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Veronica Hull
May 16, 2017

I HATE the fact I've been scammed out of my money.

I HATE that no sign of any paid for order has arrived.

I HATE that my emails regarding this are ignored.

I HATE that companies like yours get away with defrauding the public.

So yes..... I HATE IT!!!

Veronica Hull May 16, 2017

Sorry this has shown up twice.....but in case anyone is unclear about my review, as a 74 year old pensioner I HATE being scammed out of my money.

Joachim Alvensleben November 18, 2017

No problem - your testemony is all the more important. Thank you

Is it a scam?
April 25, 2017
Very confusing. Are they just scamming the desperately needy?

Karin Knedler May 03, 2017

I subscribed in late March to the monthly newsletter but last week decided to cancel my subscription and at the same time requested a refund. The reply I received did not mention the refund and instead said my subscription would stop in May 2018. I have gone back and said I wanted to cancel immediately and obtain the refund. I await their answer.

NZ Down Under


March 27, 2017

It is 1-888-295-0240. I just signed up for his email list and a free ebook of tips.

His credentials are impressive I've used alternative medicine for myself and my family for many years, but had never heard of him before. Only time will tell, so I've saved this page to come back to in a few weeks after I've checked out his advice. A rating was required in order to post this.

Julie in SWFL

Timothy April 10, 2017

Sorry Julie, but your due diligence wasn't enough. The customer service phone number you provided is not in service.

Julie April 11, 2017

I'm not sure when the original post was written since it's undated, but as of today, the website has exhaustive Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Contact/FAQs, which covers all the issues listed above. The company's mailing list is provided, as well as links to a webform to contact Customer Service (not unusual).

The original post implies that the doctor encourages people to stop taking their medications. If it says that anywhere on the site, I haven't found it. I find it difficult to believe that ANY doctor would suggest such a thing. However, dietary and lifestyle changes CAN have a huge impact on your health, and may actually reduce or eliminate the need for medication. (I have experienced this.personally) I see only negligible differences between this site and those of Drs Oz, Mercola, or Weil. If, as I continue exploring this site, I find something to change my mind, I'll post it here. personally

Julie April 13, 2017

:Mailing LIST (lines 3/4) should say mailing ADDRESS. Sorry for the mix up.

Julie Medves July 12, 2017

Just tried dialing the toll free listed above. Received an automated recording saying "member unavailable" and then was disconnected. Starting to sound like a Scam to me.... Run away

Tammy February 17, 2018

Oh my gosh I just signed up for this newsletter and free book. Wish I had checked out this site first. I'm so upset that I didn't do my due diligence and mad at myself for being so gullible. I'm on disability and can't afford to lose not one penny to a scammer. If anyone is successful in getting a refund please post it here for the rest of us. Thanks.

MichaelCranford October 18, 2020

Call them and explain why you wish to cancel then call the fraud department of the credit company. If they will not help and they should because this is obviously a fraudulent scam, and I haven't had a bank not back me up yet if fraud is involved. if they don't wish to help call the attorney general's office of your state and explain the situation to them. Also, call the BBB office You might like to post on any and all social media sights of the city where they are located and explain the situation to them. Copy several pages of these comments to verify your complaints. I fell for this crap this afternoon and told them not to pay the charges because I'm not paying them for medicines I never ordered. I also will do all of the above, especially the attorney general's office. These little punks don't wish to be paid a visit by the AG's office.