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Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete
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Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Customer Reviews

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My Healthy Girl
May 17, 2023

My sweet little girl has been devouring her Superfood for about 6 weeks now. I did not think this 2 year old ball of energy could get even more playful exuberance! Since transforming her diet she is much more alert and focused on learning. The other benefits are very clear! No more tear stained eye, better poops, fresher breath and just overall better health! She is a lean machine and very strong!

Thank you for all you do to keep our dogs healthy!

Blackhawk loves his new food and I love the positive results.
May 17, 2023

My 9 year old German Shep/Fur Baby had some noticeable slowing in his mobility. He has always had regular checkups and takes a multi vitamin and last few years a vitamin for his joints. We now prevent him from jumping in and out of vehicles or up onto the bed. But squirrels beware if on the ground.

Blackhawk has been eating the Superfood Complete Beef along with my cooked chicken, beef or turkey for a couple of months now. He loves it and I love the spunk is his overall appearance and demeanor since adding this to his diet and removing an un-named brand kibble.

Wish I'd found this sooner.

My heart dog
May 17, 2023
My American staffordshire has been limping for years on his front leg. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what would stop his pain and limping. He has gotten shots from the vet and I have tried every supplement I could find to help. He also had issues with his ears and paw licking. The limping has stopped and the paws and ears are no longer a concern. I have looked at MANY different brands of premium foods and none of them ever struck my like superfood complete. I know it is made with love and genuine care for the animals we call our friends. I was concerned about the price at first but in the short time I have been using it I have seen so many improvements. My guys is even doing the puppy bow and bouncing around like he is 5 years younger. The superfood complete has already paid for itself in saved vet bills. I was concerned about this at first especially since I have three 65 plus pound dogs but even just using this as a topper has been life changing for my Boi. He's my heart dog and I know that by using superfood complete I will have many more memories with him. Thank you!!!

Good quality but little product
May 17, 2023
It’s a good product, but I couldn’t keep up with the expense of it and the amount of food that you get for the amount of money I had to switch to something healthy that would fit within my budget, but I wish the bags are a little bigger so I could stay with Badland ranch

Great Additional Topping for Mini Doxies
May 11, 2023

Feeding 2 mini dachshunds of varying ages and sizes is a challenge to feed the right amount of food. Several years ago we switched from a popular commercial brand dog kibble to a weight management for small dogs. Our older dog (age 10) recently started losing weight even after amounts of kibble were increased (he went thru a thorough exam with our vet and lab tests, all showed he was healthy and no abnormalities). Our younger female (age 4) was gaining weight too easily despite cutting back on her intake. We top the kibble with cooked ground turkey, brown rice and peas/carrots. I started adding the Superfood to their meals (8-12 pieces or about an 1/8 of a cup), cut back some on the kibble and topping, for each at both feedings about a month ago. The older dog is now back to a healthy weight and the younger one is maintaining a healthy mini weight of 9.5 pounds. Their skin is less dry & itchy and their hair coat has more shine and softness. I plan to replace the topping with Badlands Ranch Superfood. And best of all - they both love the food!

I also recently purchased the liver treats, and my picky younger dog (who doesn't like crunchy treats) absolutely loves them!

My dog loves her food now
May 7, 2023
My dog Viola is a Jack Russell Corgi mix and she was very picky about food. Since I've been adding Badlands to her diet she has been excited about eating and finally finishing her meals.

This is really good food for all dogs.
May 6, 2023

Both of my small dogs (one is particularly picky) like it a lot. I still give them kibble and add a small handful of Badlands on top. Even if they don't finish the bowl they eat all the Badlands and I know they are getting their nutrition needs met. Poops

are firm and healthy. What more could a dog mom ask for!?

BTW....Firefly Lane is my favorite show streaming right now. Love it!

Old Dog, New Tricks
May 6, 2023
My wonderful dog is 12 1/2 years old and was feeling his age. I started adding a topping of Badlands Ranch Superfood to his meals about a month ago and saw some improvements right away. Since then I've completely switched over to Badlands Ranch and the changes are remarkable . He loves it--he is no longer picky about eating, his poops are healthy and his energy is great. Thanks so much.

dog loved it
May 6, 2023
My dog is a very picky 16 year old. He really took to this on the very 1st day I introduced it with half of his old food. He is now just doing the Bad lands. Trying hard to keep my little old guy healthy.

Chronic itch problem past; totally happy with Badlands Ranch and she loves it !!
May 4, 2023
I started feeding my dog, Dolly, the Superfood Complete Beef Formula, a couple months ago. She absolutely loves the food, she could be picky before and seemed to have an itch reaction to so many foods I tried. I added the Superfood Bites 100% Beef Liver Treats; which she also enjoys. She’s doing great, and I’m very confident that she’s healthy on this amazing diet.

