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Better things to do with your money!
January 21, 2024 is totally fraudulent. It uses algorithms and phrases that you type to set up fake profiles that are therefore supposed to match what you are searching for. This is over and above what you set up in your original search profile. Every time you chat with a supposedly 'real' lady on this site, they uses words and phrases you use to send you extra women who conveniently meet what you have been talking about. If you want value for money, go to a bar, chat up a woman, get drunk and go piss your money up against the wall. It's a much quicker way of wasting your time and money rather than being scammed by this FAKE site.

Village Voice review
July 31, 2023

Village Voice is not owned by them.

Some of the other sites that pop up as supposedly better are really not. Just click on them and there are actual copies of each other.

It's so-so
July 31, 2023

Somewhat hit and miss on this site. So to be clear here is what I know to be true:

Customer service is pretty good. I have asked for a refund and got it in the form of credits. I have reported bad actors and they were removed. They block the ones you do not want to talk to with no issues.

If you schedule a call and exchange contact info and she does not use it, it may be because you did that too soon. This is strictly a judgement call. If you have been talking for a while and this happens, move on.

Be realistic. If she is there 24/7, move on. If she is half your age, no way. Ask specific questions after you know each other. Think of what you would say if asked the same thing. Do research on what she says she does. There is a different mindset due to their culture. Don't expect anything after chatting for 5 minutes, you wouldn't get that from someone you met at a bar.

Be realistic about your choices. They are not genies.

If it walks like a scam duck and talks like a scam duck...
April 15, 2023

So, I joined the site a few weeks ago just to have a look around and go through the profiles of some of the women in China during my free time, while wallowing in my loneliness. Knowing a fair amount of Chinese, I initially wrote to a woman in Chinese, questioning whether or not I was writing to an AI chatbot. The non sequitur answer came back written in English.

Aside from the obvious bait of 'pay x amount per month to continue the 'conversation', one thing that really stood out (after going through hundreds of profiles) was how often profile descriptions are re-used for different women. The first time I noticed this was when the interests' description for one woman appeared verbatim in the same description for another.

Other things, such as a woman in her twenties, supposedly looking for a man who is open-minded, asking whether her mother can share in the relationship spring to mind.

That aside, I've often wondered how many of the profiles are written by bored, sexually frustrated young guys sitting in a cubicle somewhere in China.

In short, save your money and your sanity, regardless of how painful your loneliness may be, and stay away from this obvious-scam-of-a-site.

Russ July 31, 2023

I have chatted to some in mandarin and got the reply in mandarin. There is no such language as chinese. that's like saying I speak american. is a fraud and maybe part of the CCP!
June 27, 2021

This web service is a joke! A bad joke! It is totally fraudulent and is not to be trusted. In fact, I have been told by some acquaintances who are involved in international affairs, that this has the high probability of being a money harvesting operation for the CCP. It is very possible that any money you send to these fakers eventually goes into funding some part of the communist regime. I have no direct evidence but, it kind of makes sense after dealing with them. THEREFORE, DO NOT SEND EVEN ONE BRASS FARTHING TO THIS FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATION!!!

It has been outlined previously that the ladies are all frauds. The photos are stolen or purchased from an by unscrupulous agencies who then use them to lure in sad and lonely older men. (Yeah! Like me!) The letters that are written are not from those ladies at all. They are from professional writers who have a moderate command of the English language. After examining thousands of letters and profiles I can now tell much about them just by reading them. Also, the file names on the photos will tell me that they are indeed from various agencies. Many of them have been ripped directly off of WeChat which is one of their social media platforms. Yes, having some good computer skills helps.

The language structure and verbage can tell you a lot about the person writing. I have plenty of letters that have been sent to me where nothing matched the profile documents. Some ladies have claimed to have children and the profile says they do not. They have written that they wish to be married before they are 21, or 25, or 30 and so on. However, their profile shows that they passed those ages by as much as 5 to 7 years!

I have had letters stating that they were an astrophysicist or such and then when challenged, they disappeared. Then their profile was completely re-written! Also, many claim to have HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in wealth yet, the richest man in China, Jack Ma, has a net worth of just 30 Billion dollars. Additionally, if all of the ladies who claim to have personal jets were flying there wouldn't be any room for commercial aircraft because the corridors would be full!

