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March 26, 2018
received mailer with offer for 3 bottles 3 bucks addressed to me in CT. went on with offer number and put in my credit card then they said the offer was not valid in CT. yet they mailed it to me in Ct. ?!!

Pleased so far
March 24, 2018

I tried the 3 bottle intro offer, with mixed results: one bottle I didn't like very much, another was pretty good, and another was outstanding. I liked my favorite so much that I ordered another 6 bottles.

Looking forward, price is an issue, as I don't normally buy wines in the $15 range. My next box, which will be my first full order, plus the other 6-bottle box is a splurge for me.

I love wine, drink almost every evening meal, but I'm by no means an expert or connoisseur. I typically buy wines from my local big-box warehouse club in the $10 range. I feel like wines at this price point can be pretty good, certainly enjoyable, but nothing extraordinary.

The one wine in the intro offer was truly extraordinary. If FirstLeaf can deliver on their promise finding wines that exceed my expectations, paying more than I normally do might be worth it for me.

I'm looking forward to my next box.

Bait & Switch
March 20, 2018
Received an offer from Firstleaf for 3 bottles for $1 each. 2 reds and 1 white. I checked the wines online and got good reviews. Then I went to the specified link. The first, Harmonic Bridge was offered, but the other two were changed and no trace of them on the internet. I suspect the same issue as mentioned in another post, off label bottling of less desirable wine. I trashed the offer.

January 31, 2018
The next shipment was displayed as 4 chardonnays, a white blend, and a chenin blanc. We usually get 3 whites and 3 reds. We do not like chenin blanc so I clicked it off and I said I was getting a cab. Since my wife likes chardonnays best I said ok to the shipment. What I got was 2 french whites a sparkling, and 3 cabs. This the second time that the shipment was a surprise or included a surprise. They seem to have an arrangement with Joe Otos since they send his wines under numerous labels. Thinking of cancelling.

January 6, 2018

While visiting mother a UPS guy dropped off a 3-bottle offering. She asked, "Which one would you like to drink.?" I said, I don't know, let me look up some tasting notes." It's when I had to tell her, " I think you've been scammed." Here's why.

Bottle #1 was called "Cien por Centro" Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain. No winery listed on the bottle. Weird. Next, the back label says "bottled by 94558 Wine Napa CA". Huh? Why are you bottling a Spanish wine in California? And I can't even find that a company "94558 Wine" even exists.

Bottle #2 "Busby's Treaty" Shiraz S.E. Australia. Same as above. No winery listed and "bottled in Healdsburg CA by Vintage Terrior". Again, why are you bottling an Australian wine in the US? Couldn't find a company by the name of "Vintage Terrior" in Healdsburg either.

Bottle #3 "Paul Horn Winery Cabernet Sauvignon". Go ahead. Look up Paul Horn Winery and "vinted and bottled by Western Slope, Healdsburg CA" while you're at it.

Tom January 07, 2018

Sorry, that's "Post Horn Winery". See if you can go pay them a visit while wine tasting through Alexander Valley.

john April 25, 2018

Agree completely. If Firstleaf explained that all the wines are made in the same facility in Healdsburg but under the direction of the different winemakers, that would be one thing. But to intentionally and aggressively mislead about the existence of these "wineries" blows all credibility. Sad part is I don't think it is necessary. the 3 reds I drank were pretty good, for the price, but I don't like doing business with untrustworthy merchants.

The Jury's Still Out, But . . .
December 16, 2017

I've gotten two shipments and the results have been mixed. Some wines I've liked, others less so. At an average price of about $15 a bottle, I'm not sure that I couldn't do better at a wine store. I'm going to give it some more time.

However, I'm more than a little suspicious that the "discount" I'm supposed to be getting may be bogus. Each wine has a "retail price" listed, which is, of course, significant'tly higher than the price I'm paying. That's the whole thrust of their marketing campaign--that I'm getting great wines at a significant't mark-down. But I can't find almost any prices for their wines on the web. Some wine sites warn that this is a sign that wineries are dumping undesirable wines that they won't sell retail. When I called the customer service number to ask the representative where the retail prices listed by the club are coming from and if I could verify them, she said that she didn't have that information and would need to check. After talking with her supervisor, she said that the prices were given to them by the wine producer but that they were not able to give out of verify the information.

That sounds very suspicious to me. Of course, if I like the wines enough to drink them at the club price, then this shouldn't matter. (As I said, the jury's still out on that.) But if a company is not dealing honestly with me, it makes me very hesitant to do business with them. I wonder what else they might be lying about.

SherwinTonty December 16, 2017

I can buy great Washington state wines for way less than $15 per bottle.

ChristopherWeaver December 17, 2017

Great. I guess taste is subjective. Personally, I've found that at $20, I'm in pretty safe territory, but $10-$20 is hit and miss. That's why I've been willing to give Firstleaf a chance.

