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That my babies get all they need to stay healthy and happy.
April 20, 2023

The first time they ate it it was eaten like they never tasted anything like it before so I gave them all they could eat at that time and It warmed my heart to see them enjoy it so much.

The garbage that is out there on the store shelves is embarrassing. To think that they think we are so dumb to feed our best friends with suck crap .

Before Badlands I was making there dog food and always had it in my mind what am i not giving them that they need to keep healthy and happy. So now they get BadlandsSuperfood and I dont have to worry anymore.

Our dog is thriving!
April 20, 2023
Our BL Superfood we have been feeding Holly, our dog, has delivered beyond my expectations. Holly is a 7 y/o Shepard/Collie mix that is very picky. We've tried so many different "fresh" dog foods, but she loses interest after a day or two. With Bl Superfood, she eats so much better, and she looks forward to it. Not only is she eating regularly, but her health has significantly improved! No more nasty behaviors or odors. Holly is an active ranch dog, that thrives on BL superfood, and she has no problem rounding up the horses, or chasing squirrels. Best food we have ever given her, and it shows!

I'm a Believer
April 19, 2023

My 2 year old Goldendoodle has had digestive issues from the day I've had her, I have tried numerous vet recommended foods (dry and wet), that she can't eat a week or two without experiencing vomiting and/or diarrheal. Vet visits and prescription meds to calm her digestive system were becoming the norm.

I was desperate to find a nutritious food that not only would she eat, but would benefit her digestive system. I was skeptical when I ordered Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete, but I am so satisfied, I have subscribed to regular deliveries (something I never do). Thank you so much!

Nobody knows my dog is 10
April 19, 2023
My 10 year old fawn Great Dane, Mars, is a pretty healthy dude. But 10 is really REALLY old for a Dane! In the last couple of years our walks have have become shorter, slower and we take more breaks. When I read about Badlands and the commitment to ingredients I thought I would give it a try. I started by adding Badlands to Mars' freeze dried food as a Topper then I worked up to feeding him about half and half. I can honestly say that Mars has more energy, perfect digestion, and is feeling GOOD!!! Not just his energy but his joints seem to be feeling better; he jumps in the truck again instead of me guiding him, he gets on and off the bed without assistance, he even gets on his elbows and plays with my 3 year old Vizsla. We all know how good nutrition makes a difference...but seeing how Mars acts and insisting we walk longer....makes ME want to eat better too! Happy to have found this superfood for my boy

My Yorkie, Sunshine LOVES this dog food!
April 19, 2023
I am totally amazed by this dog food. My Yorkie was such a picky eater that I looked for 2 years to find something she would continuously eat. Then I found out she was allergic to chicken which most dog foods have chicken in them until I came across your video and was very impressed with the quality of your dog food. Now my dog begs for her food and she goobles it all up. I noticed she drinks more water which is even good because I felt like she never drank enough water each day. 2 wins in 1 :) Will be forever grateful and thankful you created this yummy but extremely healthy dog food. Forever a member. Thanks bunches xoxox

TeresaFord May 11, 2023

I totally agree with this review!! My 7 year old Havanese lets me know when it’s time to eat and he seems much healthier. He has more energy and no more red tearing. We’re sold on this food and will never use anything else! Thank you BL Ranch!

She has a lot less joint pain.
April 19, 2023

My Bella is 15 years old. Since I started her on your new superfood I can tell a big difference in the way she feels. And of course she loves it. I can’t afford to feed it to her exclusively so I give her about 2/3 cup with her other food. She wakes up in the frisky and bounds out to her food bowl. She able to jump up on the car again without help and doesn’t walk around looking like her joints hurt. I notice her poops look a lot more normal too. All in all she’s more lively than she’s been in several years.

Really the best dog food ever, I think.
April 17, 2023

My sister recommended trying Badlands, after getting it for her girls. My Chihuahua really likes it. I have had to grind it up for her finer because it irritated her GI. Years ago, I gave her some freezed dried dog food. She liked it but it really hurt her GI tract.

I tried letting it soak in warm warm before giving it to her. I was shocked. It never soaked up the water at all! Chihuahua are known for finicky guts, but that food really hurt her.

She really likes Badlands, so that is why I grind it finer and put it in warm water for her. Her stools are better and she has more energy.

Thank you for your product.

My daughters' Bernese
April 17, 2023
I bought Badlands food for my daughters 6 yr old Bernese mountain dog and there is definitely a difference in his energy levels. He is more playful than he has been in the past and just seems happier. Hoping it will also help to clear up or maintain his eyesight.

Start them early! Maximize the benefits!
April 17, 2023
I just started my faithful companion on Badlands Superfood and he loves it. I only wish I hadn’t waited until he was almost 8 to start. My sister got her first pup just recently and started him on Superfood from the start. We’re both hoping for improved health and a long life for our furry ones.

Best friends favorite food!
April 16, 2023


My pups love this food. I have used many brands and I had to add extra flavor to the product. Your product is excellent,

We know how smart animals are for sure. They know what is good to eat and what is not, right? So, I am ordering more to be sure I do not run out ever! The smell of it makes me want to eat it. I do not think m;y dogs want to share it for sure.

