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The Health Sciences Institute (HSI), found online at HSIOnline.com, describes themselves as an independent organization dedicated to uncovering the most urgent advances in underground medicine. 

How Does HSI Work?

The Health Sciences Institute states they provide members with a monthly online publication that highlights information on breakthroughs in medicine and helps them understand how they can personally benefit from these discoveries. 

They will also offer their members specialized reports which offer more in-depth coverage of the health topics they simply highlight in their monthly reports.

Some of these extra reports will be provided as free bonuses, while other times they will be extras available for purchase. 

Even though HSI says their team of writers is made of doctors and specialists from all over the world, the website does state that no information provided by this publication should be seen as personal medical advice or instruction.

Additionally, all readers are advised to consult the appropriate health professionals before choosing to take any of HSI's advice or recommendations and putting them into effect. 


There are many different problems that people should consider before paying for a subscription to HSI.

The first problem is the fearmongering HSI uses to promote their product, with claims of government conspiracies and allusions to deadly medications which may be in your medicine cabinet.

We believe that if you truly have access to legitimate health and wellness research and information, you should not need to scare people into listening to you. 

Another issue is that HSI frequently advertise their books and products as free, yet it is not possible to receive access to these items without a paid year-long subscription to HSI which costs $74.00.

Stemming from this issue is the fact that their website does not provide any information regarding cancellations or refunds, which may mean that no refunds will be given. 

But really the biggest issue is that HSI spends lots of time and effort attempting to scare visitors into following their medical recommendations, though they freely admit that people should follow the advice and treatment recommendations of their doctors, and should not interpret HSI information as “personal medical advice.”

We view this as an unethical way of providing information to customers, especially when it comes to issues of health and medical care. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-213-0764 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.  


Cost & Price Plans

The website states that customers can choose one of two subscription types, either their regular twelve month subscription which costs $74.00, or their subscription specifically for seniors, which is provided at $37.00 but is described as also being a twelve month subscription which also offers all the same bonus gifts as the regular subscription.     


Refund Policy

Unfortunately this website does not provide any information on refunds or on their members’ ability to cancel their subscription.

They do say that once you purchase a subscription, your subscription will automatically be renewed every year and your credit card will be charged again, though they do say it will be with the lowest possible subscription fee available at the time.          

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites, publications, and organizations which claim to offer people “underground medical information” and alternatives to traditional medical treatments.

Examples include Mercola.com, Natural Health Sherpa, Logical Health Alternatives, Newsmax.com, and many others.

If you have any experience with the Health Sciences Institute or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Stop misusing the term "Conspiracy Theory" With what You disagree with!
August 18, 2022

Although it is a gimmick company that has profit in mind, and that they use Institute in their business title. The information is mostly accurate, unfortunately some have drank the Kool Aid of Big Government & Big Pharma. There is no conspiracy, there is no theory regarding there actions when it comes to toxic and deadly substances they call "medicine".

The government nor big pharma will provide you with the relief and/or a cure for your health problems. This is because of the fact that diet and lifestyle is the remedy/cure also the cause for over 80% of diseases and cancers.

Heart disease, diabetes, Dementia, stroke, certain cancers, and arthritis are all caused by diet & lifestyle actions or inactions. These are facts average people do not want to hear though. So S.A.D., literally and figuratively, the Standard American Diet is causing most the health problems we suffer from.

So, the information is mostly sound, the company providing it not so much.

HollisWoods January 23, 2023

Help with doctors on h2o2 iv for cancer

provide good valid information. Good customer service.
October 14, 2021

I have belonged to HSI for quite some time and like them. They are very informative.

There is no problem with refunds.

No complaints with them

Sheila AnnWillis November 01, 2021

I agree. I have had these two subscriptions before. I have the three free books and have had to stop for a while financially. I truly believe their studies and comments.

July 5, 2020

Have not subscribed yet, but after listening to the entire presentation I would like to, just to get the books.. the video tells me I can join and then cancel, and still keep the free books so I may try that.

I am wondering if the books can be found elsewhere (like the lucky chap that found one at Goodwill :) anyway the senior price to join isn't enormous, so if $37 is my total exposure, I may give it a whirl ...


P.s. The Miracles book Is On Amazon for $39

P.s.s. I am joining knowing (confirm please) I can get a refund of my $37.00 anytime! Do you acknowledge all the bad reviews saying you ate a scam?

