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Asian date is a scam
January 3, 2015

I have created many accounts on there so i can chat with this one girl because it seems i was wasteing money, any ways when i logged in second time i got a totally different girl or person. so there no telling who you are chatting with.

It's probably cheaper if you actually fly to Shanghai and meet someone than to throw away your money here... you been warned this is a scam

some men are stupid
November 14, 2014 and are a scam. if you become a member of the two sites you will get a pop ups from anastasia site wile you on asian date site. from girls asking to chat. the girls get paid to chat!!! I ask one of the girl if she never works I told her that I see her all the time live on the site..I guess she was tired and did not think... and her answer was this is my job....some of the men cannot take the truth even if it is in their face,i called them morons.

Can't complain so far
November 13, 2014

Totally agree that we can’t meet ideal people. Surely all of us have lots of defaults, but it’s up to us accept them or skip.

I am not looking for the perfect shapes and pretty smile, I am serching for that ONE!..the closet to my heart and soul! So far I cant't complain, yes it is a bit expensive but they offer a very good service and the support is reall good. I will come back later and tell you more about my experience, as I plan to go to China next year to meet with a couple of women. Finger crossed, I'll meet the one.

eric November 14, 2014

how stupid horny old men can you think that 20 years old pretty girl from china wants to love you and become your sex slave...just because you gut some money.....the average wages for the girls in China is $1,35 fer Hr. the dating site pays them ,yes pays them 10 american cents for each min chat....and $1 for you opening or sending letter. this is why they chat with you and will tell you how much they love you ...and that you are the best men they ever chat with,,,,,and your ego is going to the moon ...yes i am a stud...look how pretty girls wants get your head out of your butt you are scammed....

Tommy C November 18, 2014

You can see this website for reference.

These girls are models, i have asked one model, she said no joined in, and she didn't reply to my letter or chat with anyone.

November 12, 2014

One girl has "written" me 216 times, another left her CAM share on by mistake and was working away in her cubicle lol, same girls on 24/7 obviously don't need sleep, I told another after chatting that I was a journalist doing an article on the company, she high tailed it,, never experienced so much interest in me in my life, 15 new pretty girls everyday never an ugly one, and of course they use "live" censors to block information sharing.

I sent a piece of BS non information on live chat and the girl told me she could only see "dots "she was doing the censoring, I'm amazed its allowed to operate, one of its sister sites (anastasia date) is reported to have made $84 million profit in a year all of course deposited in Cyprus, which is why the EU wouldn't bail out Cyprus as openly stated it was swimming in dirty money

August 4, 2014
Asiandate is 100% scam. I spent loads of money there, some girls may be genuine, but I doubt it. The site constantly sends out false emails claiming to be from females, and chat requests. Everything you say and do on the site is monitored and you can not exchange personal information. Be warned totally fake website that will take thousands of pounds out of your pocket. If you require more info please contact me [email protected]

July 31, 2014

Hi to everybody my name is primitivo rodriguez and I am a member of this site and my id is 1167112.Frankly, I don't know if those women are real the last woman that I sent a letter(her name is qing id 1178365) I demanded that she sent me a pic with date and time but she did nothing. Also, I asked her to show me her nic(national identification card) but seems that she didn't want me knowing her.

Because I am sending letters since two years ago I am very disappointed with that site. My advice for u newbies is the following: learn some mandarin language, save money to take a vacation direct to china and meet with some Asian ladies and make some conversations is more cheaper "Sure in my opinion.

Thanks for a chance
June 26, 2014

I joined Asiadate about six month ago, after a very bad break-up with an American girl. After some sarcastic laughter I decided to give it a try, just out of curiosity.

After about a month or so, I was asked to chat by a young woman named Hisoka from Japan. I still remember my first impression of how different are Asian girls from American ones. The Assians are for sure my type of women. We are still dating… Planning to be closer to each other.

If you are searching for new cultural matches, Asiadate is definitely a place you should check out. I had all kinds of doubts about online dating sites in the beginning, but you could be lucky as I were!

Most beautiful women
April 21, 2014
I have been using for a couple of month now, and every time I'm so amazed by the beauty of the women. I have never seen such beautiful creatures in my life. The most amazing is that they talk to me I really feel like I exist today. Now I am saving for a trip to China and hopefully meet my soulmate. Keep up the good work AsianDate.

d k June 06, 2014

Definitely do not use Yes they have pictures of gorgeous looking girls (models in studios and lots of air brushing too!!) but what an absolute scam they run. pay to read generic to reply to read her reply and so on and so on. No doubt its ugly old woman writing to you anyway....or men!! And after many letters back and forward, there is still no chance to send her your personal email in order to have free contact....they block out all contact info supposedly for "safety". yeh right. Anyway, dont get scammed. the girls shown are not real and neither are the girls writing stupid love letters to you. As if that would happen immediately anyway haha good luck out there. Oh...they have a partner website for Russian girls....exactly the same problems and scamming going on. Stay away.

owen wallace July 06, 2014

your being scammed friend,ask them to send you a photo with them holding up a sign saying "HI AKKA "then the date.

then watch the bull-**** lies why they could not do it.

They are all paid models, and interpreters writing you the letters back.

