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Genuinely Puzzled!
April 21, 2014

I have been buying and playing Big Fish games since 2012. I have never had a problem with them making unauthorized debits from my PayPal account. When I joined, I was given the option to become a member of their game club, in which they would deduct a payment every month, whether I purchased a game or not. I declined. I preferred to wait for the sales, in which games were often offered for nearly half off of the original price. Which is why I am genuinely puzzled about all the complaints on here. And no, I do not work for Big Fish. I wonder if people are not checking to see if they have mistakenly signed up for the club? Also, are the ones who are complaining checking their Pay Pal authorized payments? Here's how to cancel it: Here’s how to cancel a subscription or recurring payment:

1.Go to and log in to your account.

2.Click ‘Profile’ near the top of the page.

3.Select ‘My money'.

4.In the ‘My pre-approved payments’ section, click ‘Update'.

5.Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel’.

6.Click ‘Cancel Profile’ to confirm your request

I hope this helps!

Big Fish games website is a Scam
April 21, 2014
they will charge you 10USD per month on your visa card wihtout let you know.. this is a scam website. don't give them your visa card number.

Big fish casino is rigged
March 3, 2014

Buying chip & gold packages from big fish casino, is like going to the bank, with drawling money, taking it home, ripping it up, and flushing it down the toilet!

The games don't pay, it's not uncommon to spin zeros 50 plus times on all slots.

Have you ever seen roulette drop nothing but red in 49 spin?

The more you spend the quicker you lose. 15 min before a sale, the already tight slots get tighter.

It's a nice setup, but ran by greedy executives, with zero marketing or customer service skills.

Save your time an money!

December 6, 2013
I bought one game in January 2012, and without my authorization and without me knowing it, Big Fish has been charging me £5.39/month for 23 months.

normanclarke January 30, 2014

I have hade the same if you go to your bank they will drag the money back to your account and it will not stop if you cancel your bank card they change it to your new bank card

Dee Anthony July 04, 2014

LOL....I see most people, on here, do not have BIGFISHGAMES issues, that bad, at all...but let me share with you a Horror Story about BFG!!!! I have been a club member of BFG since Feb. 2007....of late, my XP Computer's Hard Drive was fixing to crash, so I called my Computer Tech, who installed a brand new XP Hard Drive. Now...mind you, I bought hundreds of games from BFG AND A few DVD games from Walmart...ect ect ect....Now, with my new hard drive, all my other games work GREAT...But, MOST of my BFGs do not work, at all, no matter what I do or how much my tech wants to help. I have contacted BFG and they told me, YES, you have bought all these games, from us, that, now, no longer works on your new hard drive....Ohhhh, BFG said to me....''You need some 'special keys' to unlock all the games you have bought from us.'' So, I wrote them back...right? Problem SOLVED....''NOT''....BFG refuses to give me the keys to unlock my games, that I bought from them....To make a LONG story short, BFGs has stolen money out of my bank account since 2007, and here I sit, in 2014 with just 1/4th of the games I bought from them, that works. Buyer BEWARE!!!!!

Glenda Neacsu April 14, 2015

why not tell your bank to stop payment to them, i would close my account and open a new one somewhere else if the bank did not stop payment.

Theives pure and simple
December 5, 2013
I signed up for a game and realized they were debiting me monthly for some club. I canceled immediately in 2011. In 2013, they debit my account for 2.11 and then once that went through, immediately debited me for 265.00. I've disputed both with Paypal and my bank. This is pure theft and this company is dishonest and immoral.

November 30, 2013

I loved this company for a long time and used to support them with gusto. Until this morning I get a fraudulent charge for Big Fish Casino of $1.99 and a whopping $245 in the middle of the night.

Psuik December 04, 2013

I am trying to get rid off all my connections to this site! I bought three games and would like a refund. Have you had any luck in this area?