March 6, 2020
After being asked to buy more products at a higher price and I couldn’t confirm my original purchase, I backed out and deleted everything I put in there without confirming my purchase. Two hours later, they sent me an e-mail welcoming as a new member and charged my c/c $43.53. I sent them e-mails to take the charge off but, they come back with,”we will get to you ASAP”. I have gotten this msg everyday for the last 4 days. Called my cc company and they will take care of it. This COMPANY IS A SCAM. Stay away from it.

DorisSparrow October 14, 2021

NOT A SCAM. I have belonged to them for years and have gleaned a lot of good helpful information from them. Never had a problem with refunds, which I had to request when I ordered the wrong product. Never had a problem with them.

Miracles from The Vault
January 15, 2020

Anthology of underground cures. A book I picked up at Goodwill for $3

It was informative regarding topics: Pain, Cancer, Heart, Asthma/copd, Anti-Aging, Energy, Weight Loss, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Memory, Immune System.

Somethings I tried by buying similar pills ($20 ) from Amazon. Lowered my blood pressure tremendously and naturally without prescription.

If you can just use the info as educational meaning to learn more about some medical alternatives it is enlightening. I'm sure many doctors have already directed some patients to herbal medicines versus prescription medications as an additional source to good health.

DorisSparrow October 14, 2021

I love this company and the great information they provide. They have helped me and some friends with life-improving information.

November 23, 2019
“Snake oil” sales site. Go there after you buy a bridge.

August 8, 2019

How do I stop them from pushing notifications to me?


Timothy Northen September 23, 2019

What branch of the government do you work for

joshkirkwood October 04, 2019

Haha. The person who wrote this article was unbiased and offered an unbiased view of this organization. Your implication that they are working for the wrong team just shows that you have been brainwashed by this propaganda issued by HSI.

SherylCanton April 20, 2021

Big Pharma is good for acute situations but I have found any time I have had to take a script for long term use I develop all sorts of side effects, of which the doc's just want to prescribe another pill. I refuse to do so.

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see!
July 14, 2019

Research, Research, Research anything that sounds too good to be true and especially if your health depends on it! Read the abstract portions of peer reviewed journal articles for information regarding the effectiveness of health/medical treatments. Discuss any change in diet, medication, exercise or lifestyle with friends and family and trusted professionals who have established track records of effective treatments BEFORE you engage in it! If, after doing all you can to check the veracity of a claim, you try it and it doesn't work as indicated, STOP!

Belief is good, but belief with verification is best! Please use all of your knowledge to life a healthy and happy life!

HSI Scam
June 20, 2019
I don't even subscribe to the HSI and HSI charged to my credit card $35/month and there is no cancellation info or contact. I will report to my credit company to stop payment.

CarolAnn Kent July 07, 2019

Agree HSI is a total Scam. Using scare tactics as they do and going along with their subject for the scare tactics, sounds very much like the GOP or a Russian hacker wanting to sell misinformation along with their idiot claims.

BethRem July 10, 2019

No Need to Put the GOP in it Carol. You must have meant to compare it to Hillary since it was all bull on one site! Just like Ocasio was proven to be total lies!

AliA November 23, 2019

Shut up and watch the impeachment. It's still on YouTube.

What what
May 30, 2019
We listed to the video and yes it was long but I think they want to help people. I still need to research HSI, the company before I decide what we will do. I can note that we believe in God and as the video mentions God, it’s refreshing. We’re just looking for any information available. Many here knock this by saying there is no way of getting a refund. I called the number listed in the info above (888-213-0764) and in the menu, press 3 to get a refund. We like information and can choose to use it or not so we’ll give it a try.

ArletteRosario March 23, 2021

I used to have HSI long time ago ...and its where I found out a lot of natural treatments for curing cancer back then it was very new.... of course they want you to buy the supplements with theirs providers but nowadays.... you can find the supplements cheaper at amazon and let me tell you.... all the products they advertise or claim to help I had read the reviews on Amazon and it seems they were right they where helping so much people.

HSI Scam
April 27, 2019
This organization promotes alternative healing methods, which sounds good. It isnt. Once I joined I received religous propaganda followed by a video on the evils of HRC. I am not a fan of HRC, but that is entirely beside the point. Nowhere in its lengthy advertising video does this company state that members will be subjected to such garbage. It is a scam and I cant't believe that I actually fell for it.

