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Handy.com is a website and company that promises they can help their customers book both expert home cleaners and handymen at just a moment's notice with their convenient and secure booking and payment system.

How Does Handy Work?

According to their website, all Handy professionals are experienced, friendly, background checked, and insured, so their clients can feel confident that they will be receiving the assistance of a well vetted professional when they book through their website.

All customers need to do is choose the type of service they are hoping to book, then select the date and time they would like their professional to come, including dates as soon as tomorrow.

All payments will be handled through their website, so if a customer has any issue or complaint with the service they have received or the service provider, they can address their concerns with Handy.com.  

Mobile Options

At this time, Handy.com does have a free downloadable app available for iPhones, and may be expanding their availability to other platforms in the future.

Cost/Price Plans

Customers who use this website to book their services will encounter no fees beyond what they are expected to pay for the services they request.  

Refund Policy

Handy.com does say that they offer a Refund Policy, stating that customers who are not 100% happy with the service they have received can speak to one of their representatives and always have the option to receive a full refund of what they paid for their services. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by phone at 866-849-7492 or by submitting them directly to their website.


This website is the new incarnation and version of the previous website Handybook.com, which provided essentially the same services and had some issues, which the owners claim have been improved with their new updated service.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies that offer people the ability to book professional cleaners or professional handymen, though often these services are separated into different websites.

If you have any experience with Handy.com or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Handy.com Customer Reviews

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Scams, inaccuracies, lies and rip-offs!
May 23, 2022

Overall the company is a scam. Their bookings are not accurate. You get there and find that the deal is very different. Earlier today I drove 40 miles each way and spent an hour at the job site inspecting the parts for a very complicated assembly.

When I begin the instructions very very clearly stated it would require a minimum of two people l, even had an illustration Was an extra cross one person trying to do it. I got a hold of them and was told that since I couldn't do the job I would be paid only $15!(Five dollars less than the cost me in gas to get there and back) And then later modified that to say that I get nothing because client said I did nothing.

That's not accurate because she was upset but not at me. She described the whole thing is a rip off. When I went to look at the details they had erased everything. Her contact information, the discussion, everything.

I'm going to let Walmart and Wayfair know about it, I'll also be calling every gig group I can come up with, and then contact the attorney generals office as well as the labor board, Because the rules are not keeping with those of an independent contractor either. I would not work for this company again and I would not take any assignments from them.

Install from hell
April 29, 2022

I bought new appliances from Lowes in February. I had to pay extra as we live 22 miles from the Summerville store. The first date Handy just canceled on us during the hours they were due here.

Next date the guy showed up an hour late. They sent an electrician instead of a plumber. He had to read the instructions. Then he didn’t put the drain in and just left. After dinner I turned on the week old dishwasher. Within 5 minutes it starts making noises and lights were flashing.

The book says cut the power immediately. I called Samsung and it was determined the installer didn’t knock out the connection for the dishwasher. I immediately called Handy and said they needed to send someone immediately to fix this.

They tell me they can’t get anyone for 3 days. Friday comes and we get a text saying they canceled our appointment and rescheduled for 3/2. We were leaving town on 3/2 and they say they can’t get anyone here before then so to call a week before we get back to have it scheduled.

I call the first week in April. I’m told I can’t schedule, Lowes has to. I emailed Lowes. The assistant manager tried for over a week to get someone out. Finally last Friday Handy sends me email to pick a date. I give them 4/25-27. They say 4/27 at9-12. Ok I’m good with that. The next day I get a text it is now 11-2. The next day 1-4. At 2:30 on 4/27 the plumber calls and says he is still in Mt Pleasant and he isn’t getting stuck in traffic for a measly $100.

He says he would come 4/28. I tell him that doesn’t work as I have to take my car into Charleston for services. Then he says Saturday afternoon and I tell him we already have plans.

More calls to Lowes and Handy. I’m told Lisa will be here 4/29 from 12-3. Ok. I get a text yesterday saying they canceled that and it is now 5/2. Totally unacceptable! I have not had a working dishwasher for over 2 months and they have yet to consult us before changing appointments.

This company does NOT respect their clients nor provide them with satisfactory service!

JT May 23, 2022

They don't respect us pros either.

