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If you use them beware of sales tax and shipping costs.
December 10, 2023

They over charge buyer on sales tax. They overcharge shipping. I can't speak about what a seller has to pay but from all the negative reviews I've read it sounds like everybody would be better off if there was no bonanza site.

They also claim their phone is "out of service". In today's world what kind of legit business doesn't have a phone?

Item just received expired eleven months ago.
February 15, 2023

The supplements I received today, February 15, 2023, show an expiration date of March 2022. Any benefit of the supplements may be lost.

December 29, 2022

Stay away from Bonanza!!! Seller took my money. Order not received. Seller doesn’t respond to messages. Bonanza no help at all. Told me sorry about that but if you want a refund, get it from your credit company.

Do Not Sell Here
December 2, 2022
If you want to sell on-line there are many places but Bonanza I would NOT recommend. They do not work with their sellers or communicate with them. Very Light traffic and crazy requirements that you do not even realize you have violated until they decide to close your store. No warning and no responses to repeated attempts to find out what the issue was. I am selling on many different sites and this one I am glad to be away from. You may not believe what I am saying and that is fine. You are free to find out for yourself. Just don't say you were not warned.

September 23, 2021
Bought two items from two different sellers. One never showed up, no tracking and no response. The other I received the wrong product (in the right package), unsealed and clearly tampered with. DON'T USE THIS SITE!!!!

January 7, 2020
I ordered from Bonanza and after 3 months I still don't have my order or refund. They went as far as to tell me the booth I ordered from just closed down, lol. They don't care if you get ripped off, they help rip you off. I suggest eBay.

Total waste of time and money
August 30, 2019

A total waste of time and money.

I was trying Bonanza as a seller. We have a family-owned auto parts store based in Texas. We are Top Sellers on eBay, trusted in Amazon and we receive very positive customer reviews at our website because of our customer service.

I've spent a whole day setting up our new promising booth in Bonanza, getting payment methods and product images set up for their approval.

Going back to Bonanza, we can't log in, we get automatically logged out. I guess this is their way to tell us we aren't good enough to offer our products through them.

There was no warning, no direction, ZERO customer service and not even a lonely email from them. I can't help but feel disconcerted and right down insulted by Bonanza's lack of business ethics.

After reading many dreadful reviews from disappointed customers and sellers throughout the web, I feel my complaint is petty. Nonetheless, I hope our bad experience with this outfit can help others not to waste their time with Bonanza.

Fraudulent activity again!
December 31, 2018
Bonanza again let another fraud stealing Sorcerer’s Cellar listings! This is not acceptable. Bonanza should take responsibility for all these repeat offenders. I highly warn people before purchasing any items from Bonanza to double check the seller and items.

December 24, 2018
I purchased items at Bonanza under a seller called The Sorcerer's cellar, is genuine and legit and as I know, he has shut down his booth a couple of years ago. A few months back, I saw the same listings with another seller name and I contacted Bonanza and reported the violation of listings fraudulent activity. Now Bonanza again allowed the same fraud to add the stolen listings?! There is no scrutiny and it will affect the public who thinks these listings are from the original and legit seller! I highly warn the public to be aware. Bonanza is not tracking these kinds of repeat offenders and it is not acceptable!

Bonanza Supports Cybercrime
December 23, 2018


Beware: Bonanza has allowed a computer hacker to counterfeit my entire site and identity TWICE. I am the legal owner of the Sorcerer's Cellar.This callous disregard for public safety, for computer fraud, for hacking, for identity theft is totally ILLEGAL. The owners know I am not on their site, yet they allow my trademarks, my storefront name, my incorporated name, and my own listings to be stolen brazenly, and not just once, but twice now, They've closed the Sorcerer's Cellar down 3 times already. Enough of cyber crime is enough. DO NOT TRUST BONANZA. THIS SITE CONDONES IDENTITY THEFT, ALLOWS FRAUD, AND TAKES NO PRECAUTIONS TO PREVENT IT WHATSOEVER. BUYER BEWARE

