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Activated You Advanced Restorative Probiotic
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Advanced Restorative Probiotic, found online at, is a health and wellness supplement From the company ActivatedYou which is promised to help users improve digestive and overall health.

The company was founded by Maggie Q, an activist/actor/health advocate, and Dr. Frank Lipman, an integrative health specialist with a focus on gut health. 

Activated You is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

How Does Advanced Restorative Probiotic Work?

According to their website, Advanced Restorative Probiotic is the first dietary supplement that is developed by team of board-certified medical doctors and licensed practitioners in alternative medicine methods such as Chinese medicine, naturopathy, anthroposophical medicine, nutritional therapy, and others.

The video promoting their product tells the story of Maggie Q, a professional actress who had chronic problems with fatigue and bloating and who found that a incorporating a probiotic into her daily regimen improved her digestion, energy levels and moods, gave her more radiant skin, and improved her overall health.

The company claims that their formula is one of the most potent on the market, combining 30 unique strains of healthy bacteria.

According to them, taking Advanced Restorative Probiotics regularly can lead to improvements in:

  • Overall Digestive Health
  • Mood
  • Energy Levels
  • Immune function
  • Skin appearance
  • Healing Gut Issues

To use, ActivatedYou states that customers should take one capsule of their Advanced Restorative Probiotic each day, along with a full glass of water, and with one of your daily meals, for optimal results.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Most over the counter probiotics include a variety of strains of either Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, or a combination of both.

This holds true for Advanced Restorative Probiotics as well.  You can find the exact strains and ingredients listed on their website.

Their website states that this product is designed to be perfectly safe and without any harmful side effects, but the reality is that different strains of probiotics in different dosages are known to accomplish different health goals.

In addition, some very natural side effects of taking probiotics can include gas, bloating, and discomfort in the beginning, before your body becomes used to the supplement.

Concerned customers may want to contact the Customer Service team for more specific information about this product and its ingredients.

In addition, though states that everyone should be using a probiotic on a daily basis, medical professionals caution that overusing probiotics can cause some digestive problems, just as the original imbalance of bacteria can.

Customers who decide to try this product for themselves will want to research the exact probiotic strains included in this supplement, and then pay close attention to any benefits or problems they may experience as a result.

Cost & Price Plans

Currently customers can purchase this product in one of three ways.

A single bottle is priced at $69.99, while 3 bottles are priced at $188.97 (a 10% discount), and six bottles are priced at $356.95 (a 15% discount).  Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Refund Policy

Their website states that all orders are backed by a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee which states that all customers are welcome to try this product for themselves for up to 90 days and if you aren’t happy with the results, you can send back your empty bottles for a full refund.

Their Terms & Conditions does confirm that this company offers a 90 day Return Policy, saying that the 90 day period begins on the day your product leaves their warehouse and expires 90 calendar days later.

Customers will be responsible for all shipping charges, and no products will be accepted without a tracking number from your shipping service and without a Return Authorization Service that you receive from their Customer Service team.

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-720-8403.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

You can find a lot of positive feedback for Advanced Restorative Probiotic on the company’s own website.  There, customers rave about how well the product has made them feel and the various gut issues that it relieved.

Many of the company’s online positive reviews also appear to come from affiliate websites that earn money from recommending the products, making it difficult to know how biased or unbiased they are.

While the majority of reviews seem to be positive there are some posted complaints across various review websites.  

Some of them mention issues with shipping and difficulty reaching customer service.  Others are from people who claim to have taken the product and experienced any noticeable results.

Activated You is accredited by the BBB and currently has a 4.19/5 rating from 490 customer reviews on that platform.

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, probiotics are an extremely popular health supplement these days and there are many different brands and types available at your local health food store or at different websites.

Customers who are hoping to find an alternative to Activated You Advanced Restorative Probiotic will want to consider their specific needs when looking through their available options.

Some other popular brands include:  1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum and Primal Probiotics.

AcitvatedYou also sells another digestive supplement, MorningComplete - a combination of pre and probiotics with additional superfoods.

Is Advanced Restorative Probiotic Worth It?

While there are a number of studies on the potential benefits of probiotics, probiotics are currently not prescribed to treat any medical conditions.  

So if you have a medical condition be sure to talk with a professional health care provider before starting a supplement regime to address it.

Further, a big part of intestinal distress might be diet related, so a switch to healthier eating may be a first step to consider before taking supplements.  

You can also experiment with incorporating more probiotic rich foods into your diet such as: Yogurt, Kombucha, Kefir, and other fermented options.

Overall though, Activated You does have lots of positive reviews and claims to adhere to a strict testing process for their products.  So if you feel that you’d benefit from a Probiotic supplement you can try this company, it also helps that they offer a money back guarantee.

If you have any experience with Advanced Restorative Probiotic from Activated You, please leave your reviews below.

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Activated You Advanced Restorative Probiotic Customer Reviews

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Love this!
August 7, 2022
I take this probiotic capsule in the evening. I’m sleeping better, NO late night indigestion or acid reflux. I take the Morning Complete first thing after waking up, and that gives me energy throughout the day. Love these products!

Activated products are made with Love!!!!!
July 29, 2022
I dont always eat right so I have digestive issues, and with my fibromyalgia, IBS. So, taking Advanced Restorative probiotic has helped me take way less antacids and daily regularity is so much better!, Thank-you, Activated You!!!

No need to refrigerate
July 28, 2022

I'm happy with this product. It easier to remember to take it when I can have it in view and not stashed stay in the fridge.

Gut discomfort
July 18, 2022
Advanced Restorative Probiotic has decreased my gut discomfort caused by eating certain foods.

