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Positive experience
November 25, 2021
I had a positive experience with AnyVan. It was very easy to arrange with a patient customer service department. The items were collected and delivered on time and as promised. The driver let me know he was running late and kept me informed as the day went on. I couldn't fault the service that I received and would use again.

Great from start to finish and cheaper than the rest
November 24, 2021
I nearly didn't choose AnyVan because they were so much cheaper than all their competitors but I am so glad I did go with AnyVan. They were really good - great customer services, driver and van on the day was great, I could track and communicate with the team and the driver really easily. It was seamless from start to finish.

Great service good cost
November 16, 2021
Any van and their team were great and I would 100% recommended them!

Excellent Service
November 16, 2021

Extremely pleased with the whole Anyvan experience.

Darias the driver was very courteous and helpful.

Would highly reccommend

Great service - easy to book
November 16, 2021
Booked online and could change details up to day before. Great communication and service. Would definitely use again.

Instant choice of dates and prices and trackable.
November 16, 2021
Excellent service. I received a months worth of quotes with varying prices instantly. The driver I had looked after my Bentley with great care and was very polite. Totally recommend for transporting your vehicle.

Horrible Experience
October 21, 2021

What a mistake to trust anyvan to do our move...

1. We had booked our move for 9-10am. The driver that was supposed to come was unable to. So last minute anyvan found a random guy with a van and sent him to do our move 5 hours late. This guy even brought his wife with him to help.

2. The van was small, they didn't have anything to cover our mattress (even though we paid for packaging), so I had to use my bedsheets and they didn't use any protection between our furniture in the van. There was no type of protection, no padding, no straps, nothing at all .... Therefore EVERYTHING was scratched and damaged.

3. They broke our wardrobe while trying to disassemble it in front of our eyes and straight away they started taking photos of the damage they caused and tried to make us sign a waiver in order to avoid any responsibility for it. They were unable to assemble it properly in the new house and they left us with a leaning wardrobe which we later broke apart and took to the tip as it was unusable.

4. They got in the van to go to our new house and left 2 (out of the 10) furniture we needed to move behind. We had to ask them to come back in and get them.

5. They left the old house dropping a leg of the desk on the road. Luckily we were just behind them with our car and collected it.

If we had rent a van for a day we could have done the move ourselves with much greater care and with no damages and scratches.

The only good thing is that our most valuable items (TVs, computer screens etc) we moved them ourselves with our car. They would have destroyed everything.

Horrible experience!!!!
October 19, 2021

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! AVOID IF POSSIBLE!!! The movers asked me to remove a protective layer of wrapping around a credenza to see if it would make it lighter (it didn't). They then turned it upside down and used a dowel post to rotate it, causing irreparable damage to the veneer in multiple places. They then rammed the credenza into my heating unit, deeply denting the metal housing.

The movers at no time notified me about the damage that was caused. The credenza was the last item to be unloaded, and it was trollied in and unloaded at an angle that concealed the damage to the top. After it was unloaded I watched at a distance while the movers were looking at the top of it, but thought nothing of it until I saw the damage after they had left. It is now clear that they saw the damage and tried to hide it.

I also chose the size of the storage unit based on the size of the large pieces of furniture to be moved. I have a 35 square foot unit, but without the credenza I would only need a 30 foot unit. As a result, I'm now paying to store a piece of furniture that has lost all value as I do not have the time/resources to change to an alternate unit at such short notice. I will also need to pay someone to dispose of it on my return to the UK, as it's resale value is effectively nothing at this time as the cost of repairing the veneer and legs is in excess of its value..

This negligence is going to cost me well over 1000 pounds to rectify. When I contacted Anyvan about the damage, they informed me that they will only cover up to 100 pounds for the damage to the credenza (I paid 1200 for it). When I asked about the heating unit damage, they offered me a 20 percent discount because I might be lying and that the damage could have been pre-existing. This despite multiple witnesses that the units were undamaged prior to the mover's arrival, and a dent that watches the damage on my credenza.

