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Morning Complete Review: A Detailed Look

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  October 30, 2023
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Morning Complete is a daily wellness drink intended to support digestive function and improve energy levels.

Morning Complete is marketed by ActivatedYou, a dietary supplements and probiotics brand that states they have a holistic approach to health and wellness that focuses on mind, body and spirit. 

The company was founded by Maggie Q, an actress/health advocate and Dr Frank Lipman, an integrative medicine practitioner with a focus on gut health.

How Does It Work?

The focus of Morning Complete is in restoring the healthy number of good bacteria in the gut, with the aim of improving digestion, as well as the absorption of beneficial elements from food.

The ActivatedYou website states that when the body gets more nutrients from food and flushes the waste properly, mood and energy levels should improve significantly.

Morning Complete ingredients also include significant amounts of prebiotics, described as 'good bacteria’s food'.

So when beneficial bacteria are fed well, they flourish and enable the digestive system to properly digest food.

There is more and more research being conducted on what has come to be known as the gut-brain axis, the communication system between the gut and the brain.  These organs are primarily connected through the Vagus Nerve, as well as millions of other nerves.

New studies are showing that microbes in the gut play a critical part in controlling inflammation and produce many compounds linked to mental well-being.

Preliminary research is also showing that good digestion may be the basis for overall well-being, and has direct ties to immune system functioning. Further, prebiotics have been shown to have an effect on cortisol levels, the body’s stress hormones.

Overall, there are a lot of studies suggesting that restoring the digestive system to its optimal condition may improve one's overall health and quality of life.

Morning Complete Ingredients

Being primarily a digestive supplement, the foundation of this formula is based on prebiotics and probiotics, combined with energy nutrients from leafy greens.

ActivatedYou states their formulations combine principles of modern nutrition alongside traditional eastern medicine.

In total Morning Complete has 8 unique blends with the following ingredients:

Prebiotic and High Fiber Blend - Organic tapioca fiber, cinnamon bark

Probiotic Blend  -  B. coagulans, L. gasseri, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, B. bifidum, B. longum, L. acidophilus, L. casei, S. thermophilus

Green Superfoods Blend  -  Spinach, broccoli, kale, mulberry leaf extract, alfalfa leaf, barley grass, berberine HCI.

Metabolic Blend  -  Green tea leaf extract, ginger root, white tea leaf extract, turmeric root extract, bitter melon fruit extract, black pepper.

Cellular Function and Liver Support Blend  -  Aloe vera leaf, milk thistle seed extract.

Antioxidant Blend  -  Lycium berry, pomegranate fruit extract, Polygonum cuspidatum root extract.

Sugar Balancing Support  -  Gymnema sylvestre leaf, fennel seed, pine bark extract.

Adaptogens Blend  -  Astragalus root extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract, diindolylmethane.

This blend is natural, vegan, gluten and sugar free.  Additionally, ActivatedYou states that production of their dietary supplements takes place in the USA.


How To Take Morning Complete

Morning Complete is designed to be taken first thing in the morning, the idea being that you feed your gut healthy bacteria to set yourself up for a healthy day.

Conversely, an unhealthy breakfast can be the culprit causing digestive issues later in the day.  When you fill yourself with unhealthy calories your stomach gets overloaded with food which is difficult to digest.

Further, your good gut bacteria are left with no food, since the average heavy breakfast doesn’t contain prebiotics.

Potential Side Effects

While there are a lot of promising ingredients in Morning Complete, there are also some things that can cause potential issues for some people.

On their own website ActivatedYou issue a warning stating that the product contains Aloe Vera and should not be used if you have diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain.

Additionally, you should consult your primary care physician prior to taking Morning Complete if you’re pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have other medical conditions.

In general, probiotics and prebiotics are considered to be safe, with only mild side effects such as bloating or flatulence.

However, ingesting Aloe Vera can have more serious side effects in some people, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling and being sick
  • Skin rash
  • Stomach pain

In rarer cases, Aloe Vera can cause :

  • Liver inflammation
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Low blood potassium levels

Customer Reviews & Complaints

For the most part, customer reviews indicate that the majority of customers seem to be quite satisfied with Morning Complete.

