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This business is a scam
August 13, 2021

ABSOLUTE SCAM. Wish I had read all these reviews before placing my order for a book. As a pensioner I try to make ends meet. No way of contacting these scammers. Shame!!!! They should be put out of business. I will notify scam watch. They take your money and you don't get an invoice or a tracking number.


This site must be a joke!
August 7, 2020

lmao REALLY? you have got to be kidding me!! LOL is this site a joke? it can't be real with those OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH prices! too funny. Anyone who would pay 4xs and more for an item u can get MULTIPLE places WAY cheaper, is either brain dead or extremely challenged. Only the scammer would say anything good about this joke of a site. Most likely the site is only there to steal your bank account information. Cuz if you'd pay those prices, you have more money than you know what to do with and I'm sure those scammers can steal a lot from you before you even notice.

DUH! Do your homework or Check at least 1 other site when shopping. Geez -otherwise you deserve to be scammed I guess.

August 6, 2020
Totally scammed, ordered 1st July, still no goods, no reply from emails and no other way of contacting them. Avoid at all costs. Tell everyone you know so we can stop them trading (I work with 1309 so hopefully I can stop all of them being ripped off).

TamaraOleksiuk August 07, 2020

You actually ordered from them? And paid those prices? Wow! Lol

REALLY?........... WOW!

Fishpond is not upfront about fees and shipping times!
April 8, 2020
I will update this order based on the response I get from Fishpond, which is still pending. Read the other reviews, I am not alone on this! Please BEWARE. This website charges a $5 restocking fee, PER ITEM, even if you never received the item. I purchased some books after my kids' school shutdown so we could "stay inside" and I could try to curb all the screen time that was inevitable. There was no way for me to know before order how long my order would take. After ordering it said it would take a month. By the time they arrive, our local shop will probably be open and I could swing by and grab those books there. Instead I'm paying $50 in restocking fees! Unbelievable. I feel taken advantage of. I cannot afford to buy more books from a place that will deliver in a timely manner without that $50. Please help Fishpond!

wow I wish I would have read these…
July 25, 2019

wow I wish I would have read these reviews before making a purchase. I ordered a vinyl... it took a month to arrive (not including a mix up with the post office after that.) When I picked up the item, it was something completely different then what I ordered, and the original is higher price and of course I have to wait till my return arrives to even get refunded. Long story short: way more trouble than it was worth. :-/

they are a scam
June 30, 2019
please do not order from fishpond. even though they refunded my money, it was $0.40 short. I feel so scared that I have submitted my credit card details. it showed that their items are available but when I ordered and charged it to my credit card they emailed me that it was out of stock. I can only imagine they have done the same thing to thousands of customers. DO NOT TRUST THEM i'm going to report to the police.

TamaraOleksiuk August 07, 2020

Really?? DUH! Shop on millions of other sites instead!! Didn't learn the 1st time? Keep an eye on your account.

June 28, 2019
FYI - operates from New Zealand. I placed an order 06-08-2019 , estimated delivery was 06-27-2019 , it is now 06-28-2019 and the merchandise has not even been shipped !!! No communications from them or Google Express for that matter about any delays. Now I am trying to cancel the order. Google Express won't do it , have to try and get it canceled from Fishpond. ( do not like that aspect ) , If I could give them a (-10) star rating , I WOULD - STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE !!!!!!

June 26, 2019
Ordered a book. Never showed up. Had to cancel the charges on my credit card.

Item not as described
June 12, 2019
Ordered what was described as Heelys skate shoes. Shoes arrived and they were NOT genuine Heelys skate shoes. Turned out to be Chinese knock-offs.

Worst Site
April 4, 2019
Agree with all the reviews. This is the worst online shopping experience I have ever had . I have order dinner set. I received an email stating the order had been dispatched and would arrive in the next 7 working days. After 7 days it had not arrived. After 2 weeks it had not arrived. As other reviewers have stated, there is no way to contact the company.

Something "VERY FISHY" about Fishpond
April 3, 2019
I have finally woken up to this dreadful shopping site after having so many orders cancelled and money refunded, (albeit quite quickly), but I realise they must be raking in money, hand-over-fist, reaping millions in interest and then giving the money back to customers. In short, they are just using our money. Another very puzzling thing is that most of their listings are blacked out with "currently unavailable" and one has to scroll through so many of these to find things which ARE in stock only to then find, (if one is silly enough to place an order), that the item is unavailable. Using their "Simply Best Prices" via eBay is also deliciously dodgy and disappointing. I have no more time or money to waste with this very weird site!!!!!

Very disappointed
January 10, 2019
I ordered products November 21st and they never came. I finally asked for a refund which they gave me after almost 2 months waiting for my gifts for Christmas to come. Very disappointed as this was my first and last dealing with fishpond.