YoungLee June 20, 2019

Yes. HSI Scam should be stopped. They charged $35/month which I don't even sign-up for.

joshkirkwood October 04, 2019

Thanks for the input. My condolences for the inconvenience

DorisSparrow October 14, 2021

Did the Pharmaceuticals pay you for your 'Propoganda" review?

Go ahead take the poisons the doctors dispense. See how far that gets you.

DorisSparrow October 14, 2021

I know a lot of people who have been helped by HSI where the doctors were unable to.

Crooked HSI
April 25, 2019

I got suckered-in to listen to this Trojan Horse of a commercial thinking it was a political article. These people were far more crooked than they claim Hillary was right from the beginning, which I don’t believe anyway. Why would they then expect anyone to trust their medical claims?

Then again, they’re targeting Trump’s base, so yeah, if they believe him, they’ll believe this crap. Or anything, really..

Lynn April 26, 2019

I cant believe i fell for this! The first article came with religious propaganda, followed by this one with a video about HRC. I didnt sign up for this. It was supposed to be an organization offering alternative health info. Obviously, they are guilty of false advertising at the very least.

BrianWilliam Peretti April 27, 2019

You’re right. How stupid do they think we are? Leading people in under false pretenses, then expecting us to believe their medical claims! They’re the stupid ones, expecting people to be so gullible, not us.

AndrewJackson May 03, 2019

People are gullible, they think democracy means freedom. It's just another form of control. Bet your in that group, calling others stupid...glass houses!

joshkirkwood October 04, 2019

I have to admit I was somewhat lead by this 40 minute presentation as well as it was presented by a well-spoken orator who is supposedly a doctor. However, I don't have a credit card right now or bank account so fortunately, I was unable to play save subscription or else I might have and, thankfully, this woeful mistake was sidestepped

DorisSparrow October 14, 2021

I know quite a few people who have been helped by HSI, including myself.

hSI Fooks
April 5, 2019
A few days after purchasing the books, I get an email from them making the offer to purchase them.This soulnds like a scam and am notifying my credit card company.

SherryFuls April 08, 2019

I just listened to their presentation it took for ever!!!!!! It took so long it talked me right out of ordering. I read the reviews they aren’t good. !! To me that is sad wouldn’t be wonderful to find a miracle cure!!! Where someone isn’t trying to rip you off!! P

Lynn April 26, 2019

How do such people sleep at night? I cant believe I got scammed by these crooks!.

Screen Shots for Research
March 5, 2019
I agree the fear mongering and "free stuff" hold outs suck. I have no idea why they wanted me to turn up my volume- I expected a real video, not a poorly done PowerPoint. However, I'm looking for some natural remedies, so I took screen shots of their "prime information," and plan to independently research and get real reviews. Hopefully I can find more than just "don't fall for it," and associated insults (keep in mind this IS predatory advertising to seniors, who are ALWAYS targeted; and it's cleverly done so they don't generally know until it's too late. It has nothing to do with who they are or have been, let alone their IQ. Manners anyone?!).

joshkirkwood October 04, 2019

Sour Honey.... Google i goes

Health Science Institute
December 12, 2018

The video is way to long and not as truthful as what is proposed. The video could have been in the range of 5 minutes and reminded me somewhat of a doctor I dropped a few years back. That doctor stated that if I did not start taking statins I would likely die. He also prescribed diabetes meds and a blood pressure pill. Today I have never taken any of the three drugs prescribed, went a different route and feeling great. I do have a white coat syndrome that only affects BP in a medical setting but that is a another story. Scaring people is not medical sound advice or sound medical treatment. In my books I would have given this video and HSI a 4 if it was shorter, more truthful and better sourced.

I found that the "free reports" and books useful however there are better sourced, free and reliable information that one can access. That being said the books were a welcome addition to our natural library.

Ruth'sPlace Christian women's ministry December 18, 2018

I don't appreciate the false information that is given using a catch slogan as Hillary Clinton this is called physhing and is actually illegal in Queensland as it arrived to alarm us in the mail either sell the dam book or stop the false info

CraigMarker March 11, 2019

Actually it's called "phishing"...

CraigMarker March 11, 2019


NinoSylmar March 26, 2019

The part of the presentation that implies that the cures could be obtained right in my cupboard or grocery stores gave me the impression that the book and accompanying"gift documents" would allow me to get the ingredients myself to concoct my own cure. Instead all the documents do is provide you with addresses of businesses to purchase their pills. Misleading advertising.

I'll try to get my money back.