I am rejecting their offer and exploring other legal avenues. If you value your sanity and your possessions, please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Warning to avoid!! Harassment & intimidation by drivers!
September 16, 2021

Charged us for items and services not received! Driver 2 hours late. Charged us for bubble wrap and boxes THEY DID NOT BRING. Pressured us to 'pay them extra in cash' to get around the company. Then intimidated and forced us to approve an extra £80 payment WE DID NOT AGREE WITH in order to get my items out of their van. DISGUSTING!! HUGE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE TO MY ITEMS AS WELL!

I sent over 20 photos of my damaged items to this company AND NO RESPONSE OR CARE!

Booking number: AV 703 1512


Still no resolution even though I provided photos of all damage, some of which was witnessed by my husband as the movers dropped my antique bear case in front of him and he heard it crack which I provided them photos of. They asked me to send details of all damaged items which I did and offered an insulting settlement of 60 gbp for 1085 gbp worth of damaged items with photo proof of all damages and a video taken before the move showing no damage to items. Scam artists who do not care!

There is also a phone call recording where they charged me twice for boxes and bubble wrap which they never brought and they are still refusing to listen to the phone call or refund both charges for the unprovided items.

- Black Sinamay and goose feather hat - 350 GBP

- Vintage Easter island statue - 235 GBP paid

- Antique one of a kind bird statue - 60 GBP paid

- Bookcases - 150 GBP, multiple damaged areas including crucial stabilization spots

- Mirrors (3), one antique silver, 2 black and white - paid 95 GBP for all three (75 GBP for silver, 20 GBP for others)

- Chip glass - need to buy a new kit to get this item, 20 GBP

- White tree from John Lewis - need to buy a new one as branches snapped off, 25 GBP

- Black tree from John Lewis - need to buy a new one as branches snapped off, 25 GBP

- red, white blue tree bobbles smashed, - 20 GBP to get replacements

- Small vintage Indonesian statues damaged - 25 GBP to fix/restore

- Bear case to protect antique bear - 80 GBP

WHEN I TOLD THIS WAS UNACCEPTIBLE, THEY SAID "As AnyVan is not in a regulated industry, nor are we a member of any trade organisations, it means we do not fall under the jurisdiction of any ombudsman or Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR)."

Clearly they are intent on ripping you off if anything of yours gets damaged instead of reaching a resolution!!

August 9, 2021

AnyVan sounds like a bunch of cowboys at first glance rıght.. Well as ı found out to my cost recently AnyVan ARE a bunch of COWBOYS. Use them at your peril

July 2021 I had been looking for a second hand Merc and after doing my research I scanned the classifieds and bought a car privately. As I am out of the UK for the time being at least I intended to have the car collected directly from the previous owner ın Cheltenham and as ıt wasn’t taxed have it trailered to storage ın East Grinstead. A trip of 130 mıles.

I cast around for a company with some sort of pedigree and although there’s plenty of folk out there few even bothered to respond to my enquiries and most of those that did baulked at a car weighing 1800kgs. So it came down to the real professionals i.e. a pucker haulage company or a company who transport super expensive sports cars using bespoke covered trailers (you may have seen them ın the classic car magazines ask them for a quote sometime) So it came down to two options who each wanted a kings ransom or AnyVan who quoted 220 quid

With AnyVan you pick your day pay the fee and they allocate you a driver. The driver contacts you by phone. I had picked the followıng Wednesday I alerted all to the arrangements and then ANDY my driver called and asked if he could collect the car a day early on Tuesday as he saıd he was in the area that day but he would stıll deliver it on Wednesday. I should have said no but i thought the price reflected a little flexibility and Andy assured me the car would be locked in a garage overnight

I contacted the prevıous owner of my car and he agreed the new date and after the car was collected he sent me two short videos and two photos including the car departing hıs premıse. These were time and date stamped and the car ıs seen on its way at 15.43hrs The car arrived late on Wednesday and the recipient a car storage company advised the driver made an excuse he had van problems due to the hot weather