Great Customer Service
November 9, 2013

I really like Big Fish. The company makes its terms of service and return/refund policies very clear, and if you do make a mistake -- as I have done -- their customer service department gets back to you immediately and solves the problem. Customer Service is amazing at Big Fish!

The games are very good -- the Grim Tales for Mac OS, though, have been pretty hit or miss: sometimes the hints work, sometimes not.

My advice? Try the games for an hour, of course, and know the terms of service before you buy.

Lesha November 17, 2013

You must work for them.

Diana Darrah February 11, 2016

Seems only employees would get this kind of treatment, cause I sure didn't. I had my card compromised and had to cancel it, no longer a member...

kay prien November 27, 2016

this is no longer true as I no longer have access to my over 1000 games. Customer service wants to give me more credits but all i was is access to games i already purchased. i get an error 1404 which means i cannot access my purchase history. i can only access games that have a trial version and are still available on big fish. by downloading a trial and trying to "buy" the manager stub asks if you want to activate your purchased game. I cannot download games that are no longer available to purchase or games that are large file not having a trial version

October 30, 2013
Had not ordered a game in over 2 years. Then all of a sudden last night I get two emails from paypal stating that I had ordered Big FISH Casino Ruby. They charged me over $250. I have never played any gambling games. I just filed a dispute with Paypal and hope to get my money back. If this is such a great company, why can't we talk to a live person to see what is going on. This is completely crazy. Do NOT link your paypal with them, you could regret it one day!

Stephanie November 01, 2013

I had the same thing happen to me today! Paypal told me it was part of their billing agreement. Someone needs to tell me why, when purchasing Diner Dash for $2.99, I would agree to be billed $249 OVER ONE YEAR LATER. Big Fish should be ashamed of themselves, or we should sue their asses.

Gabor November 11, 2013

This happened to me right now. They charged me $315. I reported it to PayPal and I hope I will get my money back.

Jenny November 17, 2013

I'm having the same problem. Awoke to 3 charges totaling $202. I've already protested the charges at Big Fish, Pay Pal, and my credit card. I went to Big Fish to remove my billing info and can't remove them as the site reports I don't have billing info on file. If they don't have the info, how can they bill me? I hope I'm able to get them to clear this up and hope they pursue legal action against those who are preying on innocent folks.

Dominic November 17, 2013

Just happened to me as well... only $2.39 but still... I've unlinked PayPal from my account and will report it to PayPal

October 20, 2013

I bought a gift certificate using PayPal nearly 2 years ago, and wake up this morning to find that they've charged fraudulently charged me over $300 for Big Fish Casino and Big Fish Casino Ruby. Apparently having purchased something once via PayPal gives them licence to submit more charges without having to verify with a password. I've now had to dispute the charges with PayPal, and will be filing a police fraud report.

Avoid like the plague.

I t November 02, 2013

I never trusted big fish. I torrent all their games play them finish and uninstall

saddens me to give what was once great so low a score
September 30, 2013

i had been a member since 2005, and for many years recommended BFG to all my friends,, having just cancelled my account in August 2013, i just can no longer do that, starting with "visually appealing prices for overseas people(they rounded up to make the price have the 99, at the end,) to gm after gm not working, to low quality ce games, to closing chit chat with 1 days notice, to auto putting the casino on everyones gm, to closing live chat (while at the same time saying its tempory) to firing so many, to having ftp games that have been out for a while as tgt....

this is not the company i fell in love with, not the company that worked out cs issues so fast it was like magic, not the company thay treated its customers with respect, i see people begging for help on thier fb page,,given the same copy paste answeres (if any)

