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Growing Younger Daily!
July 18, 2021
I have noticed a difference, for sure. I have used Bio-Sil supplements for several years and saw minor improvement bit after almost a month, I'm seeing definite improvement and my friends notice in my photos on social media.

Skin feels softer
July 18, 2021

Hi Beverley Hills team.

I’m nearing the end of my first batch of dermal repair and I can report that my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. I’m not sure the appearance of the skin has altered that much or than any lines have disappeared but to me the skin is softer

Skin Texture is getting so much better!
July 16, 2021

I have been using Dermal Repair Complex for a month and a half now and I can truly tell a difference in my skin. In my 30's the texture of my skin changed and just looked rough; no matter what I did it didn't help it.

I am now 40 and was desperate to get that youthful looking, non-textured skin back. I will tell you.. I'm on my way now. My texture is getting so much better; I feel like my skin is more taunt and I just have a natural "glow" when I take my makeup off now. I will defiantly continue to use this.

I just wish that I had more $ to buy their other products. I was skeptical about this product at first but it truly does work!

Only good for my nails!
July 15, 2021
The only difference I have seen in the 6 weeks that I have been using DRC is that I have beautiful long, strong fingernails for the first time. My hair has really thinned out, which has disappointed me. I’ll continue to try for about 1 more month. If no other improvements, I will return.

First thing in the morning I had to look twice in the mirror!
July 15, 2021

I mainly tried the DRC for the Saw Pimento for hair follicle improvement. I am a busy person and don't spend much time in front of the mirror, but the other day I did a double take when washing my hands in front of the mirror. I had to take a closer look at my face!

My skin had really smoothed out and I had to think "What have I been putting on my skin?". Nothing new, but then I realized it must be the Dermal Repair Complex I have been taking for just two weeks. It is a bit too soon to report on the hair loss.

Kim, Australia

It works Great!
July 14, 2021

I've been taking this pills for almost a month now and I can see the difference of my skin it's more glowy very healthy looking. I love it so much and I will continue taking it. For those who are looking for a pillls that helps your skin looking nice, smooth and healthy I think this is the one. It works great for me.

I highly recommend this product. Thank you.

Tight firm skin
July 14, 2021
My husband and I have been taking dermal repair and I have been on a low carb diet working out lose over 30 pounds and our skin looks amazing tight we ordered six months because we don’t want to run out

So much better than anything I’ve tried!
July 14, 2021

I am pleasantly surprised by how effective this is! I have tried all kinds of expensive creams and serums . However I’ve used this for about a month and a half now, I got it because I was tired of seeing aging skin -> both face and body. I started noticing a real difference about 2 weeks in. I was amazed at how much younger I looked in the morning when I got up! Fewer wrinkles, no eye bags.

Then throughout the day I would happen to look down at my legs and be amazed at how smooth they were, how much tighter and younger my skin looked! But here’s the wonderful side effect: I didn’t get this for my hair, but since I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail a lot, I noticed that it is now more difficult to wrap my rubber band the usual 3 times and have gotten away with 2 times sometimes, so my hair is getting much thicker! I have always had thin hair so this is such a great bonus!

The one to stick with
July 14, 2021
I ordered one bottle to check it out by myself and so far I am happy about the results. I ordered two more bottles and I believe this is the one I will stick with from now on.

This product works!
July 13, 2021
This product truly works! Been talking for over a month, saw my esthetician today, she couldn’t believe how much tighter my skin was.

LOVE Dermal Repair Complex
July 13, 2021

I have been using Dermal Repair Complex for years and I LOVE it! My skin is softer, my hair is thicker and my nails are stronger. It is the first thing I take every morning!

I highly recommend it!


I have noticed a slight improvement
July 13, 2021
I have been using the product diligently as directed for a little over one month. So far there have been no side effects, and I am tolerating it well. After about 2 weeks I noticed my skin becoming less saggy on my cheeks and around lips. There were no changes in the other areas - forehead, around eyes, and neck. I ordered 3 months supply and will continue using the product.

Hydrolyzed collagen from non grass fed cows
May 30, 2021

Hydrolyzed collagen from non grass fed cows have High Concentration of Glyphosate ( main ingredient in Round Up Herbicide)

My biggest concern with this product is the Hydrolyzed Collagen. I called the company and I was told that is bovine, then I further asked if the bovine collagen is coming from grass fed cows and was given an email since they could not answer my question.

Here is why is important to know if the collagen is from grass-fed cows because if is not then that means that the collagen has concentrated levels of Glyphosate ( main ingredient in Roundup) This is in various medical research and if anyone with already a chronic condition starts consuming it then side effects will be noted right away.

My biggest concern is when this is taken long term then that is when we really see the true damage that has been done to the body. This supplement would be amazing if the collagen would be coming from grass-fed cows even if price is higher, I would not hesitate in buying it.

Melva July 14, 2021

I DO NOT want glyphosate!!! And hadn't even thought of the threat in this product. THANK YOU!! Many of the damaging affects of glyphosate on organs & systems--especially gut, immune, reproductive--in our bodies are not detectable until it's too late.

