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Hidden anormous charges and fees, doesn't help to resolve any issues
January 18, 2013

I've been charged for 100$ just for winning a project where a client never shown, there were no any warnings or me being agree with this condition, sure they do have agreement according to which they actions are legit, but it just unfair! Also they said that they could help to resolve any issue but in fact they stay aside saying that they just introduce you to employer and they don't care what happened next, it's their's official policy:

Project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, cancelled or re voked. This serves as the introduction fee for the employer and the freelancer. It is likewise for the purpose that contact details would be allowed to be given by both parties immediately. Our role as an online venue is already fulfilled when the the employer and freelancer meet, agree on and work on a project.

Note that is an online venue for employers and freelancers to meet and work on a project. What will happen upon acceptance of the project is beyond our scope of support neither do we get involved in the transactions and interactions between employers and freelancers. It's our part to introduce the two parties but the project's success still lies only between the employer and freelancer.

Kristopher Y August 19, 2013

Hi Dmitry,

This is Kristopher from I understand that you are upset for being charged for a project fee after accepting a project where the employer never responded anymore.

I want to take a look at your account and resolve this issue for you and see if a refund is possible. Send me a direct email to [email protected] with your username so I can work on it as soon as possible.

I look forward to receiving your response soon.

Bad service. really bad
January 18, 2013 is unbelievably unprofessional. If you are there, get away asap - that is my recommendation. Awful service.

Charles May 31, 2013

If you're still on Freelancer.Com after reading all this, you are just the type of sucker they are looking for. Stay with them.

Abe July 07, 2013


This is Abe from I understand that you encountered some issues on our site. I would be more than glad to look into what happened by reviewing your case. Kindly forward the details of your concern to [email protected] and indicate that the email is for Abe to ensure that the message will be forwarded to me.

I will wait for your email.

Kind regards,


Most awful customer support ever
January 17, 2013

I can barely believe how rude and unhelpful their customer support is.

As if that wasn't enough, who wants to work on a website where shady people hire women to get naked in front of a webcam? Pure exploitation.

In D January 18, 2013 is unbelievably unprofessional. If you are there, get away asap - that is my recommendation. Awful service.

Kristopher Y August 19, 2013

Hello Arthur,

I am Kristopher from Thanks for your feedback regarding the lack of good customer service you have received from our support group along side your concern for projects concerning women to become webcam models. Projects like these are allowed. What is not allowed as a project to be posted concerns more on being obscene or involving child pornography.

At this point I want to hear your thoughts and comments about your personal experience with our customer support group. We always strive to bring into existence a confirming customer experience. Send me an email to [email protected] and we'll have it reviewed so that we can improve more on our service towards valued customers like you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yes, it's a scam company
January 10, 2013

Whenever a contract is made, it takes money from both sides - the worker and the employer. They have no changes to get the money back, it lost.

I really loved vWorker (former RAC). But in the end, unfortunately, the CEO acted stupidly. I don't understand why Ian did that?

As many people pointed out, I had same worst experiences working with such a service, so I'm not talking about that (the same cases).

Let me talk about the account merging process from vWorker into

The first site I worked online is RAC, you know when I say RAC that means I've worked for vWorker long time ago. Then I wanted to work for more sites, one of my mistake was taking freelancer as a choice. So after some projects I knew there was something abnormal with that service. At that time my e-mail address for both sites (RAC and was (for example) [email protected] Before leaving I've changed the email to something [email protected] That was about one year (or more) ago.

After bought vWorker, it merged my vWorker account into the old one that I left. I thought it remembered the old email address I used - even I changed it.

Now I lost my vWorker account, which has good ratings. Honestly I was one of top worker for months. I don't even care to come back to

Again, I was really loving RAC/ vWorker. But in the end, Ian did a huge mistake. In the end, he didn't protect his workers anymore. They should be notified on what will happen with them before bad things happen.

Sorry Ian, I can't tolerate and I can't forgive you for that.

Thank you Ian, for all you have done in the past, except the last thing you did.

Disappointed January 17, 2013

Same experience here.. word for word. I guess Ian wanted to cash out.

Ethan F January 17, 2013

Hi Greensea,

I'm Ethan Flynn, the media relations specialist of I see that you have had account issues with our site. I'm here to help you with these and answer any of your questions. Please provide me with your username so I can get your problems fixed right away.



Dan March 12, 2013

Ethan go to publish "projects" do not waste your time here.

We all here agree about, we do not like you

Site full of Fake Ids and Scams
January 6, 2013

You will find an american speaking broken English....Yeah you will certainly..because there's no verification of the location like So please take care...