They don't reimburse their contractors
April 26, 2022

We are a contractor who has tried working for Handy. They are a scam!! They overcharge their customers & don't pay their contractors. Try using their portal...what a joke! If I could give them 0 stars I would.

Fraudulent Practice s
April 18, 2022

Stay away from this service if you don't want them to steal your money. First thing we experienced is the "Poor Scheduling". They kept cancelling the appointment on the day the item was to be set up.

They never gave a reason until I finally called. I was told they have no control over independent contactor cancelling My problem they never tried to resolve the issue in a timely matter with the customer.

Finally, I cancelled March 8,2022. They said the refund was processed. 7 days later I had to contact them again to get a status update. The request was escalated and then told they have confirmed the refund was processed on March 17,2022 give it 5-7 days. March 24,2022 no refund. I have tried to get written proof the refund was processed.

Now no response. As of today April 18, 2022 there's no refund received by the Klarna or my bank . Now we will file fraud charges against this company.

Stay Away!
April 15, 2022

Absolutely terrible and irresponsible. I paid 200 dollars for a "professional" assembly of a 1,000 dollar gas grill. The first time I lit the grill, a fire broke out under the side burner, because it wasn't assembled correctly, and burnt the right side off of the grill, and burning me in the process of putting out the fire.

When I contacted them about it, and sent them pictures of the grill, their response was "We will not send "So and So" back to your job site". Then they told me that whenever I replace the grill, they would be happy to assemble it for me. HA! I am supposed to re-hire the same company that caused the fire in the first place? Rrrrrriiiiiggggghhhtttt.

They cancel appointments multiple times
April 14, 2022
I tried to engage a Handy.com person to build an executive desk I ordered from Wayfair. I made an appointment, Handy confirmed and then then cancelled it. I made a second appointment, Handy confirmed and then they cancelled it. I made a third appointment, and Handy cancelled it only 1.5 hours ahead of the actual appointment. I had to reschedule doctor appointments, meetings, etc. around each time one of these appointment were supposed to happen. I will NOT be using Handy.com again. They should be renamed Cancelled.com.

Dishonest Handy
March 8, 2022

I believe that Handy is a scam as they took my refundable deposit, didn't accomplish anything, cancelled the project and, after more than 2 months, have yet to return my deposit. Handy is an especially dishonest company, please do not engage them.

Very unreliable
January 12, 2022

One is not low enough. I bought a toilet through Lowes and that is who they contacted for the install. Before the first scheduled install date they changed the time and never showed up. I had six reschedules by them.

Finally on the last I sent an email and said forget, i'll find someone else. never could find a phone number to call.

Nightmare service!! Handy better read this!
November 25, 2021

Complete scam. We hired them to put up Christmas lights. We paid an extra $50 for the handyman to bring his own ladder. The person showed up in a cadillac sedan and could not complete the work because he did not have a long enough ladder. That was the firt red flag. It took him at most 2 hours to figure this out??

He said that he would let Handy know that he did not complete the job and sent a text. There is no real person to call to talk to, just an email if you're lucky enough to find it. Handy contacted us 5 hours later and only offered to refund us the 1 hour that wasn't used, instead of booking someone else to come and finish the job we paid for.

So we're out $200 during christmas. The only guarantee they provide is that they will blatantly rip you off and laugh all the way to the bank.

October 29, 2021
The phone number listed is disconnected. I have been canceled on twice by workers. Handy charged my card before services were performed and then KEPT the money as “credit” on my account. I was those funds returned into my account. Handy.com did not tell me they weee going to charge $70/hour for yard work before charging me. This is a huge scam. Task rabbit does not charge until the job is complete and services weee actually provided.

LL October 29, 2021

Their customer service actually refunded me immediately, I found the help info through their “contact us” section of their desktop site.

Bad Customer Service
September 29, 2021

On 9/16/21 I purchased three toilets from Lowe's. Lowe's now uses Handy to subcontract installers. My experience is terrible. To set the record straight:

Lowe's advised me that a subcontractor would contact me within 2 business days to provide information on date, time and installer. The two business days (9-20-21) passed and no subcontractor contacted me. I called Lowe's and after they attempted to cover up Handy's failure, they indicated that I would be contacted.

