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Knowing it is HEALTHY is upmost for us!
April 4, 2023
My newly rescue adopted doggie loves the superfood. We put on with her food and treat with it. Her coat is beautiful and she just LOVES it!

Maintaining the Health of My Pup
April 4, 2023
I’ve had my 3 yr mix breed rescue on BL Superfood Complete for two months now and although she was a healthy eater before and is in great health, I know I’m feeding the best available food for her to maintain her health into old age. I did a lot of research and I feel really good about this food and how it’s made .

Very expensive
April 3, 2023
Dogs love it I just can't afford it

**Such An Amazing Change**
April 3, 2023
Your food has made an amazing change in my French Bull Dog. He is 3 yrs. old and we changed dog food several times because of itching, hives, gas and foot chewing. He has stopped all of those since eating Badlands and his coat is even softer. I have had dogs my whole life and it seems the market dog food has changed. I know other people that have the same problems and recommended this great Superfood. Thank You for your wonderful product! My dogs health is back on track. 8^)

Emma loves Badlands!
April 3, 2023
Since my Emma has been eating Badlands dog food she hasn’t had loose stools. She goes regular and looks forward to eat. She used to nibble on her food all day but now she eats it completely gone as soon as I put it in her bowl. I’m glad she loves Badlands dog food. Thank you for a wholesome great food for Emma.

Amazing Changes
April 3, 2023
My dogs are both older (13 and 16 years old) and weigh about 10 pounds each. I have seen amazing changes in their overall health and attitudes. Thank you for helping me give them the best possible life at this stage.

No more delayed eating in the morning!
April 2, 2023
My dog loves this stuff, but it is pretty expensive for my pocketbook, so, I am just topping her wet food with it. I give her a very good quality wet food, which, at times, she would let sit for half of the day, now she gobbles it down right away with the Badlands mixed in.

Hey Kenzie! She Likes It!
April 2, 2023
Kenzie is a very picky eater. Every other food we’ve tried has had to be enhanced with chicken or beef before she’d go near it. Not Badlands! She just gobbles it up. We had some issues with her digestion on her old food. Not any more. Silly as it sounds, we celebrate regular daily poops! Thank you!

Try It! Your Dog Will Like It!
April 2, 2023

I was impressed with what I had read about the Super Food Complete. I purchased this food for my 9 year old Westie and my 10 month old mini goldendoodle because they are fussy eaters. We had been cooking for them but they got tired of the food and were wanting a lot of treats. From its initial introduction, they have been excited to eat the Super Food Complete. The pieces are bit sized and they absolutely love it. We have no more food challenges. I put some in a bowl in the morning and they graze on it through the day. They get some more at dinner and they are not looking for treats. They are satisfied and no longer giving me the “You want me to eat THAT” look. I am so impressed that I also am also purchasing the treats offered this time around.

Thank you!


Nutrition is #1
April 2, 2023
Rooney who’s 8 loves beef or chicken but isn’t crazy about the hard crunch so I wet the food, with hot water and he loved it once softer. Especially for older dogs. The beef liver bites Superfood is a great snack or reward.

Vet said to change Fur Baby’s Food asap
April 1, 2023

At my fur baby’s recent checkup his vet told me he had developed a heart murmur so I was to immediately stop his grain-free food as this was the most likely reason for it. Shadow is very picky about his food. So I was really anxious about finding a new one he

would eat. My vet really liked the ingredients of Badlands & agreed I should try it. The switch was pretty easy & I have seen great improvement in his energy levels. His stools are no longer mushy. Thank you Badlands!

That my dogs devour the food that is healthy
April 1, 2023
When my dogs hear that bag of food come out of my pantry they come running and eagerly wait for it to be added to their regular food. They devour it. I hand feed them the treats and they do love them too but the food is awesomely delish to them. Their coats are shiny. Their energy is boundless. Ooooo no Boston gas issues!!!! I’m so glad I took the chance on this food with so many others advertising out there. Your ads were realistic, factual and compassionate. Mac, Mazie and I thank you all for ALL you do to ensure my pup and others stay healthy and fit.

Wyatt & Chip Can’t Get Enough!!!
April 1, 2023
Both my dogs absolutely LOVE Superfood Complete. They get so excited for every meal and leave nothing behind! Currently using it as a topper for both my Chihuahua and Catahoula while we finish off the remaining dry kibble. Ordering is always a breeze, shipping is quick and the deals at checkout can’t be beat! Would totally purchase larger bags as well if you guys ever start making them!

Great nutrition & packed well!
March 31, 2023

My dogs LOVE the Badlands Ranch products!! Every item is a high value treat for them, and I know they are getting wonderful ingredients & nutrition with all the items!!!

It is also nice that the items are packaged well. (As well as Jane Davenport’s art supplies, actually!!!). The pieces of food aren’t broken up by not being packed well or by rough handling.

Job well done. I’ve been telling all my dog owner friends about Badlands Ranch!!!

I love Lulu Mae and she LOVES this superfood! We're both happy campers.
March 31, 2023

My Lulu Mae is a wee 7 pound Schnoodle. She's about to turn 7. Because she was already on another food subscription, I've introduced her slowly to Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete.

She LOVES the new food so much. I can tell a difference in her mood, energy level and more.

I'm anxious to move her over to Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete as soon as the other food is gone.

We all love our furbabies, and Lulu is no exception. She is my baby and I am her human. We have a unique relationship because we're together 24/7. I want her to live her best life for many, many more years to come, and this superfood will be my go to food.

The only food he is waiting behind me to eat!
March 30, 2023

My dog Yogi is 11 years old, and for years I’ve struggled with finding a dog food that he would eat. I tried so many different brands, protein choices, and toppers to try to entice him to eat, and nothing seemed to work. This is the first dog food that he is actually waiting behind me to start to eat his food, and he always finishes what is in his bowl. He used to have days where he wouldn’t eat anything and would have “angry” gut noises that would make him turn and look at his belly. I have taken him to the vet a few times over the years to make sure there wasn’t something else going on, but there never was an actual health issue. Another huge surprise is he doesn’t have bad breath anymore! It makes me believe his bad breath was from his stomach issues. I am so happy that I decided to try Badlands Ranch. It makes me feel good to feed him now!

I would love to see this food be available in a larger bag, if possible. We love it!

The best, healthiest dog food on the market!
March 30, 2023
I have an older silken windhound named Zeus who is the fussiest eater on the planet. He nibbles and walks away from his dog bowl unless I provide him with steamed vegetables, chicken, tuna, and or eggs mixed in with his dog food. Even then, he might snub his meal. Not the case with Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete!! Not only do I save time preparing his food simply by adding the BR Superfood to his dog food, he eats up every morsel and licks the bowl which he's never done. I feel good giving him something he loves and that is so healthy for him. Thank you for creating a healthy, tasty choice for him!

Great for picky eaters
March 29, 2023
One of our two dogs, a husky mix rescue, is a very finicky eater, and the only thing she will eat now in the morning is Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete! Our Westie also gets some mixed in with his food as a topper. I also use it sometimes for training, since it is easy to dispense quickly as a reward - though I have had my eye on the Badlands Ranch treats as well.

Happy Dogs
March 29, 2023
My dogs love this food! We combine it with another single ingredient food and no longer have to entice them with cooked meat. We also use the food as a treat so they are getting nutrition. Happy dogs, no issues at all.

Better appetite!
March 29, 2023
My fur baby loves this food! He is 5 years old and I started this product as a preventative since he is currently healthy and I want him to stay this way. He has a better appetite and seems to have more energy!