Risks of taking Saw Palmetto
May 25, 2021
I have not tried this product, but came to this site as I was interested to try it. After doing my research on Saw Palmetto I am very hesitant. For those on this product you might need to be aware of possible risks to taking this, ie it does thin the blood, so if you are having any surgery this is something your surgeon needs to know. It worries me that this is not on the sellers web page and that anyone already on blood thinners could be put at risk.

Sam June 04, 2021

Hi Angela, this is Samantha from Beverly Hills MD. We have many satisfied customers who use our Dermal Repair Complex and experience great results. Saw Palmetto helps reduce the visible effects of skin-destroying DHT, to help reinforce skin’s youthful elasticity. This ingredient can be found listed on our official website ( but as with any dietary supplement, it’s always best to consult your doctor beforehand, just to be sure this formula is the right fit for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.

You must pay to return the products empty bottles, so it is not 'Free' to try out.
January 4, 2021
It did nothing that was promised. I must send the three very heavy containers (which are empty) back to the facility to get my refund. I saw zero improvement of my skin sagging in the jawline after 3 months of taking this supplement.

Sam May 25, 2021

Hi Megan, my name is Samantha and I’m with Beverly Hills MD. I am sorry to hear that you did not experience positive results using our Dermal Repair Complex. We understand that our product may not be best suited for everyone. Thank you for your feedback. In regards to your refund, as it is industry standard, we do ask that you return the products if requesting a full refund, as to ensure you gave the product a fair trial. As an extra convenience, we offer a 40% refund to customers who do not decide to send back the product containers. I apologize for the confusion and can personally ensure you get a full refund, no need to send anything back. We use your input to constantly improve our products. Please reach out to me directly at [email protected] to get this process started for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. if you have any other questions or concerns.

Let's see how the refund goes...
December 7, 2020

I purchased six bottles at a rate of 186.00 and then accepted the second 6 bottles at 120.00. I got them and began to take them, 5 days in I began to experience BM problems a sense of urgency then a day later when I had a movement it was a jelly looking substance.

My guess was the collagen did not agree with me, I had no headache or fever or stomach pain but the yucky stool made me request a refund. I have received my return slip along with the notice that I am responsible for the return shipping. (which I thought were free) I was looking forward to getting back some of that youth as I am hitting 60 soon and have noticed a decline in firmness.

I will say that for many this may be an excellent product it just did not work with my body.

September 8, 2020

If only there was a way to post pictures on any review page, including the bh md one where people could see results.

There's that saying a picture speaks a thousand words!!! I'm 68 and I've tried numerous products. I've never written a positive review on any of them as sadly there was nothing good to write about. So I was very skeptical in ordering bh md complex. So glad I did.

There's another saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" our skin problems occurred over many years. Mine has aged a lot by sun exposure, age in general. So we can't expect an instant miracle or overnight fix.Give it time.

I first tried the dermal repair complex. After 30 days my thinning hair started growing, shiny.

Dermal Repair Complex
August 21, 2020
Though I do have some side effects; the crepey skin on my inner arms is gone.

KatieCahill August 30, 2020

The company does have a refund policy. They ask you to give it 60 days and will refund all your money if you're not satisfied. I've been using this for several months now. My hairdresser said my hair is thicker and shiny. My nails are stronger. It's hard to see a big difference in my skin because I'm examining my skin daily. That said friends and family want to know what I'm doing because they don't notice any visible aging. I think people become impatient and stop using the product if they don't see a change in the mirror month 1. This is preventative care. It helps prevent the 90% of aging that comes from free radicals damaging your cells which breaks down your skins support system. You may not see a big change the first few months but you may be thanking yourself 10 years from now. It's like wearing a quality sunscreen every day.

For anyone feeling nauseous or dizzy......that is likely due to the saw palmetto. It can make you very nauseous on its own. I’ve tried taking saw palmetto supplements in the past and vomited each time. This supplement doesn’t bother me at all.

August 19, 2020
Terrible headaches, vomiting and dizzy. Crazy! I am healthy, vegetarian and fit. No reason for this to occur and disappointed I reacted so poorly to this. No response on a refund as yet. I wouldn’t risk your health on this.

Have been using a couple of years
June 21, 2020

I started using this product when I saw an acceleration of aging in my usual youthful skin. Within a few weeks, there was a noticeable improvement. Marionette lines were reduced, neck rings reduced, overall smoothness improved.

I did neglect taking it for a few weeks and saw the improvement reverse. I now make sure to keep it in stock.

I’d like to add I’m not a smoker, rarely drink, and have avoided sun exposure my whole life. I believe so nice this product addresses hormonal changes, I saw a huge benefit. If your health/skin has been neglected, you probably will not see great results.

I’m in my 60s and appear younger then my daughters friends who are just turning 40. I credit this product for much of that outcome. Thank you Beverly Hills MD