Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Reviews

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete
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Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete Customer Reviews

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Wyatt & Chip Can’t Get Enough!!!
April 1, 2023
Both my dogs absolutely LOVE Superfood Complete. They get so excited for every meal and leave nothing behind! Currently using it as a topper for both my Chihuahua and Catahoula while we finish off the remaining dry kibble. Ordering is always a breeze, shipping is quick and the deals at checkout can’t be beat! Would totally purchase larger bags as well if you guys ever start making them!

Great nutrition & packed well!
March 31, 2023

My dogs LOVE the Badlands Ranch products!! Every item is a high value treat for them, and I know they are getting wonderful ingredients & nutrition with all the items!!!

It is also nice that the items are packaged well. (As well as Jane Davenport’s art supplies, actually!!!). The pieces of food aren’t broken up by not being packed well or by rough handling.

Job well done. I’ve been telling all my dog owner friends about Badlands Ranch!!!

I love Lulu Mae and she LOVES this superfood! We're both happy campers.
March 31, 2023

My Lulu Mae is a wee 7 pound Schnoodle. She's about to turn 7. Because she was already on another food subscription, I've introduced her slowly to Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete.

She LOVES the new food so much. I can tell a difference in her mood, energy level and more.

I'm anxious to move her over to Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete as soon as the other food is gone.

We all love our furbabies, and Lulu is no exception. She is my baby and I am her human. We have a unique relationship because we're together 24/7. I want her to live her best life for many, many more years to come, and this superfood will be my go to food.

The only food he is waiting behind me to eat!
March 30, 2023

My dog Yogi is 11 years old, and for years I’ve struggled with finding a dog food that he would eat. I tried so many different brands, protein choices, and toppers to try to entice him to eat, and nothing seemed to work. This is the first dog food that he is actually waiting behind me to start to eat his food, and he always finishes what is in his bowl. He used to have days where he wouldn’t eat anything and would have “angry” gut noises that would make him turn and look at his belly. I have taken him to the vet a few times over the years to make sure there wasn’t something else going on, but there never was an actual health issue. Another huge surprise is he doesn’t have bad breath anymore! It makes me believe his bad breath was from his stomach issues. I am so happy that I decided to try Badlands Ranch. It makes me feel good to feed him now!

I would love to see this food be available in a larger bag, if possible. We love it!

The best, healthiest dog food on the market!
March 30, 2023
I have an older silken windhound named Zeus who is the fussiest eater on the planet. He nibbles and walks away from his dog bowl unless I provide him with steamed vegetables, chicken, tuna, and or eggs mixed in with his dog food. Even then, he might snub his meal. Not the case with Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete!! Not only do I save time preparing his food simply by adding the BR Superfood to his dog food, he eats up every morsel and licks the bowl which he's never done. I feel good giving him something he loves and that is so healthy for him. Thank you for creating a healthy, tasty choice for him!

Great for picky eaters
March 29, 2023
One of our two dogs, a husky mix rescue, is a very finicky eater, and the only thing she will eat now in the morning is Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete! Our Westie also gets some mixed in with his food as a topper. I also use it sometimes for training, since it is easy to dispense quickly as a reward - though I have had my eye on the Badlands Ranch treats as well.

Better appetite!
March 29, 2023
My fur baby loves this food! He is 5 years old and I started this product as a preventative since he is currently healthy and I want him to stay this way. He has a better appetite and seems to have more energy!

March 29, 2023
Have tried multiple high end dry foods but believe that what is in this product is truly in there.

What Role Has Badlands Superfood Played in My Dog's Health
March 28, 2023

Our Tate is a 16 month-old cavapoo. Ever since we began adding Badlands Ranch Superfood to his regular kibble at mealtimes we can't feed him fast enough. He loves it so much that when he sees the bag he begins crying for the food.

Overall Tate acts like he feels better since eating the Superfood and he definitely has better poops - no more occasional constipation.

At his annual physical it was thought that Tate may have a collapsing trachea based on symptoms he has exhibited recently. When I was reading about holistic ways to help stop a collapsing trachea from progressing I noticed that many of the suggested foods/minerals/vitamins to feed are already present in Badlands Ranch Superfood. I can't say for sure what role the Superfood has played, but I can say that ever since we started feeding it to Tate he has not exhibited anymore symptoms of a possible collapsing trachea so I definitely don't plan to eliminate it from his diet.

