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I am feeling restored
September 6, 2023
I have been taking total restore due to feelings of low energy and constipation. I must say, I am feeling much better since taking Total Restore. Thank you GundryMD

September 6, 2023
Honestly, these pills are a great help. I had problems with my intestines. Everything I ate gave me a lot of stomach pain and I had to run to use the bathroom. When I had a medical appointment or had to go out somewhere, I couldn't eat or drink anything. before leaving for the same reason my god I suffered a lot THANK GOD I FOUND THIS DOCTOR AND BOUGHT HIM THESE PILLS WITHOUT KNOWING HIM I TRUSTED HIM AND I DON'T REGRET IT, DOCTOR THANKS FOR EXISTING AND HELPING MANY LIKE ME... RECOMMENDED 100%

Some things just cannot be solved easily.
September 6, 2023
At first, I thought they were working, but then I attributed it to my wishful thinking. (I am a Prostate Cancer Survivor, still suffering some after treatment effects) and I guess I will just have to live with them. Radiation was my downfall.

Still hoping for regularity
September 6, 2023
I have started my second bottle of Total Restore and am still hoping it will heal my gut lining and regulate my system to a somewhat "normal" schedule. I am still far from being "regular" but am committed to the recommended three months it takes to really work. I am wondering if I should have done a different step prior to starting Total Restore, but it sounded like this would "do it" for me.

No improvements to note, recently diarrhea.
September 5, 2023
I didn't feel any difference for the first couple weeks but lately I've been getting diarrhea and I can't attribute it to anything else other than this supplement. I am going back to Bio Complete 3 which made me feel a lot better with no negative side effects.

Paid twice
September 5, 2023

Paid twice, never received product order was canceled after payment.

Worth Trying
September 4, 2023
Very pleased with the noticeable changes, but I didn’t feel it remained the same every day. So I am experimenting by trying a different probiotic from a well-respected, holistic provider. Not feeling much from that, so I will probably go back to Total Restore and share it with friends who have health issues.

Beware of additional charges for unordered products
September 4, 2023
I was over charged on ordering by products I did not want being auto added to my cart. Although I phoned it took 55 minutes to reach a customer service rep. I can’t believe that it was too late ( your order is being shipped)to change order calling in less than 1 hour after order placed. Order was not shipped for several days. I tried to place a review but was unable to after saying I would not recommend products. Manipulation by their web brings this whole business into suspect and shady practices. I was able to return all products unopened and am awaiting full refund.

No negative results
September 4, 2023

I'm not sure if anything is different, but I hope that continued use will result in slowing of "age" symptoms. At the very least, I don't think I'm looking or feeling my age.

I will continue using this product for now.

Great product
September 4, 2023
Great product ! Decrease my appetite, bring more energy into my busy schedule day, and even working on my weight loss ! It is the first product that actually brings the visibly results ! Also, the ingredients are super powerful and I know they provide excellent support to my body :)

Appropriate transit time with Total Restore
September 1, 2023
After adding Total Restore to my regimen of Gundry products, I find my bathroom habit is more regular and smooth.

Not for me
August 31, 2023
Gave me continual constipation with bouts of diarrhea once a week. Awful feeling. I love Dr Gundry's ideas so I'm feeling pretty low. I did return the product.

Be patient - it works
August 31, 2023
I purchased a 3 month supply to really give it a chance. It took the full month to really feel the difference. I feel like my gut is cleaned out and continues to stay that way. I’ve also finally broken a weigh loss plateau which I believe was initiated by the Total Restore.

This Stuff Really Works
August 31, 2023
Hi I've been taking Total Restore for almost a month now. I feel much better. I am gaining more energy as days go by and feel more alert than ever. My desire to look for snacks after meals have ceased, and I am eating less. All in all taking this supplement has improved my health and my life. Thank you

The Total Restore Supplements promote a healthy gut lining and a healthy gut means a healthy immune system!
August 30, 2023
I love the Total Restore Supplements, a product that promotes a healthy gut lining is so needed, not just for me but for everyone. I have worked in the supplement/skincare industry for the last 14 years and I know good supplements when I see them and Dr. Gundry's are the best. Catherine Coyle

More energy les pain
August 30, 2023
More energy and less pain

Hoping for more noticeable changes soon.
August 30, 2023
I believe in this product but I need to give Total Restore a better chance of helping me by cutting out some of the bad beverages that I am still drinking. I'm trying to rid myself of some itchy skin that could be related to my diet. Total Restore has been part of my diet for a month and I hope to see some real changes after another thirty days since I'm now drinking much healthier beverages starting two days ago.

Lost weight
August 29, 2023
I really felt my belly sliming down! And lost 4 pounds

No diarrhea
August 29, 2023

I feel better and no more diarrhea because of ulcerative colitis. Also, I did not find anymore bleeding.

It did not work
August 29, 2023
See my previous email sent two days ago with my poor review. This product did not help at all. In fact, it cause more problems. How do I go about getting my money back?