And the site has fake id guys, Dumb projects which would never pay you in a dream like write 100 articles per $2 each of 500 words...which is more like a wholesale offer than a professional freelance writing project.

If every freelance writer gets paid $2-$3 per each article,then they will be living on the streets as they will spend the whole amount for their electricity and internet bill to sit so long and complete those "Word Mills".

Please stay away from these projects,people and site. Use Elance,Odesk,Guru,Get a coder instead.

Now a days even in these sites there are a few scams, so use your common sense to keep yourself safe.

It's a SCAM
January 4, 2013
Beware, you will lose money and time. The support is crap, no real answers. The worst experience you can imagine is better than this website.

Correct January 06, 2013


Kristopher Y August 19, 2013

Hello Erwin,

This is Kristopher from I understand the frustration you felt about receiving lack of support from our customer service group along with your efforts associated with your time and money. I appreciate your feedback and thoughts in regards to your experiences.

I want to make sure that any concerns you have experienced gets resolved. Feel free to send me a direct email to [email protected] so that we can work things out together.

I look forward to receiving your response soon.

January 3, 2013

This is not a post for a job but more for the criminal activities by DREAMZ MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS.

I hired these inexperienced and unreliable people to add product attributes and pricing to an existing 150 products. Amir ([email protected]) promised they would be able to do this in a timely fashion which was not the case, they have no clue how JOOMLA/VIRTUEMART works and stalled the project for a long period of time and came up with excuses each time I contacted him.

The initial payment was supposed to be 100$, he changed a few descriptions so I offered to give him 25$ which in my opinion was fair. I told him I was going to hire a reliable, professional competent programmer. I got no response. It went into dispute today and 10 mins later he accepted my disputed offer. I thought that both sides would be happy with the outcome.

This is where these imbeciles start their CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. He logged on my server and deleted all 150 products from my website; they never entered these products it was done by someone else. I have a backup but just come to show how these low life’s can destroy an honest community by doing these things… This confirmed my first intuition with these people from the beginning, they are scumbags.

I felt a need to warn other people about these clowns.

Max f January 10, 2013

Hi Jack. This is Max from It's unfortunate that you had a bad experience with this user. I've forwarded the username to our Support Team and we will conduct an investigation. I will provide an update on this matter. Should you have any other concern, please send an e-mail to [email protected] Thank you.

Adrian h January 13, 2013

Hi max can you comment on the following please? Is suspending accounts common place in freelancer and what reasons do you suspend accounts? What about taking payments out of paypal accounts without verification?

Do i have to send you photos of my passport and bills and photos of me holding such things to be enabled to withdraw money. Why is the site so slow and buggy?

How come when i change 500 dollars from usd into aud and back to usd am i left with $430 dollars? Is it true that you take 10% of the money earnt from the employee and 5% from the employer?

Steve February 27, 2013

Max, Ethan and all off you are probably the same person from freelancer just replying with generic email. Sad!

Charles May 31, 2013

Okay Max, no update at all since January. Just goes to prove Freelancer.Com is a complete scam.

Impossible to use.
December 31, 2012

They are not authorized by US law to suspend accounts with money in them for "verification purposes", and certainly not because I stopped an unauthorized payment that THEY forced on me!

I was posting a project, which was supposed to be a free activity on this site. However, in the review process for the project a $199 fee was added to the posting of the project. Note that the average bid for this project was under a $100 dollars, and I did not authorize this $199 fee. Before that, I rejected the fee and tried to repost the project without the fee multiple times. This was not allowed. When I looked at the statement for the fee, which I did not have enough money deposited on the site to pay, it said that I would have to deposit on the next page if I wanted to post the project. I was given the impression that if I clicked through, I could change the project settings and then I wouldn't have to pay the fee. Instead, the money was taken out of my account.

Username- thoughtspeech

→Project ID- 4082357

Edit- my account has been suspended because I suspended the UNAUTHORIZED Paypal payment. Freelancer wouldn't offer any hope of giving me back the $199, and it won't even let me get away with the $9 that Paypal was responsible for! In addition, they are forbidding me from taking any additional money that has been released to their site by my other employers.

Very Very Bad company
December 30, 2012
when you try to withdraw funds, they suspend your account, then try to get you to send in high res photos of you holding your passport and current bill statement, not only that i had to wait one and a half months in order to get to this stage in withdrawal, then you have the exchange rates which are criminal, the nonexistant customer support etc etc avoid at all costs

They do not care about you
December 27, 2012

They do not care about the ultimate end user: the freelancer. They charge both sides (project creators and project bidders) and will do whatever it takes to keep the money they squeeze out of both ends.