Dishonest and Dishonorable
November 19, 2018

In March 2017 I placed an online pre-order for two Massive Attack LP's, Heligoland and 100th Window, both for about $13 each, which is admittedly a great price. Each record experienced many many delays in the release date, but eventually Heligoiland came out in April 2018, but Fishpond never fulfilled my order. Finally in October 2018 I contacted them about it, and they charged my card, and then told me they couldn't find any copies, and after much back and forth online, cancelled my order and refunded me my money.

This would be normal business practice, except for the fact that the same LP is listed on their site at this very moment, but for more than $70. So it's a simple case of them not wanting to send me the record I bought at the price i originally paid for it. Our transaction was an online contract, but they simply cancelled it and told me i was welcome to re-order at their new price.

This is shameful and the worst kind of customer service imaginable. Even if the original price i paid was an error, you are bound to honor your error and just not make the same mistake again. However, they don't seem to understand this, so I will take this negative review and spread it all around the internet so that hopefully others will not have this kind of miserable experience.

Oh, and then they just straight-up cancelled my order for 100th window also, not citing any reason whatsoever. and again, it's also for sale right now on their site for about 600% more than what i paid for my pre-order.

Fishpond are SCUMBAGS.

KathyKearney January 10, 2019

I ordered a product November 21st and it never came but they did refund me my money after almost 2 mos of waiting for my products to arrive. I do not trust this site as it was my first and last experience with them.

Very disappointed!

November 3, 2018
Sent them two boxes of goods for Smart Sell. They listed some books for sale (including 2 that were not even mine) They have 'lost' 19 books and 88 DVDs and say they never received them.

Don’t buy from fish pond!
August 31, 2018

Scam! scam! Scam!

Waste of money waste of time waste of a website accept for the fact they are stealing from people! They need legal action taken against them! So many poor reviews, so many unhappy customers! I read them all, don’t be like me and order anyway! Listen to reviews, especially the negative ones as they arnt written by fishpond! Save your stress order toys else where!

fishpond are scam
August 11, 2018

fishpond are scam ,i did order 5 new rdx fighting pants and i did received junck .not even rdx pants,and paypal not protect buyer .please don't buy anything from this site ,becuse they send you wrong item and you responsible for shipping back to them and you have to pay so much to ship over invoce id 96808978 and the amount of $269.45.

and i know customer service come up with some answer but i have proof of invoice and paypal .i don't recommend this site at all.i feel i donate this money .

Smart Sell is a rip off!
January 20, 2018

Do not ever use fishpond smart sell. It is a rip off and the customer service is incompetent.

I sold several books, in total 30, through them. This is what happened:

- the terms and conditions state that the minimum payment you receive is 0.74 per item. They also claim this in this forum. 25(!) of my items resulted in a payment that was less than the minimum payment.

- items sold to AUS are based on weight. I have sold two paperback books and was charged 6.94 and 5.73 for those books for postage and handling ! The approximate maximum weight is 0.9 kg. This is also a rip off.

I queried these things numerous times with their customer service which appears to get paid for not answering to queries competently.

In addition to the complaints I made above, I queried wether I can

- disable bulk buy as it meant that I got paid less about 68 cents for numerous books

- disallow selling to NZ because of the horrendous shipping and handling costs.

No answers to any of those questions.

My summary, I will ask ASIC whether this is not misleading/ deceptive conduct if they are not even honouring their terms and conditions.

Absolute fraudsters
January 4, 2018

If you're looking to grab a bargain or a rare item from this website, avoid the temptation. I have bought from them twice and been disappointed both times. Shipping times are ridiculous (a couple of months) and my latest story will knock your socks off.

For my partner's birthday, I bought him a lockable wooden box that's carved with scroll work, stained and all the jazz he likes, sized perfectly for her nerd hobby Magic; The Gathering. I bought this over two months ago. Arrived yesterday. Actually, that's not true. What arrived yesterday was a cheap crappy black plastic case with no markings at all that you could buy from Bunnings for $40, not the $250 I paid. I hopped onto their website and saw that the fancy-pants one is not there anymore, but they had tried to slip me an el cheapo one without me noticing. Nice, huh?

I cannot get in touch with them because their customer service is so stellar, so have notified PayPal for a refund. Don't bother with these guys. Not worth the aggravation.

No item, no contact
December 7, 2017
Ordered a $525 computer for my daughter for christmas. Received notice that the order had been received, then... nothing. No shipping notice, no response to emails asking about the status. Currently going through credit card company to get my money back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM SITE!

November 3, 2017

I tried to purchase 4 bowls for my daughter's birthday. She lives in Washington, DC and I in Colorado. I put her address in the delivery area and there was no box to check whether or not the billing address was the same. So I moved on and gave the credit card information.

I spent 4 days going back and forth with customer service with them thinking it was a fraudulent order and their demanding I scan either my driver's license or a utility bill address. I finally figured out how to scan the license and still two days later they were reviewing my order to see if they would "allow" me to place it.

Finally, another daughter told me about these reviews and I cancelled the whole darned thing. I have never had such an unpleasant experience in my life.