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Dr. Rothfeld's Atlas of Natural Cures Customer Reviews

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Do Not Do Business With This Company
August 8, 2022

Scam alert. This company will rip you off. No stars absolutely. They just want your money. They will charge you for doing nothing. Stay far, far away from this company. Complete rip off.

Thanks Dr. Rothfield...

Lots of Marketing Hype
June 26, 2020
To get any info you have to mouse over as though you are going to close the page/tab to get to the transcript, then scroll down to see what the heck they are really selling. For the newsletter I went to see the ingredients on a product they were selling after signing up and instead of showing me more about the product, it automatically sold me the product. Already wrote for refund...thus BE CAUTIOUS. Go directly to the neutraceutical site when a product is introduced and read the ingredients first and compare to other companies. As a chiropractor the formulas I looked at look good though the quantities are small. They have to be to be safe for everyone. Having to go thru this much hype to get a some good information that you have to research individually anyway is a lot of work. I agree with the reviewer here that others have good health newsletters out there and share more freely their philosophy and knowledge before selling you on products.

August 20, 2019

JIMSMITH October 02, 2019

I, like you did the same. I know better but my curiosity got the bet of me. The way he kept telling you no catches, costs or any other ways to get you, completely FREE. I thought if you listen to the end maybe he will send you the book. What a FOOL I was.

He is correct the book does not cost a cent, but, his monthly news letter sure does. $74.00 a year.

Darn, I wanted my FREE book.

I wanted to CURE my diabetes, memory loss, and a few other problems I have.

Gene December 09, 2019

Then don't be such acheepscate

Ultra Vital Gold
June 16, 2019
I have tried 3 of the supplements Dr. Rothfield's supplement company sells. Two of them were sexual libido enhancers. I truly do not have a real problem with my libido, but those supplements did not prove to be any type of a "spanish fly" libido enhancer. I cant't tell what is in the capsules- they look to be dirt capsules and they prove to be no more valuable than dirt to my mojo. But like I said I do not truly have sexual difficulties- I wanted to see if he had a form of "spanish fly" there- something I have sought at supplement stores and never found. BUT ULTRA VITAL GOLD PROVES TO BE A COMPLETE BRAIN SUPPLEMENT WHICH I WOULD NOT GO WITHOUT AND HAVE CONTINUED TO TAKE EVER SINCE I WAS INTRODUCED TO DR. ROTHFIELDS SUPPLEMENT COMPANY- real Advantage Nutrients. I HAD REALLY SLOW CAPABILITIES TO ACT WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT WHAT I WAS DOING BEFORE I STARTED TAKING IT. THE FIRST TIME I TOOK IT I FELT LIKE MY LEARNING (TO DO) ABILITIES WERE RESTORED TO LEVELS THAT I HADN'T FUNCTIONED AT SINCE MY YOUTH. I have only one complaint- not about the supplement but about Real Advantage Nutrients Customer Service. I had to wait 3 times longer than the shipping was expected to take and I had to notify the company twice that I had not received any product. Then on the second attempt to delivery attempt they shipped 1 bottle of Ultra Vital Gold and I notified them that the other 2 bottles did not arrive with the shipment. On the 3rd shipping attempt, the other 2 came. It was a headache dealing with customer service, but I did what I had to to get the supplements because Ultra Vital Gold has proven to be a great aid to my work performance and my energy levels are not what they should be without it. Great Product- bad customer service - but all in all 5 stars for the product- 1 star for the customer service.

Scam Doctor
May 19, 2019
Dr. Glen Rothfeld is online now promoting what he calls the Universal Vaccine. He has a very long promotional video that tries to convince you he has discovered the cure for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimers Disease, and cardiovascular disease. To get information on this cure you are required to subscribe to his $74 newsletter. He never identifies what the "Universal Vaccine" is except he does give the chemical name of it in the video as being: 2-Oxo-L-threo-Hexono-1, 4-lactone-2, 3-enediol. So I googled that and guess what the "universal Vaccine" is? Vitamin C. Yep, good old vitamin C is being used by this quack to sell his newsletter. Unbelievable.

Sugar diabetes
May 16, 2019

It's working my diabetes it Is totally under control I no longer takes insulin it's great I'm only using my old medication metformin I was in the 400 it's a blessing I'm normal!