As a safety measure to make absolutely certain that any woman sending a letter was real I had my profile set up to weed out fakes and frauds. I instructed them to answer a few questions and then include a specific code word to prove that they had indeed read my profile. It stated very prominently that I considered the site to be fraudulent and that they needed to include that code word if they wanted a response. Every single letter of introduction that claimed to have read my profile many times over ever challenged my claim or included the code word. Not one! That is a 100% failure rate and proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that the site is rife with frauds and robotic responses.

While on the subject of robotic responses, or bots, as they are called, I had many upon many that were very obviously just that. I had one in particular that after just examining her profile started sending letters. I never responded to this woman because it was obvious that she had not read my profile. I received as many as 20 letters in one day from her. The last count from this woman was over 3000 letters! Yes! THREE THOUSAND LETTERS from one so called "lady" to whom I had never responded, ever! There is no way that was a live person doing that. Even in China!

Another thing about that particular lady is that I kept removing her from my favorites category. However, she magically kept being reinserted into it. I am the one who determines who goes into that file, not her. The only other ones who could do so would have to be someone who had administrative privileges. That means that someone in the company was putting her back into my file! If that doesn't scream fraud then what can? It happened with several other ladies as well. So, someone on the inside was definitely messing with my files.

One more thing that always made me wonder and then laugh was the letter count. I had many ladies who had written one letter which I ignored. Then, I would get another "first letter" or another "second letter". That makes two of each. Hmmm. Then there were the ladies who had written a hundred, or two hundred or more letters. When checked against their history they went from a first letter to a hundred or more instantly! Apparently, the counting system is able to be manipulated to make a sucker, I mean client, think that they had missed a bunch of letters. Again, just one more nail in the fraud coffin.

If this were a court of law and this company were being tried for fraud and such, I'd win hands down. I had collected enough evidence to hang them out to dry. However, since it is very likely this is a shell organization that indirectly feeds the funds back to the CCP or some other unscrupulous organization, it's now only a mental exercise.

Therefore, if anyone who reads this entry does business with this company they are a complete and total fool and deserve to be separated from their money. The mental pain and anguish that they get will be well deserved. In my case, it was a let down, at first. However, after not renewing my account it became a data gathering mission. Even though I didn't spend any money at all I still received countless letters on a daily basis. It became a form of entertainment to see who could write the most convincing letter of introduction. I will admit, there were a few that almost had me going but, the big brain overruled the little brain and saved my wallet, again. LOL

Be smart and don't do any business with this company. Also, pass a link to this web site around so others will not also fall into the trap set by this bunch of thieves. Your wallet will thank you, your heart will thank you and someone else out there will thank you, too.

RichardKrpata October 11, 2021

A well written comment, everything is so very true..I just wish I read this before turning over my money to them. Thank you for the time you took to write this.

CHRISTHAL March 25, 2022

I'm in my sixties. After being on Anastasia Date and Asian Date for years and spending thousands and thousands of dollars on endless letters to several ladies, it was basically just a money pit that never led to anything but an unhappy wallet and an unhappy me. B

oth these sites are owned by "Interactive Media" and have many similarities. Anastasia Date deals mostly with women from the Ukraine. The slogan for both these sites is, "Love has no Boundaries".

You'll never meet anyone from these sites because they're total scams, and what they charge for credits is outrageous. One of the biggest red flags is that most of these women look like dolled-up super models that are most likely employed by the site owners to deceive the men.

Even if you're an old guy in your sixties, all these perfect looking women from 18-25 years old are asking you to start a family with them. Your age limits and requirements on your profile are completely ignored, and also, why would a beautiful girl that young want with an old man anyway?

A normal girl that young would be totally grossed out to be with an old man. I think that these letters must be xeroxed by the hundreds and just typed a different man's name on it. A legitimate dating site will send you limited replies instead of hundreds, no matter how much the ladies are impressed by you.

On Asian Date, I could easily get up to 3000 letters from just one young, "too beautiful to be true" woman claiming to be in love with me right off the bat. Obviously, the women get everything for free, just like ladies' night at the bars. And many of the letters are very disrespectful with a lot of sexual content.

