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About Handy.com

Handy.com is a website and company that promises they can help their customers book both expert home cleaners and handymen at just a moment's notice, with their convenient and secure booking and payment system.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, all Handy professionals are experienced, friendly, background checked, and insured, so their clients can feel confident that they will be receiving the assistance of a well vetted professional when they book through their website.

All customers need to do is choose the type of service they are hoping to book, then select the date and time they would like their professional to come, including dates as soon as tomorrow.

All payments will be handled through their website, so if a customer has any issue or complaint with the service they have received or the service provider, they can address their concerns with Handy.com.   


Mobile Options

At this time, Handy.com does have a free downloadable app available for iPhones, and may be expanding their availability to other platforms in the future.

Cost/Price Plans

Customers who use this website to book their services will encounter no fees beyond what they are expected to pay for the services they request.  

Refund Policy

Handy.com does say that they offer a Refund Policy, stating that customers who are not 100% happy with the service they have received can speak to one of their representatives and always have the option to receive a full refund of what they paid for their services. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by phone at 866-849-7492 or by submitting them directly to their website.


This website is the new incarnation and version of the previous website Handybook.com, which provided essentially the same services and had some issues, which the owners claim have been improved with their new updated service.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies that offer people the ability to book professional cleaners or professional handymen, though often these services are separated into different websites.

If you have experience with Handy.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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41 ‘Handy.com ’ Reviews
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Home Advisor will partner with Handy.com and send incompetent people to complete your job
July 16, 2021

In the past, we have consulted Home Advisor to see what the going rate is for certain types of jobs. We had never actually booked any services through them until this week. The first booking was a no-show, which is fine. That happens. They offered us a $10 credit and rebooked someone to show up today for our front door installation. It was quickly apparent that the "pro" (their term for the people they sent) was anything but professional.

They did not know what a door frame extender was and had never worked with one (a very common element when installing a pre-hung door frame in an opening that's built for a larger frame). Anyone who installs doors on a regular basis would know how to work with these materials. Not only did they not know the job nor the materials, they did not have the proper tools.

The last straw was when the so-called "installer" was going to use a Dremel tool to cut the materials to size. What professional uses a Dremel to cut pieces of a wood door frame that will be visible on the exterior of your home? Luckily we stopped them before they ruined the materials! A quick check of "Handy.com" (the company that Home Advisor contracted to do this work) reveals that they most commonly do jobs like assembling furniture, hanging TVs, or cleaning your house. They have terrible reviews, and I can see why, but how can Home Advisor in good conscience contract with this company to do a job like a door installation?

Also, don't believe them when they say that they do not charge until the job is complete. When I checked my credit card today, they were already trying to charge us the full amount ... not once, but twice! They have promised to refund our card, but now I have to call back and let them know that they're trying to charge us twice for a job that hasn't even been completed once.

Save the time and headache and DO NOT EVER do business with Home Advisor, Angie's List, or Handy.com. There may be some satisfied customers, but clearly, you don't know what you're going to get until they show up and have no clue how to do the job you contracted them for.

Never use Handy!
June 15, 2021

My elderly moms' Nest thermostat sent us an email that her house was getting hotter although the AC was constantly running. Nest recently partnered with Handy and recommended we get someone to come check it out.

The average review for the AC contractors is 4.5 out of 5 stars and if they don't find any issues, Nest will refund you the cost of the checkup. So I booked her an urgent appointment for the next morning between 8 am - 12 pm.

Not only did no one show up for the appointment, they would only reschedule for the next day between 8-12 pm and would only approve a $10 discount. So now I have to leave my 74-year old mom in a very hot house for yet another day because of their incompetency - I canceled them and will be reaching out to Nest to let them know about this bad partnership.

Don't book with Handy
April 15, 2021

Please do not book with Handy. Handy consistently is unable to get pros to book at the scheduled time. They change your booking date and have had them confirm a "pro" eight hours before the appointment. Who can work with this type of scheduling. In addition the cleaners only get about $14/hour from Handy and they charge about $130 for that same three-hour period.

