

April 4, 2022

Do not give this company any of your personal information. Somehow they got my credit card information and booked a $200 flight on my card. I tried to call the number linked to the flight through Hopper, and the recording said this number is nonexistent.

Do not use this company. This is a scam, and they are THIEVES. I am battling my credit card company to get my $200 back. I only give them a one star because I have to in order to post this.

False advertisement to get business
March 31, 2022

WARNING, SCAM. This company does not provide ANY customer service and does not provide "free" seating. It's literally false advertisement and I have reported them to justice.gov for fraud.

Scam - fraud - false deceptive advertising
March 29, 2022

Hopper is a scam!! Worse, it is operating its scams through false and deceptive advertising. Do not use this app!!!

I booked a flight on united through hopper and paid $68 to freeze the price. When I attempted just now to complete booking and pay the balance 5 days in advance, hopper's price increased by several hundred dollars over the initial price freeze. Hopper required additional payment to book the flight, while stating they were still saving me $100.

While in a chat with a hopper representative, I booked the flight from united, at the original price. There was no "Price increase" that hopper was claiming. Fraud, extortion, false and deceptive advertising all at the same time. Yes, of course I will be reporting these abuses for state and federal investigations.

Non-existent Customer Service
March 28, 2022
Hopper customer service is non-existent. It's been a month and still waiting for the refund after the flight booked change the layover from a couple of hours to 17 hours. It's easier to go straight to the airline. Do not use the Hopper app.

I feel mislead and cheated
January 24, 2022

I am a repeat customer. I bought flights via Hopper because of their "Buy Now" recommendation which I thought was trustworthy, along with their "Price Drop" guarantee.

When the price dropped a mere day after purchase by 40% - I expected Hopper to take responsibility. They offered me $20 back! Insulting.

At this point, even if I cancel the flight, paying a cancellation fee, buying the same again elsewhere, I still will be saving money!

I thought Hopper were a different kind of company. I feel very mislead and will not be making any purchase from them ever again.

Hopper is a scam for car rentals
January 21, 2022

My wife was on a travel nurse assignment in California. Her contracts are month to month and can be terminated at a moments notice. She needed a car so I went to Hopper for the first time. I entered that the car rental would be from January 1 to January 31, 2022 and found a Toyota Corolla for $850.00 for the month. I saw on my credit card a charge for $850.00 but I thought this was just a hold for the month for that amount.

She picked up the car at Sacramento airport on January 1, 2022 but her contract was terminated on January 3, 2022 and she returned the car on the 3rd and flew back home. Thrifty car rental charged our credit card $83.29 for the car rental. I have contacted Hopper several times through emails (because they refuse to give a phone number) and they say "It is up to the rental partner (Thrifty) to give permission to refund the $850.00".

Thrifty charged my card for the rental for a total $83.29 and Thrifty is done with the car rental. It is up to Hopper to refund the money but they refuse to and keep claiming it is Thrifty fault. Hopper is a scam and is holding a full month charge for $850.00 for a three day rental!

Be careful. If it is too good to be true then it is! Hopper has terrible business practices and won't even talk to you!

July 12, 2021

I had a job interview with company then was told I had the job then was told to send my personal info to a non secured personal email. Then I was told to send my picture for verification process. This is not my first time doing a work at home job and I am very familiar how the process is suppose to go for work at home. The suppose recruiter name was Kelvin Johnson so please be aware it should always be a secured link sent to process personal info for a job.

This really makes you mad when you have people going hungry and losing their households. Job for Hopper INC. using the dish symbol which made me think it was possibly legit until I was told to download a app called Wire which made it suspicious but it became really clear to be a scam when I was told to send my personal info to a personal gmail account.

KarenSandrock September 06, 2021

Thank you so much. I have an interview with them for a work at home data entry position. This is through Whatsapp; I'm curious to see how long it takes them to ask for my banking info.