Example #1: If you put in a bid and are accepted, then do work and are not paid (partially your fault for not creating milestones and handing in the 100% completed work before being paid, sure..), they do not give a hoot whether you get paid. Even when you complain to them about an employer not paying you, they gladly place the blame back on you and don't lift a finger to punish the thief either in the form of a negative review (you aren't allowed to leave one if the project is never marked as "complete") or any other punitive measure.

Example #2: If you accept a project that is set to earn you, say, $500 dollars, 10% is instantly taken from you. $50. Say the employer never gets back to you, follows up, or anything even results (no work is even done, etc), you CANNOT get back your $50. You can plead them, but your pleas will surely fall on deaf ears and automatons towing the company line about the necessity of following their high and mighty "policies" .. USE THESE GUYS AS A LAST RESORT, or if you do use them, TREAD CAREFULLY!

Pat H December 29, 2012

When freelancer acquired vWorker, I had ~$400 on account with vWorker. I was done with vWorker because they could not supply a Sherpa to manage my SEO project.

The funds were transferred to freelancer. I’ve had some emails from freelancer with instructions on how to have my money refunded. None of these suggestions work. Freelancer does not know how to fix this problem and has shown little interest in fixing this problem. Perhaps freelancer does not have the resources. Either way, my money is gone. Lesson learned.

Erwin January 04, 2013

I had like 100 finished projects in vWorker, freelancer imported one wrong and they want me to pay to open it again and close it correctly.

Support don't help in anything, only pointless canned answers. You will be robbed constantly in this scam.

Charged me without my permission
December 25, 2012

I was signed up for the free membership for several years.

One day, $5.37 was taken from my PayPal account. Apparently, they had upgraded my membership without my permission from free to basic. I requested that they refund me, and they said they would only return $4.95. In other words, they basically stole 42 cents from me. I would be very careful with this site

Syah December 30, 2012

Definitely a scam, I face same problem. I immediately open dispute with paypal and they asked me to close dispute and follow their procedure for a refund or limit my account. Don't waste your time with them, a bunch of m0r0n working together to steal money from people.

December 23, 2012

Watch for the hidden fees - there are lots of them! Like when you make a deposit payment they secretly hook up your PayPal account to withdraw what they want when they want, without asking you again - ouch!

Anyway the site now looks more like some cheap and nasty game show than a serious pro job/work site.

Max f January 10, 2013

Hi Steve. Max here from If you want more information about the Freelancer fees and charges, please visit this link:, and view the Fees and Charges section of the page. We're constantly improving our system and processes to make things clearer to users. If you think that you've been wrongfully charged, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll look into it. Thanks.

Adrian h January 13, 2013

Hi max can you comment on the following please? Is suspending accounts common place in freelancer and what reasons do you suspend accounts? What about taking payments out of paypal accounts without verification?

Do i have to send you photos of my passport and bills and photos of me holding such things to be enabled to withdraw money. Why is the site so slow and buggy?

How come when i change 500 dollars from usd into aud and back to usd am i left with $430 dollars? Is it true that you take 10% of the money earnt from the employee and 5% from the employer?

Freelancer scam company. AVOID YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID.
December 14, 2012

Very bad company, the idea is good but they make it near on impossible to withdraw money, i am still waiting for 4 weeks now to withdraw money, first they tell you you can use a variety of options to withdraw money pay pal, money bookers, express withdrawal to your bank account, but because it's your fist withdrawal you have to wait two weeks, you wait two weeks then your withdrawal is cancelled because you have usd in your account not aud, then you have to exchange your usd to aud at $.90 aud for every dollar when the current rate is one usd for one aud, then they charge 15 dollar exchange fee.

Then you put in for a withdrawal again, wait two week, because it's your first withdrawal, then you withdrawal is rejected again, no reason given, now you find out that because you didn''t earn the money you can't use any of the options available pay pal, express withdrawal, moneybookers, instead you have to request the money to be reversed into your account that credited, none of this is explained to you, it's all in the terms and conditions, they love quoting the terms and conditions.

I've then been requested to provide details of when i deposited the money, the amount deposited, the date deposited, the email of the account etc etc, very annoying,

i have been reading about others problems when withdrawing money and the next step is them suspending the account freezing your funds and asking for a photo of your holding your passport in your name, in hd of course, then they ignore the requests, etc etc

also anytime you ask a question via sending a ticket you may have to wait anywhere from one to three days to get an answer, then if you do not answer within 24 hours they assume the ticket has been resolved, then you have to make another ticket.

thats just one of the problems i had with freelancer, there are many more i had with their website/system. not happy avoid, you will be happy.