Pros are not employees of the company, they are independent contractors. So the pro gets about $42 and Handy gets $88. Quite a set up they have here. After five months of their shenanigans I told Handy I wanted to quit. Now charging me $99 for not fulfilling my 6 month commitment. Worth it to me to get out of this chaos.

Worst Service Ever
April 10, 2021

This is the absolute worst service experience I have ever had!!!!! The toilet Handy installed leaks, I have called to have this fixed and Handy has scheduled and cancelled on me 5 times this week already.

FIVE TIMES!!!! I am boiling hot!!!!! I had to rip up flooring I just had put in and I will have to rip up another layer tomorrow. I contacted Lowes and this was escalated due to a safety hazard for my elderly mother.

Their idea of escalating was to cancel on me twice today at the last minute. I am so tired of waking up and being fearful of my mother falling or floor damage and being angry every day this week!!! I actually was going to pay someone to fix it today on my own...but they convinced me that someone would be here today and tomorrow to fix it....and low and behold they cancel again at 8 pm tonight...

Handy is not a scam. But it's not quality.
August 19, 2020

Just to put some clarity on how Handy works.

HomeAdvisor, Angieslist and Handy are all under the same umbrella.

Handy is basically the Craigslist of finding labor. You say what you need done, someone says "I can do that" and from there they assume it's all good.

When you book fixed price through HomeAdvisor, you will be funneled through Handy. The problem is, the HomeAdvisor site does not give proper visibility into Handy jobs. So you can't review them there.

Handy doesn't recognize you as a user, so you can't review it there, either.

Through this I have encountered at least 5 pros. There's one thing in common with all of them: they were nice and willing to do what they could. But some were better than others.

For a lawn cleanup the guy brought no tools, used a shopvac as a blower and still didn't clean all the way. And he showed up a day earlier than he was supposed to.

For a landscape job the guy was perfect with weeds in rocks but terrible in lawn cleanup - and again brought no tools.

For a sprinkler head replacement he had no spare heads and had to go buy them, acting shocked. Of the ones he bought, one was garbage and already failed again. He also damaged one of the lines of an existing one, basically ruining the water pressure throughout the zone.

For a junk haul job the guy called and said he didn't have a truck. For a junk haul job.

But the two times I asked for cardboard box removal (thank you Amazon), they were perfect. Got it all done for a very good price and cleaned up afterwards. The second one sounded like he hadn't done it before as he questioned the dump fee, but after he called the dump and they told him they gladly welcome boxes, he and two others showed up, broke the boxes down, got them out and did a blower afterwards to clean up. Just excellent.

I guess what I'm saying is...Handy is extremely hit or miss. Depends on the job really. I think large jobs or heavy stuff or lawn stuff or that kind of thing - where actual hard labor is needed - they're going to fall short every time. But if you just need someone to clean up a bit or remove boxes or hang Christmas lights or those simple things, they're actually quite good for the price.

Just again, don't use them for any normally expensive work. Pay some neighborhood kids or something, it's about the same risk.

Handy.com does NOT deliver
August 5, 2020

Completely unacceptable!!

My daughter and her roommate booked two movers for two hours and only one showed up.  The response from Ivy Gomonit, a so-called Handy Customer Service, was to offer a $10 discount to the next scheduled booking.  Why on earth would we use a service AGAIN that performed so poorly the first time and had totally unsatisfactory customer service.  Looks like that this "business" won't become a going concern without some major changes...

I will call my credit card to reject this payment as well as leave negative reviews on each and every site I can find

Brenda M April 10, 2021

Thank you!! I am so angry at them right now for such lousy service. They offered me a gift card too. I am with you, why use their lousy service again. I am doing the same thing you did......I am hitting up every review site I can find to post my horrible experience with them!

Handy Has No Integrity
July 27, 2020

This is the I was score that I can give them.