Improved health
March 28, 2022
Activated You Advanced Restorative Probiotic improved my gut and intestine health. Which improves my overall health. I am grateful to find this product!

POWERFUL probiotic
December 22, 2021
This is one VERY powerful probiotic! Be sure to take with food not on an empty stomach! Norhing but the BEST from Activated You—this producr was no exception!

I can eat normally again!
December 21, 2021
The most effective probiotics. I had difficulty digesting so many foods it seemed like there wasn't much left - especially the things I enjoyed or are added on so many things. Cheese, tomatoes, peppers, fruit, and on and on. Not anymore. My gut is doing what it was designed to so.

Good Product!
December 15, 2021
I really like the probiotics. Just finished my first bottle. Thanks!

Very Helpful
November 28, 2021
I think it (in conjunction with the Morning Complete) has really helped my elimination. I have ulcerative colitis (currently in remission) so I have to be careful with any supplements I take!

Fixed My Digestive Health...and Lost Weight! :)
October 29, 2021

After using Morning Complete to have the energy to start an exercise regime, I'd lost about 15 pounds. Great! But I still had a lot more to lose. Unfortunately, around the 3 month mark, I reached a plateau and couldn't lose another pound -- for MONTHS.

I thought I must be doing something wrong, not working out hard enough, cheating myself on my calorie tracker, or something. But nothing I did made a difference.

Finally, on a desperate hunch, I started Advanced Restorative Probiotic. Within a week, the pounds started melting off again...and again. :)

Apparently, my body was hanging on to excess weight because it wasn't properly digesting and processing the food I ate. Once it got more efficient, the plateau was no more.

I just finished my first month's bottle, and in that time, I effortlessly lost another 6-7 pounds -- after a frustrating 3 months of NOTHING. I'd even stopped weighing myself out of frustration, figuring this was just my post-menopausal weight. But after about a week or so on this probiotic, I was feeling *light* -- like maybe I'd forgotten the feeling of not being bloated -- so I weighed myself and became a True Believer at the change. ;)

Great results so far
September 28, 2021
I’ve been using this for about 2 months now. I’ve had regular bowel movements and less discomfort throughout the day.

Advanced Restorative Probiotic inconsistent results
September 5, 2021
I have used Advanced Restorative Probiotic for about a year. In the first few months, it resulted in regular bowel movements and was very gentle on my system. Most recently, the results have been inconsistent and perhaps my body has built some immunity or absorbs differently. I plan to stop taking the probiotic for2 months and try again.

Awesome energy
August 27, 2021
Since I have been taking Advanced Restorative Probiotic, my energy levels have been higher and stay higher longer through the day.

It really works!
August 26, 2021
I've tried many probiotics in the past with little to no success for my chronic constipation that I have had for years. But the Activated You products have essentially eliminated my 'problem'. The Advanced Restorative Probiotic in particular has really improved my quality of life. I feel light and no longer bloated. It has become a part of my daily routine, just a capsule every morning with a glass of water before breakfast. Thank you Maggie Q!

Tolerate much more now!
August 24, 2021
I added this stuff to my daily routine and I must say, glad I decided to make the purchase! I feel like this has moved me along my GI healing and I am able to at least tolerate just about anything (in small doses now!)

Repopulating with good bacteria
August 24, 2021

It’s a little tough to give this an unbiased look because I have been struggling with some energy issues that can’t be fixed just by taking a probiotic. I had to take a very strong antibiotic for a parasite I had and was excited to use this to help repopulate my gut with good bacteria.

Even though I’m not the picture of health at the moment, I feel like it’s doing good things, and look forward to when my health is back to a happy balance.

They work
August 24, 2021
I have found that using the restorative probiotic with morning complete has made a difference in the way I use the restroom, it has helped tremendously.

Activated You Products Really Work!
August 24, 2021

I have been taking Activated You for 3 months now and I am very pleased with it. I am in Perimenopause and the excess weight around my mid section, constipation, gassiness and extreme bloating was just becoming too much!

It took about 2 weeks of drinking Morning Complete first thing in the morning along with Gut Balance twice a day for me to see these issues resolved. I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like sweets, breads or pastas so that has also helped with getting my gut back to optimal health and function.

I saw a few posts that mention cramping or grumbling in the intestine but please know that that is the product doing its job! Depending on your normal eating habits, it may take a little more work to get you cleaned out and your gut balanced. It took me 2 weeks to get my system cleaned out, rebooted and back on schedule with daily #2's. So please be patient and you will get the results.

This product will not help you loose a lot of weight but it will help you lose the extra weight that's trapped in your gut and causing symptoms like constipation, mid-section bloating, gassiness and other issues throughout your body. Combine healthy eating and exercise with Activated You and you WILL see the weight loss results. I like it so much I've started my 15 year old and 21 year old on it.

My family eats clean and we're vegetarians but you can never do too much to ensure that you are trying to be as healthy as you can. After getting our guts healthy, we're slowly adding more Activated You products and we are seeing the benefits. I've searched many years and tried many products and Activated You works great for my family. Thank you Maggie, Dr. Lipman and the Activated You team!

Healthy and easy
August 24, 2021
I love this product. You just take a pill and go about your day. My tummy has been feeling much better and feeling much healthier.

Horrible Experience with my Purchase
July 27, 2020
Horrible experience with my purchase experience. I was so excited to try this product and mistakenly ordered an additional 3 items with my initial purchase. I emailed them immediately and was told that I was too late. Too late to cancel? Really? Crooks! I will be returning their products without trying them. I will not work with a company that is so eager to take my money and unwilling to work with me. Don't get fooled by their marketing gimmicks. They lost a possible customer for life because of a $100 sale.