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Graves Golf Academy, located at, is an online golf training academy which focuses its training and lessons on the unusual and specific style of past golf champion, Moe Norman.

How Does it Work?

Recently there has been a growth in the options of online golf training.

Golf is widely accepted as a game where many players would likely benefit from a one-on-one coach or trainer, the truth is that these same people often don’t have trouble fitting such a thing into their schedule or into their budget.

This particular online golf academy has an interesting focus, unlike that of many of its competitors.

The lessons from their training schools focus on the swing style of Moe Norman, a professional golfer from Canada, who Wikipedia describes as having such accuracy and the ability to hit shots perfectly straight that he was nicknamed “Pipeline Moe.”

While Graves Golf Academy says that Norman’s golf swing was considered “weird” or “unorthodox,” it was also considered “efficient” and “freakishly accurate.” During his career, Norman had 17 hole-in-one’s, 9 double eagles, set over 30 records, and even more.

According to their website, their first five video training sessions can show you the most common mistakes to problems with your swing, simple changes you can make to improve your game, the easiest fixes for a swing which slices, and – of course – an introduction to and explanation of their model, Moe Norman.

Graves Golf Academy offers their training in a variety of different materials. Their package includes DVDs, an eBook, bonus golf videos, slow motion swing videos, a Short Game Solution video, and a Pre-Round Warm Up and Post-Round Stretch Routine.

The website says that this package of materials originally went for over $200, but these days they have adjusted their pricing to be more inclusive. Currently the entire package is priced at $67.

If you have any experience with Graves Golf Academy or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Graves Golf Academy Customer Reviews

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Hitting consistently fine shots with this Academy's help
November 15, 2022
I have been viewing the free videos for about a year and a half and about 6 months ago I "pulled the trigger" and joined the "Gold Program." This system of hitting the ball is the best for consistency and is easy on the back. I highly recommend Graves Golf Academy to anyone and everyone. Todd and Tim Graves are the best.

Swing for a lifetime
August 28, 2022
I joined Graves Golf Academy 3 years ago and I couldn’t be happier. I was 64 when I joined and had a very sore back which was hindering my golf game. After watching videos and using the V1 app I now play pain free and break 80 regularly which was my goal. I continue to work with the company and I’m going to a one day clinic soon. I think young players should adopt the “swing for a lifetime “. I highly recommend Graves Golf Academy.

Poor instruction, Waste of money.
July 15, 2021
Not worth it as nobody can copy Moe Norman successfully. Once Graves gets their hooks into you they will never let you go and your game will fall apart.

DonDiosi August 28, 2022

They’re not trying to make you into Moe Norman. I’ve used the swing for three years now and at 67 I’m playing better than I have since I was in college. You just have to be willing to work at it.

You can hit the ball straighter!
April 25, 2021

Hi all. I did not take the courses in person, just watched the videos of Todd Graves explaining the Moe Norman swing. Mr. Graves is extremely thorough and really simplifies the swing for the viewer, explaining each aspect of this incredibly simple swing. How to stand, proper ball position, proper way to hold the club -- driver in my case. And the correct way to swing.

No lie, I watched, then hit the range. Within 10 SWINGS I was hitting the driver straighter than I ever have! I'm a 9hcp and can do the other things fine, chip, pitch, putt, fairway shots, but the drive always eluded me until I saw Todd's Videos.

Of course there is nothing better than going to his gold school to ingrain the swing, but a video here there will get you to where you can play golf with much more confidence.

THANK YOU Mr. Graves! Regards.

Buy this good coaching or go on struggling with your game
March 4, 2021

Recently completed GGA's 3-Day Single Plane school. Learned much new, like a better putting grip and stroke and better chipping/pitching techniques. With video analysis using the V1 Golf app, one of the coaches corrected several flaws in my attempt to do the Moe Norman swing model. I began using it last season, learning what I could from their videos and applying what I could.

Broke 80 for the first time! and improved my metrics (FIR, GIR, two-putts not three, etc.) dramatically.

After their attention to properly fitting we students to the Single Plane model swing (ant NOT our current, traditional, inefficient swing) a variety of Demo clubs was made available. I got to try the Callaway Epic driver and 7-iron matched to my needs. I became quite impressed with the accuracy and extra distance I could achieve. They even fitted my off the shelf putter to my size and re-gripped it for free.

For me, the school corrected my faulty self-help and gave me the structure I'll use this season to score lower and the confidence to enter (win?) tournaments. No longer afraid of competing, will now embrace competitive pressure.