Do not trust or any freelancer on it
December 14, 2012 is full of scammers protected by The users on the site will take your money and disappear, even the users with over 300 positive reviews. Freelancer will do nothing about this, they won't even ban the scammer and you cannot leave a negative review for the scammer until you release all the funds. Freelancer will simply tell you "too bad". Never use this site!

Max f January 10, 2013

Hi Paul. I'm sorry if your experience at the site wasn't great. I'd like to help. Please send the username of this scammer that you encountered and we'll conduct an investigation. Thank you and we hope to hear from you.

December 8, 2012

Thank you for posting this! I found it because I was searching for ways to post a scathing review of myself. I am a freelance voice over talent. During the only job I received on, the employer decided not to pay, and simply leave the site. You see, took money from my account as a “fee” before I was even paid by the employer.

As a result, for my honest work I ended up PAYING $30 TO FREELANCER.COM, and not even being paid what was promised by the employer. offers no protection (such as escrow, or dispute resolution) for the freelancers on the site, and really don’t even deserve to use the term “freelancer”. I am truly disgusted by this money stealing site!


Jane December 19, 2012

Freelancer.Com is still a VERY dubious company with VERY illegal, illegitimate scam in history. They have so many hidden charges and fees. If you post a contest and nobody gives you an acceptable design that you can use, you cannot get your money back! That’s totally absurd and they have very dirty business practices. I really hate losing money this way.

I wish I’d read this earlier. - worst company on the planet
November 30, 2012
Negotiating around their webite is a nightmare. Almost all of the people I hired (5) were useless. Their customer service is non-existant. Did I leave anything out? Oh, their fees are too high and they will hold your funds for ransom.

Phil December 14, 2012

So what service is better?

The worst freelance website
November 30, 2012

I will set notes:

- website too slow

- website not organized, hard to understand ("simple is good")

- 70% of projects are fake

- home of scam employer

- lot of ads

- you always have to pay (to pass test - to highlight bid...)

- hard to win a project even if you are "BILL GATE"

- when they acquired Vworker my life become a hill ("Hate you")

So t December 14, 2012

Sounds like you are developing a competing site? Or do you have a better site in mind? Please share!

Peter g December 30, 2012

odesk is worth a try anything would be better than this site, trust me on this one please, all reviews on here are true i have had first hand experience. steals your money
November 18, 2012 charged me twice on my Credit Card, will not refund me and will not even email me back. The only way I could actually speak to anyone is by going to a section on their website which has a chat online option ( its only on pages where you buy something ) Anyways they told me the same, that I need to email higher management. Still no email, I lost $600. I have never had so much hatred for an online company. I HATE FREELANCER.COM they should be arrested and thrown in jail.

Max f November 20, 2012

Hello Chris. This is Max from We apologize if this has happened to you. I would like to help. Please send your username to [email protected] We'll look into these double charges to your account and resolve it quickly as possible. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Matt November 30, 2012 is a scam company. Don't link your credit cards, PayPal, or anything else to your Freelancer account or they will just start charging you automatically for absolutely no reason. Then, when you chat (because they don't have a phone believe it or not), they will run you around in circles trying to get you to give up. There are a lot of great competitors to out there. I suggest trying,, or Anything but

I hate !!!!
November 16, 2012

I don't think its a scam but:

Last time I paid a seller they had a bug on the site and they double charge me.

So I ask for a refund.

It took about 2 weeks until they gave me one and since that time they limited my account and harass me with many questions. Each time I answer they have some more questions.

I just can't belive how bad service they can give...

Yesterday I uploaded money to pay for a project ( . Now they don't let me pay...

"for account security reasons until we can verify your identity. You can continue to work and receive payments, but you won’t be able to transfer or withdraw funds. To verify your identity, visit the Verification Center."

The only reason I started using them was that they bought the amasing site, and now I don't have an alternative...

wong han sze April 04, 2017

I totally agree with you. Recently in 2017 they still double charge my, it is not shown on my freelancer account transaction but appear on my credit card and they still deny it asked me sort it with the bank. This is really a scam company. Do not use if you don want to lose your money!!

Adding: privacy abuse (personal data published), illegal threats
November 7, 2012

After I have engaged in consumer protest against their policies they have... PUBLISHED MY PERSONAL DATA ON WIKIPEDIA. See entry for, go to history of editions and see what was happening on August.

Have I mentioned I received illegal threats from their representative? They said I am to shut up (remove my posts - my blog is Get a Hindu at the Blogspot) or they will "commence actions against me" (!)

This is beyond scam and lack of ethics. This is personal.