Horrible company with nonexistent customer service
September 3, 2020
I have to agree with many of the other posts. The customer service is nonexistent. It is only through a messenger system that you never actually get a non-staged response back. My flight was cancelled in early April and I haven’t heard anything from them. I filled out all necessary forms and was very patient. I got confirmation of the forms I filled out and an email saying they had 90 days to resolve it. It has now been 150 days with no response. I have attempted through their messenger system to reach out numerous times with no resolve. The cost of the total flights purchased was around $2000. This is unacceptable. I have had to contact my credit card company to help dispute this, which they too are having issues getting contact. I am a avid traveler and would caution anyone to book through Hopper.

If I could give 0 Stars I would.
March 25, 2020
I cannot believe the horrible customer service provided by Hopper. I could not travel with these travel bans and the airlines were offering free rescheduling, but yet Hopper will not answer my multiple attempts at contact for the past 2 weeks. All that answers is the stupid bot and its some generic canned response about how they are overwhelmed with people contacting them. Well No Duh! My flight has left without me on it because of your unprofessionalism in running of a business. So basically Hopper has stolen my money.

Price Freeze Scam
March 4, 2020

I purchased a ticket and used the "price freeze" option with my ticket freezing at $395.00. At the time that I purchased my ticket (which was in the window of time specified, actually 3 days earlier than the expiration) I purchased the ticket at that time at $657.30 with (according to their policy) the thought that I would receive the difference of my price freeze price and the higher price. ( policy stated below) I NEVER got the difference for my ticket. The 24 immediate support number that they advertise doesn't work, it says technical difficulties, lol. (802-231-1806) then it redirects you to a site that says that they will provide immediate assistance with a 24 hour support number and the representative says he's from HOPPER support but could not hear me and hung up on me after multiple calls then he said he wasn't from HOPPER. (1-855-789-02530) Then I get a message in the app that says "We gave you the best price offered" with no option for me to reply. What a scam, I'm so disappointed, I thought this was a legit company.

4. Exercise. In order to purchase a specified airline ticket or tickets subject to a Price Freeze option during the applicable Exercise Window, you may select the "Price Freeze entry" on the "Watch" screen within the Hopper mobile app. You will be required to pay in full the specified airline ticket price at the time of purchase at the then quoted price. If that price is higher than the price indicated in your Price Freeze option,

Hopper support will automatically be notified and the difference will be refunded to you within seven (7) business days. Following purchase of the specified ticket, any refunds, cancellations or exchanges of the purchased ticket will be subject to the fare rules set by the issuing airline. Hopper bookings must contain one passenger over 18 years of age in order to be considered valid.

Cancel for Any Reason Policy... No Response for over a week
December 29, 2019

I bought tickets to Indonesia from USA. Over $1000 for my single ticket. My other friends didn't have a date nailed down but I wanted to buy the ticket at Black Friday Prices, and since they have a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) policy I figured it wouldn't hurt to buy them early.

Turns out my friends can't join me that week. Trip has to be moved out into February. I was about to use my CFAR policy until I noticed in the fine print that Hopper says it only gives out a "Partial" refund. What does that mean? I tried contacting Hopper. No response. Every day for 8 days now I have reached out to them. No response! I can't afford to buy two sets of tickets to Indonesia. I might be going there by my lonely self now, and my friends are on the verge of canceling the trip entirely since we can't get tickets lined up, let alone other reservations that need to happen.

I will never be using this company ever again. Hopefully by writing this review they will take notice and help me out. Then maybe I'll change my rating.

cricket April 27, 2022

THIEVES!!! I want to bring this company D O W N !

DarrenGray June 08, 2022

I'm in the same boat, had a ticket to Italy for a military assignment. That got changed so cancelled my ticket, they responded within an hour saying to contact the airline so I did. Airline of course said contact my booking agency, so I responded back to hopper. Now it's been a week with no response. $1055... in limbo. Small claims court seems like the only option.