I like it
December 13, 2017
Don't know a lot about wine and usually just pick bottles that look pretty at the liquor store. This method had me pouring a lot of $ down the drain buying wine I really didn't like. I actually stopped drinking wine for awhile because I couldn't figure out what I liked. I actually got my first box from a friend as a gift and I loved all 3 wines in the box. Been a member for almost a year now, besides a few too many emails, I am really glad I joined this club. I wish it had an app so it would be easier to rate and look up the wine I am drinking instead of having to keep the cards that sometimes come with the wine.

Excellent Packing & Marketing - Lackluster Wines
November 30, 2017
While the premise and packing were great, most of the wines were humdrum. At an average of about $15 per bottle, I would do better using BevMo or Total Wines coupons and deals. Many of the wines had good potential but I wanted wines to drink now... not gambling on a well constructed and mature wine 2-3 years from now. Actually, disappointed that this wine club was not as good as I though it would be.

I Do Not Like Being Mislead - Firstleaf's Offer is Misleading
November 29, 2017

A direct mail package offered "3 bottles, 3 bucks." It went on to say "No obligation to buy anything more." Like Tobi noted above the offer was too good to be true. I tiptoed through the registration until a final screen admitted the ongoing price was near $100 + shipping for six bottles. That is more than twice what these club style wines bring on other sites. Some promotions at offer 15 bottles of fair wine for under $100 with shipping included, and there is no commitment of any kind.

I noted that the Card with invitation number was a gimmick. The site address triggers the "offer." I was outright concerned that my e-mail address populated the rest of the form. Some other wine site sold my information.

Firstleaf reminds a bit of Enzyte - remember the garden hose ads on television? Stopping a subscription there was impossible and over-billing was rampant. FTC finally got them but not until a lot of people were hurt.

i think these wines are cheap wines that they write bogus reviews for
November 28, 2017


I fell for the 3 bottles for a low price - they shipped & charged for the next delivery before i cancelled any membership - couldn't get through to customer service so i had to cancel my credit card

Terrible customer service, automatic re-ups at $98 per shipment, DON'T FALL FOR IT
November 17, 2017
Decent wine, but definitely a bait and switch service designed to lure you in with cheap wine and then hit you for MUCH larger automated payments with no notification emails in advance. Save yourself the money, you can do better at the local store and have far better control of your choices and expenditures.

Aaron November 28, 2017

Hi Michael, we make sure to send at least two emails to notify you before your order ships, plus several other once you sign up.

We price our wines cheaper at the start because it's an introductory offer to let customers try our wines for as little commitment as possible. Subsequent shipments are at the club price of $13/bottle which even then is up to 60% off wines you get at the store.

If you'd like, we will be more than happy to process a refund for your wines.

Aaron November 28, 2017

Hi, Michael! We make sure to send at least two emails to let you know before an order ships out to you, as well as sending you several once you sign up for our club.

We price our introductory orders cheaper to let customers try our wines with as little commitment as possible (you are able to cancel your subscription with us at any time). Our subsequent orders are priced at $13/bottle but even then are up to 60% off what you would find at a store.

I would be more than happy to process a refund for your order if you would like, and do contact us over at [email protected] if you need any more help with this.

November 8, 2017
This review is of the club, not the wine - which is certainly overpriced for what you get. That being said, after my first order, I cancelled my membership. Several months later I received an e-mail giving me a $40 credit to resume my membership. All I did was open my email. Next thing, I received an e-mail telling me my wine was on the way. I e-mailed back advising that I had cancelled my membership, but was told it was too late and there was no way to return the wine, but they would give me a $40 credit. So, ok. you can imagine how surprised I was to receive notice the following month that another shipment was on the way. So, when I e-mailed customer service, I was told that just logging onto their web site would reactivate my membership. What a rip off!

3 or 3?????
October 31, 2017
I ordered my three bottles for three dollars on Thursday and they were delivered to me on Saturday free. And I noticed it’s almost $100 to continue the club and you get only six bottles per month. There are other clubs you get twice as many for less. So today I’m canceling it because it did say no questions asked cancellation. If it’s a hassle I’ll just order a new credit card. I would like to think I’m happy because three for three is a pretty damn good deal and the rest of the rip off. Good luck

DanDiCioccio Jr. November 11, 2017

it sure seems like you want to leave a negative review but why leave 5 stars???

Not worth it, unless you don't live by a wine/liquor store
October 20, 2017

The intro price is great! $20 for 3 bottles of wine. But after that, you're looking at $95+ for 6 bottles. Maybe $15-$16 a bottle of wine that you can normally get for $10-$13.

I checked a few of the bottles on their site, and my own searches yielded that I could in fact buy those wines cheaper. The Counter Cut, the Lost Dog... both examples of wines I found well under that $15 mark.

In conclusion, if you only have 1 wine/liquor store in your town and they gouge you, then maybe use this service, but if you have a reasonably priced wine store, you can get these cheaper.. much cheaper.