As for any pressure to buy training aids, Gold membership, etc. yes, they repeatedly have you use their aids throughout the training. They were careful to point out what aids were absolutely necessary to achieve your personal Single Plane Swing goals, and which are second-tier aids for more advanced skill development.

And, because I felt that this coaching corrected and accelerated my learning progress, I am signing up for the year-long Gold membership online tutoring.

My one-star withheld rating is merely due to the fact they use V1 Golf app and my Android 6.0 phone is not up to its technical requirements. Makes it hard to justify signing up for Gold Membership coaching.

Be very careful dealing with this company
January 14, 2021
be careful, this is a very dishonest company. I have called them twice to remove the charges from my account and did not get any help. They sent me free stuff, yeh sure was free. they started charging my visa Feb 2020 and each month charged my account. I received absolutely nothing from them. If you should decide to deal with this dishonest company do it by check so they can't keep chargeing you for nothing.

golferrrr April 25, 2021

I find that hard to believe jmho

DonDiosi August 28, 2022

Ridiculous review. They’ve bee Nothing but up front with me.

It's a scam and the company is not reputable.
December 29, 2020

It's a scam, they sent me the free videos and a magazine, that i paid shipping on and then they started to charge my account monthly for something I didn't get. Have no idea what that charge was for. I contacted the company but the rude lady said it's my problem.

Stay away, Scam Scam Scam.

DonDiosi August 28, 2022

You need to get ahold of Todd or Tim. They’ll make it right. Very reputable company.

October 22, 2020
I cannot speak highly enough about Graves Golf. They have given me a much easier swing. I have checkpoints and enough knowledge to correct myself. No more pain in my back. They have made golf fun again for me. Plus, I don’t lose money on the golf course any more!

DonDiosi August 28, 2022


The big switch
September 18, 2020
So... golfed under par on high school team. Two major swings during my life... tried to swing like Jack Nickalus. Time has passed, I cannot trust any clubs now except driver, 5 wood, wedge, 9

Amazing service and results
August 1, 2020
Improved my scoring and ball striking. Have bought only the video plan and two training aids. The swing is the most effortless method I have ever seen. Customer service has been great received a trained aid (aliment trainer) and they contacted me and said I may have received one with a flaw. It was a minor flaw but they shipped another out free of charge and I didn't even return the old one. Handicap went from a 12 down to a 8 now. Can't wait to get some in person training. Thanks Todd

Good instruction
June 12, 2020
Having had three spinal surgeries, and two knee surgeries, and being on SS disability for the past four years I never thought I could strike a golf ball ever again. I was wrong. Application of the very well analyzed Moe Norman concepts of the golf swing has given me the chance to enjoy swinging a club again. There are many small parts to the puzzle, but he lays it out well. Like anything in bio-mechanics, it takes a lot of patient and disciplined repetition, but provides results of consistency. I use a full length mirror and/or video to critique and correct myself. I recommend Todd Graves teaching if you’re willing to apply it diligently. I give is a very high rating!

very professional instructors and training products
March 26, 2020

I have been following the Graves training for about 3 years. I

have never been consistent playing golf. Recently I started

having yearly training with Chandler Rusk, head of Gold Member

training. Chandler has been a fantastic teacher for me. I also

discovered that Chandler's grandfather was a close friend and

neighbor of mine growing up in Wellington Ks. I am 73 years

young and have found a new way to play golf and truly enjoy it.

I will always be grateful for Tim, Todd and Chandler for their

patience and desire for me to be successful in this game of games!


Dan Zebert

Good Service/Response from Greaves Golf
February 3, 2020

I’ve bought several training products and a set of Rogue irons from Graves. They have always been responsive to phone calls and emails. When the postal service lost an order, Graves sent a replacement without question.

Their customer service has been responsive and courteous with me. The clubs I bought were delivered with no issues and they allowed me to return my old clubs after the delivery of the Rouges. A good company from my experience.

Graves Golf
December 25, 2019
Purchased Gold membership. Will give this 12 months and practice weekly. I think the only reason average for now is Todd is surely into this and believes in it and I like his persona. He truly wants people to improve. The only thing is that half the times the videos come across as a hard sell of the teaching aids. I think honestly that people would buy them simply by a soft sell. The schools make sense if you have the time for sure. And the weekly emails look like and fee like spam which I get would turn people off. Simply get the message off without the spam look and you will get followers because of it. I get it’s a business, but at some point it goes past the line of professional and comes across like those emails that are trying to sell you junk. I will amend this rating from average to higher or lower at the one year mark.