Some young women would actually offer her mom, sister, or even her daughter to anyone or any creep that was interested. And many of them claim to be extremely wealthy and are willing to give most or all of their wealth to anyone that believes them and will help them get to the US.

If they were really wealthy, they'd want to stay there with all their wealth and wouldn't need any help. And I doubt that any woman smart enough to acquire that kind of wealth would exchange a billion dollars for a possible "love interest".

If you actually put one of them on the spot, you'll never hear from her again because she's not real anyway. This happened to me on Anastasia Date with a beautiful doctor from France.

After many costly letters from me, I asked to visit her, and she replied in her next letter with family issues that prevented her from communicating with me anymore. Really? Have I now made you sick enough by all this? I hope so.

If you must use internet dating sites, please do your research first, and use your mind to make your choices and not get carried away by your emotions. That's what the owners of these so-called dating sites prey upon, and it's really a pathetic way to conduct a business.

Thank you for reading this. Good Luck to you in your search. Take care.

January 20, 2021


This web service is nothing but a fraud. It is bogus, fake, fraudulent and a horrible site. If you believe that any of the positive reviews here are honest and true then I've got a bridge that you should buy! In short, you are an idiot if you believe them!

The site offers a "free" first letter from any "lady" that you contact. You will also have unsolicited first letters. Some of them are moderately well written. In fact, too well written. Many of them have certain amounts of broken or marginal English. However, the over all writing just feels off. The one thing that really stands out are the plethora of odd characters and typing errors that go unchecked. Many of these are done by computers, or robots, while others are done by boiler room type staff members.

There are many, many tip offs that these are totally fake. I, personally, made up a profile that would force any "lady" who actually read it to respond in a certain manner. Not one has ever done so. Not one! Even though they all claim that my profile made me appear to be "unlike other men on the site" they were all baloney.

The photos are from models who have done one or more of several things. They sold a portfolio to the service. They have an outside service representing them and they submitted the photos either with, or without, their knowledge. Or, they were downright stolen from another service or elsewhere.

I discovered more than one so called lady with profiles on several of these services and upon writing to one wrote to the other profiles. Each and everyone had no idea about what had been discussed on the other profiles. To each one I was a unique person even though I clearly mentioned specific things that they had told me and that I had told them. All of them were fakes.

Did I mention that most of the so called "ladies" are robots? I have a good selection of them from which I had one of the "FREE FIRST LETTERS" to which I never responded. Nearly all of them have been hammering away at my account for a long time. One of them has sent upward of 2500 letters! Many more are in the hundreds of letters. Tell me truthful, would you write 2500 letters to one of them without getting even one response? If not then why expect them to do that?

Some of the "ladies" have very strange numbering of their letters. The first one, of course, then the next ones will start being numbered at something like 41, 59, 175, 240 and so on. Checking back shows that they have a huge jump with no letters other than the first one! Really? Come on! IDIOT ALERT!

Any one to which you begin to get close or who has hooked you will start making claims that they want to come visit or, you should come visit with them. Then, all of a sudden, some crisis occurs which prevents that from happening. They have a family emergency. The business has been robbed. There was a fire. The parents are getting a divorce. They have more excuses than fleas on a dog! It's all BS!

Another annoying thing is the little pop up chat window that never goes away. You cannot shut it off. Whatever you do, don't fall for it! Those chats will drain your credits like a broken damn! Then again, you shouldn't even be giving this rip off service a brass farthing, anyway! Not one!

One more little tip off before I close this book is that when you see some of the profiles, they will read something like "I'm nearly 27..." and yet they are shown to be over 30! I had one show up that in her letter AND her profile text she was saying that at 26 she is ready to be married and so on. Yet, her profile was clearly showing that she was 34 years old! Even better are those that ask if you mind that they have children or have been divorced yet their profiles say exactly the opposite. Really?!

I could probably write an entire book about how bad and dishonest this site is in truth. It's a total rip off. If you even sink one penny into it then you are even more stupid than me! I've done it! I've paid for the hope and dreams only to get absolutely no where. I sat there spinning my tires and never got even one bit of traction. Avoid this site and tell anyone and everyone to do the same.

