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Impossible To Communicate With...
August 31, 2022

Here's the deal - I waited forever to redeem all my Honey points and finally did so, choosing to get Amazon Gift Cards. When I went to the site, and this was MY oversight, I chose Amazon Canada instead of U.S.

I have been trying for two months to speak to someone...ANYONE about cancelling and reissuing those gift cards and cannot for the life of me get a response. I've even been in touch with PayPal, their parent company - each time I'm given a canned response or hung up on.

Sure, getting that $160 gift card is great, but Canada charges twice for stuff and I'd rather purchase in the U.S. and get more.


Removes working codes from the cart!
April 27, 2022

This app removes working codes you already have in the kart. Then it claims none of the codes work and you have the best price. That is after it has removed your working codes and increased the final price. The app is also good at pointing you to more expensive and not related products. Spams you the entire time you're trying check out and rewards you with 0 gold almost every single time you activate it.

alliedeast Portland July 08, 2022

I had suspected this was a scam and your review is just what I needed to verify as such. Not confirmed but have plenty of validity to believe this is just a piece of a much larger scam.

And the fact that it's hitting you with above cost pricing despite your discount codes rings familiar as I am dealing with a situation very similar and I think it's one aspect of how they screw you out of money.

You use these mobile services often then this pyramid scamming Dudley Do Wrong comes along with a slight of hand look this way as I scam your money that way posing as legit companies after signing you up for some analytical company and then registers your device as one of their company devices after they have hacked it and removed your backups and recoveries leaving you no recourse after they initiate an Ota update swapping out the OEM software no matter what you think or whether you want it or not.

This is all accomplished by clicking on what you or any other user would assume was a legit terms used as a standard for most honest and nothing to hide businesses. This scammer plays on words really blurring the lines of criminal business practices, and Federal law breaking. I could never imagine a judge upholding their sneaky pps they insert at awkward times all so they can complete stealing from you.

March 17, 2022
Made a purchased based on Honey offer ($139.99 cashback in gold). After 3 weeks and multiple emails that got ignored, it is clear that they don't want to pay for the "promotion" they provided. I bet they also make money from the commission too.

History of items faked
March 16, 2022

Honey is telling me this is the best price in 30 days when these speakers jumped from $100 to $260 on amazon. I noticed when amazon didn't ship the package I ordered forced a refund for running late.

So they could cash in on the price hike! Honey said best deal in 30 days when purchased @ $100, and also best deal when it jumped a few days later @ $260! Total scam! Same link and everything.

Very Important to know that it finds the best deals for you!!!
November 23, 2021

I wasn't really sure how Honey worked when I first got it! I had no idea how to use it! But after I went on Shein I wanted to make a purchase! Honey instantly found good coupons for me to use on my purchase!!

Honey went through 12 coupons to find me a good deal with my purchase my original price was 54 dollars and it brought it down to 45 dollars!!

It may not seem like a lot to most people but that really helps save money in my pocket!!

Barely saves you money
August 23, 2021
I've been using honey for about 2-3 years and I've saved a whopping total of 5 dollars, and average of .05 cents per purchase. The codes never work and if they do it saves you a few cents. It's a waste.

No thanks, Honey.
July 25, 2021
I ordered clothes for my grandson through Carter's. At checkout the Honey thing popped up and I was informed that I would save several dollars if I used Honey and my paypal account to pay for my purchases. I did that and the $$ was taken from my paypal account. A few days later I received a statement from Carter's for the full amount. My question is where did the money taken from my paypal account go ? looks like I am going to end up paying double for my Carter's order. I don't think this Honey thing is for me.

Honey, a total scam.
April 22, 2021

Honey is a bloody scam made by people who only care for money. They used Mr Beast for adverts and that Honey is a great app, you can save money...NOT TRUE!!!!

Honey leaves hundreds of emails a day. I get thousands of phone calls and they are even calling on my son's phone! A couple of days ago, I had to spend hours looking for my email address because HONEY CHANGED IT!

During this pandemic, everything that people advertise are scams to make as much money as possible. For example, Starscope Monocular, Honey, Ecosia, etc.

Never trust the Internet. Don't let greedy people make money and lose yours.

Have never saved anything!
August 24, 2020
Not worth the time to download another app. I’ve tried it for 4 months and have never saved anything. I already find the best deals by shopping online. It seems that the only pot sweetened is Hioney’s as they are probably benefiting off of my purchases.

pretty good!
May 17, 2020
i haven't had honey for very long, but i wanted to leave this review because so far i'm very impressed! my $60 total at gap ended up being $32! i haven't tried out the honey gold thing yet, so i'm not sure if that works. but i'm ready to believe this is a very honest and helpful company.