Two weeks later I get a parking ticket through the post the time on the ticket is Tuesday 16.20 the locatıon a few mıles along the route from Cheltenham at an abandoned BP Servıce Statıon that companıes lıke Euro Car Parks prowl for unwary victims

I contacted the previous owner who confirmed pretty much what i already knew and I then contacted AnyVan and usıng the web app ı advısed them the story sent them the parkıng tıcket and offered to send them the vıdeo evıdence. Iasked that they pay the fıne or reınburse me part of theır fee . After two chats ı receıved a phone back and the lady ın questıon advised that they would need to speak to the driver and they would call me back ın the comıng days. Despıte chattıng wıth them a further three tımes over the next three workıng days and requestıng a decısıon they never dıd get back to me. . I ended up payıng the tıcket myself.

The ability to track the progress location of your transport promised by AnyVan is just nonsense as it clearly relies on updates from the driver there is no real time tracking. One thing is for certain my car was abandoned for 40 minutes. A parkıng tıcket but ıt could have been a lot worse. So the next tıme you are lookıng for someone to tansport your car take note and ask what are you saving if you loose your car.

Unprofessional Liars and Thieves.
April 9, 2021

Useless. Charged over 300 for a removal. Items damaged by unprofessional and uncaring people. Coffee table parts missing and damaged. Brand new bed ripped. Drier.... cable partly ripped out and left dangerous. When I discovered it I'd already tried to use. Live and neutral wires touching and shorted out my sockets. I complained only to be told they don't know how long it will take for me to have issues resolved. Pathetic.

Just to add they go on the side of the driver, who obviously deny any damage. I sent photos to prove, as requested, then they told me they also wanted photos prior to the move. I provided this knowing that the metadata can be used as with insurance companies, they claim it cannot be accessed except for on the original device. Total Bull. I have computer certifications. The driver "crashed the van" I have a witness. They will not accept a witness statement to a "crash" DEMAND CCTV!!! What a croc. Anything to get out of paying for damage and/or loss of goods.

I will continue to review this company on as many review sites as possible. They ruin my items I will ruin their business.

Worst company ever !!!!
March 26, 2021

I had the worst possible experience with Anyvan. I had a move from Austria to Italy in total an 11 hour drive. First, the moving company asked me to hire my own movers. He told me that due to covid they could only hire one driver and so I had to provide my own people to move my things. I finally was able to round up some people to help and the company said they would pay the people for their time.

A week before the move I sent the photos of the things as per request of the company and they came up with this story that I had too many things and they needed another van. So they hired another driver and ended up not using the people I had hired and did not cancel on them leaving me to pay the people out of pocket for their time wasted.

They took my things and were absolutely careless with my things they lost 6 boxes and inside of these boxes were many expensive household items in total of nearly 2 thousand dollars (examples include an expensive chef knife set, damaging the electrical wire to my BRAND NEW reclining chair which rendered the chair unusable without the wire, my expensive electric toothbrush, boxes of expensive perfumes and skin care products, kitchen equipment such as a toaster, toaster oven, and various other things).

They damaged EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FURNITURE THAT I OWN. The broke the legs off the table and chair, damaged the stone table top, ripped the balancing leff off of the book shelf, chipped and broke dishes that were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap so you can only imagine how they threw my boxes around. When I called the office in anyvan to report the theft of my boxes they sided with the driver and also asked me for video of them actually stealing the boxes which is rubbish.

My boxes were meant to get dropped from point a to point b and if they did not deliver them as they were supposed to an a detailed list was sent forward prior along with photos then it's theft. This company is an absolute scam. They scam people out of their money, overcharge and in the end steal their things. Really horrible experience and they should be put out of business.