Once more I will submit that is a total rip off, a sham, a scam, a travesty, a fraud, a fake, a money pit and that anyone who has written a positive review is very likely a staff member. Don't believe them for even one New York City minute! Your heart and wallet will be much happier if you don't. Go to some other web service. There are plenty that are legitimate. This one is not one of them!



JerryW March 27, 2021

There were two major tip-offs I found were, after viewing over 300 women ranging from 21 to 56, there were less than a dozen who were NOT business owners! Now how is that possible? The women who were not business owners were either doctors or widows of business owners wanting to whisk me away on their yachts or jets...this coming from China/CCP! Second tip-off was/is I have sent two requests for information on this irregularity of business owners, and as of today, neither request for info has been responded to. MAJOR SCAM!!! DO NOT BUY INTO THIS FAKE SITE!!!

March 11, 2020

Don't trust this site.

I have been receiving numerous emails from strangers trying to communicate with some girl on site. The girl's profile used my email address and the site refused to do anything about it.

If the girls are real, why would they use fake emails to avoid connection?!

AsianDate - a sophisticated scam site
November 17, 2018

If your hormones are clouding your thinking, you may spend quite a bit of cash on AsianDate, like I did, until rational thought suddenly hits you like cold water in your face. The signs are all very openly obvious but you may willingly ignore them because, at first, you are having so much fun and you want to believe it is all true. It is very expensive to play out your fantasies on AsianDate and the cost will soon run into the thousands of dollars if you spend any significant time there.

Even if you can afford to flush your cash down the toilet, why waste it on slim? It is all so neatly packaged. Almost all the women are gorgeous - at least 99% - and they are all passionate about you and only you. Women from 18 to 52 or so will write you letters, many explicit and a few with full nudity, begging for a chance to be with you. Right!!!

We all always knew hundreds of gorgeous models were just dying to find us and, finally, they have found us on AsianDate. How lucky can we get? Many profess love you from the first contact. Even if you realize that many are scammers and weed out the nubiles and the ladies with filthy mouths as not worth any long term contact, you may still get into a conversation with a few age appropriate beauties that seems reasonable, smart and sincere.

But you will never meet them. You may pay for a $300 phone call and get their contact info, but then they will slip away unexplainably. Eventually you realize the whole site is one big scam. No contact info is allowed onsite and will be deleted from your messages except in a phone call. So, you do an expensive phone call and exchange email and phone numbers and then...nothing. You may get one response to your email but then she vanishes along with your ego.

I can laugh at myself for my naivety, but maybe you can learn from me and avoid being taken for a sucker. Remember, no matter how many positive comments you see online about AsianDate, they are all fake. Remember AsianDate is a sophisticated scam. DO NOT DO IT but, if you do, keep your head on straight and watch your wallet.

Scam Joke
June 17, 2017

Whoever thinks that site is the real deal has a definite malfunction.

I thought I'd out thinking what the hell why not. So first I tried it normal and filled in the info. Got a few odd results and Then a couple I thought were a good thing but something was off.

Then of course came the pony up to get a letter that starts adding up quickly. Best part was I was supposed to have 56 free credits but they magically disappeared.

I made it abundantly clear as well I was not looking for younger women FYI. So I noticed not one person had a clue about my question which was tell me my chest size which was right at the start of my info so very hard to miss. At least you would think so.

Trust me I gave it an honest chance and was really hoping something would come from it besides the women in the states have gotten really frigid and all about their big deal careers. Then I'd get my first name and some stupid ran together words afterwards and a bunch of ampersand symbols which means it was an (Oh what a surprise) AUTOMATED script.

I decided to make it so clear a moron could get it. I wiped all the info about me and her out and put a simple little sentence in stating just send another message showing what was in the message but not one person got it.

Are you kidding me? I'm going to check again to see if anyone caught it. This time I even deleted my picture. Hahaha. No one noticed yet. What are the chances.

It can be great,give it a try!
December 19, 2016
Guys, you just have to be realistic and truthful to yourselves. Don't chat with 18 year-old girls if you are too old for them and have big age difference. That`s stupid and naive. Look for the woman of your age and then youd have real chances to find something serious on this website.