September 14, 2018

HSI is a scam in the truest sense of the word... and shamelessly promoting their scam using truths about Trump and the Hillary Cartel. Much of the information is true about Trump, the Hillary Cartel and the part about the FDI promoting pharma and suppressing nutritional solutions... and they're are in hopes that IF you will buy into the things that ARE true... THEN you will sign up for their little scam.

Their "few minutes of your time" video lasts over an hour... and the "free report" is available only with a subscription. No company address or phone number to cancel and auto-renewal... SCAM SCAM SCAM.

These people (link below) have specifically been in the honey business for many years... and they are honey experts that strongly believe in the health benefits of honey.... they buy honey from around the world... and they've NEVER HEARD of sour honey!



Ruth'sPlace Christian women's ministry December 18, 2018

Stop your physhing this is a scam

NisarChowdhari February 07, 2019


CraigMarker March 11, 2019


July 17, 2018
This organization re-brands Trumps playbook to focus on "healthcare". Using distorted "facts" and blatant lies to scare people into signing up for thier program. Just like Trump they state opinions as facts, cite statistics from dubious or fictional sources, and just out right lie. Sadly millions of desperate, naive people believe these con men. If you happen to be a knuckle dragging mouth breather that's too lazy or stupid to think for yourself please join up! With any luck millions of Americans, with this mindset will die off using Health Sciences Institute's recommendations. Natural selection is good for the country. Unfortunately HIS will get rich in the process

kayleen July 26, 2018

Gee, he sounds justs like the democrats

MilanSeda July 27, 2018

Todd thinks anyone that lies, has the IQ of a Neanderthal or just a "Walmart shopper" is a Trump supporter - fact is more lies are now being told by opposition, and a poll done on Walmart shoppers showed over 60% voted for Hillary! Stop with the political BS - yes this is a get rich gimmick, so don't get roped in - but please don't attribute that to a nefarious rightwing scheme.

Todd July 29, 2018

the buildup to the November 2016 presidential election, a viral marketing campaign attempted to promote a substance dubbed Brazilian “sour honey” as a cure for cancer which Hillary Clinton and her “Crooked Cartel” were trying to hide from the public for their own personal financial gain.

Examples of this narrative can be found all over the internet in the form of sponsored articles targeting right wing web sites and text-only YouTube videos, both of which come with and offers of a free* ebook at the end. (*Free with a $74 membership fee).

Within that lengthy litany of anti-pharmaceutical talking points and wild Clinton conspiracies, the relevant portion in terms of “sour honey” are these brief statements :

In the heart of the Brazilian jungle, a tiny, remote area exists where special bees create one of the rarest substances on earth… It’s a type of “sour honey” that has remained untouched for thousands of years. Until it was recently tested in a lab and delivered these near-miraculous results.

Within 24 hours, Sour Honey was shown in vitro to demolish breast cancer cells on the spot – killing 13% of the cancer in just the first day alone! And in a separate study, looking at human-like tumors on mice, tumor growth was halted a full 50% with Sour Honey.And on two different aggressive types of prostate cancer cells, Sour Honey was shown in vitro to boost the speed in killing the cancer… destroying up to 75% of the cancer cells in the study! […]

From early to late-stage cancer… there’s virtually nothing that’s too tough for Sour Honey. There are even over 299 lab studies on Sour Honey and cancer – with remarkable results! Yes, study after study confirms… FINALLY. We have a natural, safe way to beat cancer.

Such claims, however, must be interrogated on two fronts: 1) How valid are the scientific claims; and 2) How reputable is the person or entity making the claims?

Science and “Sour Honey”

Probably the first thing to clarify is the fact that sour honey is not, in fact, honey in any sense of the term. What the viral campaign markets as sour honey actually refers to a substance termed propolis, which is a substance created by bees and described in a 2016 study that sought to uncover its chemical variability:

Propolis is characterized as a complex and resinous mixture produced by bees (Apis melífera) through the collection of variable vegetable sources. Propolis is constituted by a variety of chemical compounds, including the derivatives of cinnamic acid, such as p-coumaric acid and Artepillin C, substituted benzoic acids, phenolic acids, flavonoids and amino acids.

Having cleared that up, we can turn to the medical claims. In general, they overstate the implications of legitimate (though limited) laboratory investigations and animal studies. More accurately, it would valid to say that some specific chemicals identified in Brazilian propolis may have potential as a cancer therapy if the results of animal or cell-line studies are shown to hold relevance to humans.

