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February 13, 2023

Big Fish and Jackpot Magic slot is a huge scam. They should be investigated. Do not buy in! It doesn't even deserve one star. Shut them down!!!

Game Coupon Does not Work
August 14, 2022

Ok, I purchased a game for my PC from Big Fish, unfortunately it did not work, contacted them and they gave me a game coupon so I could choose another game. I found one and tried use coupon, it doe not work! I emailed Big Fish and got no response and still have not, so I bought a game am not able to play! Not happy...

Absolutely disgusting app
October 29, 2021
You can spend tens of thousands of dollars and this app will still give you back ZERO

dont pay
September 18, 2019
I enjoy these games but they all seem the same. Same scenarios, nothing to look forward to.

KennethGarcia February 13, 2023

BF and Jackpot Magic are the biggest scam.

Big Fish Games is a scam. Should be removed.
December 24, 2018
Big Fish games are a scam. Should be investigated and removed for false advertising...

GREY ECAT June 17, 2020

They advertise game play that is not real--it's not even remotely the same type of game that they trick you into clicking on.

The Games are all the same, not original at all
March 4, 2018

I've been playing big fish games for a few years now and I use to enjoy their time management games. It seems they don't put any effort in creating new time management games any longer. The pump out hidden object games like crazy but any time management ones are just the same older games redone with maybe some slight differences in level set up. They haven't come up with any new TM games for a very long time so I think I'm done spending money with these guys.

KennethGarcia December 24, 2018

They scam people out of money. Should be investigated or removed.

The arc of BFC and how they scam you
February 1, 2018

When you first start playing, you notice the wins come every 5-11 spins. This is how they condition you to expect a small win in these intervals. Around every 40-50 spins there is generally a "Big Win!". Of course this isn't fail-safe, just the m.o.

As you go up in VIP tiers however, these wins become less frequent and the cold spells between jackpots increases to 400-800 spins. It acts as a shakedown of any chips you may have, forcing you to purchase new ones if you want to keep the fun going.

Stay away, stay far away. I'm not even addicted to gambling in Vegas and I became super addicted to this game. The graphics are excellent and the games are seriously well crafted, but the business behind these cute little icons can be catastrophic. I won't even admit here what I spent in the last year, but let's just say I could have a new Lexus in my driveway. Yes, stupid. And all my fault. But this game should be avoided by anyone looking for cheap thrills on the internet. This is by no means a cheap game, and I suspect it's algorithms detect a lot more than they could legally reveal.

Dishonest website and Unhelpful help desk
October 22, 2017
I was a big purchaser of the bigfishgames website and bought a lot of games. I downloaded the app and everything was fine until it stopped working out of nowhere. All of a sudden all of my games that I purchased became a trial game and the app doesn't even let me play them anymore. Kept showing me error message. Money down the drain. When I emailed their help desk they replied to me to read the articles which I already did. Before I emailed them I un-installed and re-installed 4 times based on all the article for all the different error code that the app kept telling me. So, when they replied and told me to read the articles I replied back and was like I already did. Final result was they told me I was rude and to have some respect with the issue still in place. Never buying any more games from this site ever again. I'm just going to find some where else.

Andray November 11, 2017

Exact same situation with me. BF are the right initials...because that's what you are doing to your customers. Another example of bullying. Bait It High...B F... Keep Me Awed.

Big Fish Casino
June 20, 2017
Do you have money to burn and expect nothing in return? Do you love endless zeros, low hits, slow network and connection issues? If so this is definitely your new favorite app! At BFC they don't discriminate. Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, VIP status or lack there of BFC will rob you all equally blind. I mean you'll get some hits between 50-100k because they're not total monsters

Big Fish Casino Sux
March 23, 2017

Take a good word of advice: only buy chips to become a VIP. Never buy any more.

Since Churchill Downs has taken over the app it's become money hungry and greedy.

They don't treat their paying customers well and will make you lose so you buy more.

Enjoy the games but don't get suckered in to buying fake chips for real money!

Mar June 04, 2017

I couldn't agree with you more. It is absolutely despicable. Im ashamed to even participate in it still....

Rob March 06, 2019

Yep, purchased several times so I can help my Team⚠️ JUST purchased $20 for 18 million chip, didn’t last me an Hour ⚠️ FU whoever is running this app, won’t Buy anymore, never get huge hit⚠️ Developers Scam

KennethGarcia February 13, 2023

I get 25-30 million chips each morning. It lasts about 15 minutes. Biggest scam...

Monthly payment
January 6, 2017

I'm unsure but I purchased a game that I used to play and then noticed that every month for three months they kept billing me. I don't recall signing up for this, but know that I probably wont appeal in that there commercial power better than mine.

Feel scammed.

Dishonest to say the least
December 29, 2016

I can only write an honest, negative review about Big Fish games here, it seems, so that's what I'm doing.

When I first signed up to BFG I was able to post whatever reviews I wanted, regardless of whether they were 2, 3, or 5 stars. Now it seems like about half the reviews I give that are under 4 stars are rejected. The reason given for the rejection is always vague, and that's probably because there IS no reason: I don't do spoilers, I don't use profanity, I follow all the other niggly little criteria that they insist upon, and still these reviews get rejected.

