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Gundry MD Total Restore
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Total Restore is a dietary supplement by Gundry MD aimed at individuals afflicted with a condition called “leaky gut" syndrome, which is believed to affect many individuals and cause a wide range of varying symptoms.

Gundry claims Total Restore can also help combat achy muscles and joints, boost energy, and fight out-of-control food cravings.

How Does It Work?

Gundry MD is headed by Dr. Steven Gundry, a pediatric heart surgeon and director of the International Heart & Lung Institute in Palm Springs, CA.

He states that in his years working as a heart surgeon, he's come across unconventional yet effective knowledge on medicine and nutrition, which he then implements in his products.

Each bottle of Total Restore contains 90 capsules and is intended to be taken with each meal, or 3 per day.

Gundry states that user should feel the effects of Total Restore after a couple days, with a more dramatic improvement in digestion and health after the first 2-3 weeks or so.

Half of the ingredients in Total Restore work directly to combat indigestion and other issues related to the intestinal tract by decreasing levels of endotoxin produced by bacteria.

Endotoxins have the potential to cause a whole host of problems associated with symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

The other half of the ingredients promote general wellbeing and health by providing the problem with vital nutrients.

Total Restore is made with all-natural ingredients and is designed to alleviate a number of these symptoms including reducing the amount of gas produced in the stomach, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Gundry states that Total Restore is unlikely to induce any side effects thanks to the fact all their ingredients are made from natural sources.

For more information on the product’s effects, it’s always a good idea to consult a physician.

Cost and Price Plans

Each jar of Full Restore costs a little over half a hundred dollars on average, but on their website, you can get a single bottle for about just under a hundred dollars.

Gundry MD’s website also includes various bundle package deals where buying multiple Total Restores decreases the price of each by a couple dollars.

This can be a little pricey for some, but if you and your physician both agree this product will work best for you, the expenses will be well worth it.

Customer Service

Gundry MD offers a 90-day return policy, cash back guarantee with no questions asked.

To order a refund or ask any question, you can contact the company’s number at (800) 852 - 0477 or follow their Instagram and Facebook. 

Also, seeing as Steven Gundry himself is the face of the company, you can contact him as well on both his twitter and facebook.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Gundry MD, and number of their products including Total Restore, have received a polarized batch of critiques and reviews with customers leaning towards dissatisfied.

Most of the satisfied customers praise the quality of service and the effectiveness of their products with mid-ranged reviews saying there were multiple complications before getting their order.

A significant number of individuals who gave the company and Total Restore bad reviews complained about how the product was extremely ineffective and called Gundry MD “a scam” and “money sucking”.

There were many any complaints about how their consent forms rope customers into payment agreements customers didn’t intend on agreeing to.

Competitors and Alternatives

As mentioned, the gut treatment market is extensive with a number of product having their own unique ways of tackling symptoms.

CBO finisher made by Equilibrium is a daily probiotic. It is designed to strengthen your gut lining along with increasing your digestive system’s ability to absorb nutrients.

The reviews for the product have been consistently positive across the board with minor complaints about its price. The price does clock in around a hundred dollars, twice more than Total Restore, so these complaints are warranted.

Still, customer satisfaction for the product is still higher than that of Total Restore in terms of general effectiveness.

Another effective all-natural supplement is Restore from Integrated Health. It claims to be a new generation supplement which has been scientifically proven to increase gut health.

Its ingredients are designed to encourage the growth of good bacteria and discourage the growth of bad bacteria.

Rather than being a probiotic (product already contains good bacteria), it is a prebiotic (ingredients create an environment in the intestines designed to promote good bacterial growth).

They claim this approach to gut health is much better than any other approach saying it’s based off of modern immunological research.

Reviews for the product have been fairly positive with many customers proclaiming the product to be effective. The product tends to have a wide range of prices based on size, the smallest being $20-$30 and the largest at over $100.

Where to buy?

You can purchase Total Restore right on the Gundry MD website or on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

It’s estimated that around 80% of individuals in America seek medical help regarding gut related symptoms.  So the market for gut related treatments is vast to say the least.

If you're suffering from gut related issues and need an all-natural cure, then Gundry MD’s Total Restore might just be the answer.

Total Restore has potential, but there's not enough empirical research done on the product to guarantee it will work for everyone. 

It’s also a bit of a gamble considering the product's cost, although it certainly isn’t the most expensive on the market.

It's a good idea to consult with your doctor on what the best course of action is, and to see which supplements work best for you based off your health and condition.

If you have any experience with Gundry MD's Total Restore, please leave your reviews below.

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Gundry MD Total Restore Customer Reviews

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Psoriasis symptoms improved
September 27, 2023

I suffer from occasional flare ups from psoriasis. I shared the theory of “leaky gut” with my internist, who was my PCP during the early 90s. He scoffingly dismissed the idea.

