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Goldbelly is an online food marketplace for regional and artisanal food that aims to connect food lovers with iconic eateries all over the US by allowing users to order food using their portal.

How Does Goldbelly Work?

According to their website, the creators of genuinely believe that America’s greatest foods are made by “passionate regional food makers and small batch artisans.”

Unfortunately this means that these foods are only available to customers who can physically get to their location. wanted to provide both their customers and these regional food makers with a way to reach a much wider audience and get the appreciation they deserve.

To shop their website, all you have to do is choose the region from which you are interested in eating – The Northeast, The Midwest, The South, or The West – or you can choose the individual state from which you are hoping to order. 

If you're simply looking for the country’s best bacon or pie, you can also search their website by food offerings.

Cost/Price Plans

Obviously the cost of the product you are ordering will depend on what you are ordering, the volume of what you are ordering, and whether or not shipping charges will be involved. 

This company also offers customers monthly subscription options for customers who are interested in regular deliveries of what has to offer.

Customers can choose from their specific monthly boxes, like their Bacon Box, Sandwich Box, Cookie Box, Cake Box, and many others, or you can simply choose to give the Best of Goldbelly Monthly Box. 

These individual boxes will be priced between $49 and $79 for a single box, while customers who are interested in choosing repeating subscriptions will pay between $199 for a three month subscription and $749 for a full year subscription.

Goldbelly Refund Policy

Unfortunately due to the nature of these products, the Goldbelly website states that all items are considered Final Sale. 

If an item does arrive to your home either damaged or spoiled, they ask that you contact their Customer Service team by email as soon as possible so they can help resolve your issue.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by going to their Customer Support page and clicking on their Submit a Request link.


This company does have some serious customer complaints at this time, and they all appear to be about the same general problem: delivery. 

Many different customers spoke about how they were willing to pay significantly higher than retailer prices for the products they were ordering because of their special nature, but then the products were not actually shipped when they were supposed to be.

This means that items chosen as gifts or for special occasions didn’t arrive when they were supposed to, and many customers said they were very underwhelmed by the Goldbelly Customer Service team, who they felt weren’t very helpful. 

The experience which was supposed to be special ultimately turned out to be very frustrating and upsetting for some customers. 

The bottom line appears to be that customers may want to try this company for a non-special occasion first to test out their experience before relying on this company for a more important event or a gift.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different monthly delivery box services that focus on bringing their customers regional or international food specialties, as well as those that focus on specialty meats, cheese, sweets, chocolates, coffee, and more. 

So if a customer believes that Goldbelly isn’t really offering what they are hoping to find, there are other options available which may be a better fit. 

If you have any experience with Goldbelly or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Terrible service and don’t deliver on time even when you pay extra for specific shipping dates
June 17, 2022
I ordered a cake for my sons birthday-had to pay an additional $35 in shipping to choose the date I needed it delivered for my party. They communicated the day before that it would be delayed (after the party) and won’t refund/credit anything. Unacceptable service.

Nothing was in the box, no customer service
June 15, 2022

Only 1/4 of the order was in the box, still don’t have any contact from customer service, paid over 120,00 for the dinner, what a shame….You would think QC would be at the forefront…. NOPE

Too expensive and poor service
May 9, 2022

Poor delivery and service. I ordered a charcuterie box for my mother for Mother’s Day and it was delivered with the small ice pack melted and the cheese/meat hot. It was inedible. You have to send in pictures (so don’t throw the stuff away).

The only solution they offered was a credit to their site (which expires) or to resend the box. However, since it was after Mother’s Day, the surprise is gone. I do not recommend this service, especially since this cost me more than $100.

Don't waste your money
May 5, 2022

Do not waste your money! I was shipped a wedding cake that arrived late and with 1 very small dry ice pack that had melted. I contacted customer service and was told their policy does not allow for refunds. They were willing to ship me another melted cake but not refund my money for a damaged product. Worst customer experience ever!

Subscription Scam artists
April 13, 2022
These people are scam.. I signed up for their subscription and they set me a $83.33 cake, that would have cost 20 bucks at the store. I informed them that I didn't want their cake that was up charged 400%.. And they told me to enjoy my cake and that refunds are not given.