It is an advertising scam.
April 26, 2020

They say the app is free. come on, NOTHING is free.

they say they get a commission from the vendors. FALSE.

they make their money from selling the information, from the suckers that join the app. hence, a flood of emails, snail mails, and phone calls from dozens and dozens of companies that you have never done business with.

Plim Trotsky May 18, 2020

Thank you. That's why I am searching about it. I usually search for coupon codes when checking out online and the idea of Honey is appealing to me, but I am trying to figure out their angle. The way they are running ads all over tells me that they aren't sustaining themselves on a tip from the seller. I'll be damned if I need a bunch of targeted ads based on things that I already bought.

January 14, 2020
I tried to turn in my Honey points for a $70.00 Target gift card and NEVER received it. They send an automatic email response that had nothing to do with me not getting my gift card. This is a scam. They make money but you don't received anything.

acting chops?
December 29, 2019
I like the feelings invoced off the "I Don't Need a new phone" commercial now hear this I just want to hurt you're feelings a smidgen. after watching this henry zebrowski could play commercial roles so well I know it even better they can both be part of your add campaign. yea do that than get rid of the other guy you have know or that's a thumbs down for me brother.

November 7, 2019
I've been with Honey over a year now. In the beginning they were great, but now they wont give me my Honey Gold even though it lists me having Gold on their site. Don't waste your time.

MariaHernandez December 01, 2020

Same thing happened to me.

Not credited
October 1, 2019
Although Honey seems to do what it says about finding good prices and coupon codes, it falls short of applying purchase points to my account. I have made several hundreds of dollars of purchases that Honey says will add points to my account. Even after waiting over 2 months for the sales to "clear"' I only get about one in ten sales applied for points that I was told were pending. Most of these purchases came thru Amazon or Ebay so there should not have been a problem verifying them.

Used to be good, but not worth it anymore.
September 30, 2019
Ebay purchases used to have a decent return but now they only give back .1%. I went from getting cash back every other month to only getting cash back 1 time a year. Time to look for something else.

I do not like having my information shared with all the other companies.
June 18, 2019
I have subscribed to several different offers that promise this and that only to find my email inbox being flooded with ads from companies I never have done business with. I go through a couple of times a month and unsub from 95 percent of the companies I want nothing to do with only to find in a couple of months my email inbox has over 100 messages a day coming in and on average I delete 90 - 95 of them and never even open them. I really hate junk mail in what ever form it comes in. Don't get me started on ROBO CALLS!!!! Computers don't care if I cuss them out, too bad.

AlfieAtkinson July 17, 2019

Maybe you should read before you click accept on everything in a sign up process, if you agree for them to share your email, then they will. I've had no emails because I knew not to agree to it.

SaraGriffin Locklair August 28, 2019

I signed up for honey and was really enjoying the discount coupons but when it came time to collect my honey gold I realized that my email had been changed to Russian affiliation,and a email name I never heard of, my amazon gift cards went to it, I tried changing it several times but it kept going back to that bogus account so I opted out of the app

Watch Your Personal Information
April 28, 2019
Well anyone who does install this app already knows what this app will do to their personal information. They know because right before you click the ADD button they tell you that they WILL share your information and they WILL change things you submit. I would be very careful I definitely will NOT be adding this app now. If they can go and will change what is, or what you are submitting, what else can they get access to, remember you are on shopping sites, site where you give your personal credit card information and bak information. I wouldn't touch this site with a ten foot pole!

Ivan May 17, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing and awesome advise.

AlfieAtkinson July 17, 2019

This can in no way access your payment information as a Chrome extension, stop trying to scare people

February 20, 2019
I was on amazon, and I decided I wanted to save money. I clicked on honey, and it showed me a bunch of codes. I went through EVERY single one of them and everything said "Code is invalid." So don't waste your time downloading this.

CynthiaByrom March 26, 2019

Have that problem with Amazon period! Has nothing to do with honey. Amazon is not a good way to judge Honey.

SaraGriffin Locklair August 28, 2019

check your email address with them

NORCALXxMrDxX November 10, 2019

they use codes that might've already expired. they cant really help it. i used it today and only 1 of 5 worked but it still saved me for 40 bucks

I Love It!
February 17, 2019
It's saved me money automatically and I think it's a great little app!

ElizaCollins September 19, 2019

lol Vivian do you think people can't pick up when someone who works for the company is writing these reviews? Like literally you couldn't have made the fakeness of all your replies to these comments more obvious.

JohnQuiggins August 28, 2022

I happen to agree. I've been using Honey for over 6 years. I got a return in credits of nearly $200 from Lowe's when I bought my new Refrigerator, stove, and microwave. I cashed them in with no issue at all. I also save a couple of bucks every time I order Domino's pizza through using their 'gift card' purchase feature. I don't know what all the hate is about.