The positive reviews state that the product works as advertised, with users experiencing an increase in energy, more regular bowel movements, and in some cases a good amount of weight loss.

ActivatedYou is accredited by the BBB, maintaining an A+ rating, and currently showing a customer rating of 4.19/5 from 491 customer reviews.  

On Amazon, Morning Complete has a rating of 3.9 / 5 from over 3,000 customer reviews.

Some of the notable customer complaints for Morning Complete reveal potential issues with the product, the most common being frequent and foul smelling flatulence.  

In some reviews, users also mentioned not loving the taste, and recommended mixing it with juice instead of water.

Customer Service

ActivatedYou states they offer a no questions asked 90 day money-back guarantee on Morning Complete.  If customers are not satisfied, they can reach out to customer service to request a refund.

Customers can reach a representative via phone at 800-720-8403 or be email at [email protected].


Cost and Price Plans

The company uses a tiered savings plan, in which the more jars you purchase the more you save.

  • 1 Jar  - $79.00
  • 3 Jars - $213.00
  • 6 Jars - $403.00


Where to Buy?

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is available through the ActivatedYou website or on Amazon.

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to potential alternatives to this blend, there are numerous probiotics on the market which could serve a similar purpose.

Those rated the highest are BlueBiotics Ultimate Care, Ultimate Flora Critical Care, and Garden of Life RAW Probiotics.

While BlueBiotics contains some quite expensive cultures and a high number of living colony-forming units (CFU), Ultimate Flora Critical Care has a somewhat lower number of living CFU, but it is still quite effective.

The Garden of Life RAW Probiotics, however, despite the statement that there is a really high number of CFU, the number of living ones is in fact significantly lower.

All of these options are completely vegetarian and natural, just like Morning Complete.

However, Morning Complete has one advantage over all of the potential alternatives: it also contains prebiotics.

If you’re concerned about taking a probiotic supplement, another alternative and potential first step can be to address your gut issues through diet itself.

You can do so by:

  • Eating primarily whole foods
  • Grass Fed Meats/Pasture Raised eggs
  • Eat more Fiber
  • Increase your anti-inflammatory fats (Omega 3 rich foods)
  • Eat more fermented foods
  • Eliminate Sugar/Gluten/Dairy/Processed Foods

The Bottom Line

Taking into consideration the potential benefits of this blend, as well as reports from customers, it seems like it might be worth trying.  The pros may outweigh the cons, but it's good to be aware of the cons.

Some of the factors that we feel are limiting to this supplement include its high price, some potential side effects, and lack of organic ingredients. 

However, this is a unique blend that still packs a lot into its formula.

If you’re concerned about some of the ingredients in this blend, another option may be their Advanced Restorative Probiotic - a more straightforward probiotic formula.

If you do well on that, then you may want to consider trying Morning Complete.

If you have any experience with ActivatedYou Morning Complete, please leave your reviews below.

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Morning Complete Customer Reviews

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60 is the new 40
April 18, 2024
It's been about a year and a half now that I've been taking the Morning Complete and about a year since taking Nighttime Complete. I truly believe that these two supplements have aided in my getting in the best, most healthy shape I’ve ever been. I’ve lost 10kg and am in the best shape I’ve ever been once turning 60yo. I have altered my diet using Dr. Michael Mosley’s Fast800 recipes as well as a circuit training gym routine which has always been part of my program for the past 5 years, but I think my gut health was a necessary addition to the whole mix. Now that I'm 60yo, and feel like 40yo again, I’m strong, energetic, and physically 'cut'. My wife can’t stop looking at me. I wouldn't give these supplements a miss, ever.

Works as expected
November 29, 2023
I was skeptical so I decided to use it for at least a month. I noticed an healthier gut, no heart burns and really boost my energy. I no longer feel sluggish which is good for the work I do. I feel more motivated and clear minded as well.

Game Changer
November 29, 2023
I started with just one bottle of morning complete, because I'm terrible at remembering to do things daily. However, the differences I've noticed while taking it make me look forward to it each morning. My favorite part is how much more willpower I have against my usually intense sugar cravings while taking the morning complete!