I bought an air conditioner from Wallmark and they outsource to Handy.com for the installation. The tech arrived to replace my existing 19,000 btu a/c about 5 ft up the wall He came alone and unprepared. The mfg box Indicates it’s a two person job. He came alone and unprepared. After he stumbled around getting it out of the wall and making a mess in the floor, he said he could not lift the new one in. We asked the lawn guy to help and they put it in. He then went out to examine the shell and said he had no ladder so we lent him ours. He looked at again and said it wasn’t worth the $30 to hurt his back.

I gave him a one rating and a representative called to find out why. Explain the above to her and ask her what they were going to do about finishing my installation and she said she get back to me. She never got back to me won’t answer the emails I sent her and Walmart sent notice saying that the company canceled the installation.

You’re wise to stay away from this company. They never checked out the job. A apparently they never check out their technicians thoroughly and had no idea With the job installed. They’re also not very professional not to get back to me and canceling my contract without letting me know.

This is a fraud
June 12, 2020
Total and complete fraud. Do not buy or schedule services with HomeAdvisor or Handy. They steel your money and do not answer phone calls or emails. There is zero customer service.

Michael B February 15, 2021

I contracted with Handy to install locks on five doors. He arrived to inspect on a Wednesday and scheduled him to return on Sunday morning after he purchased the locks that I would reimburse him for. After prepaying for his labor via the app, he did not return on Sunday morning as promised. By Sunday afternoon , I contacted Handy via the website and stated that he never showed up, For the next 6 hours I went back and forth with them as the workman claimed he came to the house, rand the doorbell, waited 30 minutes for us and texted me multiple times.

The customer service agent said that they paid him 50% of the rate for his effort and they would give me the other 50% as credit for future services. This went on for a while, and finally I called up my credit card company to dispute the charge, of which I received a refund. I also reviewed my text messages on my cell phone provider site, and it showed no such text attempts sent to me.

After relaying this to the customer service agent and telling them I would contact BBB, the state Consumer Protection Department and my lawyer, I was told that I would receive complete refund. Lets hope. In any event it is my opinion that Handy, a division of Angie's List, does not vet their workmen very well and that they and their workman lie when there is a complaint.


Stay away from Angie's List, Home Improvement, and Handy.com. FRAUDS!!!!!

March 15, 2020
We bought a $99 handy.com card at the Army

Electrician Services
February 27, 2020

We would actually give this company 0 if that was an option.

We booked installation of 2 ceiling fan to replace our old ones through Lowes, Helena MT. The appointment was set for 4pm on a 01/14/2020. There was no mention of a window of time for the technician to show up. It was 4pm. We waited for the tech until 5pm. While we understand things can happen on a job that cause a tech to be late for the next appointment, a phone call would go a long way to appease the customer. We called the company. The customer service rep was unable to contact the assigned technician, but advised us there is a 2 hour window for the tech to come, so we should give him another hour. We waited until 6pm, then called the company again and asked to cancel that appointment. The rep (different than the first one we spoke with) apologized and advised there is a 3 hour window of time for the tech to come. (Obviously they tell you whatever fits the situation to make the company look good.) We didn’t want to wait another hour, so cancelled the appt and were given a new appt 01/20/2020 at 8am. We were offered a $50 refund for the inconvenience; the check was to arrive in 1-2 weeks per the email we received to cancel the old appointment and confirm the new one.

The technician and his helper arrived on Monday at 9am; he had to travel 90 miles, so the time delay was understandable. The technician was very competent and his helper expedited the process by assembling the second fan while the tech installed the first one. The project was finished about 12:30pm, so it took about 3½ hrs of time. We were pleased with the technician, his helper, and the finished installation.

We’ve wondered if the first tech had shown up at the end of the 3 hour window (7pm) on the first appointment, and it took him 3½ hours or more to complete the installation, just what hour of the night would he have finished. If that installation takes a minimum of 3½ hours minimum, it should never have been scheduled at 4pm. The company has little consideration of the customer’s time.

