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waste of my time
October 9, 2018
I wish I could add a minus in front of that rating. I won't waste another second with this useless junk.

It is greatly annouing
August 14, 2018
I want to get rid of it. I can't stand it. How do I do that from Safari and chrome?

rocco dental November 08, 2018

just right click on the icon, and then click options. that will take you to browser extentions and click delete. as it gives you options to deactivate or delete, by deleting it you will no longer have it on your system. worked for me on opera browser

Takes to long for rewards
June 7, 2018
If you do manage to get rewards, you have to wait months for them to be applied to you account. All you see is pending for months.

Not as effective as it claims
February 28, 2018

I have had the app for over a year now and it has not been more useful than the actual offers displayed on the sites. It does the whole routine of scanning and looking for the best offers and coupons out there for you, but really at the end of it gives you the promo code that is already promoted by the website it is used on.

One would assume that it makes a thorough search on the back end and looks for the active coupons from third party coupon sites like Retail me not etc, but it does no such thing and often comes back with nothing!

I am often successful by simply searching for codes on Google myself. Pretty unimpressive.

Plim Trotsky May 18, 2020

I was looking for an app that does what you say, but doesn't bend me over the counter while doing it. Alas, the search continues.

Doesn't always work
January 31, 2018

I have it downloaded on my computer and a couple of times I have legit saved a good bit of cash... BUT just recently it absolutely failed. When purchasing an item at a website that was 35.00 plus about 9.00 shipping, it ran through the available codes and you could actually see them changing the price in the cart. At one time the price dropped down to $24.00 with a coupon that was 25% off plus free shipping! YET it did not apply that coupon! The honey app continued to scroll until it applied a measly $3.00 off as my best option!

I can certainly understand not always having all the best coupon codes up to date all the time but to have it and still dump it out to enter probably the lowest one that was available at all is pretty odd and makes me wonder how many good ones I have missed recently depending on Honey to find the best.

I went back and hand entered the code that gave me the 25% off and free shipping and ran it again just to make sure it wasn't a glitch as usually if you have the best code already it will say "No buyers remorse you already have the best price" it actually deleted my code and put the $3.00 coupon back in!!!

All and all any app that saves you money that is free isn't bad, just make sure you watch for lower prices when it is scanning and hand enter the codes if it doesn't give you the best option. Humans err and programs glitch! :)

TimFisher February 07, 2018

Are the data mining your search habits and selling the information to retailers?

There is no free lunch!

HillarysofhoustonMarek February 25, 2019

Good question @timfisher and exactly what i was wondering and why I'm reading the reviews. Tag me if you find the answer,I'm not interested in downloading a single thing that's not100% transparent about how they use my info, what they access to get said info, and what exactly their current use of,future use of and intended purpose to collect and store, my data. I can't be the only person who feels this way right? I wish like hell that companies would see that people in general don't care about things like letting you know what ads we clicked or things we buy, but we want to know why you want this info and IF that's the only info you want. It's three being kept in the dark that upsets me. Ask and I'll tell you, but don't covertly spy on me and act like you're doing me a favor with my "free service" . Anyone know where I'm coming from or am I alone in this way of thinking?

HillarysofhoustonMarek February 25, 2019


It's *the* being kept in the dark, not "three" being kept... (Autocorrect)

Plim Trotsky May 18, 2020

I'm guessing the $3 coupon code earned Honey the best kickback from the retailer.

Honey app
January 25, 2018
I just downloaded and had 5 items in cart from Amazon. 4 items had error and 1 said no savings found. It will have to do better than that to get a better rating from me. If it stops showing "error" I'll rate it again.

It's fine
December 11, 2017
Only occasionally finds a code, and nothing hugely money saving, but better than nothing I guess. No harm, no foul.

Plim Trotsky May 18, 2020

Wrong. They are selling your information in exchange for providing you mostly nothing. It's actually much worse than nothing.