Scam City
December 13, 2018
I would just like to add a Serious Caution on selling on BONANZA. I made a few sales there and then got a bunch of no pay's. Guess what. There is no way to cancel an order for non payment and Bonanza wants the commission anyway. They ended up billing me a lousy $32 for orders never paid for and thus not shipped. I consider them to be nothing more than scammers. How do you charge commission when payment or non payment goes through your site and you can clearly see it was not paid for. I would steer clear of BONANZA

Bonanza. Good value or costly time waster?
August 6, 2018
We migrated about 2,000 of our items listed in other marketplaces into a booth thinking to create another online venue. The process took about 3 months to complete as the importer tool provided did not work terribly well and did not import imagery. Even with the Turbo Lister Option, which is supposed to provide a lot more coverage online of a Seller's items ($48 USD a month for 2 instalments of Turbolister)and the Gold Membership (another $24 USD a month) our views were averaging about 33 per day. Not great compared to about 150 on other sites that charge us less in total to be there. In my view, Bonanza needs to do a lot more to drive traffic to its Seller booths, especially at these fees. Also, the cost to sell on Bonanza can be EXTREMELY! high, in fact the highest I have ever paid, at a whopping 30% in some cases plus additional fees in some cases. Sellers do have the option to choose a lower commission rate, but then your web presence is curbed even more and views will accordingly fall even more. In summation, in its current state, I find Bonanza very expensive and the ROI is just not there. On the positive side, the interface is easy to use. Staff is a bit of an issue and if you have a concern you can expect to wait at least 24H in most cases for a response and sometimes, 48H. I hope this helps others to decide where to sell online.

LisaBlanton February 01, 2019

I disagree with the above seller. I have an eBay store that I also import my listings to Bonanza. I have over 100 listings. You are in control of your fees. I pay 9% if the buyer comes from Google shopping. I pay 3.5% for sales that originate from Bonanza search. You can get a customizable stand alone store with no final value fees per sale and pay a flat $40/mo. You have to advertise it, but you'll still get sales in your booth. I had no problem importing my listings. There are many options on fees, advertising, I just don't like email support in general but theyre spot on with answers. Basically super easy especially if you import your listings. Not as much traffic as eBay or Amazon obviously so advertise or plan accordingly but a great platform outside the other 2 and I HATE selling on Amazon. is a scam, criminal site with arrogant, racist staff treat the Sellers like any "idiots"
May 4, 2018

Dears, you are joking??? What you removed access to our account without any reason! You have 24 hours to reinstate our account, because we unable to respond to our Buyers placed a Orders.

How you say " preventing us from opening an account" if already we have opened account and made a few sales in Bonanza?

You have 24 hours to reinstate our account or we process you arrogant, racist company in the International Court and we report you abusive behavior to all Worldwide Sellers Community and all Social Media and all Review Sites.

Wait for our account reinstated confirmation.



May January 11, 2020

Bonanza is horrible to sellers. It wasn't always this way, but the past year or two has shown them to be irresponsible, unreasonable and downright thieving. I was a long time, top-rated, trusted seller, with paid membership and money in my shipping fund, One - note that, ONE sale went south with a seller who threatened me, lied to me and sent me back an item that was chewed up by an animal. I offered a partial refund and they just booted me off the site with ZERO explanation. When I inquired they said, and I quote, "Due to security restrictions, our team is unable to provide further details involved with this action. " So that's that. They refuse to respond to further queries. How can a person know how to fix a problem when they don't know what it is? What about my shipping funds sitting in my account? What about sales I'd recently made and any potential issues those buyers may have? Usually there aren't any, but you never know. Now those buyers cannot contact me. In short, Bonanza's business practices have become god-awful, are actually against some fair business practices in the U.S. and they make no move to further discuss an issue. They just ignore you. Strongly urge sellers to avoid this site. They used to be a friendly, fun place with nice management. Now they act like a gestapo-wanna-be. To be so irresponsible, inadequate and unreasonable begs the question, just how old are these people running this site and do they have any experience in business other than bilking sellers out of their money with false promises of traffic if you "just pay for the gold/titan membership..."? Speaking of false promises, they're filled with those, too. They should be charged with false advertisement and their horrible business practices should be looked into by someone who can do something about them.