Much of what is quoted on their site really feels like restaurant prices. Yes, you will pay $50 for a $12 bottle at a restaurant, and substantially more if you're doing wine-by-the-glass. But in my local wine stores (and I have a few by me), I can find a good bottle for $10-$15... and not have to worry about subscriptions, plus I get to pick my own, and don't get stuck with their recommendation. In addition, my local spot usually discounts 6 or more bottles by 10-15% on top of that. So for me to buy 6 bottles, I could easily come in around $50 or $60... much cheaper than $95.

The business model must make money, so don't be fooled into thinking you're saving money through this service.

I want to emphasize that they are not deceptive. Their stats are just applicable in a very unique situation that most customers would not face. For the vast majority of people, you are not saving money through this service.

I don't want white wine but they keep on sending it.
October 20, 2017
I asked several months ago for them to send me only red wine, no rose, no white. I threatened to quit if they send me any. Guess what? They keep sending me white wine. Today I decided to quit the Wine Club, not so easy to do that. I will have to instruct my bank not to pay and if I get any more shipments I will refuse them.

October 4, 2017
I have not have any of the experiences mentioned above. I've been a member for a year and decided to go for another year. Of all the wines, I may have not cared for 2 or 3. The vast majority I have liked. You can get a refund for wines that are unsatisfactory. I have also had free shipping. I like the fact that you can rate the wines and they customize future boxes. You can see in advance what they plan to ship and you can swap bottles out. I think it is kind of fun to try out different wines.

Great Customer Service
September 25, 2017

I'm on my 3 month with the club and everything has been amazing so far! I really enjoyed my first box of wine. I've rated my wines and they've continued sending me wines that I like.

Quite confused about the poor reviews on this site. The customer service has been excellent. I had an issue with shipping for my intro order and they responded very quickly and fixed it.

Very happy with Firstleaf!

Terrible options for shipping
September 19, 2017
I wanted to like this club but their delivery sucks. They state that they let you choose your delivery date. UPS then changes the delivery date. The is very limited options available once the shipment is in process. I work from home Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I scheduled the delivery for Tuesday thinking that would give me an extra day if something happens. I got the confirmation the delivery as scheduled. On that Tuesday, I track the package only to find out the delivery is now for Thursday. I have UPS Mychoice so I tried to change the delivery to be held at UPS. They only offered a pick from a facility 30 miles from my home. I can pay additional money for other options or I can have all of my UPS deliveries diverted. I have some large items scheduled for delivery so this is not an option. Firstleaf did offer to give me a year of free shipping but this doesn't solve their shipment issues. Try Winc. They use FedEx which is highly flexible and, if you order 4 or more bottles, the shipping is always free.

First Leaf Wine Club
July 2, 2017

I joined First Leaf Wine Club and for $15 + shipping. I was supposed to receive 3 bottles of wine supposedly having a suggested retail price of over $20 each The first bottle I opened (which had a screw on top, no less) was a red blend that was so cloyingly sweet that after two large sips, I dumped the remaining wine down the drain, Oh well, I thought, I'll save the wine remaining in the bottle for cooking. I made mushrooms in a red wine reduction, which ddid not taste right. Down the sink drain with the remaining wine. The other two bottles were at least drinkable to a degree, but not of a quality had in a $15 - $20 bottle of wine.

I tried to cancel the membership, but before I could do so, I received my first 6 bottle shipment for $79 + $10 shipping, bringing the cost to nearly $15 per bottle. In my opinion, Wine of the same quality can be purchased for between $5 - $8 per bottle at Trader Joe's.

I don't know where the ratings of 85 to 90 come from. The "Wine Spectator" certainly rate would not them anywhere near that. In fact I don't think that the "Wine Spectator" would even bother to rate them. Trader Joe's "2 buck Chuck" seems to be a better buy. (At least the mushroom in wine reduction using "2 buck Chuck was a heck of a lot better!}

After some difficulty in communication with First Leaf, I managed to cancel my membership. The club claims that the $20 bottle wine you buy at your wine retail store is only worth $3. I beg to differ with that misleading advertising. If you are a wine drinker, skip First Leaf and buy your wine at Trader Joe's, World Market or local liquor store. for $15 including tax, and you will get bettr wine than any of the 9 bottles I tasted from First Leaf.

John July 27, 2017

I just received my first 3 bottles and--just to be assure it's easy to cancel, tried to do so, and wasn't given the option on their site--even after a person contacted me with the so-called simple steps. Let's see how they handle my attempts to cancel. Will keep you posted.

Tobi September 15, 2017

I was also tempted to order the wine.... I just received an email saying I could now get 3 bottles for $3.

No where on the site, does it state anything about a membership or having to pay $79 plus $10 S&H for a monthly shipment of 6 bottles.

I never completed the order, thinking twice. As the little voice inside my head says...If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is!!

Thank you!

Email received stating payment didn't go through. Bank says otherwise.
May 31, 2017
I received an email stating payment did not go through - bank says otherwise. I have attempted to contact them and their toll free number seems bogus. No salutation (correct number?) and an eternal wait with no rep. answering. I want to dump these people but cannot contact them. This ridiculous.