I am thankful for your product!


Jeanne St. Clair of Greenville SC

Fowler’s Favorite Food
April 15, 2023
Our 10 year old lab(Fowler) is loving his new food. He doesn’t leave a morsel left in his bowl, he devours it! Since (March 11th) we have switched over to the food he has lost 7-9 lbs., his fur has never been so soft, his energy level has has gone up so much! His fatty tumors seem to have gone down, having his blood work done in May. Excited to see how it has effected his liver enzymes. Taking him off of kibble has been the best thing we have ever done for his overall health. So grateful we discovered this brand, thank you!!

Taste delicious….we know it’s packed with nutritious ingredients but taste is important!
April 14, 2023
My two dogs love this food. Been making a raw hamburger diet with oils, hamburger, rice, eggs w shells ground up. They love it but it’s been tiresome making it. I got this to try because once a raw food connoisseur, I haven’t found anything that I can switch to. They gobble the badlands down first and anything else I add last! Great project and apparently it tastes amazing for my picky eaters.

This food is magical!
April 14, 2023
My senior dog's coat has turned soft and silky and he has more energy than he has had in a long time. Thor struggles with arthritis and he has not gone down our back deck stairs in months. After a few weeks on Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete he went down the stairs and tried to play with our other lab! Amazing!

how happy she is and how good she feels because the food is so delicious and that is proof because she eats it willingly!!
April 14, 2023

Navidad (Navi) is my

14 1/2 year old 4 lb teacup CHIHUAHUA!


although it's hard for me to refer to her as an animal , more like my baby girl. She absolutely loves the Badlands Superfood....truly eats it and enjoys it. I see in her bathroom detail, as I refer to her outside time with her toiletry needs, that it's working for her keeping her regular and healthy.

No other food is to her liking, except her treats, and of course her chicken and sweet potatoes, and a few mashed potatoes she also receives from the table. I am so thankful for this wonderful product. She genuinely loves eating this and will graze when she is hungry throughout the day.

As a Florida pet, she is inside as a rule, and is with me when we go for rides in the car to do a few errands and is very content in her life of relaxing and hanging with mom! We lost her brother a few years back, and she really is close to me. The food is really doing her well, as I can see it in her overall disposition of being happier and more energetic.

Although her playmate is gone, she still enjoys being herself amongst Mom and despite her heart murmur (which I am always keeping tabs on with our vet,) and her medicine needed to maintain her daily routine of loving life, she is always showing me how truly well adjusted and happy she is!

I have to attribute her good disposition to her being happy with her food and her environment! We both enjoy one another's company, as I am a widow and my son works, so it's nice to see her enjoying her daily lifestyle still perky and full of life. Happy and healthy is just a dog's day in the daily life of a happy chihuahua named Navi !!


Maryanne Galomb and Navidad (Navi) XO

Senior dog regains interest in food.
April 13, 2023
My 15 year old Rat Terrier has become very picky the past year or so. We have tried several different foods, and he would eat okay for a bit, then stop. A friend gave us a bag of Badlands Ranch Superfood to try, and he devoured it, and hasn’t stopped eating. He seems to have a bit more energy (although he had a ton before), and his coat looks great. I am so happy to have found something that is good for him AND he likes.

A good change
April 13, 2023
I have four dogs, but I got the food for one of the dogs who was having hormone issues and the I spent thousands trying to get to the problem. Since using Badlands I have definitely seen changes, but my other dogs loved the Badlands Superfood and the really don't want anything else. It's really expensive if you have four dogs but worth it.

Your dog will LOVE LOVE LOVE this food/treats!!!
April 12, 2023
Wow, my almost 8 year old Yorkie goes absolutely crazy for the food and especially the chicken treats. I use the food as a topper only because I am on a limited budget but I will still continue to buy when I can. Honestly, this food and treats have really seemed to give my dog more energy and seems to be overall very healthy. I’d highly recommend this food and treats to anyone who asks. In fact, I have talked about it with all my friends who have dogs. I’ve shared what it is and where to buy it.

It’s clearly delicious
April 12, 2023
My puppy loooves this!!! She gets as excited about it as she does when she is about to get a treat, if not more excited. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in her but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been very beneficial to her unbeknownst to me! I wish I could afford to buy it consistently. I’m a believe in this though!

My dog loves it!
April 12, 2023
Finley is very picky about her food. When I opened my first bag of Superfood, she was excited and scarfed it right up and asked for more! I mix it with other dry food and she picks out the Superfood right away! Her coat is beautiful and she has lots of energy. Finley and I are both fans of this product! Thank you

This food improved my dog's health and demeanor!
April 11, 2023
My 10 year old dog was having very loose stools. No amount of probiotics or rice would consistently take care of the problem. So I saw an ad for Badlands Ranch and decided to try it. I mix the Badlands Ranch food with either roast turkey or beef and not only is he more regular but he seems excited to eat now! Thanks for the great product!!