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November 10, 2023
I’ve been using Morning Complete for a couple of months now. I noticed a change pretty quickly. This is a great product. I find that it is easy to take and leaves me feeling overall well and energized.

Better sleep quality
November 8, 2023

I noticed a difference very quickly in my sleep quality. I fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. Prior to starting this (along with Morning Complete), I was getting 37-45 minutes of deep sleep even if I slept 10 hours. Now I'm getting 60-75 minutes nightly and feel more refreshed in the morning, even if I only get 6-7 hours of sleep.

*Please note this review is for Nighttime Complete, not Morning Complete (which I also love, btw). The link was incorrectly posted to the wrong product.

Worth it to try at least once.
November 7, 2023

I bought this product kind of on a whim to just try it. I've been using it for about 2 months now. The results weren't something drastically noticeable, but I could tell a difference after a couple days. It was subtle. I noticed that I wasn't craving foods as much, and I wasn't feeling the need to snack as much. I haven't struggled with fatigue so I can't place if that part of the product was helpful. The thing that I noticed the most is that I am definitely not getting bloated like I had been. It was as if no matter what I ate, healthy or less healthy, I would get bloated. I'm also lactose-intolerant and it seems to help with that. Since I've been taking the morning complete I do not experience the bloating anymore, so that's pretty great. I haven't had any weight loss with it, if that is something you might be expecting. I'd say, it's worth a try at least once. It might be able to help you like it has helped me with digestion and bloating. I'll continue to use it until I no longer notice it's usefulness.

Slow but steady changes all for the better
November 5, 2023
First week I noticed changes -subtle-but changes. Now 3 weeks in I am noticing an even bigger change. Almost zero heart burn or acid reflux and I am so much more regular. The bloat is almost gone that I was having on a daily basis.

Better Sleep and Digestion with Nighttime Complete
November 5, 2023
I have been falling asleep quickly and sleeping well through the night since taking Nighttime Complete before bedtime. I also feel "lighter" in the morning and my digestion is optimal.

Bloody amazing miracle powder!
November 4, 2023

To be honest I was skeptical at first, that a single scoop of powder could and would make such a difference. Oh how I was wrong! This miracle powder has completely removed my bloating, I have more energy. I now get up most mornings without an alarm at 4am and have the energy to get through the whole day, noting I do have a couple of coffees. I used to only go to the toilet twice a week of I was lucky, now it's every single day!

I mix my powder with a cold fresh ginger, turmeric and lemon tea (homemade). The perfect way to start my day and 'clean my insides'. I've even noticed that when my husband and kids catch a cold, I don't!

I love this miracle powder so much, I've just bought a 3 month supply of the night time powder to maximize my performance and health.

5 * review
November 4, 2023

It’s a great product.. definitely makes u want to use the loo! I have more energy

I’m not keen on the flavour of the drink but I still drink it because I know I will feel great after ❤️

BILLIE November 05, 2023

I mix it in my morning protein drink and it helps a lot to avoid the nasty taste lol

This really works.
November 4, 2023
I've tried several of these powdered protein/fiber mixes and Maggie's is by far the best tasting and easiest to use. And after about six weeks I am losing some weight, feeling satiated with less food, with better energy throughout my day. Maggie's mix really delivers.

November 3, 2023
I’ve been using Activated You for almost a month now and I can totally tell the difference on my energy levels and my gut health. I cannot wait to try other products.

Love it
November 3, 2023
I bought the Apple Cinnamon flavor. It was yummy mixed with tea, milk, and/or plain water. It helped me have a bm daily and sometimes twice. I did feel the difference on not craving sweets which I love!

Love the energy
November 2, 2023
I am a month into using ActivatedYou and love it so far. By the third day I noticed an increase in energy level. I usually hit a wall around 3 pm and now I don’t start to get tired until the evening time. I also just feel healthier in general.

Improved regularity!!!
November 1, 2023
I have been on Morning Complete for almost 3 weeks. I have noticed a definite improvement in my digestion and I haven’t had to take any laxatives. (I was on 2 senokot every night). I also have more energy and my skin seems clearer. I am very pleased with the results so far. I can’t wait to see the results once I have been on the product for awhile. I’ve tried other products in the past but never with these amazing results.

Sceptical but I have noticed something
November 1, 2023
I’m not sure if it’s just placebo effect but I have certainly felt less bloated since starting to use morning complete. I’m one month in and honestly, I think I will keep going, only giving it a 4 stars because I’m still a bit skeptical.

Improved my well being- body & mind
October 30, 2023
Overall, I feel like I have more energy and stamina. It tastes great.

Healthy and Energized
October 27, 2023
Started taking Morning Complete 3 weeks ago. I am feeling healthy and energized. Cut back on coffee because I no longer need it to stay awake!

Glad I found this product
October 26, 2023

Getting great results. Will continue to use it.

I even feel better!

Helps keep you full longer
October 23, 2023
I have been on morning complete for almost 2 months now. I noticed soon after I started on it I didn't get near as hungry or sick feeling when I needed to eat. Overall I have been feeling more energetic & don't like to be without!

Great results
October 23, 2023
I love what it does for my body. The flavor is not super enjoyable but you can get past it.

Taste good
October 22, 2023
Just finished a tub. Bloating seems less but not totally gone. Taste good and feel good about it. Will continue drink.

Works for Regularity
October 20, 2023
I was having major issues with not going #2, and even my doctor was concerned enough to x-ray to make sure I did not have any blockages. I usually eat healthy with plenty of fiber including fresh vegetables and fruits, lower carbs, very few processed foods, and an increase in protein. I was doing everything right but could not lose any weight (tracked and measured every bite that went in my mouth, no alcohol, cardio and strength trading 3x/week, regular walking, for months, etc.) and in fact would very easily gain if I had a day or two of eating “normal” or on vacation. To make matters worse, I am in menopause and also on meds for borderline low thyroid. I was also on daily powdered OTC Metamucil and my doctor also put me on daily laxative (OTC Miralax). I tried Morning Complete and have been on it for about six weeks. I could almost feel it working and now I am so much more regular without having to take any other digestive products. I have the apple cinnamon every morning before I have any thing else. The only downfall I would say is the cost.