i do not recommend bfg,,,any more

Jenak3769 October 16, 2013

I totally agreee as well, I was , repeat """WAS"" a member too right from the onset when Paul thelen started the site . It was good then, it was great the forums were good we had a good time in chit chat corner,, Now the client is sickening its huge its full of annoying ads , of games we do not want nor will ever want . Every time you open the client some stupid pop up ad comes up , its annoying,, period. This so called free to play games are nothing but rip offs based on internet minining scams, especially the fake casino which is using ""$"" and implying dollars as its taking real dollars, it should be tokens , there is no use for these items if , repeat ""IF"" you actually win any,, the odds are ridiculous.. Hence with all this plus the now annoying client , I have said good bye to about 400 games , and have un installed the crap , I now buy games from sites with no ""game client"" and use the the icon , to play ,, , I hate ads in my face , and BFG has gone to hell in a handbag .. I really hope the site closes soon and they file for bankruptcy and their lawyers leave them for non payment with their soon to come , millions of lawsuits , get lost bfg you suck now , period ,,,

Stole my money
September 29, 2013
I caution you to be careful with this site. After purchasing one game from them (and after a game club mishap trying to cancel my account), someone using my account bought a casino basic and casino ruby package. They stole 251.98. Thankfully, paypal is on my side and refunded me the money or else is never be able to contact them to ask them how to get it back.

September 28, 2013

Playing over a year. Like today, you buy chips, in five minutes they're gone. It's like once you buy, they program your account to lose. "awareness" s just another word they use for stealing. Very few HOURS, if ou can find them, let alone days you can actuall play, win a little, and have fun.

Stay away.

Brilliant website and great customer service
September 16, 2013

I have been buying games from Big Fish for three years now, and I can confirm that there is definitely no scam. I started off buying just the occasional game, and then I decided to become a member of their Game Club, because I found it worked out better value, as I started to purchase more games. When you are buying a game from Big Fish if you are not yet a member, you are given two very clear options. You can choose to buy just the one game, or to sign up for the Game Club. You simply have to make sure that you have selected the right option. Anyone who thinks it's a scam must be rushing through the purchasing process. I don't why people can't just read things properly. It's really not difficult! Anyway, they have a fantastic selection of games, and constant sales, offers and deals. I have got countless games free or at low prices.

Also their customer service is fantastic. They really go out of their way to help you, and as quickly as possible. I had one game that I was unable to play because it kept asking for a security key, and the person at BFG who responded to the email I sent them not only provided me with the key for that game, but also keys for all the other games that I had downloaded from them over the past three years JUST IN CASE any of them should ever have the same problem! I mean how helpful is that?

It's interesting that the reviews on here are either very good or very bad; there's not many inbetween ones. I think the dissatisfied people are simply not reading the detail. It's amazing how many people can't be bothered to do this and then start complaining that they have been conned.

August 6, 2013
This is just too funny. Seriously BF if you gonna try and up your ratings can you please do it less obvious! We all know these 5 star ratings are coming from someone associated with BF, because why else would there be a 5 star rating right after a COMPLAINT!! Come on now.. ARE YOU THAT STUPID!! Yea your games are fun, but you rip people off!!

SeaBreeze March 03, 2014

Agree! Guest.

USED to be a good company- NOT ANYMORE- avoid this company
August 5, 2013
I've been a customer of Big Fish for 5 to 6 years. Most of that time they were fantastic! Their games were fun, safe and reasonably priced. In the last year thing have gone downhill fast. Lots of unresolved technical issues. I updated my system to Windows 8 and lost all my games. I spent 10 weeks emailing customer service to resolve the issue, even downgraded my system back to Windows 7 and could not get the games to activate. The emails kept telling me to do the same thing over and over (I sent them screen shots each time showing them I'd already done it) and when I complained I got a new instructions to change something in my computer to allow their activation. IT ERASED MY MASTER BOOT DRIVE! (In fairness Windows should have some sort of pop up that says don't delete this even if technical support says to- it's your freaking master boot drive). I had my hard drive rebuilt and managed to get a few games that were still working back on. Called customer support and demanded a refund for the rest. To trier credit they did so I felt I should I give them another chance. Now nothing works again and nothing new can be downloaded. I called again and found out that in the last few weeks they got rid of their live telephone support.If you're a Big Fish member you can contact online live chat support and maybe that will work.