Wants too much access to your computer files
November 7, 2017
They are asking for too much access to your computer. Be aware

Beverly Westcott December 01, 2017

I don't like that Honey app wants access to information on my computer. I will not be downloading the app.

EricMoorehead March 07, 2018

Same here. It doesn't need access to my information to find other coupons on Amazon. There is something phishy going on. I did not install.

ChristianHilton March 17, 2018

I downloaded then decide not to enable due to its 'access all data' request...

bogus email offer
October 30, 2017
Email from Honey for half off a $50 amazon card. Needless to say totally bogus offer. Does not appear that Honey has anything resembling quality control regarding emails it sends out. Will keep Honey but block its emails.

Aleks PottDihler November 05, 2017

Thanks, James from BeefSlice.

Increased my order price??
October 25, 2017
Although this extension has never found me a working code, I kept it just for craps and giggles hoping that it might actually work one day. I used it today on my Kiehl's order - it actually found a "working" code this time, and it INCREASED my order amount from $107 to $115. What the hell? It didn't add any new products to my cart or give me any kind of discount. I would have purchased it at the new price had I not been looking carefully. Absolutely useless and terrible app. I'm deleting it.

JamesTenBroeke October 30, 2017

almost order an amazon gift card the honey said was a $50 card for $25. Needless to say wasn't true, it was $25 card for $25.. Don't think i can Honey can be totally trusted, always double check deal then double check again twice. If a deal sounds too good to be true probably is.

Works great and is supper helpful!
August 10, 2017

It's such an easy site to work with and get great deals from and it's fun to add coupons and know that others can get great deals from them if you can't use them or don't want to use them. Working with customer service also is nice, even more so when I have a coupon that will run out sooner than most and needs it to go up as soon as possible. My only real complaint is that it's hard to tell if your coupon was given to anyone, as it would be nice to see it pop up on the site it has notice of how many times it was used.

All in all, the real question is why haven't you tried it yet!

JJFleming November 03, 2017

This sounds like an advert. to me.

AustinKeddy November 03, 2017


AndreaGlassner Powell November 11, 2017

Is it really "supper fun"! Geez

WylieWilliamson January 06, 2018

Me and my cousins we have sooo much fun haning out looking up coupons with this crazy app. It's a wonderful.

What are you guys talking about.

Your crazy

AndreaEspinoza January 29, 2018

*hanging *It's wonderful *You're

Gio January 11, 2019

Sadly, Ryan....by June your review goes from 5 stars... to 1.

guess things do not improve with age

Love it
April 14, 2017
Awesome app, does what it says

Awesome app!
March 23, 2017
I don't shop without this app anymore! It takes the hassle out of searching for coupon codes and has surprised me by saving me a good amount of money so far. Even when it doesn't find codes, I'm at least happy I didn't spend time searching for them.

Thank you Honey!!!
March 23, 2017
i don't have any browser extensions - besides Honey. took me awhile to hop on the bandwagon but I'm honestly soo glad i did and i feel stupid for not getting it before. i've probably saved like $100-$150 in just the last month?? no joke i feel physical pain when i think about how many deals i missed out on before I got honey :(

Used to love her - now not so much!
February 22, 2017

I used to love honey and had been thrilled at the awesome deals they found me. I liked them so much that I recommended them on my blog. My blog readers used them too and I earned lots of honey gold - AWESOME I thought. We'll, that's where the problem began. My first honey gold redemption was for 9000 honey gold. THat's $90 in Amazon gift cards. I was told that i'd have it in less than 24 hours. 2 days later customer service was REALLY apologetic, said that people don't usually redeem that much at once and they send the codes. Fine.

About a month later I went to redeem 6000 in honey gold. After 4 days of waiting I contacted customer service. THey were sorry again and send code for $40 in Amazon codes. I should have received $60. As of this writing i'm still waiting for them to figure it out. I've sent them proof of my redemption requests. I've sent them a link to my blog so that they could understand why/how I have so much honey gold. I'm not trying to cheat these people. I'm trying to get what they promised.