Total Restore is the first supplement or medicine that I know of that addresses the problem of “leaky gut” specifically. And it does do something. In less than a month my lesions on my fingers became less red and itchy. I can’t wait to see what improvements 3 months brings.

Time to use product b4 a second shipment was approved.
September 25, 2023

I have only had 1st delivery of Total Restore for 2+ weeks when a 2nd order was shipped. It was 30 days from your 1st shipment. Now I have 6 months of product, and only at 3 weeks since taking product, I am not sure if I am seeing any benefits yet.

I sent a complaint about the 2nd shipment and the $121 charge. Due to the manner this transaction has taken, I still want a refund for 2nd shipment, and no more product unless I believe this product will give me benefits. Do not put any additional charges on my credit card.

Time to notice improvements.
September 25, 2023

I am disappointed in Total Restore. I have not noticed any change after taking this daily for a few weeks. Don’t know if this is normal but will continue to take it daily and see if it improves my health.

Huge Improvement
September 25, 2023
I can already notice huge improvements in my gut/brain health.

2 weeks in and no changes
September 25, 2023
Two weeks in and I am not noticing any difference. I will continue to use them for the next 3 months as I have purchased the 3 month package. Praying it works.....

Not getting relief from constipation after one month. Started out fine, then results slowed down.
September 24, 2023
3 out of 5. Had to take double dose to get results after the first month.

It’s all very confusing.
September 24, 2023
I don’t understand. I keep getting emails for ads to order all different kinds of things - and never am told why I should keep taking all these various things - and how they all go together for my health. It’s all very, very, very confusing. Why should I keep taking all these things I am asked to order? I wish you could explain. Otherwise, I will have to discontinue ordering products. It’s just too confusing when I keep getting your emails wanting me to order this and that and that and that. Why is it I need to take this and this and this and that?

Refund on product
September 24, 2023

The product did't work after 2 bottles and would like a refund. Please let me know how to proceed with the refund.

Will these capsules interact, in any way, with my other prescriptions?
September 22, 2023

I am very happy with this product. I have no more bloating, no more constipation. I've struggled with UC for over 20 years and it has controlled my life. Now I feel in control.

However, I have 2 comments. 1. When I received my first bottle, read the instructions where the dosage stated 3 capsules daily. I sent you an email asking 'Do I take 1 capsule 3 times a day or all three at once?' No response. Now I have 3 capsules remaining and tracking says delivery wont be until Tues the 26th. Today is the 22nd! Why didnt it get sent sooner?

It is what it is.
September 22, 2023
Sorry to say, I must be one of those that it doesn't work on. I take it as directed and have not noticed any difference. I am trying it for another month to give it a fair shake.

Gut Help
September 21, 2023
I've used Total Restore for about a month and it seems to be helping my gut. I will continue for a while and see what happens.

total UN restore
September 21, 2023
Sorry to tell you but your capsules made things worse for me. I have terrible headaches & sleep is erratic at best since I started taking them. I almost used one whole bottle but stopped because I just cannot live with the headaches & lousy sleep. I am requesting a refund of my money. Please let me know if I should send the unused portion back to you & where to send it. Thank you, Don

September 21, 2023
I feel the same, nothing changes.

It's working
September 20, 2023

Hi, I'm only about 3 weeks into mine and starting to feel results. less heart burn, better sleep, more easily managed bowels which is important to me as a Paraplegic. Looking forward to more improvements as only in early days.

September 19, 2023
My GI tract is better. I am not having any reflux symptoms what so ever. my usual MS fatigue is slightly better. I want to for a while.

It causes me great discomfort
September 18, 2023
I didn’t have a great experience with total restore. I was unable to tolerate the suggested dose. It gave me stomach aches and diarrhea. I dropped it down to one capsule a day and continued to have problems. I discontinued it and started taking your Bio Complete supplement. This is a little better however, still the same symptoms. I will continue the bio complete and slowly reintroduce the total restore. Hoping for much better results.

Not Quite There
September 18, 2023
Total Restore causes bowel blockages and I still get up every 2 hours during the night for urination. The one very positive thing I enjoy is that I am not snacking and it has curbed my appetite.

Zero effects
September 18, 2023
so far I have taken a full bottle and I just started the other and I have not had any results, zero, neither bad nor good, I was actually expecting some effect, I will continue the other 2 bottles and then I will update my comment if I see something positive .

No change
September 18, 2023
I have eaten low sugar, very low lectins, and gluten free for 7 years now. Trying Total Restore now for a month and can’t see, and or feel any change.

Not so much!
September 17, 2023

Just didn't work. Even w limited food intake. But, I think I'm allergic also. I broke out really bad for a week, then it calmed down. All in all, I didn't lose any weight, nor did I have better BMs.