At the same time, I've noticed that a lot of the newer games consistently getting 4 and 5 star reviews, even when they look like tosh, and some of them are the same games where my own negative reviews have been rejected. Naturally, one starts to ask, how many of the other negative reviews got binned?

It seems obvious to me then, that Big Fish is fudging the numbers to make games that I wouldn't like, seem like they are good for every player. It's low, it's cheap and it makes everyone unhappy in the end... because if I buy a game that I hate based on fudged reviews, all that happens is that I don't trust the reviews anymore, or the company. And I don't.

I think BFG has a real conflict of interest situation going on with its reviews system tbh, and it needs to be sorted out - how can it be legit for a games developer (which is what BFG is) to screen reviews of its own games? Oughtn't they to put a disclaimer on the website stating that they are biased in favour of their own product? Clearly they are, and not stating that fact straight up is dishonest to say the least.

As with others, I was wrongly charged by them for about 6 months and was able to get a refund, so I can't claim I was scammed, but I am quite wary due to the fact that they never bothered emailing me a confirmation for ANY of those billings. Real live companies always issue bills and receipts. Why didn't BFG?

And as another commenter here said, it's always iffy when your terms and conditions include a promise that you won't take a class action suit out against the company you're signing up with. I also doubt the legality of this... and many other aspects of this dubious little empire.

Something happened...
February 11, 2016
Big Fish used to be good, but something happened. I don't know what, but I just don't trust the place any longer. I stopped receiving order confirmations one day, a couple months later my card got compromised. I have bought many, many games and now have access to none of them because Big Fish gave me a temp password that does not work. I don't trust them AT ALL. If I buy any games anymore it will not be from Big Fish, they can kiss my very loyal business goodbye. They SUCK now and it just completely blows because it was great speech therapy for the brain injured!

Gary Perrone November 30, 2016

Big Fish Casino "was" a Fun casino a few years ago, then ChurchHills bought them for 880 mil and turned the Casino into a Real Casino only with Higher Odds and tight games! Every time they have a Promotion the games get Tighter, and every time there is a Sale Same Crap. It took me months to get up to over 700 mil. Then it seems like they marked Me somehow. Within 3 days of playing my favorite games and hitting mostly Os I am down to 300 chips. Never bought chips and Never will. It is NOT a FREE Game if you want to Keep playing!

WARNING - Your account can be banned for NO REASON AT ALL!
February 2, 2016

Just a warning to fellow players to stop spending your hard-earned money on this SCAM since your precious account can be banned at any time no matter how much of a loyal customer you are.

Recently as I was banned due to "suspicious activity". I assume it was upsetting to ownership that I was on an (extremely rare!) winning streak of 500M chips. After all, it wouldn't be good if those, I mean players won big and didn't have to buy chips! Really, their "Terms of Service" is just a really long document saying that you can be banned at any time, for any reason (or no reason!).

To make matters worse, they banned my wife too (just for the heck of it, I guess), even though she didn't have more than 1M chips and never won much. Hopefully some players see these messages and realize that they too could lose their account instantly if they hit it big.

October 22, 2015
I've used BFG for several years and been happy with the service, but after my last purchase 2 months ago I noticed they continued to bill me each month since, without my knowledge or authorisation. When I looked at my account details, it clearly stated that my membership account was inactive. Customer service sent a standard response about monthly subscription, the wording of which suggested it was a mass mailout i.e. lots of people have been affected by the same 'problem'. Something has clearly changed in their business model, which now basically involves taking your money for nothing. STAY AWAY.

L L October 26, 2015

I am not able to change the above review so I am adding the following edit:

BFG acted very quickly to my complaint about the payments, and refunded the full amount without question. Sadly I still feel uncomfortable about using their services again as i wouln't trust them with my bank details.

Your Payment Info is Not Secure!
October 6, 2015

History repeats itself with Big Fish. This is the Second Time our credit card was hacked.

The first time was in October/2013. The payment information on file at BFG for my wife’s account was compromised.

When she notified BFG of the security breach and that she subsequently had cancelled her BFG Game Club Membership, she received a condescending, unprofessional response from their Customer Support Staff. And as is typical with this firm, the response was filled with rhetoric, a hollow apology and of course a denial.

Nothing more. No offer to research the issue; no review; no nothing. As a result, she vowed never to purchase games from their site again.

Honestly, I thought she may have overacted. So in March/2015, thinking it was safe, I opened my own account at BFG. I foolishly thought that not joining their Game Club and purchasing games without having my payment information kept on file would be safer.

Well, I was wrong and as usual, my wife was right. My credit card information was compromised. Again a credit card that was used only to purchase games at Big Fish Games was compromised.

Coincidence? Hardly. Not BFG fault? You have got to be kidding!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will not be fooled again.

Stay far away from BFG. They may have the monopoly on PC Games, but there are other more reputable firms out there. Hopefully, more people will realize what scum they are and find other sites or more enjoyable activities to take up their time.