JohnHill July 02, 2021

Nearly as bad as our experience - Anyvans purported to be a big, legit international remover with their own team of drivers and vans; whereas they sent 2 mini vans, and a gang of Rumanians - result was chaos, and we lost several thousand ££ss of expensive brand new anoraks, winter boots, teflon pans, new shoes and boots and finally a bag of ladies frilly undies, secreted in black bags. They even failed to bring all the furniture and removal boxes, requiring us to do 2 return trips to our former home. Cheap-jack amateurs masquerading as top notchers - so beware Pickfords are better and cheaper. JOHN HILL

garryrobson August 09, 2021

Maria and john h what terrible experiences which echoes with mine with these cowboys ...I don’t understand how they continue to do busıness saving a few pounds pales in sıgnıfıcance compared to the loss and damage not to mentıon the sheer feeling of anger dısapoıntment and frustratıon because when you report your ıssues anyvan customer servıce ıs just as pathetic and unprofessional as theır drivers..

September 17, 2020

Wish 0 stars was an option.

Useless. Charged over 300 for a removal. Items damaged by unprofessional and uncaring people. Coffee table parts missing and damaged. Brand new bed ripped. Drier.... cable partly ripped out and left dangerous. When I discovered it I'd already tried to use. Live and nuteral wires touching and shorted out my sockets. I complained only to be told they don't know how long it will take for me to have issues resolved. Pathetic.

Just to add they go on the side of the driver, who obviously deny any damage. I sent photos to prove, as requested, then they told me they also wanted photos prior to the move. I provided this knowing that the metadata can be used as with insurance companies, they claim it cannot be accessed except for on the original device. Total Bull. I have computer certifications. The driver "crashed the van" I have a witness. They will not accept a witness statement to a "crash" DEMAND CCTV!!! What a croc of chit. Anything to get out of paying for damage and/or loss of goods.

I will continue to review this company on as many review sites as possible. They ruin my items I will ruin their business.

AV 6522616

SandraShrivastava November 12, 2021

This company refused to pay me for a 50inch tv among other things on a move!!It was put upstairs on the floor no other furnature in the room. A sky engineer came to set the TV up and said I think you should see this!!!! Damage to lower risk side and visible when he put it on !! Half of the screen only shows. Informed them same day sent receipts of purchase, photosAnd they come back to me and said they wouldn't pay anything as I should have had pictures of it working before men picked it up!!!!! 48hrs after no help I rely on this TV as I am ill after operation and can't walk.

Booked for a house move, arrived 6 hours late, offered £3 refund
August 25, 2020

I used AnyVan to move home. The time slot we had chosen was between 10am and 12pm. At 11am I used the tracker to see where the driver was and he was over 2 hours away. When I called the office to find out what was going on, they said the original driver had cancelled. I did not find this out until I called them, they did not call me to let me know.

By 1:30pm the new driver had still not arrived. I needed to collect the keys for my new property before the estate agent closed at 4pm. The estate agent was 1.5 hours away so I had to ask my Dad to drive 1 hour to the collection point to wait for the driver while I went to collect the keys. When I had collected the keys at 3pm I used the driver tracker again to see where he was and it said there was no driver. I once again called the office and they once again told me that this second driver had also cancelled. Again, this was not communicated to me until I called them.

A driver eventually turned up to the collection point at 4:45pm, 6 hours and 45 minutes after the start of the original collection window. It was nearly 8pm by the time the items were delivered.

When I spoke to AnyVan they said they don't know when a driver has cancelled but were satisfied that this had been communicated to me. But it was only communicated to me after I called them.

They also believe they arrived within the time frame because at 3pm when I called, they asked if I still wanted a driver that day and would 6pm be ok or I could cancel. At this point my stuff is all packed up and I have collected the keys to my new flat, I had to move that day, of course I was going to agree to that.

After making my house move infinitely more stressful and causing my Dad to have to take time out of his day to drive an hour away to wait for the pickup, and arriving more than 6 hours late from the original pickup time, I was offered £3 as a refund.

Needless to say I will never be using AnyVan again.