Quality and yumminess!
May 2, 2023
My dog has been on one food for quite some time. She is senior, so I am careful to feed her quality food and something she will enjoy. She LOVES this food! I use it as a topper, as she is a Lab and feeding her this 100% would be quite pricey for me. Doesn't matter, the 'topper' approach is a HIT! So glad I tried it.

Even the pickiest eater loved it and what a difference!
April 26, 2023

I was hesitant to order this for my picky 10 year old shepherd mix because he will not eat anything other than his regular dog food. He will even pass up human food, but he loved it immediately. I ordered because he was having stomach issues and immediately after adding Badlands Ranch to his diet, the diarrhea stopped completely. His coat feels like puppy fur again. I am so impressed, I will continue to order! We are on our 10th bag now and I feed him 1/2 his regular food and 1/2 Badlands.

Only the best for my baby!!
April 25, 2023

I feel good about my decision to try the Superfood for my pet baby and I am waiting for at my first delivery of treats !! Marley is 10 years old now in 2021 we discovered kidney stones and went on a six month regimen to get rid of them. Our Vet prescribed a metabolic diet&

Weight management for her. That’s working so we made our purchase of the Super foods and treats to try to keep all the food clean and so far so good.

Nutrition Problem Solved
April 25, 2023

My chihuahua is 11 years old and has been a picky eater her entire life. She’s the first dog I’ve owned who turned her nose up at every dog food I tried giving her.

I decided to make her food at home after researching nutritional needs for dogs. But, I’ve always worried that she wasn’t receiving all the nutrients she needs.

Badlands Ranch Superfood seemed like the perfect food to try, so I decided to try one bag, expecting that my dog wouldn’t touch it.

She actually loved it and excitedly gobbled it down. She still loves it after two months, and I’m noticing that she has more energy to play and go on walks. Her poops are more solid as promised and I’m so happy to have my dog food problem solved. The research that Badlands Ranch has done and the results with my dog make me feel that I don’t have to worry about her nutritional needs any more. And, she’s a happy dog as well!

Great rusults for older Golden Retriever
April 24, 2023
My golden Retriever is 10.5 years old and was having trouble moving around and had very little energy or appetite. She was itching using salmon from name dog food brand. She now has stopped itching you cannot get food in dish fast enough. wants to go for walks and play ball like when she was 6. I am super excited by the results. We will continue to use Superfood as long as she is alive. Thank You

Healthy Dog Food
April 24, 2023
I have one English Bulldog which is a male(General) and another that half English bulldog and half French bulldog which is a female(Daisy). Daisy is much older then General, she would pretty much be allergic to most of the dry dog food brands we would buy. She was on medication for her skin and coat, really sluggish. When we started giving her the Badlands Ranch dog food, she is playful, her coat is soft to the touch and all the bumps on her skin is gone. General is pretty picky about his food so when he tried the Badlands dog food he ate all the dog food and also is very playful. Thank you for caring about our dogs and giving them the healthiest ingredients for them!!!!

Sadie loves it!
April 23, 2023
Sadie is a fickle eater, like a cat, but she hasn't wavered from Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete. She always barks at me before I have the chance to be late for a feeding (she's half husky), and gobbles up her food despite the bowls designed to slow down that process. She loves it!

The ingredients in this dog food is all good for your dog. You will notice the difference!!!
April 22, 2023

My Elsa loves her new food! Where I couldn’t get her to eat before, she now gobbles it right up.

Her hair is so much softer, and she has so much more energy. You can tell that she’s so much happier!!

Thank you. , Katherine!!! And, Elsa thanks you!!!

Best food ever!!!!
April 21, 2023
My 2 frenchies love this food! I have used it in conjunction with their previous food. My male especially loves it & will root around until he has found every morsel. Once he has eaten all of his he goes & tries to get my females, which doesn't usually work. She isn't going to give up either! The only real change that is noticeable, is that they don't seem to be shedding like before. I am changing them over slowly, so I can't wait to see the progress. Super happy with this food & treats!!!!

My dog loves this food!!
April 21, 2023
My sweet Bailey has to be the PICKIEST dog there is! I've spent a small fortune trying every food out there, but the results were always the dice. She wouldn't eat it. That is, until I found Badlands Ranch Complete Food. She LOVES this food and gobbles it up immediately. And she loves the dried beef heart and liver treats. I'm so grateful to have discovered this healthy, perfectly nutritionally balanced food for my precious fur baby. She has lost a little weight that needed to disappear, and seems to feel feistier. Her itchy skin on her back is gone, so I know she's more comfortable now. This food may be a little more expensive to purchase, but I feed less so it goes further. And besides, my Bailey is worth it! Thank you, Badlands Ranch!