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About ActivatedYou Morning Complete

ActivatedYou is a line of products by Akasha Naturals, i.e. the team of doctors and scientists from Akasha Centre for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica. The founder of the Centre is also a co-founder of the Dr. Edison De Mello line of products. The other co-founder is an actress and a health advocate, Maggie Q.

They first met when Maggie visited Dr. De Mello because of her digestive problems. When she saw how Akasha Centre’s holistic approach worked, she wanted to make this knowledge available to a broader public. She wanted to teach people how to properly treat their body, and especially their digestive system.

That’s how Dr. De Mello and Maggie came up with the way to help as many people as possible – they designed a line of products which will help anyone who wants to bring back balance.

Dr. De Mello worked on the science behind the products, while Maggie was assigned to spreading the word about the benefits of starting your day properly and speaking for an average consumer in the whole production process.

Combining the approach of eastern traditional medicine, and the technical advancements of the western medicine helped produce the ActivatedYou line of health improving supplements.


The line offers solutions to a number of health issues, from problems on a cellular level to those encompassing whole systems. So, there are Cellular Function and Liver Support Blends, as well as the Sugar Balancing Support Blend.

Also, there is a blend which returns your most important system to normal – ActivatedYou Morning Complete which keeps your digestive system as healthy as possible.

In turn, your body gets more nutrients from your food, flushes the waste properly, you become more energized, and your mood improves significantly.

Its main focus is restoring the healthy numbers of good bacteria in your gut, which improves digestion, as well the absorption of beneficial elements from your food. Probiotics also do this, though, so why not just buy some of those?

Well, what is so special about this blend is that it also contains significant amounts of prebiotics – good bacteria’s food. So when the good bacteria are fed, they live, and thus keep enabling you to properly digest your food.

Good digestion is the basis of your overall well-being, so restoring the digestive system to its natural condition greatly improves the quality of your life.

This blend is completely natural, vegan, gluten and sugar free. Additionally, the whole production process takes place in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about the quality regulations since everything is done up to the US standards.

The Basic of the blend itself are Green Tea Leaf Extract, Ginger Root, and Turmeric Root, along with a few more ingredients which all together give you clean energy to jump-start your day.

How Does It Work?

A big and heavy breakfast is the main habit or culprit causing digestive issues of the majority of people today.

When you stuff yourself with a lot of unhealthy calories in the morning, your stomach gets overloaded with food which is difficult to digest. On top of it, it is loaded with unhealthy components. Thus, your good gut bacteria are left with no food, since the average heavy breakfast doesn’t contain prebiotics which could be of use for your good bacteria.

Instead, the bad bacteria are fed. They overpower the good bacteria, and eventually take control of your Vagus Nerve – the one leading from your stomach to your brain – and leave you craving for more unhealthy food throughout the day, since that’s the kind of food they require to survive.

Morning Complete, which is taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, is filled with good bacteria – probiotics – as well as with their food – prebiotics. So, when you jump start your system this way, the good bacteria take control of your digestion and you don’t end up with half-digested food in your stomach, nor do you keep craving unhealthy foods all day.

Eventually, this leads towards lowered calories consumption, better digestion, no bloatedness, and a leaner figure.

Cost and Price Plans

The initial price of the blend was $79 since the ingredients aren’t among the cheapest of groceries. However, as the number of users is rising, and the demand grows, the company had to increase the amount of purchased ingredients.

That’s why it was possible to get a certain discount on the raw materials, which in turn made the further decrease in the product’s price possible.

Hence, first-time customers can now get one jar of product, which should last 30 days, for $49.95.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The online community seems to be quite satisfied with these products, and its rating is remarkably high. The feature which seems to stand out the most, besides the fact that it actually has no side effects, is the selection of good bacteria in it which includes only the most useful strains.

The only cases where you need to be cautious is if you are pregnant or have some kind of immune disorder.

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to potential alternatives to this blend, there are numerous probiotics on the market which could serve a similar purpose. Those which are rated the highest are BlueBiotics Ultimate Care, Ultimate Flora Critical Care, and Garden of Life RAW Probiotics.

While the first listed here contains some of the quite expensive cultures and a high number of living colony-forming units (CFU), the second one has a somewhat lower number of living CFU, but it is still quite effective. The third one, however, despite the statement that there is a really high number of CFU, the number of living ones is in fact significantly lower.

All these are completely vegetarian and natural, just like Morning Complete is. However, Morning Complete has one advantage over all of the potential alternatives: it contains prebiotics, which allows for the good bacteria to survive for much longer than it is the case with average probiotic pills.

Where to Buy?

ActivaedYou Morning Compete is available through the company’s online presentation page of the product at

Alternatively, you can call their customer service center and order via telephone.


Taking into consideration all the beneficial effects of this blend, as well as the reports from the customers, it certainly seems worth trying, even if you don’t suffer from any of the severe symptoms of indigestion. Simply returning the balance to your digestive system looks like a great reason to slightly change your morning routine by including this probiotic shake in it.

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Energy I haven’t felt for a long time!

December28, 2018

I bought Morning Complete with the Black Friday discount offer to try and was amazed at the increase to my energy levels within one week. The first couple of days I did experience some discomfort but I put this down to my body needing to adjust to the product and choosing to stop ingesting unhealthy foods and alcohol! My belly lost the bloated look quicker than I expected (and love!). Due to the nature of my employment I find the price and subscription offer out of my price range to continue. If you can afford this product I do highly recommend. It certainly delivers what it promises!

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Scam poison

December24, 2018

This was the vilest stuff I have ever put in my body. First dose Thursday, another Friday. Got dog sick GI problems Saturday, both ends. Wife tried it Friday. She started vomiting Sunday. Don’t do it. It’s nasty.

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December 27, 2018

Hi Darras, I'm Chloe from ActivatedYou. I am so incredibly sorry to hear about your experience while taking Morning Complete. As with all products, we do understand that they may work well for some and not for others. But this is why we always suggest that our customers consult their primary physician prior to beginning any new supplement to ensure that it is right for them. I would like to personally issue you a full refund, just for giving our product a try. Please e-mail me at [email protected] and I can begin the refund process right away. I look forward to hearing from you.

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