London to Rotherham
August 4, 2020

So inflexible. Told that my collection from London would be between 10.00 and 15.00 knowing that it would have to travel 170 miles to Rotherham to get there before closing time at 16.40. How can they not organize a driver to get the collection nearer 10.00 so as to get it delivered to Rotherham before close.

They had 48 hours to organize this, but no, it is going to cost an extra GBP30.00 for an early collection. Had they tried to deliver it after 16.40 when the office was closed would have cost me extra in storage costs.

You cannot speak to management to reason or complain, so for any potential hirers beware.

Won't be using or recommending them in the future

Left me in the middle of moving
July 14, 2020

I would have given zero if I could and I am afraid that I was a victim, like many others. I am deeply traumatised by the whole experience of using them.

When I initially made a booking, I made clear that I was moving my flat and I wasn't sure how many...but I mentioned around 40 boxes (a very big mistake and please don't ever give them any sort of estimate and they will screw you over it!). I thought that like many other removal companies, it was just a rough estimate and nothing more. At no point, they warned me that if you didn't have a correct estimate, you will get screwed basically - oh, they claim that it's on your terms and conditions. This sort of things should be highlighted when you booked through chatting with an agent! Only of the agent highlighted this, I would have said that as I wasn't sure how many boxes, I wasn't comfortable.

So, apparently two guys came in to help move my stuff. At no point they mentioned that they couldn't move all my stuff until the last minute. I was in a panic, trying to pack up everything etc. And then only like nearly an hour later, they told me that they won't be able to upload everything - I was in such a shock! Why didn't they say it upfront and sort out the issue first rather than making me stuck and giving me no choice?

And then they asked me to pay for £100 to re-deliver (which they delivered like 3 hours late!) - to be honest, if I knew from the beginning, I won't have let them have uploaded my stuff at all because there was no point and it caused so much more issue! Because I found an alternative provider immediately.

And yet, rather than being apologetic, they keep blaming me that I didn't provide a correct inventory. Head of customer service called me and even said "see you at the court!".

I mean the whole thing is just unbelievable and unthinkable - I moved many times in my life and never happened before! I mean what kind of people would do such a thing! Moving is very stressful as it is.

It's very disappointed that they only care about the money (even after the whole thing, they only care about if I was going to pay £100 and otherwise, threatened me that my stuff would be moved at the storage and charge me) - again, why the hell they uploaded my stuff at the first place if they weren't able to manage the whole thing.

I am very shaken by the whole experience and very traumatised by the whole experience.

I also want to highlight that they're not regulated at all and they don't even seem to be with the removal ombudsmen service.

Extremely helpful people
October 20, 2019

Extremely helpful people (Simon plus his colleague, sorry I don’t know his name) Both energetic, full of positive energy as I definitely needed all that - not a regular mover.

Nice and positive experience. Listened all my requests and delivered without failure.

Definitely will recommend and 100% will use in the future for my next move. Thank you again

I feel scammed
October 19, 2019

They text me that they will arrive 8-10am. They claimed they gave me a miss call and came to my door at 8:15. I received a missed call from a withheld number. I was at home the whole time and my buzzer did not ring nor did anyone knock my door. My house is quiet due to having a sleeping baby, so anyone outside I can hear. Also being a serviced apartment with a gate, they should have been able to reach me from reception. The driver appear to have only given me missed call. I chased at 8:45am. AnyVan said they have sent the driver away to another job. AnyVan say I can either cancel and lose my £151 or rebook with another 50% cost. With multiple calls to them, they didn't want to listen and resolve the situation. A move like mine is normally 2 hours hence the £151 price. So they instead gave me for that price a missed call and 15 minutes wait. I certainly feel scammed.

garryrobson August 09, 2021

...that's AnyVan for you just Cowboys

August 14, 2018

DO NOT HIRE THIS SERVICE. We went through reviews beforehand and decided to ignore the occasional bad reviews, and go with this 'cheaper' option. Bad idea.