Meanwhile 1/2 the stuff in my Amazon cart is no longer available from the original sellers because this process has taken so long. I'm FRUSTRATED And actively searching for honey alternatives!

sherryll shaddock August 27, 2017

I will never have to worry about redeeming so much Honey Gold, so this review was not that helpful, except to know it is a smaller start up and is not prepared to pay out 10's of dollars

Nancy September 04, 2017

WHY WON'T THIS SYSTEM ALLOW ME TO VOTE??? It's as if you're locked-out if you're trying to up-vote this review-it tells me that I've already voted although I KNOW THAT I HAVE NOT!!! Always wondered if these things might be "rigged"-guess now I have my answer!!! Neway, liked Kathy's review=VERY much like numerous other companies I've had similar experience with-SO SAD!!!

AnnaH Shapiro October 18, 2017

Same here....first got a message to log in, so i did. Then, I attempted again to vote. "You have already voted" appeared in green. The voter counts were the same before and after I took these steps. Thanks, Kathy & Nancy, I won't use this resource anymore.

HillarysofhoustonMarek February 25, 2019

I have experienced the same thing with, receipt hog, swagbucks, and a few others that are no longer in business. TBH the only one that i have had any real success with its ibotta. I get my cash within 1-3 minutes after i tap the cash out button and send it to my PayPal account.I have used the gift card option a few times when they offer s discount (like $20 for a $30 card) and it's available instantly. The most cash i checked out at one time was $260 and there was no problems. Plus it only took me 1 week to earn it.

Never worked for me
January 22, 2017

Several say it does not work:


I am not sure if it is a scam or just poor performance

Must have if you buy online...
December 25, 2016
Wish I had loaded this sooner... one of my Software Engineering interns turned me onto this... can't believe I didn't know about it. I have actually used coupons it recommended at least 45 times. Enjoy!

messes up your other shopping rebate sites
November 26, 2016
There are a lot of sites out there that if you shop through them, you get a percentage back. One I use regularly is Ebates.com Beware, if you click the "honey" button at check out to earn "honey gold" it over rides any other site you went through and you will lose your rebate from the other site. For example, all weekend I thought I shopped through Ebates where I was earning 7-10% back on my shopping, only to find Honey wiped it all out and I "may" have earned something but they don't tell you how much for a few days (or weeks?) but it was most likely 1% and it is in their "Honey Gold" that you can't get back until you reach a certain threshold. I learned my lesson....its not worth using compared to many other rebate sites.

Debbie April 14, 2017

I love Ebates! I have gotten Big Fat Checks sent to me every 3 months if they owe me $5 or more I have received more then $1400.00!!!!!! I go to ebates click where I want to shop. At check out Ebates looks for the best coupons and puts them in for me. I do not have to redeem, clip, send rebate papers. I set back, shop and they add coupons and send me the check I cash, can give to a charity or spend at amazon. I also use Shopathome.com I like to see which has the most percentage money back.

Ohiodee May 16, 2017

What I've found, is sometimes the price's are higher going through Ebate's, than if I go straight to the store. You need to check both ways. If you use Ebates make sure you go back through them before you check out or you won't get your credit either.

Has never found me a working code. ever.
October 22, 2016
Every time I visit a site and the honey app pops up, it has yet to EVER find me a code that actually works to save me money. Its completely useless.

Yeroc64 April 01, 2021

i get those ads all the time

Doesn't work
August 30, 2016
I've had it for over a month. It does check coupons on Amazon, thought there never are any. It also says the best price, but you better check yourself, because I've found on several occasions, the price they listed wasn't the best price. On ebay it always says click for bonus, I do, and it says you got a bonus, we'll contact you via email in a couple days. They NEVER contact you, you never get anything. I checked my account, balance zero. I have written them three times, no response.