Bourgaud February 13, 2018

Most of Letters from women have Been Written several years ago by their Asian beauties(The Former calling)or are Written by pure scammers,hired for that!Stakhanovists of The Fake Letters!so,what difference between Young and old women?only Fake and SWINDLES!

Lon Ball December 27, 2020

Yes, true!

Only positive experience
December 14, 2016
It`s a good site to talk to asian ladies.The ladies from that part of the world tend to be more respectful to their man,that`s the kind of woman I am looking for.I already tried to chat with girls with their camera switched on,it was nice to see them not only in the pictures but also smiling at me and showing their emotions. We also managed to exchange contacts with two girls during phonecalls.They provide a translator if the lady doesn't speak english well,which was a nice surprise for me. So far I've had only positive experience on the website.

Bourgaud February 13, 2018

How much Money did U get for The Fake Review?

Lon Ball December 27, 2020

The sad thing is that this writer could be sincere because it is so entertaining to be deceived by such great actors. They are very professional and incredibly skilled at deception. I spent almost three years wasting time and money there and never once met anyone or even got directly connected with anyone of the 'girls'. Two meetings at airports were no shows in Beijing. Introductory letters come from girls who fall in professed everlasting love based on a profile? Phone calls only yield numbers that don't work. Don't waste your time there; learn from other's experience. I wish I had read the reviews first.

Cool Dating Site
November 3, 2016

I am quite unsure as to why there are so many bad reviews about AsianDate. I have personally used the site for quite a long time, and have enjoyed my experience here. I recently upgraded my membership and I am even more satisfied with the results.

Its a perfect time killer. I would recommend everyone to at least try out the free membership the website offers. I also like the quality of the singles on the site. Really great!

Roadrunner December 02, 2016

You must be loaded ! I think you are naive. You will just keep paying get not lover at all mate. I think you need to wake up to reality. These arse holes use you as meal ticket and noting else and most of these scammers operate from Russian. I have on women who got russian looks and name but live and work in Mexico ? Come on!

GeorgeJordon January 01, 2019

Have you actually met a lady from Asiandate?

Lon Ball January 02, 2021

98% probability that any 5 star rating is by paid employee of Asian, African, Anastasia dating consortium. Notice there is no ratings here between the extremes 1 and 5 !

Antiscam policy,verification team,customer support=manipulations!
September 16, 2016

As long as the women registered in all the sites of Anastasia multinational greedy group will not pay one dollar for chatting while the western men, the money providers, can spend several thousands dollars for chatting with one woman as I did ,because I was too naive and trustful, ALL WILL BE WRONG! Any true and real relationship cannot exist when one pays and gives 1000 while the other one pays:0!Whatever the field: business, friendship, family, love...

All the rest is lies, cheats, supported by Anastasia group (anastasia, asian, amolatina, arabian dates) to make millions of dollars each day through manipulations, lying advertising, commercial propaganda.

You have one chance among 1000 to find and live with a woman from this site ,but this greedy company is the winner at 1000%with your money stolen, which you will never see again!

June 16, 2016

I read so many reviews about First I want to say any man looking to exchange information if they are USA need to fill out the IMBRA Form and get lady to agree to exchange information. Yes the censor your chat and letters with private information you send but it is the law and for anyone to say otherwise is lying.

If you would chat and get to know the lady and then do it legal you would not be out here complaining. Yes I notice a lot of woman on here 24/7 and those are the ones I avoid use your head not the one between your legs. You can ask for the lady to send you pictures about this or that and if she doesn't maybe she doesn't understand what you asking. I have met and have exchanged information with my lady yes it took time and I had to follow up because she didn't understand what I was telling her but Customer Service helped us and all is fine.

So before you say this is a scam or that is a scam spend your money and really try don't expect instant results they are people and if you want instant results go to other free sites and see what happens they will give you a skype address and contact information and then ask for money for rent or computer that's a scam. I plan on trip to China in four months and see my lady and enjoy my time. How much money you spend on a woman you meet at bar or club and get nothing in return.

I am not an employee of this site or have a problem I just can't sit back and read all the BS written by men that expect results from day one and only spend a few dollars. As far as letters go my lady sent me letters and guess what I didn't read half of them and we just chat and now we talk off site private and all is good. Speak to Nadya and she will help you out if need be.

john August 01, 2016

Yes they are a total scammer. There is another proof; A Beautiful Slave, Amazon.