Total Scam
April 11, 2019
I fell for this and when I received the April newsletter it required a password which I could not provide and redirected to another site did nothing. Avoid this scam like the plague.

Sue April 28, 2019


Here is the contact page

Don't Fall For This!
April 2, 2019
This is a scam designed to rip you off.

Nutrition and Healing Scam - Refund Info
February 18, 2019
Customer Service, please call toll free at 1.800.494.5726 (International customers please call 1.443.353.4281). The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST. Or, you can write us at Nutrition

Natasha February 25, 2019

I have found his reversing Alzheimer's and 81 Natural Cures very informative and right on point. No problem with billing and no more emails than other newsletters.

BéatriceNas June 01, 2019

same for me

Trying to cancel and get refund
February 10, 2019
Thought this was a legitimate book, emails have been cluttering my inbox and I am not able to cancel the subscription. Very little info about how to contact them is available, emails to the addresses noted are returned as invalid. Auto messages are not returned, there is no phone number noted on their sites or info. They charge much more than advertised and have billed twice. Sorry I fell for this, think8ng it was a legitimate critical resource.

CindyE Stuart March 03, 2019

I'm surprised anyone falls for this. If you have to sit at pc for half hour listening to this guy drone on, it's a scam! You're forced to listen to entire presentation rather than a clip that you can ff or rewind, etc.. Before anyone gets sucked into anything like this, look for reviews - you'd see that there's no clear path for Customer Service, refunds, etc.. Pure scam in my book.

JulianneTetlow March 14, 2019

I am interested to know....Why dont they supply or send to Australia citizens

sham on you
February 5, 2019
so glad ppl left reviews . tk u for sharing . How do ppl live w/ themselves ? preying on ppl like us .

Sue April 28, 2019


Contact them here.

November 3, 2018
nothing but lies , and a scammer, cant't believe they have not blocked him

Nutrition & Healing Scam
October 13, 2018
Nutrition & Healing have caught me with this scam. I have never received the book as promised and my inbox is crammed every day with emails from them with different products available for purchase. They are not what they profess to be and actually take money off people who are desperate. I find this sinful!

PETER ORLANDO November 02, 2018


Review of only the book, please?
September 3, 2018

Does ANYONE have a review of the actual book??? I'm trying to decide if I should buy it from eBay, therefore not getting involved in the scamming company with no ethics.

I just need to know if the book has GOOD, VALID INFORMATION. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!!

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld Nutrition & Healing
August 18, 2018
Nutrition & Healing is a phishing scam designed to intimidate the recipient into providing identification and payment information for an account created fictitiously. We called and they hung up on us when they attempted to get our Visa number from us. They threatened to charge our card without our approval but did not have a card on file. We never subscribed to their newsletter or any other item they are attempting to sell. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 913 Frederick, MD 21705. ** BEWARE **

RuiFernandes October 24, 2018

Thank you I am out of here.No purchase.It is bad enough to have the condition. Now we also have to watch out for people taking advantage

cherylkaukonen November 21, 2018

The love of money is the root of evil. Aren't doctors supposed to first, do no harm? Is Glenn Rothfeld really a doctor? If so, he's breaking one of the most important rules potential doctors learn. "DO NO HARM. If this man is a doctor and according to reviews about his books and work, he's not living up to the ethical standards taught to those practising medicine. This makes him worse than the crack cocaine drug dealer on the corner. His education and opportunity to help the sick and suffering was/is a privilege. If the reviews about his businesses and behaviour are true it's clear his passion is to get rich and his compassion non-existent, enough to take advantage of people's desperate need for true medical treatment. I'm glad I checked reviews before subscribing to his newsletter and supposedly receiving free of charge, including shipping, his latest book, which apparently may never be received as promised. If all is true, he's as bad, if not worse than big-pharma and rogue elements of the government that he condemns in his webinar. Thanks to all who took the time and trouble to warn those of us not yet duped by him, about their own experience with his misrepresentation/fraudulent sales pitch. Thank you for sparing the rest of us this dishonesty.