Minutes later I was texted that Handy was scheduling it. On 9/21/21 Handy texted that on 9/24 between 9:00 AM and 10:30 of the scheduled installation. 10:30 past and one contacted me to advise of scheduling issues. I called the # on the text but no one could resolve the issue. I contacted Handy and also emailed them. The installation was cancelled because they needed to find another plumber.

On the 27th still no resolution I went to Lowe's and addressed the issue with the store manager. He said he would look into it. It was till 9/26 that I received a text msg that the installation would be on 9/28. It was till 9/28 8:41AM that I was advised of the plumbers arrival by 1:30 PM of that day.

Furthermore, in one email sent Handy the stated that they had a practice of notifying customers of up to 2 hrs before installer arrival. The latter means that if you had taken day off from work and they did not meet the schedule that day we/you the customer is out of pay for that day and then have to take another day off. This is unacceptable to us the customer.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Lowe's ended up giving me $25 gift card.

Poor appointment-scheduling system and results
September 12, 2021
I have just had my toilet installation appointment rescheduled for the FIFTH time. All the "apologies for the inconvenience" ring very hollow. This process has been a fiasco since I began the process by purchasing a toilet at Lowes.

Great concept, Terrible Execution, stay away
August 20, 2021
Tried to sign up on Handyman.com. Email offered me first two hours for $51. Filled out info and price was around $200. Emailed and just got vague answers. Told to complete the signup. Impossible to find a number to get help.

CherioBridgeman August 24, 2021

Handy is a company of scammers. Very bitter experience with a handyman that came looked at the job and ran away stating he cannot do the job. Man ho K never attempted the job yet handy wanted to give me half of my refund. After calling my bank and numerous emails to handy; I was able to get my full refund. Man ho K no work, no pay.

August 14, 2021

I purchased TV mounting service with a TV mount on June 14 through Costco . I have 3 no shows and it’s August 14 . I have spoken to customer service and given hints of scheduling times and days for a more likely success of them showing up .

Today strike 3, customer service reached out to the installer, I reached out no response. I have no confidence in this service requesting now my $139 be refunded, I wonder how that will go.

Home Advisor will partner with Handy.com and send incompetent people to complete your job
July 16, 2021

In the past, we have consulted Home Advisor to see what the going rate is for certain types of jobs. We had never actually booked any services through them until this week. The first booking was a no-show, which is fine. That happens. They offered us a $10 credit and rebooked someone to show up today for our front door installation. It was quickly apparent that the "pro" (their term for the people they sent) was anything but professional.

They did not know what a door frame extender was and had never worked with one (a very common element when installing a pre-hung door frame in an opening that's built for a larger frame). Anyone who installs doors on a regular basis would know how to work with these materials. Not only did they not know the job nor the materials, they did not have the proper tools.

The last straw was when the so-called "installer" was going to use a Dremel tool to cut the materials to size. What professional uses a Dremel to cut pieces of a wood door frame that will be visible on the exterior of your home? Luckily we stopped them before they ruined the materials! A quick check of "Handy.com" (the company that Home Advisor contracted to do this work) reveals that they most commonly do jobs like assembling furniture, hanging TVs, or cleaning your house. They have terrible reviews, and I can see why, but how can Home Advisor in good conscience contract with this company to do a job like a door installation?

Also, don't believe them when they say that they do not charge until the job is complete. When I checked my credit card today, they were already trying to charge us the full amount ... not once, but twice! They have promised to refund our card, but now I have to call back and let them know that they're trying to charge us twice for a job that hasn't even been completed once.

Save the time and headache and DO NOT EVER do business with Home Advisor, Angie's List, or Handy.com. There may be some satisfied customers, but clearly, you don't know what you're going to get until they show up and have no clue how to do the job you contracted them for.

Never use Handy!
June 15, 2021

My elderly moms' Nest thermostat sent us an email that her house was getting hotter although the AC was constantly running. Nest recently partnered with Handy and recommended we get someone to come check it out.

The average review for the AC contractors is 4.5 out of 5 stars and if they don't find any issues, Nest will refund you the cost of the checkup. So I booked her an urgent appointment for the next morning between 8 am - 12 pm.