The promised $50 check did not arrive within the 1-2 week period, so after the 3rd week passed, we emailed the company again on 02/06/2020 to inquire about it. They apologized for the delay, but said they would send “another” check right away. We gave them a post office box to send it to, thinking it would be more secure. The email said the new check would arrive in 1-2 weeks.

Again we waited 2 weeks without receiving a check. We emailed them again; again they apologized. We asked to have the check overnighted to arrive early the following week. Today is Thursday and the check has not arrived. This company has a 100% money back guarantee. we’d hate to think what might happen if the installation service had not been satisfactory and we had requested a total refund. I just don’t think it would ever happen. This company is a joke. We plan to contact Lowe’s and the Better Business Burea to advise them of our dissatisfaction with this company. Avoid them at all costs.

Brenda M April 10, 2021

Thank you! I am doing the same thing as you!! I am so furious with this company!!! I think the one thing we can do is contact Lowe's and keep complaining so that hopefully Lowe's will drop them.

Horrible service
February 14, 2020
Scheduled furniture assembly by Handy via Wayfair. Scheduled for noon on a Friday. On Wednesday the "professional" texts to ask to reschedule to 9am. Fine. But to communicate you have create an account at Handy and download their app and login. What a pain. Friday comes and the pro is nowhere to be seen. Tells me through the app she's running late. Six hours later she's still a no-show and the app thinks she's done so I can't communicate with her. Can only communicate withe Handy via email and they apologized and said they would tell the pro to contact me. Never heard from her. Cancelled the service after waiting seven hours. The gave me a refund and a 10% discount on my next service. Hahaha! as if would ever use them again. Terrible experience. Don't use them.

December 8, 2019

I hired Handy to clean my small condo. The cleaners did a terrible job. They arrived late, left early, did the bare minimum, and did not properly mop the floor, leaving visible mud and dirt in several places.

When I contacted customer service and sent pictures, the Handy customer service staff were beyond dismissive. It was clear they weren't actually reading the emails. That happiness guarantee is total BS.

Currently fighting with this company to get out of a 3-month contract without a penalty. (So far, they refuse. I don't even think they read that far in my email, to be honest.) There is no other way to contact them if you have a problem.

My suggestion: skip Handy and hire a local cleaner directly. The cleaner will keep more of the money, and you will avoid the giant rip-off that is Handy.

Horrible horrible Company! SCAM
November 13, 2019
This is obviously a scam, people are looking to find and hurt the owner of Handy. They steal from people, you have been warned! Just wait til they get a hold of that guy that made this crappy app.

Don't Waste your time
July 29, 2019
I scheduled 2 weeks in advance for deep cleaning for house guests. They changed 3 different Pros in less than a week and then the Pro canceled 3 hours before due to clean. Handy rescheduled it for the next week which doesn't help me for company and I was now home from work with more to do than I expected in one day. Hopefully, getting a refund but they don't seem to care and you can rate the person that didn't show up because they unassign themselves.

Cleaner is a no-show, customer service not responsive
July 28, 2019
I booked a 6 month, monthly service on the last sunday of every month. Received confirmation of this appointment by text and email. The cleaner did NOT show up, I have called her and texted her and left a voicemail, no response. Meaning this appointment was never confirmed with their "professional". Handy doesn't have a phone number to call. I have emailed them through the app about this. The only response I received is we are sorry and here is $10 in credit. I have sent 4 call me requests on email. I have received no response, call or acknowledgement of my request at all. I was depending on this service to clean for a party. Now i am cleaning the house myself and Handy's customer service won't even apologize with a phone call. Just a template email from Christine in their customer service team. This is a horrible experience and they won't even refund my money or apologize? Extremely disappointed and HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Scam company stay away!!
May 21, 2019

This company sent a so-called professional to do a three hour post move out cleaning for me. I had three specific test they were to perform that I could’ve probably completed myself in an hour. My before and after pictures of the unit look exactly the same. I contacted Customer Service sent them the pictures and they’ve gone dark for four days.There is no phone number to contact them and if you keep trying to go through their customer service email On their website they all they do is start a circular process of opening a new complaint.