Stay away mate, or you will lose Thousands.

jim July 23, 2014

used this site don't like yet there is no delete profile any advice on how to if you can

jim July 23, 2014

I signed up however I am now unable to delete my account from this site is there any of way of getting rid of it?

Found happiness
April 17, 2014
I came to the agency to find happiness which I lost with the unexpected death of my wife. To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure about success, but I decided to try. I was happy to get some letters from women, I liked them, but when I got a letter from from my now,current wife, I thought to myself,this woman is special... I don’t know why I thought so, maybe it was my intuition. I didn’t believe in dreams and I am very grateful to AsianDate website and to the interpreters,for their help.

Julian Zajac July 05, 2014

i agree with you Owen! I am a man in my early 60s, am told have reasonably good looks and a very good physique for my age. All through life have never had a problem finding a good looking woman to go out with from my own country or those I have visited. But after my last relationship ended, I fancied a change and I thought I would try dating an asian woman. I have been on this site for almost a year, and I have been in contact with quite a few of them since joining. However I am very embarrassed to admit to how much money I have wasted on here but it really runs into thousands of Dollars.

These women are not real, If you visit any site that is free you will only find your normal woman with average looks, most will be of average weight or much larger the girl next door type. This site has 90% of beautiful and very attractive women on it, Almost all of these women are models and they are paid for their allowing their profiles and photos to go on this site. After this they play no further part on this site, except for receiving regular payments from the site for any of the services that us guys decide to include them in. Such as the Mail services, Live chat, Video call, Gifts and so on. A team of so called professional chatters reply to your letters, Live chat, and Video call. If you do video call ask whoever you are talking to to do something like putting their hand on their head, or stand up and turn around etc, etc. so you are sure your talking live to that person, and not to a pre recorded video so you can terminate it quickly if you don't get a response. However the remaining 10% on here seem to be prostitutes and women you would not give a second look to.

When you browse through the endless lists of women for the first time, you should see all the signs of a scam thats getting ready to come your way. You are about to hand over your credit card details, and to invite them to start the RIPPING off process. Trust me when I say this, the professional chatters on this site are very good at what they do. They have a very successful pattern they follow, you will not realise they are leading you along the painfully long road until it's too late, while the site keep removing money from your account each time you read or reply to a letter. Then when they think they have you well and truly on the hook, they will start asking you to go on to the video chat or the live chat service so they can up the ante and take more money from you, stretching the time out to empty your account faster.

I am speaking from one years experience on this site. I have even been to Shenzhen in southern China to meet with one lady, I was totally taken in by her, her name was Mingzhi ID 1201433 she told me she could speak good English, when I met her in my hotel lobby area it was her interpreter that introduced her to me. I honestly never recognised her. She was a little old lady with short thinning hair, and could not speak any English either. She looked old enough to be the woman in her profile photos mother. Why don't you check out her profile photos, she looks very good for her age don't you think! Yet at the top right hand corner of the profile page it says CONFIRMED PROFILE . There are also women on here with two profiles as well and I have had them send me letters from both of their IDs one woman called Li was 54 with a son on one profile and on the other her name had changed to Sharma and her age had changed to 37 with no kids. When I complained to my account manager Rikki I was told she was a trustworthy and it was a mistake. Again at the top of the profile page of each it had CONFIRMED PROFILE. Trust me this site is 100% scam save your money don't waste it here.

Mr Jay Z

owen wallace July 06, 2014

Agreed Mr Jay Z..

I am just lucky I did not live chat, like you did.

Felt somthing was up when I could see my women's profile "online",all day long 7 days a week.

Iver she is chatting to many a men,or working for the agency, I think the latter.

And there is allot off them that do that, you see there profiles "online" 24-7.

Glad I am not alone on this.

Just a big scam ,and the owner is American, living in Russia, well hiding from you Americans in Russia.

Its a Scam.
April 13, 2014

Been on the site for two years now, when it was "Asian Beauties".

All the women are fake, I write too the ladys at first asking off them to, send me a photo off them holding up a sign with "Hi Owen 13/04/14".

No one has as yet, there all fake, just trying too rip you off ,from your money, crap you could do that picture on your cell phone, come on.

Its a scam, all the photos, are models, wake up men.

Tommy C November 18, 2014

You can see this website for reference.

These girls are models, i have asked one model, she said no joined in, and she didn't reply to my letter or chat with anyone.

Not cheap, but very worth it!
March 21, 2014

I'm an older guy, and I've been shopping around to find a good site for dating Asian women. Guess I just have a thing for them, and there aren't very many in the town I live in.

After I signed up, I did get a lot of letters and chat requests, but it wasn't too hard to cut through the noise and meet some really nice women. I'm not made of money, but I'm comfortable, so I spend my credits wisely. If a lady interests me, i usually send her a letter first, and wait for her to reply. After that I ask her to do a video chat, because I like to see them live.

One thing that really impressed me was the customer service. I forgot to sign out of a video chat one evening and the credits kept running. I contacted customer service and they sorted it out for me and refunded my credits without trying to fight me about it. Also, the customer service spoke really good English, which is something that can't often be said about many companies.

I'm thinking about going on one of the romance tours to Changsha this summer, because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

I highly recommend it. If you want some free site though, this ain't it.

Bourgaud September 16, 2016

Of course,that they refund you with credits,their internal money becayse,it costs nothing to them.But your real dollars,they did keep!poor naive man!