Subscription Scam artists
April 13, 2022

These people are scam.. I signed up for their subscription and they set me a $83.33 cake that would have cost 20 bucks at the store.

I informed them that I didn't want their cake that was upcharged 400%.. And they told me to enjoy my cake and that refunds are not given.

Goldbelly - Do not use!!!!!
April 12, 2022

As I was hosting an event for a Children's Cancer fund raiser, I ordered cheesecake from Junior's Cheesecake in Brooklyn NY through Goldbelly.

I ordered mini samplers on Tuesday for delivery on Friday. The Friday delivery came with a premium for shipping. Not only did I not receive my items on Friday, when I attempted to call both Goldbelly and Juniors Cheesecake, I could not get any response. I finally called the Junior restaurant who told me that they would relay my information the following Monday...after my event.

I canceled my order on Monday. I received an email saying my items had shipped and would be delivered on Wednesday...more than a week after I ordered and 3 days after my event.

Nothing like scrambling at the last minute to cover the inadequacies of Goldbelly.

82 year old mom disappointed
March 12, 2022

I bought a cake for my mother's

81st birthday last year. It was the most I ever spent on a cake. It was worth it she loved it. So this year I told her I would get the same cake. She was very excited. I ordered the cake on March 3rd. We picked a later date then was offered. We had chosen March 11th. On the 11th I got a email saying the cake would arrive by March 16th. It was still out for delivery.

That means we were getting a old cake. 5 days after the birthday party. We called customer service. Their solution was send a new cake. Or credit. NO REFUND!

Why would I order again? They tried to send me a old cake. 5 days after a the event. I will never buy from them again.

Beware once the cake leaves the factory. It's on you. They don't care what happens from there. As I was told by the the rep. " We are not responsible for perishable products once we ship them". Thank you Goldbelly for all your help.

Don’t seem to be able too fulfill orders correctly on a timely basis
March 11, 2022

Placed order 3 weeks prior. I asked for a specific date of delivery paid in full. Now no one knows where order is/ if it has shipped. Very poor response and delivery.

Save your Money—Give a Whole Foods Giftcard Instead!
March 8, 2022
We received the organic fruit box for our 35th anniversary from our Matron of Honor. It was not chilled, it consisted of waxed, small weird apples, blood oranges and four avocados. I know she spent $75. on the box. The apples were mushy and mealy and this morning I cut open one of the blood oranges— it was dry and bitter. I am now in a weird position of telling my friend that she was had or to just keep quiet. I would want to know, which is why I’m posting this…..

Georgetown Cupcakes…sells for Goldbelly
February 17, 2022
My cupcakes didn’t look at all like the picture on website! More icing on lid than on cupcakes. Mine came from georgetown cupcakes..AUSTIN…I sent pictures as soon as I opened box..have heard nothing…

Terrible Service
February 10, 2022

Order arrived lukewarm and dough all lumped together and shipped with a measly icepack. Contacted customer service and they try to blame you and send you link to their terms and conditions to write off the blame.

They only want to credit you 25% of your order as a store credit. What terrible service, do not buy anything from them they can't even ship food correctly let alone guarantee your satisfaction after you spend quite a bit on their food.

January 26, 2022

The reviews that are posted on here - I agree with all of them. I ordered a two pies from them, one chicken and one apple. Well, UPS was two days late with delivery. By the time, the items arrived - the dry ice was already half way melted and I had serious doubts if I should bake these.

I did as per instructions that were provided and both pies caved in and the contents leaked out leaving a hot, burned mess in my oven. Customer service refused to refund or send another shipment. Extremely disappointed and will never deal with them again

Bad customer service
December 7, 2021

Terrible customer service! Refused to refund my money or credit the cost of my order which was inedible. I had ordered crab legs came in so salty it gagged you. $169 down the drain. I feel like if you’re going to ship and associate your name with a product you should stand behind it.

They refused to budge, I contacted the actual supplier, and they are in the process of sending me another order, admitting sometimes they get in a salty batch. Shame on Goldbelly for not contacting them and finding out this is a legitimate issue, instead of making me feel like I was a liar. Bad customer service beware.