Absolutely disgusted with my service. I was informed at time of booking (when I hadn't finished packing) that any little bits and pieces that needed adding could be done so for an extra fee on the day. The drivers were so rude and left with half a van empty, when all we had left to take was a few pictures, a wine rack, and an ironing board. Our car was packed full so we couldn't take them. We even offered to pay more, but they said no and left. This meant we had to leave these items and return for them at a later date, 140 miles away. On arriving at the new house, the drivers placed all our items downstairs, including our superking mattress, which we then had to try and get up the stairs despite my partner having a broken hand. Their attitude was so disgusting whenever I asked them to place something in a certain room, that I felt uncomfortable being in their presence and ended up going to stand outside until they left.

When I complained to the company about our experience, the customer service representative fought me tooth and nail on each issue, spoke very condescendingly toward me, and completely contradicted what the initial person on the phone said to me when I booked. Considering I booked over the phone, I expected the information they gave me there to be correct, but apparently it wasn't and they were just trying to make me happy so they could take my money. As for the extra items, apparently the drivers will not take anything that's not on the list, although when I tried to amend my order online prior to the move, it would not allow me to do so. The company also told me we had booked for a 'ground floor' move, so the drivers weren't obligated to take anything upstairs, however the representative on the phone at booking simply asked what kind of property we were moving into (a house), and didn't specify that we had to state some items would need to be taken upstairs.

NOT WORTH THE MONEY. We paid £500 for this move, and would much rather have paid a couple of extra hundred for a good, local company who would do their job properly. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Rubbish Company avoid avoid
June 12, 2018

I'm going to moan now, on the 24th May I purchased a Motor Bike off ebay, then I looked for a courier, I googled courier it and came across Any Van . com looking at there home page it displays everyone Logo Gumtree - Preloved - Zoopa and says they are in partnership are they really ? leading me to think somewhere along the line you must have a association with them of some kind.

hope I’m wrong, on any-vans website price started at £75 I took

the £79 which covered insurance and 3 day economy collection and

delivery I was in no hurry so I called up and paid the £79 Well

they have been the nightmare from hell, no communication at all, the only time I spoke to them was when I called and in total some 7hrs 21 mins of calls 103 calls to any-van they pass the buck they go through the same security questions again and again then you get cut off, then they just hang up it was the most stressful thing I have ever that to deal with, then in the end what was the real problem ? they had quoted the price to cheap so they where unable to find a subcontractor to do the job. what a joke, so they quote cheap work get you tied in by payment, then they cannot do the job unless you pay them more money ! ! ! - scam scam scam they hide behind saying you cannot ecutalet it the CEO as he does not deal with things like this, they even explained which was very very kind of them that I cannot go to trading standards as I agreed to there terms and condition These poor people who are employed to fire the

bullets for the 'Gods' of this world any-van . Com should be ashamed that they are running such a business. I run pubs, I do sell my beers and cask ale and lager for £2.45 a pint happy days, if any one of you came in my bar saw the sign and it is

massive say all pints of cask ale and lager for £2.45 including

cider, you ordered 3 pints expecting to pay £7.35 and I asked you

for £9 or say £3 a pint or £10.50 say £3.50 you would rip me to

pieces and rightly so I paid £79 bought and paid for and then effectively black mailed pushed into a corner say what you like but then had to pay another £30 to get the job done. because they under stated the price. Try Tesco's they would swallow and just say this is not good practice so we will pay the difference no Any-van . Com I hope and I say this very reluctantly no-van .com no business .com they are cheats and I hope one day someone big enough can challenge there methods of business practices in the courts.Now I have that off my chest, it has transpired that they did not need me to give them my card details for payment as they had saved them – very scary are they allowed to do this ? This is one of those times when it sounds too good to be true and well it

was, the have had me and I never thought anybody would do that but they did.

I suppose we could say there plenty of people far worse off than me so

maybe I should just keep my gob shut. I'm still very unhappy.

James Meakins 07885 294612

Service cost: £130