JaneWalter March 04, 2020

Totally agree. The hard sell is not necessary and a distraction during schools and videos. Golfers understand the advantage of good properly fitted equipment and do not need prolonged lectures during training sessions. The product and promotions sell themselves-lectures and threats of being banned from future classes is NOT needed or appreciated.

June 14, 2019
Todd Graves responded to my legitimate email compliant with contempt and rudeness. He seems off his rocker and a jerk besides

BobWard December 29, 2020

can't agree more, the company is rude and a scam

I am the owner
March 3, 2019

I am the owner of Graves Golf.

We host golf schools teaching the Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman.

I saw a few issues with unhappy customers. Please feel free to call customer service at 866-377-2316 if you have any problems. We will take care of any issues promptly.

Also, thank you for all of the great reviews as well.


Todd Graves

AnthonyFerrari August 13, 2019

Todd I just joined this past weekend and have the Gold membership. Trent White has been very responsive and helpful and answered my questions promptly on Saturday and Sunday and even answered an email while on vacation. I really appreciate the great customer service and look forward to improving my golf game!

Best Golf Instruction and Products
February 20, 2018

The Graves Golf Company teaches the Moe Norman Golf Swing. Unlike other golf schools, they have a specific model (The Single Plane) which allows their instruction to be exact and easy to learn.

The products are great and the instruction is consistent to the model. If you are looking for a swing that is easier on your body and has a specific model to help you learn it quickly, I highly recommend their videos and training programs.

Scam and Horrible Customer Service
October 9, 2017

Total Scam and will not refund money! Don't give them your credit card! I had to call American Express and decline charges after i unsubscribed with Betty one tooth in the office and she did not cancel my subscription. She hung up on me and dared me to call American Express! AMX backed me however a business selling on line should never treat customer as they do!

Buyer Be Ware!

September 2, 2017
These yahoos never let up. I have been trying to unsubscribe from then for nearly 10 years.. even calling them and begging not te receive there spam. But they use an out of control soamming service compoany so they don't really hgave control of the spamming they do. An irrespncible p ractice which should be illegal. The also don't answer directly the phone number in the spoam so as noit to deal with the fallout of this poractice. I am very close to flying to Oklahoma to give them a piece of my mind.. Actually seriously clo se to doing so because i can fly united for free.... spam you say? Most definatly! Uncontroled and irresponsible.

February 24, 2015

At 73 and with back problems, I decided to try and find a different approach to my traditional golf swing that would not continue to cause me undesirable back pain during and after every golf round. At the same time, I was hopeful that I might even be able to bring my handicap back to a consistent single digit as my swing restrictions that I had incorporated into my traditional swing to reduce the pain had not been helping my scores.

After considerable research into different schools I felt that the Moe Norman approach was worth a "test" try. Although getting the new "technique" down will take a lot of practice and patience, I realize that this approach will not only allow me to continue to play golf without the stress on my back, my scores should improve significant'tly. On the last day of the school, I hit more full practice shots than I had in the past 15 years and without adding any pain at the end of the session. Now it is back home to practice the technique and planning on going back to the school in a year for a 5 day training camp. While I am not saying this is the "Holy Grail" of Golf, it is certainly a better approach to the swing without creating the associated pain and stress on the lower back and leading leg. I am looking forward to putting this to use this season.... BTW, at one time (many moons ago) I was a +1 handicap. I think I can honestly get back to a 5 or 6 this season.

Stephen December 29, 2015

I have subscribed to the Moe swing from Graves and bought the video. I am working on the swing change and it takes a bit of getting used to but I'm hitting it straighter when I connect. I will keep going.

Be careful when you sign up to Graves as there is no way of stopping their membership after you sign on. I asked NOT to be included in the monthly subscription but they charged me for the first month. I've changed my Credit Card on the website but it reverts back to the original one, and their support team do not respond.

I am now on my way to the bank to change my credit card. It's a shame they behave like this as it has left a sour taste.

wendell little June 05, 2017

I purchased the training club after viewing the videos, after two weeks I have yet to receive the club or alignment aid. I have attempted to call them but have only reached a voicemail which promises to call you back. I have never spoken to anyone a Graves Golf Academy. I have received a bunch of emails tempting me purchase additional aids and videos. It's a rip off!