Not only did no one show up for the appointment, they would only reschedule for the next day between 8-12 pm and would only approve a $10 discount. So now I have to leave my 74-year old mom in a very hot house for yet another day because of their incompetency - I canceled them and will be reaching out to Nest to let them know about this bad partnership.

Don't book with Handy
April 15, 2021

Please do not book with Handy. Handy consistently is unable to get pros to book at the scheduled time. They change your booking date and have had them confirm a "pro" eight hours before the appointment. Who can work with this type of scheduling. In addition the cleaners only get about $14/hour from Handy and they charge about $130 for that same three-hour period.

Pros are not employees of the company, they are independent contractors. So the pro gets about $42 and Handy gets $88. Quite a set up they have here. After five months of their shenanigans I told Handy I wanted to quit. Now charging me $99 for not fulfilling my 6 month commitment. Worth it to me to get out of this chaos.

Worst Service Ever
April 10, 2021

This is the absolute worst service experience I have ever had!!!!! The toilet Handy installed leaks, I have called to have this fixed and Handy has scheduled and cancelled on me 5 times this week already.

FIVE TIMES!!!! I am boiling hot!!!!! I had to rip up flooring I just had put in and I will have to rip up another layer tomorrow. I contacted Lowes and this was escalated due to a safety hazard for my elderly mother.

Their idea of escalating was to cancel on me twice today at the last minute. I am so tired of waking up and being fearful of my mother falling or floor damage and being angry every day this week!!! I actually was going to pay someone to fix it today on my own...but they convinced me that someone would be here today and tomorrow to fix it....and low and behold they cancel again at 8 pm tonight...

Handy is not a scam. But it's not quality.
August 19, 2020

Just to put some clarity on how Handy works.

HomeAdvisor, Angieslist and Handy are all under the same umbrella.

Handy is basically the Craigslist of finding labor. You say what you need done, someone says "I can do that" and from there they assume it's all good.

When you book fixed price through HomeAdvisor, you will be funneled through Handy. The problem is, the HomeAdvisor site does not give proper visibility into Handy jobs. So you can't review them there.

Handy doesn't recognize you as a user, so you can't review it there, either.

Through this I have encountered at least 5 pros. There's one thing in common with all of them: they were nice and willing to do what they could. But some were better than others.

For a lawn cleanup the guy brought no tools, used a shopvac as a blower and still didn't clean all the way. And he showed up a day earlier than he was supposed to.

For a landscape job the guy was perfect with weeds in rocks but terrible in lawn cleanup - and again brought no tools.

For a sprinkler head replacement he had no spare heads and had to go buy them, acting shocked. Of the ones he bought, one was garbage and already failed again. He also damaged one of the lines of an existing one, basically ruining the water pressure throughout the zone.

For a junk haul job the guy called and said he didn't have a truck. For a junk haul job.

But the two times I asked for cardboard box removal (thank you Amazon), they were perfect. Got it all done for a very good price and cleaned up afterwards. The second one sounded like he hadn't done it before as he questioned the dump fee, but after he called the dump and they told him they gladly welcome boxes, he and two others showed up, broke the boxes down, got them out and did a blower afterwards to clean up. Just excellent.

I guess what I'm saying is...Handy is extremely hit or miss. Depends on the job really. I think large jobs or heavy stuff or lawn stuff or that kind of thing - where actual hard labor is needed - they're going to fall short every time. But if you just need someone to clean up a bit or remove boxes or hang Christmas lights or those simple things, they're actually quite good for the price.

Just again, don't use them for any normally expensive work. Pay some neighborhood kids or something, it's about the same risk.

Handy.com does NOT deliver
August 5, 2020

Completely unacceptable!!

My daughter and her roommate booked two movers for two hours and only one showed up.  The response from Ivy Gomonit, a so-called Handy Customer Service, was to offer a $10 discount to the next scheduled booking.  Why on earth would we use a service AGAIN that performed so poorly the first time and had totally unsatisfactory customer service.  Looks like that this "business" won't become a going concern without some major changes...

I will call my credit card to reject this payment as well as leave negative reviews on each and every site I can find

BrendaMcGarvey April 10, 2021

Thank you!! I am so angry at them right now for such lousy service. They offered me a gift card too. I am with you, why use their lousy service again. I am doing the same thing you did......I am hitting up every review site I can find to post my horrible experience with them!