One month in…
November 27, 2023

One month in and feeling

All-day energy

Smoother, more regular digestion

Easier weight management

Great taste too!

Morning Boost
November 23, 2023
I can't skip one morning. It's become my early morning boost like my coffee.

Working great
November 22, 2023
I am feeling more regular and not having the digestive issues I was having before.

Cautiously Optimistic
November 21, 2023

I haven’t yet finished my first month. I am however noticing there’s not as much aching in my joints.

I have Degenerative Disc Disease so I don’t think there will be much relief with those aches and pains, but I’m optimistic, as that has been an issue for over 10 yrs. Haven’t noticed any difference in weight but that also is not an immediate result either.

Overall, I quite enjoy the flavour. And am

looking forward to seeing more results as the months go on.

Having tried various products in the past, I am cautiously optimistic.

November 20, 2023
The most important thing that I have noticed since taking morning complete is that I'm now pretty regular. This has been a problem for me for years. I've always had a flat stomach until the last few months were I've had issues with bloating. This is now gone too.

What I think of Morning Complete so far…
November 20, 2023
Although it’s only been a month, but pleasantly I’ve been experiencing the ease to wake up early without that groggy feeling that I always used to get at least for the past 7 years I’ve ALWATS snoozed my alarm clock but now since taking this Morning Complete I’ve not had to even wait for my alarm to go off and I’m already up feeling refreshed and I’m feeling heaps of energy throughout the day too even though I do get tired earlier into the evening than before but up side is I feel that it’s turning my usual routine into a much healthier one effortlessly….so really this morning complete so far has really impressed me and I can’t wait to see how I get on once I get back into the gym (yup all these positive changes and this is without exercise!!) This is why I cannot wait to see further benefits once I get back into my exercise routine too :)

Feeling great.
November 20, 2023
Very happy with the product! Feeling better and I have more energy.

It works for me!
November 19, 2023
One month in and I definitely have more energy, which lasts into the evening! My digestion seems smoother (I am celiac and have EPI). Looking forward to continued and improved health.

I want to take this every day.
November 19, 2023
I have bought May products over the years. This one is outstanding. From the first day I felt different. It has given me many benefits and I want to take it every day. Thank you for producing this amazing product.

Enjoying it!
November 19, 2023
I’ve been on Morning Complete for almost a month now and feel my digestion has improved. I plan on continuing to use this product.

Overall a good product
November 18, 2023
The taste isn’t bad. It’s just okay though. My first day of using it, tore my stomach up, but it got better after that. It seems to help with my bloating. I haven’t noticed any weight loss. I think it slightly improves my energy.

Increased Energy
November 15, 2023
I am not one that does reviews typically, but I have been very impressed with this product. My energy level is amazing, my brain is no longer foggy. I don't feel bloated and I am more regular. I wanted to test it out further so I gave a jar to my 19 year old daughter without telling her how well I was feeling. I asked her after 2 weeks and her feedback was the same regarding energy. She also said I just happy and ready to start the day each morning! Very impressed so far as I am finishing the first jar!

The bloat banish is real!
November 15, 2023
I have struggled with bloating my entire adult life, and no matter what I ate or how much water I drank I couldn’t consistently control it. But within a week of using morning complete my stomach was flat and I was feeling more comfortable. Total game changer!

Easy, healthy and gets results!
November 15, 2023

Adding Activated you to my morning routine has help me feel improve my gut health. I see the signs each day! I picked the apple flavor version and the taste was a nice and pleasant surprise! I highly recommend trying it to see how it can help you.

Solid BMs are the best side effect
November 13, 2023
For the first time in probably a decade, I am having normal and regular bowel movements every morning. It's amazing!

Seems to keep me regular
November 11, 2023
Been on it for about 6 weeks and so far I believe it has helped to regulate my system. Would not say it is the best tasting stuff, but mixed in a smoothie it’s good, or with Cranberry juice. Mixing with Orange juice is disgusting.

Loving it so far
November 11, 2023
Excellent product. Me and my husband starting using it and never had this wholeday energy.