Bonanza sucks
July 10, 2017
The lack of customer service will inevitably be this company's undoing

Groovy Girl August 06, 2018

It is not so much the customer service, which admittedly is not the best and there are known to be long wait times if an issue presents that requires help from a Bonanza staffer. The main issue here is time and money. We have a large inventory of about 6,300 items and it took 5 months to migrate all listings over to Bonanza. It seems like a bit of a waste as the average # of views, even with Turbo Listing and Gold Membership (about 50$ Canadian a month!) is about 30 views, on average, per day. bonanza needs to do something dramatic to positively increase its presence on the web and provide exposure for Sellers to make it worthwhile, both time and money wise, for the larger sellers to list there. The fees on Bonanza can also be EXTREMELY high in the range of about 20% when one factors in all costs.

Overpriced !!!
May 5, 2017
Marketing Very Poor. Bonanza Answer Pay More! We Sell A Lot More On Smaller Sites & Have A Lot More Traffic. Suck You In On Paying Higher & Higher Fees. Don't Waste Your Time On This Attractive Site. Looks Good But That's ALL.

Caveat Emptor
January 20, 2017
Regarding reports that Bonanza allows scams to prosper on the internet, my first and last experience placing an order over a hundred dollars with Bonanza located in Washington State involvs a sketchy seller called PinkeePromise in Tennessee. I never heard back from either the seller or Bonanza regarding my order; it just vanished into ether. The seller cleverly blocks all incoming phone lines so a buyer can't reach them by phone and all emails go unanswered. Meanwhile Bonanza removes itself from the transaction from the start forcing emails between the buyer and seller to ping pong back and forth through its site, thereby absolving Bonanza from any responsibility for having caused the mess in the first place. Word to the wise: one must carefully vet all internet operations of this kind; I didn't and paid the price. We're all too used to responsible business models like Amazon and ebay, and we can easily fall prey to other less reputable operations that get away by flying under the radar.

September 11, 2016 is a scammed website... they support fraud and scam every minutes. If you are once sold on as a seller like me you will know what I am saying here.. Not safe for sellers and not safe for private businesses or investors.. If you report any scammer or suspect a buyer is a scammer, your seller account will be closed. sponsor scammers on the site and they ask you to use your Credit card so they can steal money from your bank account after they have open your account to frausters and hackers. No protection for sellers finance you make money and loose all your money before your eyes.. will held your sales proceeds and use for personal means claiming they have decided to review your account because of high sales or low sale or they FEEL buyers will complain.. This tactics they use to seize sellers funds to finance their own products....they are the biggest hacking ecommerce site ever.. BEWARE!!! DO NOT SELL ON AMAZON.CO.UK if you are thinking of doing so for you own safety. They came from the US to scam the UK Citizens and with no single UK base office address. BE WARNED!! Signed Tarcisius

Horrible selling site
September 5, 2016
I sell on Amazon and E-bay. This site is a waste of time I went over a year without a sale. They tell you to do this and that and it's a bunch of bull. They don't advertise your products. Google a product and see if you even see Bonanza. They are no where to be found. Don't waste your time listing and selling here it SUCKS. Customer support is HORRIBLE and they just don't care

All beachbody product on there website are counterfeit
June 14, 2016

They are selling a lot of counterfeit and even if you report them. Still there!! They do not do anything because it sells a lot and they got money of it!!!!

You are discuting bonanza, you have no support on your legit buyer and no respect on your legit seller!!!!!

Don't sale on this site Horrible sales and the company lies in order to get people to sell in there site.
April 5, 2016
There cost are way higher than Amazon and ebay if you sign up for any if there advertising programs. If you don't advertise on one of these programs your wasting your time because they don't advertise therre website at all. They have no customer service you can talk to on the phone and are always trying to over charge you on fees. They put up false reviews that keep people that hate the company from being able to review them. So any ratings with high stars on it are manipulateD to make them look better than they are. There just as crooked as ebay and should be shut down like them.