Lisa August 21, 2013

as of 8/21/13 live chat has been disabled for over a week now; they are avoiding all my efforts to contact them for reimbursement for broken games that won't play! they turned into a bunch of thieves!

Wake up people!
July 19, 2013

I find it very funny that people are saying this is a Scam. With everything you buy (especially on line), you need to fully understand what you are doing and buying before you just hit the "purchase" button. Are there really that many people who don't know how to read??

This game service is great, the monthly subscription prices are more than fair considering you can get a ton of free and discounted games if you stay an active member. Customer support have been very responsive, and the community of players is great. I'm really thinking that the 1-Star Scam ratings are people just trying to troll. Troll elsewhere please.

Do not give them your card details!
May 19, 2013
I purchased a couple games from big fish games years ago. Now I have just realised that they have been deducting $7.25 from my bank account every month from January till now, it may even date back further. Do not purchase games with them.

Ric July 19, 2013

You need to read what you are purchasing. They have monthly subscriptions which you probably signed up for. You barely noticed a few years later???

I don't understand where these people get SCAM from. Big Fish Games is a good company!
April 6, 2013
I have known Big Fish Games for 6 years now and have purchased their games, either through subscription to their game club or individually and NEVER had an issue with my billing, even after I started and cancelled my subscriptions many times. The website is easy to navigate and very self explanatory. If you were charged for a subscription that you were not aware of, its because you didn't read what you were paying for. They even give you an hour trial with all the games so you can try before you buy or use a credit towards it. Always friendly customer service, games always have awesome quality. And being a hidden object game fanatic, they have hundreds of choices and all I can say is that I give them 10 stars!

Mad M April 08, 2013

I just paid for and attempted to download a game from big fish and it produced an ERROR report and to report the ERROR report to the author, but no link or direction to AUTHOR. Not happy and very suspicious and now all credit card information, etc., provided to site with no game to show for it. BOO!

M April 11, 2013

i have been withj BIGfishGAMES FOR A NUMBER OF YEARSAND HAVE FOUND THEM TO BE EXCELLENT i have purchased games and have really enjoyed the easy access and rapor ,,,if for any reson anything went wrong they were really very attentive to my problem and even exchanged games if there was a problem...give them another go...they are worth it and a great variety of games I give them a thumbs up

Quantum f September 08, 2013

it is a big scam. stay away from them and don't give them your credit card number.

They've just gotten lazy
March 1, 2013
They used to be my favorite place to get new games. Now, the only thing you can find on their site that is actually new is HOGs, and they are all copies of the previous HOG. If you like any other genre of game (my favorite is their "time amangement" category (arcade, action, like Diner Dash or Fashion Fits), you won't find any new quality ones on this site.

Good games, decent prices, great customer service!
January 22, 2013

Big Fish Games offers a huge selection of casual games at very reasonable prices. They have discounts relatively often, which means I have gotten some of my favorite games for less than five bucks on occasion!

I accidentally signed up for their game club during one purchase (simply didn't un-check the box), and I only recently realized I had done so. I used some of the credits and called their billing department to see if I could get the rest refunded. They were extremely accommodating and friendly. They refunded the credits and canceled the membership without trying to convince me otherwise, which is something I really appreciate. I will definitely continue to do business with them, and highly recommend this company for anyone who likes casual games!

Noodlebing February 25, 2013

SCAM!!! I have two fraudulent charges of $99.99 on my credit card from this company. I, nor anyone in my family, has ever even visited their website. No response when I called their office number on my bank statement. Just recording after recording. I have called several times during their "regular business hours". No way to leave a message or speak with anyone directly. The only access was to submit an email form. No response and the charges are over a week old! My bank has been notified and the charges are being investigated.

AVICHAL April 07, 2013

dude , the same has happened to with my father's credit card , no one in my family has even heard this site's name but there are transactions made , I dont know what to do , it would be really kind of u if u could help me out or let me know how to get to the bottom of this mess ??