Bourgaud September 16, 2016

The customer service helps you so long as you do not ask to get your money back,because of the lies,cheats,manipulations you were the victim.their f...terms and conditions, have only one aim:to protect the financial interest of Anastasia multinational greedy group! False profiles, professions, trucated pictures, scans,the customer service and the so called verification team will never find something wrong! .they will invent the worse excuses or explanations to keep your money!

Roadrunner December 02, 2016

It rare but you are right , you have to test their information. Ask for Photo with their friends or Parents or workmate. then you will know if the posted Photos are for real or not ! Its easily faked , they lift photo from website like (Facebook , or Twitter) , but if you insist on seeing new photo , then you know for sure if they avoid getting back to you on this request after several attempts as the chat session cost credits for you but zip to these women. They should understand you as the chat session uses translators then screen words so that you can never ask their email or mobile number

Roadrunner December 02, 2016

It rare but you are right , you have to test their information. Ask for Photo with their friends or Parents or workmate. then you will know if the posted Photos are for real or not ! Its easily faked , they lift photo from website like (Facebook , or Twitter) , but if you insist on seeing new photo , then you know for sure if they avoid getting back to you on this request after several attempts as the chat session cost credits for you but zip to these women. They should understand you as the chat session uses translators then screen words so that you can never ask their email or mobile number

desperate Asian date site
June 3, 2016
asian date in order to make much more money, they hold big part of us translators' salaries, the payment now we get is even not enough to support our daily life, so I am going to give up the job! the site only wants make much more money!

Bourgaud September 16, 2016

Are you honest and clear or paid by a competitor? I am very interested in your complaints!I am an individual man,a cheated abd manipulated customer of Asiandate.

Total scam with unrefutable proof.
April 14, 2016

So I met someone on it, they seemed sweet.. there are a million nice looking ladies there, but I go more for sweet.. Anyway, I talked to her for 2 1/2 years.. totally wasted two and a half years.. she even wanted me to meet her, and all that.. wait for her etc.. I complained to customer service, they said they check the lady a few times, and verified it.. same pre scripted bull crap every time you talk to customer service, deny there is a problem.. so, got sick of it left the site.. but I felt bad..

I kept looking for her.. well I finally found the real her.. I found her husband they been married for 3 years.. so, the time I was talking to her, it wasn't her.. and why even waste my time with wait for me crap?, there are lots of ladies, could easily just pick someone else and give them a chance.. these people will not only waste your money but your time.. needlessly.. yeah after a couple years of searching.

I finally found the real her.. to prove this beyond a doubt.. she never lived where they said.. she wasn't what they said she was.. she never even talked to me.. and was married shortly after I had started talking to her.. or what I thought was her.. but they play on you give a crap about someone..

I would like to share the email I got.. from her husband.. names replaced with name.. just because it is not really him or her who did this.. and he did send the photo to prove it..

--------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------

Hi Name,

The Asian Beauty or Asian Date is run by Russian criminals. The computer servers are located in Philippines, fake office is in US but all the business is run from Russia.

They look for small dating agencies and also they can help to set up new business.

For each letter sent or received the agency takes $1.00, for new profile $3.00, gifts are a big rip-offs.

In the best interest of the business is to have good profiles, photos of girls are taken by professional photographer to increase the profitability. All photos are photo shop so even ugly girls look attractive. Some profiles can make a lot of money for the Russian and Chinese partners. Girl like Name does not know who is interested in her, she is not taking part in trading at all. So, you did not talk to Name and she does not know you at all. He phone and email are probably fake, the company only is interested in selling letters so giving you correct contact details would not be good for the business. Each profile is assign

to a telemarketer who knows English, they write letters to clients based on basic info of the girl.

This is why most of the letters did not make too much sense. If the agency will finally find a prospect

husband for the girl once she will marry she has to pay extra $3-10 thousand dollars.

I understand that you are not happy with the info but this is how it is, they profit on single man loneliness.

Name is my wife. We are together for three years now. Her profile was very hot and was sold for extra 2.5 years till big problems started to see daylight. Name profile was deleted from the database finally after many of my interventions.