Healthy and tasty !
March 28, 2023
My two labradoodles have been using super foods along with their regular salmon dry for several months. I am thrilled it has vegetables in it and beef. They are one and two years old. They can’t wait to eat and I know it is because of the taste of the super food. They feel great and no tummy upsets. Love. It!

My fur babies are loving their new experience!
March 28, 2023
I have to say, I bought this food for my fur babies with expectations that it would help them because what I was previously feeding them, was causing some major paw licking, scooting and rolling in the grass! Well, I have to say, I’m not disappointed! My fur babies love their complete superfood and they can’t get enough of it! The plan is to just feed them the ‘complete’ rather than mixing it with their current supply of dog food. Also, the subscription part of it, was just a tad challenging but after speaking to a rep., it gave me an idea of how I could get that handled then that was resolved pretty quickly. Overall, Badlands Ranch is a hit!

Noticeable Positive Changes!
March 28, 2023
I purchased this after viewing a promotional video on Facebook. I wasn't skeptical but also wasn't sure whether I would continue to order, based on price to feed it exclusively to my 2 dogs. We had previously fed raw and then converted to low-heat baked raw coated kibble mixed with raw freeze-dried to save money. I decided to use in place of the freeze-dried for a time to give it a try. I am very surprised at how much more silky and soft my dogs coats have become (I already thought they were!). They have a lot of energy and seem really happy, despite being cooped up a bit more than usual over winter. I truly feel the awesome blend of nutrients in this food has played a part.

Love this…
March 28, 2023
I have a shitzu and a Shorkie that love this food! I feed as a treat and I think sometimes they want to go out just to be able to come back in for the treat! It has replaced the other favorite treat they had.

How Healthy my Older dog, Token is doing.
March 28, 2023
My older dog Token is a Golden Retriever and will be 12 in July. Since I started giving him the Badlands Ranch Superfood and Beef treats he has more energy and has put on some much needed weight. He loves to chase his ball. His coat is looking better too. It definitely has improved his overall health. We are so pleased to see this. Token is such a beautiful and loving fur baby of ours, and we so hope to have him with us as long as it is possible. We are now on our third bad of the Superfood, and we will continue to feed him this wonderful healthy product for our beautiful Token. I just wish the cost was a little less. We are retired and on a fixed income, so this product is a little pricey for our budget. However, we will adjust our budget so to accommodate this expense for our beautiful Token. Keeping him healthy, keeps him happy, and keeps our vet bills low. Thank you again for your wonderful product. Be Blessed. June Palmer-Remschner

She likes it!
March 28, 2023
She's very picky but really likes the food. She hasn't been a fan of any dry food I've ever given her. Her poops are great - not too soft or too hard.

Picky Eaters No More!
March 28, 2023
Bella and Mr. Beans are really enjoying the Badlands! There wasn't a transition period at all, I put the food down in a separate dish and they ate that first! I was surprised and very pleased. Yes, it's pricey, but keeping them out of the Vets office is more than worth the cost! We were having a bit of trouble getting them to eat, but now they are eating regularly and mom doesn't have to do anything special to achieve happy, healthy, active pups! Poops were a bit iffy before but not anymore.

My dogs LOVE this product!!!!!
March 28, 2023
My yorkies LOVE this food more then any treats or any other food. Even the one with weaker teeth. Chomp chomp, give in seconds. They have never emptied a bowl of food before like this. They seems so happy and energetic!!! Thank you. The treats are loved too but the food is what they prefer. Lol. Thank you. We love you.

Too expensive
March 28, 2023
My 2 large dogs love this food! I wish it was less expensive since I must only give them about 1/4 cup as a topper on their regular food due to the expense.

Our dog loves this food
March 27, 2023
We were looking for a food that is better for her than the regular commercial dry foods that are available. Ranger loves the food and we even use it for training bits on walks. Couldn't be happier with the results

They have alot of energy and seem to be very happy.
March 27, 2023
Lady and Bailey love the Superfood Complete. I am still mixing it with their food but increasing it every couple of days. Lady eats without a problem. Bailey the fussy one is finally enjoying her food. I am very pleased. Thank you.