According to the ebook these viral posts link to, the main chemicals of interest for anti-cancer properties are artepillin-C, CAPE, vestitol and formononetin:

Brazilian green propolis contains a potent cancer inhibitor called artepillin-C that takes on a particularly vicious cancer promoting enzyme known as PAK1.

Brazilian brown contains very high levels of CAPE, or caffeic acid phenethyl ester, which thwarts many different kinds of cancer, as,well as a novel compound called diterpene 3.

Brazilian red propolis contains mainly newly discovered unique cancer-fighting compounds, including vestitol and formononetin.

And though their make up is very different, all three forms of Brazilian bee propolis have been shown to effectively defeat several cancers… both in the lab and animal studies (there haven’t yet been any published human trials) and in practice.

From a basic fact checking standpoint, the above chemicals are present in the forms of propolis listed above. And indeed, animal studies of artepillin-C from Brazilian propolis have demonstrated potential in fighting breast or prostate cancer. CAPE sourced from propolis has been shown to be effective at inhibiting the growth of breast cancer in cell line studies. Brazilian red propolis, in general, has been shown to combat colon cancer in studies as well.

Whether or not these studies hold relevance to humans remains to be seen, but it is important to note that the above studies, for the most part, have tested isolated chemicals in regulated doses, and the chemical makeup of propolis varies considerably sample by sample. This is one of many issues that would need to be resolved before it could become a true therapy, as mentioned in a 2011 review:

Propolis is a heterogeneous product constituted by several groups of compounds. Moreover, the chemical composition depends strongly on the [vegetation around] the collection site, as honey bees can only use the plant species existing in their habitats.

The chemical variability can give rise to diverse types of biological activities, or diverse structures may present similar properties. Therefore, to make a standardization and quality control of this product is very difficult, particularly if we take into account the quantification of the active substances.

These preliminary results, as well, do not point to a massive coverup of the cure we have all been waiting for. There are myriad natural chemicals that have been discovered and researched that show promise as an anti-cancer agent that have yet to make it to market.

“Sour Honey” and the “Health Sciences Institute”

The claims presented about Hillary Clinton’s role in stifling research about “sour honey” can be traced to an organization that goes by the name “Health Sciences Institute”. They publish a variety of ebooks, including Insider’s Book of Secrets: The Real Cures Buried by Clinton’s Cartel, the product to which the viral stories and videos link with the offer of a “free” download if you join the institute.

A 2015 investigation by Mother Jones looked into this group, finding it to have a long history of using politically charged language to promote unverified or fringe ideas:

The Health Sciences Institute is part of a company called NewMarket Health, which is just one asset of a Baltimore-based publishing empire named Agora Inc. Agora’s subsidiaries and affiliates publish more than 40 newsletters and sell more than 300 books on a range of topics, including biblical health tips, natural-healing supplements, and “insider” investment advice […].

To find new readers for its ever-expanding catalog of publications, Agora’s subsidiaries have tapped into a network of conservative heavyweights, including Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich, who sell access to their massive email lists to advertise Agora’s products.

A notable example of this practice can be found in the 1996 book Who Murdered Vince Foster, published through an Agora company, which used the death of presidential aide Vince Foster (a popular topic among anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists) to sell investment tips. HSI’s sour honey campaign relied heavily on the claim that Hillary Clinton (who HSI at that point appeared to assume would become president, and through illegal means) had, along with an ill-defined group of corporate fat cats dubbed the Clinton Cartel, devised a secret scheme nicknamed the “Executive Plan Five” to discredit the work of five key natural cures, one of which was sour honey.

In another instance, HSI promoted a cure for cancer allegedly found in the Bible to the mailing list of evangelical presidential candidate and former governor Mike Huckabee. The company has been fined by multiple regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, over an alleged cancer cure.

In a letter written in response to the Mother Jones investigation, the founder of Agora Inc., Bill Bonner, made it clear that accuracy is not the first priority of their work:

We are extremely reticent to censure our analysts and writers. Instead, we encourage them to speak boldly. And let readers decide for themselves. Of course, we will be wrong often. And embarrassed occasionally […].

Fortunately, our customers don’t pay us to be right. And we’re certainly not paid to be timid. Instead, we’re expected only to be diligent and honest, and to explore the unconventional, the often disreputable, and always edgy shades of the idea spectrum.