Never order something from Goldbelly if you need it on time!
November 30, 2021

If you are ordering something for a special event & certain date; ....DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! Unreliable. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever. You don't get a live person- and you have to wait 24 hours for a boiler template response blaming the food manufacturer.

For the inconvenience Gold Belly puts you through in NOT delivering your item in time...they offer you $15 off your next purchase over $99!! They did not ship me my Thanksgiving dinner in time!!!!

I could not believe how they minimized it and then offered me a discount on the next time I purchased something from them. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

high-priced small average cake
October 5, 2021
I agree you can't review on their side I couldn't figure out how to place a review they have some control over that who's giving this 4.7 reviews it was a waste of money for an average cake

There are other sites out there to order from. Start looking.
September 24, 2021
Ordered two dozen donuts for delivery on Wednesday. Received one dozen. Meant to have them ready for work on Thursday. The rest were to be delivered on Friday which is now delayed until Saturday. Can’t take them to work until Monday. They won’t be fresh anymore at that point. Wasted 5,000 reward points on this order. Happy Birthday to me.

Never order perishable food from
September 19, 2021

Never order perishable food from increases the cost of food items they sell for vendors when you order to cover the cost of FedEx shipping. You pay a premium for that FedEx delivery to ensure you receive perishable food items in prompt times.

I placed an order for two pies made by Grand Traverse Pie Company sold through I ordered the items a week prior to needing the pies for out-of-town guests. The package was to be delivered on a Thursday for guests coming in on Friday. The pies were not delivered on Thursday or Friday or Saturday. I received the delivery on Sunday morning 3 1/2 days after I was to receive the pies. The box was completely wet and sticky from the contents of the pies, and there was syrup and juice under the box on my front porch.

Grand Traverse Pie Company had informed me if I had not received the pies by Friday they would be inedible. On the date of delivery, the pies were spoiled with juices and syrup having leaked through the boxes in which the pies were placed and through the FedEx shipping box.

I repeatedly attempted to contact Gold Belly by phone and email only to receive an email back directing me to their website where it is noted they are not responsible for food items, even if there are perishable once they leave the vedors location ( even when you are paying a premium for FedEx delivery with a specified date for delivery).

Neither Gold Belly nor the vendors they sell for stand behind their product or service and the customer service you received from Gold Belly is horrendous.

After throwing out the pies, I contacted by credit card company and disputed the charge as I refuse to pay almost $90 for items that are in edible.

There was no excuse for the delivery delays, as the weather this week was perfect and I am located a 4-hour drive from the pie company that produces and ships the pies.

I believe that Gold Belly charges the customer for overnight or 2 day FedEx delivery, but then turns around and requests the cheapest delivery possible from FedEx to increase their profitability on items they are selling for vendors. Then they tell the customer that they are not responsible for delayed shipments. That is what is noted in the fine print on their website under their policy to get out of refunding customers for inedible products delivered.

Save yourself the grief and do not order perishable food items from I will never make that mistake again. And for the record, I contacted Grand Travers Pie Company, and they did nothing as well, and a low Gold Belly to misrepresent their company and food products.

Worst company
September 12, 2021
I had the same experience with this company as alot of people. The food was spoiled by the time I received it and they absolutely refuse to give refunds. Thier customer service is the worst, they change thier stories quite frequently as to why the shipment was delayed. When thier shipping company doesn't deliver as promised they do nothing about it. Took 6 days for me to get my order. They are the worst. I'm stuck with it!

Goldbelly - great idea, terrible execution
September 3, 2021

Seems almost redundant to add my comments but I’ll add my thoughts. I have ordered a lot of food from Goldbelly both for myself and as gifts for others. At least 50% of the orders get delayed. How is that even possible statistically? Goldbelly wants you to believe that they have no control over their poor delivery performance. I don’t believe it for a second. It’s a fun idea to get food delivered from all over the country. I love the concept which is why I have given them multiple chances but I’m now done with Goldbelly.

Also, they have added so many vendors that aren’t providing high quality food items even when you go into the store. Looking at some of the places that are on Goldbelly in my home town (Chicago), I can see that there is a lot of average food being shipped around at exorbitant prices. Even if you accept that, if you can’t plan on the food arriving for an event it’s pretty worthless.