I will be calling my credit card company to reverse the charges that they billed me.

Lorena October 21, 2019

They are not a scam as I had used them several times with success.They just have a very bad customer service and horrible billing practices. Besides many,not all of their cleaners have no ethics.

charge your card for service never received
May 3, 2019
had handy pro no show on scheduled cleaning as pro took themselves off job rt before due to work. i was counting on having cleaning done for party. site had me pick other dates, plural, then charged me for for all the dates. still no takers from their pros so i cancelled my 'scheduled' plans. they just kept them money. shocked when i got my chargecard and then called and there is no answer. you have to request refund for charges that should never have happened. no services provided and 3 charges to my card.anyone not examining their bills would be out bigtime. waiting for refund but seems very unethical to me.

Absolutely the worst company
March 25, 2019
I scheduled a cleaning and the morning of it was canceled due to a professional calling out (I don't know how they called as there is no phone number for the company) and it was rescheduled for the next day. Low and behold, 10 minutes AFTER they were supposed to arrive I got the same rescheduling email it this time it was 4 days out. At this point I've lost two days of income. I email customer service and I'm offered a 20.00 credit (10.00 for 2 different cleanings) and a promise they will show on the next date. So again, I reschedule everything so that I can let these people in. An hour after they were supposed to arrive I emailed "Cody" who claimed that sometimes people claim jobs just hours before and they were still waiting on someone to claim it. That would be fine if it wasn't AFTER the start time. It's now 9 hours past my scheduled time, nobody ever showed, nobody will answer my emails. I've lost over 1300.00 in income to accommodate the people that I paid to do a job. My next step is to file a lawsuit. They won't cancel without a fee even though they never provided services, they won't refund my money, you can't talk to anyone. I looked up the CEO and founder. My next step is to file litigation against him personally for this scam. I would have gladly paid more to a company who would bring in 3 illegals to clean for cash under the table.

Paul A July 04, 2019


Cleaning what a laugh; they didn’t clean and stole items
February 4, 2019

My mother contacted this service for help cleaning her home. She unwittingly left the housekeeper alone for 15 minutes to go grab some cash to provide a tip. The housekeeper took photos of credit cards and social security cards in a side drawer in the bedroom and attempted 10-15 different purchases online. There was no department to contact for customer service or prosecution for identity theft.

The only solution offered was to provide a different cleaner in the future. The police were contacted and a report was filed and the company had the audacity to send another cleaner the following week when services were canceled. She lives in a gated facility that refused access. Questionable provider and services

December 8, 2018

They are a waste of money. Lured in by the cheap price we set up the service to clean our 2 bedroom condo monthly. After the first cleaning, all the floors were sticky and covered in dirt, looked like they mopped with maple syrup then proceeded to dust off the counters. We then requested a different "pro" and received a slight discount for next month. Second "cleaning" was rescheduled.. 4 times, with almost no notice! I have a large dog and work all day, so before a scheduled cleaning, I had to make arrangements, leave work and take my dog somewhere else. 30 minutes before they are expected at my condo, they cancel... once is okay, twice is frustrating, but four times is unacceptable. I email, they apologize, offer another discount, and promise to send someone out. I give them a chance. The guy finally shows up a few days later and does the "cleaning". I put it in quotes because I have seen 5-year-olds do a better job cleaning, half the counters were still dirty, parts of the floor were not even swept, most shelves undusted, a bag of trash left behind, and he BROKE AN OUTLET IN THE HALLWAY! At this point, I tried to cancel. They beg me to let them send one more person out the next day (today), so I say fine. I drive home before they are scheduled to arrive so I can pick up my dog... right when they are supposed to be at my condo, I get the notification that they rescheduled for another day... I would have loved to light them up over the phone, but they are such a terrible service that they don't take calls, only email. I canceled the service and I'm trying to get a full refund.

Do not use Handy, they will waste your time and money.