While specific components of bee propolis, like many compounds found in nature and studied by researchers, have had demonstrable anti-cancer effects in the laboratory, the research so far does not in any way merit claims that “the cure” for cancer has already been found, or that its lack of attention is caused by a large political conspiracy.

To the latter point, the entire concept of the “Clinton Cartel” and a “sour honey” subversion conspiracy is rooted in a company with a history of promoting extremely dubious claims using politically motivated narratives. As such, we rate this claim as mostly false, allowing only that there has been some legitimate research into bee propolis as a cancer therapy.

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NinoSylmar March 26, 2019

Thanks for the in-depth analysis of HSI and their methods of promoting and marketing dubious supplements as better and safer to consume than those prescribed by medical doctors.Facebook needs to police questionable advertisers.

Todd March 27, 2019

The Kohn bros., Heritage foundation, and Mike Huckabee

DRLee May 05, 2019

No greed for money they claim is big pharma and our elected officials want to get elected over and over and over. To stop this in government we need limitations of term like the presidency to two terms then get out!

DorisWilson August 15, 2021

I really don't appreciate people blaming this crap on politics, but the info helped me make up my mind that you can't trust anybody anymore who runs their mouths this long. It is a Scam!

Stop blaming everything on Trump or the Clintons, I don't like either one of them but your comments helped me realize not to listen to anymore BS ads. Thanks for your help.

Doris W

Cynthia May 04, 2023

Todd… unbelievable. First of all, the HSI video has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, so why even bring politics into it?

Secondly, many or their claims are absolutely true, and much of what they say about traditional medical practice and pharmaceutical treatments is true as well, and I know this from personal experience. I’ve spent thousands of dollars having tests done and trying doctor prescribed drugs to treat a medical issue with absolutely no cure and no answer as to the cause of the problem. My DOCTORS were board certified, well respected practitioners. After doing a lot of research into holistic treatments I decided to try a natural treatment and my problem is now completely gone!

There are a growing number of doctors transitioning to integrative medicine today, incorporating natural cures with traditional medicine. I personally know a brilliant, well-respected doctor who I met long before she decided to further her education to transition to Integrative Medicine. She wholeheartedly believes that this is the best way to approach health issues. The truth is, our current medical community isn’t “healthcare “ as much as it is “sick care”. There are health issues that can be treated solely by changes in diet, yet last I knew, doctors are only required to take ONE class in nutrition!

Additionally, the fact that you find it acceptable to describe those who believe differently than you as “knuckle dragging mouth breathers” that are “too stupid to think for” themselves is deeply disturbing . I suppose you’re of “Einstein” intelligence?

Without a doubt the most disturbing, disgusting comment in your review is “With any luck millions of Americans” (comma omitted due to incorrect punctuation) “with this mindset will die off using Health Sciences Institute’s recommendations. Natural selection is good for the country.” Only a deeply disturbed individual would EVER say such. You are a large part of what’s wrong with this country today. Many people no longer respect others’ rights to have their own beliefs and opinions. Exactly who made you God? I suppose you don’t believe in him either? Figures.

Horrible Ripoff
December 30, 2017
What a rip-off. These are NOT free books but a scam to get your money by having you become a 'member' of HSI. You must become member to receive the books! The Rip Off Report has a lot of complaints. The HSI web site also leads you to become a member without let you know the cost up front. Good sign of a rip-off. How on earth can they in good conscious say 'no cost' and 'free', when the only way to get what they are offering is to 'sign up', which is NOT free. My guess is that they don't have a conscious. OK, here is what HSI will not tell you, 1-year membership is $74 dollars or $37 for seniors. All through in the video they have been saying 'free' when it is anything but free. Also there are complaints on Rip-Off about not receiving the books, not receiving refunds and complaints that the books are worthless. OK, to sum it up, it is NOT free, you may NEVER receive the books, if you do they may be WORTHLESS, and you will probably NEVER receive a refund. My advice, run from these people as fast as you can. DON'T give them you email or address, and absolutely DON'T give them your money.

Elaine April 07, 2018

I signed up to HSI many years ago and after a short period of time, I cancelled and received a FULL REFUND with NO PROBLEM. By the way, I just signed up again as a senior and the books arrived promptly and the are full of good information. If you believe that the gov. CDC is not in bed with Big Pharma, You are being naive.

MonicaPernroth May 13, 2018

Hi, I am trying to find a way to get a refund from HSI for a "Stop the pain-CD" but when I write to them they say there is no adtress any longrer. Any idea?