DorothyKendrick January 20, 2019

Thank you for sharing this information with us all. I love my mommy (82 yrs young) with all my heart and I was desperate enough to try anything to get her back to the way she was before the severe case of dementia set in. It hurts me to the core to see her unable to recognize me, unable to talk, walk, and be the vibrate christian lady that that everyone loves and cherish to the highest regards. She helped so many and impacted those around her in a mighty way.I see her as I visit her at Avenier memory care facility and I can see why God is continuing to Bless her in spite of her illness and that's because- even-though she is unable to communicate vocally- her Smile and Laughter is so freakin CONTAGIOUS! So that reason I will continue to Praise him through my pain! I feel that there is something out there that can help with this crazy disease so if their is a Neurologist that is reading this post---I'm desperately seeking some GOOD help for my mother and if this can be reversed then please share this to the world and your blessings will come automatically at a 100%. Las Vegas,NV Daughter that Loves her Mommy!

July 5, 2018

I suffer from Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Lived with it for 30 years before I cam across this FRE book on treating anti-inflammatory diseases.

I wasn't walking 2 years ago, I am today. My mind got a mid-stage "dementia" diagnosis, but I beat that 4 years ago. Now, no growth on CT's and little impairment in language, judgment etc. Neuro now says "I'd say you are, maybe, early-stage dementia" - if you do have dementia.

Don't give up hope on this disease/condition. There is hope in about 17 supplements, but start today with Vit D-3. I take 1,000 IU daily!

MariaBrezai February 10, 2019

Please tell the name of the book and how we find it ,thanks

It's B S
March 31, 2018

Lies, low reviews everywhere I've read!

If it was that good, it would be easier to find...People would KNOW about this.

If it was that good, people would share info...

Sit through an hour of listening to a bunch of bs is pretty upsetting.

Kicking myself for allowing myself to do that.

One hour I'll never get back!

DaraCastor Cartee May 18, 2018

I tried sitting through the lengthy video as well and realized it was going to be a waste of my time. So tired of this crap!!

JulieEmery October 13, 2022

I just bought the book on E-bay for 16.95, it's the only part I was interested in getting anyway. I'll post later if it was worth the money.

Have faith/ takes time.
November 10, 2017

I'm not a member nor have I joined.

As with any product with feedback on the Internet almost 90% of all positive reviews aren't listed, why? Because people fail to say nice things but are quickly to post negative things.

God has put on this earth cures for all sicknesses. Man has made things that make us sick. I believe that with the correct combination of fruits/vegetables/and liquids a cure for maybe all sicknesses can be found. Those who have the knowledge of such won't give it up freely as it took time and effort to develop this cure. I wish God would have included cures in the bible.

Laura September 03, 2018

I agree that many people do not bother leaving positive reviews, but I need to know if your 5 star rating is for the book (as requested above), or for natural solutions in general.

I'm asking because I'm searching reviews to determine if the book, itself and itself alone (No interaction with the scamming company), is worth purchasing from eBay.

Anything that requires you to sit through an hour of...
October 11, 2017
There are many sites out there that require you to sit through a lengthy promotion, and some offer info that they never even give you. Investment schemes, brilliant and for the very few geniuses like you, are among them. My feeling is that these types of scams rely on the hopes and dreams of desperate people. They're always super discounted just for you. Additionally if you ever click on one, then you're going to get dozens more. Stay away! They all sound wonderful, and they are, for the people you end up paying.

InHis Service August 18, 2018

We received a letter asking for payment on an account we never opened. They insisted we had to renew our subscription but we never subscribed. Nutrition & Healing out of Frederick, MD 21705. P.O. Box 913 is a scam. They gave us an account number without us ever requesting their publication. They said our Visa card would be charged 37 dollars if we did nothing. We called. It is a phishing scam.

July 17, 2017
Any promotion that begins almost immediately with a statement that the government (or to be precise Obama and Liberals) has been involved in a huge conspiracy to keep people sick with cancer and Alzheimer's indicates this is just a scam, a rip-off intended to appeal to people of gullible intellect at their most vulnerable moments.

Garfield July 22, 2017

What do you think would happen to big pharma if they actually cured people instead of just covering up the symptoms. Soon they would go out of business. Do you think for a moment they would actually want to cure people and loose the billions of dollars they make for selling the poisons they do. NO! They don't to cure anyone. They just want to keep selling their poisons and keep killing people off by 100s and even thousands each year. I feel you need to study what side effects they have and how each effects the human body.

Ree April 03, 2018

Dead people don't buy medicine.