I would strongly suggest you different dating site, the annual cost is only $150 and you talk to

true girls but always be careful any way. Chinese girls are lovely and very pretty but there is opinion that Thai girls are better wife. I can tell you from my experience the Chinese girls are very jealous, my phone is check daily I think.

I would send you photo of us together but I don’t know you and I don’t know how you could use our photo in the future. Sorry. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

--------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------

Unrefutably proof it is 100% a scam.. these sites need to be taken down, and action has to be taken.. I strongly urge any hackers to hack and encrypt their site.. these people have gone and done this to so many people, they won't just waste your money they will waste your life.. even if you have good intentions.. not everyone wants a hot young chick, I was a bit more realistic, someone close to my age.. you read this crap about unwanted ladies in china and think.. you just want to meet someone who appreciates you. and I am not the typical old guy, that cannot find a date..

Bourgaud September 16, 2016

Very,very interesting and instructive article,even if I already knew many things about the Anastasia group swindles and manipulations. I am one of the cheated western idiot and naive customer.

Roadrunner December 02, 2016

This is an email I got from one of the translator after I terminated my paying the subscription automatically

Dear Sir,

I am Selina, the translator worked for Amolatina agencies.

I would like to remind you, there are big scams in In the old days, we always contact your lady and transfer your message to them, vice versa.

However, things changed and I'm afraid that would never be the same again. The Director of Amolatina ( her name is Julia) dismissed most Colombia agencies unlawfully and took all agencies ladies for her self use. She ordered her staffs in Ukraine to pretend to be your ladies, with the aim to make money but never to deliver real communications. They never contacted or transferred any messages to your ladies and all communications between you and Amolatina ladies are fake.

I tried to contact Russia head office to tell them to stop this cheat, but they covered Julia's dirty works (Director of Amolatina) because they can make benefits from it anyways.

I know you are very sincere gentleman and don’t want to see you falling into Julia’s trap, thus, I've decided to write this letter to remind you. Moreover, with the aim to protect you and your lady, I suggest you can write the mails to and request your lady to take a video with a paper that signed your name in the paper. If they can’t provide it, it means the lady is fake and the website need to return money to you, as they promised in their website.

Yours Sincerely,


P.S the Amolatina CS will give you so many excuse, like privacy policy, ladies willing, etc. Please don’t be misled and just keep insisting for the ladies video, then truth will find"

When I wrote this Salina email Amolatina Real expected I got not response.

After Salina wrote the above email: i notice that the Anastasain is the front behind this all PayPal payment has shifted to from JAGA SMART TECH [email protected] to [email protected] under the name SOL Networks Limited ( I bet if you check it registered or not it will be a blooody fake too) SCAM
November 23, 2015

Before I join a site, I just put a title in, no info, no pic. If I get an email back, I know the site is a scam. With, I got 10 messages in less than 24 hours.

Total scam!

New to this site..
March 21, 2015
’m new to this site and can’t say much. What I noticed is that searching can be very tricky if you don’t know your preferences, the rest is exceptional.

Free cheese is not here...
March 5, 2015
You know what? I will never believe in any negative comments about this service. You know why? Because it is a prepaid scam. If any of you wanna find true love for free, please go to facebook. This service guaranteed you real serious relations and it costs very little.

Bourgaud September 16, 2016

Cost very little?how much are you paid to write such nonsensewords, such deny of reality?

Looks like scam...
January 12, 2015


As far us guys that is really searching for the one to love us til death do part...

Its very tempting with this site...


All asian beauties...

All messages are either they miss you already... You are their darling... hot sex tease... And they say that they found you - their life partner, destiny, soulmate, prince and the one their looking for..,


But thats not the catch


Sone have own business, some lawyer, some doctor, and from a rich family... And never married!!!


I have chosen one because she said I'm the one for her, and be the only one for life...

And says she has all she need but sad because she could not biy true love...




But here i am making her lovelife come true...


So i sent all my contact details but this sites censors it out...

I edited my picture with my email and mobile embedded ..,

But still no message on my personal email from her...


So maybe she's fake...

And maybe i just try the other ladies there tgat could be really looking for a true real genuine guy like me...


Or just delete my account and find work in China til i meet the one there


Good luck guys!