MelanieKnauff November 27, 2018

If you paid by credit card, call the card company and they will reverse the charges.

LoriGluck January 28, 2019

I love how all the complaints about this company are being made by people that didn't "fall for the scam" ..... pure and simple if you didn't join HSI and didn't get the books then you can only ASSUME they are lying. Now if you joined the program, didn't get what you paid for, didn't get your books, found the program to be full of bs then fine call it a scam but if you just think because they don't like Killary it's a scam then your opinion is worthless!

The simplest FACT is if you think the government (either side) is looking out for you then you're just stupid! If you think BIG Pharma isn't in bed with the government then you shouldn't be on the internet because you aren't intelligent enough to know truth from a lie. If you think the there aren't natural remedies being suppressed by the big pharma so they can make money seriously your ignorant.

Yes their video is stupid long and everything they said could have been said in a quarter of the time. Yes they made some out there claims, but fact is there are natural cures for illnesses that the government and big pharma don't want the American public to know about.

Is it a scam ??? I don't know I haven't got my books yet it's only been a couple days since I joined but I'm willing to find out before I start slinging around crap I know nothing about which all you people screaming scam are doing. You have no clue if it's a scam or not so keep handing over millions of dollars a year for drugs that are keeping you sick rather then curing you

PatriciaY March 10, 2019

The first clue it's a scam is that they lie to you and tell you that they'll send you 3 free books, when in fact you pay $74 (or $37 if you say you're a senior) for them. That "membership fee" gets auto-renewed on your credit card every year until your card expires unless you can figure our how to reach someone to tell them you don't want it anymore.

Second is that they tell you that you can't buy these books online or in stores, but I found them very quickly on Amazon. So that's lie number 2.

Third, being in health care, I see many fallacies in their presentation; for instance using cellular studies (which rarely translate to human treatment responses) and small clinical studies (small short-term studies are famous for maximizing the placebo effect, which is the patient and/or family reporting a better outcome than is really happening).

Finally, they don't offer links or identifying information so that you can find these little studies to verify that they even happened.

In summary, no evidence for cures was shown, and if they had it, don't you think it would have been right up front? It was not.

When you get the books, please read all the disclaimers. They basically say that this isn't medical advice and they're not responsible for the outcomes. And that is the only truth to the whole scammy thing.

NinoSylmar March 26, 2019

Thanks Patricia for your HSI review. I wish I had seen it before I plunked down part of my small Social Security check. I'll try and get it back. Have a great day!

There is nothing free, 1 hour video lied
October 3, 2017

I listened to the entire video! Documented sections of it. Using promises and false availability to free books. This is a scam.

Careful they use Hillary Clinton’s Cartel is the enemy and HSI - Health Science Institute is the Hero with cures for all that ails you.

There is a auto-renewable membership. They talk of the threat of how the video will be removed at anytime and they will help with a discount towards the items that heal in the book(s). SCAM

KerryFritz II October 05, 2017

Great information in the [promotional] video.

Magazine subscription type of service.

Doubtful the company is a scam, but the monthly subscription is high.

StanHughes December 30, 2017

What in that entire video was helpful? Total waste of time, but if I will send them money for the 'free' books, I will get something useful? Already lost my time, I am NOT sending them my money.

LoriGluck January 28, 2019

you have no clue if it would have worked or not it may have if you had ordered the books. NOTHING stopped you from shutting off the video and going on with your life! Nothing made you click on the link to watch the video. So don't send THEM your money keeping giving it to big pharma that are keeping you sick so they can continue to sell you more pills. See I don't know if it's a scam or for real but I pay the drug store twice as much a month as they wanted for the membership. Soooo you don't know if it's a scam or not but I do know that the hundreds of dollars a month I pay for the meds I have to buy are doing nothing to cure me so I have nothing to lose!

NancyBen-Dror February 26, 2019

I agree but i don't use a lot of prescriptions, so not looking for miracle cures but maybe preventatives. i always investigate things i am not familiar with, so while i was listening to this, i started to research and found enough negatives before sign up time to not become a HIS member. let us know how it goes. Nancy Ben-Dror

ArletteRosario March 23, 2021

I had a subcription long time ago...with them back when I was researching about Cancer all that they claim it seems to be true.... of course they sell their own supplements with their providers but now you can find those on Amazon... and it seems is helping a lot of people. I have learned a lot from them

HIS Sign in/up
September 16, 2017
I can't log into my account or sign up. What is the deal?