I know we have.

BIGFISH CASINO “MARKS” your acct to lose after bigger payouts, distracts with contest fun + Sales hoping you buy chips. DO NOT BUY FAKE CHIPS WITH REAL MONEY
September 23, 2015

Last year (2014) when I started playing BFC I got a couple of nice hits on a slot games. Anyways I had 29 million chips in my account and was so pleased. I am the type of person that shares my wins with others through scatters.

Anyways, I was scattering in snow when someone at the table warned me that I was now marked and then quickly left. I was so confused and asked the other pIayers at the table what that meant. No one knew. Anyways things went downhill. I lost all and became rather frustrated with tthe game.  Over the next while, nearly every time I would slowly build up to over 1 million then all would be lost.  After each slow climb.. BFC would take it all back.  I would try every possible slot and blackjack table and the same results.  Nothing.  Then it would let up for a couple of hours and I get lucky because someone with lots of chips contributes to the shared pot that I won into. Then when I start feeling confident they pull the plug.

They claim their payout is the same as a regular casino.  I totally disagree. When a casino slot isnt paying... one can always go to a different game or slot and have different payout. When BFC decides not to pay, it doesnt matter which game it is - they JUST DON'T PAY.

This is so unfair and doesnt give us the opportunity to gain our chips back.  It is so obvious they tighten the payout during your sales and really don’t care if we delete the game if we are refusing to buy chips with real money.

I stopped playing for several months after that and then decided to try the game again hoping things had changed.

Well I won 2 tourneys and had for the first time in a year over 20 millions in my account. Within a day or two .. all of a sudden all I am getting is mostly zeros… Thinking wow… here we go again! I have to warn others. I have read on this facebook page that some are spending hundreds of real dollars to play this game and it is rigged.

Since I have formed this opinion and spoke out, I have not been able to hold on to my winnings. What a surprise! I even tried to test this theory by creating another account.. but BFC banned the account.

Too many times BFC has written back when I would lose so much and then was having major problems with freezes and boots during play. They would write back offering condolences for my "run of bad luck" and my “bad network connections”.  Well there has been way too many "runs of bad luck”.  It is no longer fun at all.  You have created a bunch of depressed people with 0-100k chips that squat at the bonus pots hoping to get something since the spins don't create scatters or wins for the vast majority.  I used to be able to hold on to my chips and having fun being able to scatter for myself and others, but now .. not even a day and they are gone. I know for certain that so many feel the same as me .. all you have to do is read their status. PLEASE DO SO.

I used to absolutely love these games and have had the opportunity to play with a great many people out there from all around the world.

People - I am as honest as the day is long and I know I am right about this. BFC doesnt care about anything other than to distract you with contests and fun things on the web site and hoping that you overlook the tight payouts and the “losing streak”. Please don’t buy chips with real dollars. If you insist on gambling online. Buy real chips with your real dollars. You might get lucky. BUT YOU CAN’T CASH IN YOUR CHIPS AT BFC.



(A once happy loyal player)

They suck
September 14, 2015
They suck and cheat if you don't pay. Avoid this outfit.

Not a free app
April 14, 2015
This game is not free it is the most expensive game out there, they say you can play for free but you can't they give you so few chips and all the games cost so much to play you only get a few spins a day, and if you say something bad about your experience with the game on their facebook fan page they delete you from posting so no one will see all the bad reviews. save your money there are loads of other games for free on facebook. if i could give this app zero stars i would,

Slim September 14, 2015

They suck and now cheat. If you were aw winner in the past and haven't given them money they make sure you don't win. No matter what the odds are. Never give them any money.......

Honest Company- But Has Issues
May 8, 2014

If anyone posts here about BFG being a scam and getting billed inappropriately, it means they are too stupid to read the clearly understandable terms of service.

If you choose to join the club you will be billed monthly and get a free game credit for each month. Which means all the people posting here who claim to have been billed for X months should have X number of game credits for free games on the website.

You can drop out of the club any time and keep playing your games already purchased games.

That said, BFG has gone down hill in the last year. No longer a forum where members can just chat with each other. No longer a Live Chat to contact Customer Service. Games for Macs are being released with technical issues.

I am borderline remaining as paying club member at BFG. There are really good deals but I feel quality of experience belonging to the website has declined rather dramatically.

Still- they are legitimate and 99.9% of those claiming this is a scam company simply did not bother to read the terms and should probably not be using the internet.

kay prien November 27, 2016

This may have been true when this comment was posted but now if you have too many games you can no longer access your purchased games if they are no longer listed on BIG FISH. They have error 1404 which means you cannot access your purchased games and as far as I can tell they have no intention of correcting it. the error does not let your game manager work properly and show your purchase history. you have to download trial games and try to "buy" them and then the manager asks if you want to activate your purchased game. This disallows non trial games such as nancy drew games and any games no longer on the site. as I have been a member since 2009 I have over 1000 games and have lost the ability to play a good number of them.

Andrew Reeves January 06, 2017

Are you Big Fish in disguise!